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I always wanted to pull this one off. Sneak in to the police station and steal their Air 1 helicopter. Now the sneaking in part did not quite work out but I was able to get their helicopter. They was not happy.
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  1. DudeStar-Roblox

    DudeStar-RobloxMonth ago

    "I steal Police Helicopter They Was Pissed" Elanip did you have a stroke

  2. vincent donohue

    vincent donohue23 days ago


  3. Anonymous

    AnonymousMonth ago

    Jumbo we got them

  4. Anonymous

    AnonymousMonth ago


  5. Faze Zy

    Faze ZyMonth ago


  6. S Lo

    S LoMonth ago

    @Typical Gamer24 - _-

  7. Marinko Relota

    Marinko Relota3 days ago

    15:04 dou never catch me mather bichies Me: wtf im dead now bc of lauging

  8. Marinko Relota

    Marinko Relota3 days ago

    15:60 wtf

  9. Marinko Relota

    Marinko Relota3 days ago

    15:6 matter bichies you never get me Me wtf im dead laughing

  10. peach _syrup

    peach _syrup6 days ago

    Claim your before 20 k likes ticket here

  11. Stuart Morgan

    Stuart Morgan6 days ago

    He's litarily playing rocket league with cops

  12. embersOnTwitch

    embersOnTwitch7 days ago

    Elanip wants a heli but dies multiple times that its becoming funny lmfaoo

  13. Codfan9128

    Codfan912811 days ago

    What a video!

  14. Kaiden Alling

    Kaiden Alling14 days ago

    anyone noticed he cant land a helicopter right

  15. Swayerzzz Bagoons

    Swayerzzz Bagoons16 days ago

    21:39 LoL xD

  16. deathlord 4674

    deathlord 467418 days ago

    Francy is a dummy 🤣🤣🤣

  17. Callum Burton

    Callum Burton20 days ago

    Good video elanip.😃👍

  18. vincent donohue

    vincent donohue23 days ago

    You could’ve entered the pd and said a cop is gonna commit suicide up there then you could’ve stole it when everyone is coming up there but you shoot anyone coming up the stairs and steal it

  19. Jacob Gardiner

    Jacob Gardiner27 days ago

    Frenchy was eatin a currants

  20. -Viper_

    -Viper_28 days ago

    It would be epic if you wear a Juggernaut suit and then raided the PD

  21. KyleBench PH

    KyleBench PH29 days ago

    HAHAHAHA french 🍟

  22. light gaming

    light gamingMonth ago


  23. Kelly Ruso

    Kelly RusoMonth ago

    I was sitting at a red light when a officer fell from the sky in front of me

  24. Than N Now

    Than N NowMonth ago

    How do I get his ringtone...palap palap😂

  25. Mk the Rapper

    Mk the RapperMonth ago

    He wanted to die for u

  26. Mk the Rapper

    Mk the RapperMonth ago

    U good at landing

  27. naruto baruto

    naruto barutoMonth ago


  28. Keeley Goodman

    Keeley GoodmanMonth ago

    Congrants on 2mill

  29. Ibrahim Rashad

    Ibrahim RashadMonth ago

    21:32 this was the funniest sequence...

  30. Ibrahim Rashad

    Ibrahim RashadMonth ago

    Elanip: "UGHHH I GIVE UP I GIVE UP" Everyone: 'Doubt'

  31. Juan Carlos

    Juan CarlosMonth ago


  32. renzevan

    renzevanMonth ago

    Every time he says he’s going to do another attempt, I just end up laughing and saying yes it’s not gonna go well.

  33. WOLFY KANE50

    WOLFY KANE50Month ago

    Yep the lukiest youtuber ever but has a bad aim

  34. Mobile Arsenal god

    Mobile Arsenal godMonth ago

    You must be stoned

  35. čigāns tv

    čigāns tvMonth ago

    Omfg this shit too funy

  36. April Blake

    April BlakeMonth ago

    im just wating for that 2 mill subs its at 1.99 rn im just watching it

  37. Faze Zy

    Faze ZyMonth ago

    Is a girl

  38. Faze Zy

    Faze ZyMonth ago


  39. Tomathon Smith

    Tomathon SmithMonth ago

    My favorite one

  40. Lord Fuckquad

    Lord FuckquadMonth ago

    I love how he’s running while eating and then when the explosion happens he turns around lmao 5:44

  41. Micheal De Santa

    Micheal De SantaMonth ago

    My french man really went "this is the french baguette crab"

  42. danny rocks

    danny rocksMonth ago

    It took him 20 min to get a fucking helicopter what a waste

  43. Stefan Skala

    Stefan SkalaMonth ago

    Do touch know how to fly

  44. Bobo Lolo

    Bobo LoloMonth ago

    The end with frenchi 🤣🤣🤣

  45. Sixczis A1

    Sixczis A1Month ago

    Less than 10k away from 2mill!!!

  46. Triple M Gaming

    Triple M GamingMonth ago

    Day #5 of commenting until elanip replies You’re awesome poopie!🙃😎💩

  47. Koit Kotkas

    Koit KotkasMonth ago

    Hehe Ringtone go bereb bereb bereb bereb

  48. Randale Azeem

    Randale AzeemMonth ago

    When u have 60 fps on a game 6:24 When you hack in any game 6:24 When u try to get a helicopter from the police but u get aimbotted by a sweat 26:24

  49. Scott Tinkey

    Scott TinkeyMonth ago

    the girl was takeing photes of you

  50. Dalton Stacks

    Dalton StacksMonth ago

    you should have just have parishuted from a bigger bulding.

  51. no0bgaming

    no0bgamingMonth ago


  52. The Punisher

    The PunisherMonth ago

    Bro his hacking

  53. xfire break23

    xfire break23Month ago

    You should should get and army of juggernaut suits with miniguns and take over the city

  54. Freyjazter Gaming

    Freyjazter GamingMonth ago

    The cops were just shy and gave u the opportunity to escape

  55. Christian Burtram

    Christian BurtramMonth ago

    I was so happy when I hered James bc he has been gone for so long

  56. Alifereti Gonerogo

    Alifereti GonerogoMonth ago

    Elanip I kiss your mom

  57. FL1SC on YT

    FL1SC on YTMonth ago

    OMG the end tho

  58. Zevv ‘

    Zevv ‘Month ago


  59. Steven Hankins

    Steven HankinsMonth ago

    Should have been singing I believe I can fly at the end

  60. Blade Runner

    Blade RunnerMonth ago

    It didn't work because you let them know you were there, what crap.

  61. Bransontty

    BransonttyMonth ago

    Elanip laughter is so funny😂😂



    Name: "what ever this thing is" needs a jet and what a pilot almost hitting things you know if you were stupider you would thing that he's a bad pilot but it is truly the opposite he is the best pilot is the best at all maneuvers whether land, air, and sea.

  63. AMIT KC

    AMIT KCMonth ago

    Guys with lg monitors are the real pro shooters here with that external dot

  64. DaZe Hashim

    DaZe HashimMonth ago

    How comes james joined back if he owns clear life rp

  65. Onako Belebesi

    Onako BelebesiMonth ago

    Elanip is born on the same day as me❤7th of June

  66. SL Car World

    SL Car WorldMonth ago

    That last fall tho😂😂

  67. Ryan Mullane

    Ryan MullaneMonth ago

    I can’t keep up with the uploads

  68. ThEmmanuel

    ThEmmanuelMonth ago

    9:56 who are you? Justin!

  69. Suicide Klown

    Suicide KlownMonth ago

    That cop Filthy Franked you #187

  70. Suicide Klown

    Suicide KlownMonth ago

    Why not go up the back way of the pd?

  71. jordan tyrell

    jordan tyrellMonth ago

    16:05 when you see your sibling get their ass whooped... sweet sweet revenge

  72. K 9

    K 9Month ago

    When he got in the helicopter I expected to hear the sound of missiles being locked on to him and Seeing him drop the helicopter into the other one reminded me of playing Henry Stickman, Obie is the new Charles

  73. Bloops Doops

    Bloops DoopsMonth ago

    How much roleplaying is going on that someone was assigned to inspect a helicopter?

  74. Justin Cates

    Justin CatesMonth ago

    6:42 dont mind my parking spot

  75. Jay C

    Jay CMonth ago

    I feel like treyten got banned from those servers so this guy took over and treyten still plays it but this guy talks.

  76. doggaming woof

    doggaming woofMonth ago

    He committed so many crimes that he is becoming friends with the cops...

  77. doggaming woof

    doggaming woofMonth ago

    what does his criminal record look like at this point

  78. Logan Geib

    Logan GeibMonth ago

    If a non youtuber did this they would get banned for faill rp this actually makes me mad

  79. uriel boothe

    uriel bootheMonth ago

    16:41 for me hahhahahaha

  80. Harrison Butler

    Harrison ButlerMonth ago

    Elanips next video or after is gonna be moster truck thats a tesla

  81. doodreally

    doodreallyMonth ago

    Only if you and trey were playing together like old times he could’ve been unloading on them out the side lmao

  82. Vibe

    VibeMonth ago

    grab your before 2 mil subs ticket

  83. The out law Gaming & Out doors

    The out law Gaming & Out doorsMonth ago

    oh shit fucking mint 10:08 in the vid o

  84. The out law Gaming & Out doors

    The out law Gaming & Out doorsMonth ago

    what the fuck 6:20 -6:43 in the vid o hahaha


    ZULUONEMonth ago

    Croissant croissant croissant, AH BAGGETT!!! HA Love you Boomer . Thank you . Need these . ♥️♥️😎

  86. Parker Ballinger

    Parker BallingerMonth ago

    Can you pls do a vid on that rv

  87. The out law Gaming & Out doors

    The out law Gaming & Out doorsMonth ago

    what the fuck 🥖2:33-2:40 in the vid o and 4:45-4:52 in the vid o

  88. The out law Gaming & Out doors

    The out law Gaming & Out doorsMonth ago

    fucking mint 1:35-2:00 hahahaha in the vid o

  89. The out law Gaming & Out doors

    The out law Gaming & Out doorsMonth ago

    hahahahhahhahahahahahahahaha go to 0:48-1:06 in to vid o

  90. Déjaun Du Plessis

    Déjaun Du PlessisMonth ago

    So you can say officer Frenchy has a mamad his lasta mia

  91. Liam Hoekstra

    Liam HoekstraMonth ago

    Use that vehicle with the turrent in a video. Please.

  92. Jordan Co

    Jordan CoMonth ago

    imagine if elanip has a video with a flying monster truck with a tesla

  93. Tyler Kincade

    Tyler KincadeMonth ago

    You want a bro that can play any game I got you man. I'm a good shot. I win 50/50 on any battle royale. I'm great at any souls like game. I best sekiro without dying once and beat every boss in 1 day and the whole game of nioh 2. Im not talking shit I'm just saying Elanip if you want a hella good gamer that'll take down the PD any time hit me up.

  94. kasper adsen

    kasper adsenMonth ago

    me whont to join man what server

  95. Ninja B0y

    Ninja B0yMonth ago

    if every vid was like this

  96. Jacob Stump

    Jacob StumpMonth ago


  97. Carson Rummel

    Carson RummelMonth ago

    You should do it again with the bad driver

  98. Trae Colvil

    Trae ColvilMonth ago

    You should be a police again with elite

  99. Trae Colvil

    Trae ColvilMonth ago

    It will be really funny

  100. astralx

    astralxMonth ago

    use the truck with the scoop on again

  101. Josh Punton

    Josh PuntonMonth ago

    Couldn’t he just landed on top of police station then took it

  102. Sergio Escobar

    Sergio EscobarMonth ago

    jet power van?

  103. Ezra Intia

    Ezra IntiaMonth ago

    New car for a content

  104. nOsCoPe GoOd

    nOsCoPe GoOdMonth ago

    "what is this , this is not bagguete"

  105. Scott Barden

    Scott BardenMonth ago

    We need a video in that killer truck

  106. Alexander Eriksson

    Alexander ErikssonMonth ago

    I think elanip should do a gta zombie survival series beside RP it would be great especially if it also was other survival players, and they build up small gangs with other players and draw other gangs survival bases. It would be something diffrent and and i dont see anything wrong with having a little variety on the content. Btw i love elanips vids.