If Everything Was Like AMONG US

Among us in real life guys. Guess who the imposter is and let us know if you guessed correctly. Which person do you relate to the most?
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  1. Shiloh & Bros

    Shiloh & Bros5 days ago

    We’re currently freaking out that this vid was on the Trending page!!!! Thank you to everyone who has shown it love. ❤️❤️❤️ We didn’t notice until today and we’re wondering how high it got. What number was it at when you saw it on the trending page? Thank you!!!

  2. _callme thadylf

    _callme thadylf4 hours ago

    What are you guys doing watching this I don’t watch this before but this is Mikaylah-lynn

  3. _callme thadylf

    _callme thadylf4 hours ago

    Guys you know what you’re talking about

  4. Jays World

    Jays World4 hours ago


  5. Sebas Garcia

    Sebas Garcia6 hours ago

    Miquenna Jones plopplll pll lost plol

  6. Allana Preston

    Allana Preston10 hours ago

    You have to understand, I found your channel last night at like 2AM and literally i watched all of your videos in the span of like 2 hours and it brought me happiness. You guys are what I needed in times like COVID. ew I hate that word now, but I love your vids. and also, STAY SAFE!!! :))

  7. Gaviniko

    Gaviniko9 minutes ago

    Aren’t they supposed to report bodies not broken stuff

  8. Coursy

    Coursy9 minutes ago

    I liked at the light part :)

  9. Ken Ny

    Ken Ny15 minutes ago

    he fix the wifi

  10. Ken Ny

    Ken Ny16 minutes ago


  11. Haitham Al Mahdawi

    Haitham Al Mahdawi19 minutes ago

    this was so funny i could,nt sto laughing

  12. Alexander Trujillo

    Alexander Trujillo20 minutes ago

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Noob Among Us

  13. Louise Kesoli

    Louise Kesoli22 minutes ago

    Everyone: *Breni is sus* *BRENI WAS NOT THE IMPOSTER* Everyone: *Um chile anyways so....*

  14. Angel Rodriguez

    Angel Rodriguez23 minutes ago


  15. Madelyn Farnum

    Madelyn Farnum26 minutes ago

    I'm the imposter and my mother keeps calling me to fix it I left my plate on the table

  16. Aru -o-

    Aru -o-29 minutes ago

    *We need a sequel.*

  17. Misin

    Misin37 minutes ago

    This is so true ngl

  18. Vidya Chawda

    Vidya Chawda42 minutes ago


  19. Dorian Funez

    Dorian Funez42 minutes ago


  20. Tara Wygant

    Tara Wygant53 minutes ago


  21. Madijelli_BirdieBoop jelli_UwU

    Madijelli_BirdieBoop jelli_UwU55 minutes ago

    Orange susss


    YO GIRL DENISE!Hour ago

    I LOVE THE VIDEO!!!! so creative! Also can you pls give me a shout out? my dream is to be famous like you! Also congrats on 400k!!!

  23. Joel Santiago

    Joel SantiagoHour ago

    what's so funny

  24. John Meskens

    John MeskensHour ago


  25. Aesthetic Avocado

    Aesthetic AvocadoHour ago

    Omg can y'all please bring back evie the talking dog?! I loved her so much!! Love your videos!

  26. Cecilia Pitts

    Cecilia PittsHour ago

    Ok this was so epic

  27. Valeria Santamaria

    Valeria SantamariaHour ago

    so funi

  28. Arial Levy

    Arial LevyHour ago


  29. Dominick Ruiz

    Dominick RuizHour ago

    Come on 🤣😂

  30. Ana Júlia

    Ana JúliaHour ago

    who is it?

  31. lxsii

    lxsiiHour ago

    No glasses were damaged in the making of this show.

  32. Sierra Alpha

    Sierra AlphaHour ago

    That is everybody in among us.

  33. Thomas Lee

    Thomas Lee2 hours ago

    There also reporting food or food holders

  34. Thomas Lee

    Thomas Lee2 hours ago

    There so dum

  35. Sellyu Byul

    Sellyu Byul2 hours ago

    Actually, everything is like among us

  36. SonicHeroesOfficial

    SonicHeroesOfficial2 hours ago

    400K channel: gets trending 831K channel : has never been on trending

  37. Ryan Atwal

    Ryan Atwal2 hours ago


  38. Samuel Vasquez Aguilar

    Samuel Vasquez Aguilar2 hours ago


  39. HeyM Playz

    HeyM Playz2 hours ago

    0:53 thats so stupid of orange headed guy

  40. Anya Johnson

    Anya Johnson2 hours ago

    Omg I can’t stop watching this I love it!

  41. Ana Laura Rivera

    Ana Laura Rivera2 hours ago

    I was playing among us 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

  42. Ana Laura Rivera

    Ana Laura Rivera2 hours ago

    Like today

  43. Deana Brandon

    Deana Brandon2 hours ago


  44. Untitled channel name

    Untitled channel name2 hours ago

    Purple was really sneaky and good imposter. She was not sus

  45. CoolCat1001

    CoolCat10012 hours ago

    Just saying the things that you find is not how you play among us Like if you noticed that

  46. Brody Wheeler

    Brody Wheeler2 hours ago

    There going to lose




  48. Hi_ItzMeh Evie

    Hi_ItzMeh Evie3 hours ago

    just yes

  49. Patrick

    Patrick3 hours ago

    This isnt smosh!

  50. Byran Jenkins

    Byran Jenkins3 hours ago

    Keeps you up and you get to play with the free ones and get your friends together and play with them to play the same way and play it for the next three years or so for you guys who are the best friends and the team in this country is so much better and fun for me haha 😆 is that a big thing is to be friends that they are the most amazing 😉 and I cannot I know you have the same thing but it is a good idea to get it to you and your family is going through a little hard to find out when I get back from you you will have fun at least I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ I want it for the first time and you have a good time to come and get it I will give it a little bit of money 💰 I have to be a lot better if we can all go back out again and get a good time with him I will see him tomorrow I love him so I

  51. Matthew Temple

    Matthew Temple3 hours ago

    nice sexy

  52. Casey Newtonft SD dx FCC BNC xjxjk

    Casey Newtonft SD dx FCC BNC xjxjk3 hours ago


  53. Kristibek

    Kristibek3 hours ago

    Please make a part 2!

  54. jenbargiel1

    jenbargiel14 hours ago


  55. Isaac Martinez

    Isaac Martinez4 hours ago


  56. ETTA Pougar

    ETTA Pougar4 hours ago

    We want more of this Game

  57. Jake Richie

    Jake Richie4 hours ago

    6:28 name of music?


    SHIQI HUANG4 hours ago

    Dumb dumds

  59. Rayyan Khan

    Rayyan Khan4 hours ago

    That face tho 5:20

  60. Dixie Arabella

    Dixie Arabella4 hours ago

    6:29 that dance tho and that mUsIc!

  61. SlytherinGoals_

    SlytherinGoals_4 hours ago

    Omg! I love this video! Please do more of AMONG US!

  62. Dixie Arabella

    Dixie Arabella4 hours ago

    5:20 OMG 😂🤣🤣🤣 HER FACE when she got kicked out OmG So fUnNy

  63. Suzanne Morris

    Suzanne Morris4 hours ago


  64. Billie Shores

    Billie Shores4 hours ago


  65. Connor Nevitt

    Connor Nevitt4 hours ago

    Part 2 pls

  66. MR Big Brick

    MR Big Brick5 hours ago

    This vid so funny

  67. Rubeena Sheikh

    Rubeena Sheikh5 hours ago

    I knew Shiloh dropped the glass

  68. Ashley Ramspeck

    Ashley Ramspeck5 hours ago

    dark puple

  69. Zowka BMW

    Zowka BMW5 hours ago

    wow Im watch us when you have 90000 subscribe

  70. mira ahamaideh

    mira ahamaideh5 hours ago

    I love your Channel

  71. Yoselin Salas

    Yoselin Salas5 hours ago


  72. Mia Gomez

    Mia Gomez5 hours ago

    0: 32 is funny i just came here to see your mom!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  73. Mia Gomez

    Mia Gomez5 hours ago

    Ya 0:32 is funny

  74. 《 Deatroyer 》

    《 Deatroyer 》6 hours ago

    Thoughts On Eris Loris?

  75. Lebron Stevenson

    Lebron Stevenson6 hours ago

    Why is this so accurate to the game 😂😂😂

  76. Lebron Stevenson

    Lebron StevensonHour ago

    @Shiloh & Bros wait y’all actually comment omg hi 👋

  77. Lebron Stevenson

    Lebron StevensonHour ago

    Yeah 😂😂

  78. Shiloh & Bros

    Shiloh & Bros6 hours ago

    Right? 😂

  79. VloneVista

    VloneVista6 hours ago

    This is great lol!

  80. Denessa Hicks

    Denessa Hicks6 hours ago


  81. Deli Plays

    Deli Plays6 hours ago

    The way they eject tho lol

  82. FTL Stickmen

    FTL Stickmen6 hours ago

    PART 2!

  83. Debra Smith

    Debra Smith6 hours ago

    Blue: why was she sus

  84. Samoly Akter

    Samoly Akter6 hours ago

    XD a dish is reported it’s never like ⛎Mong us

  85. Elijah Ottely

    Elijah Ottely6 hours ago

    I’m elijah ok in real life I am

  86. cool boy master gamer

    cool boy master gamer6 hours ago

    Love the work!

  87. ali H

    ali H6 hours ago

    I really like among us

  88. Kaylia Happy2011

    Kaylia Happy20116 hours ago

    Pls do more amoung us irl pls

  89. Blazey

    Blazey6 hours ago

    3:00 😂😂🤣😂😅🤣

  90. Caroline Roper

    Caroline Roper6 hours ago


  91. Thalia Bowen

    Thalia Bowen7 hours ago

    I knew it was Shiloh yes

  92. Alexa Torres Gomez

    Alexa Torres Gomez7 hours ago

    ok that was funny

  93. kylan alexander

    kylan alexander7 hours ago


  94. Alexa B Love

    Alexa B Love7 hours ago

    This so funny this why I like it 😂

  95. Bella Voegtly

    Bella Voegtly7 hours ago

    I love this video can you make another one?

  96. JulianNoPro Gamer

    JulianNoPro Gamer7 hours ago



    EMADUL HAQUE7 hours ago

    That was so cool video 👏👏👏👍👍

  98. Naa Naa

    Naa Naa7 hours ago

    No one expected Shiloh to be an imposter cuz she is young and no one thinks that the young one can be an imposter

  99. Naa Naa

    Naa Naa7 hours ago

    It's funny at the end where they show flash bags of when Shiloh was doing all the things the most funniest part is that they all got kicked out the house and the Imposter got to dance

  100. Animations Videos الرسوم المتحركه

    Animations Videos الرسوم المتحركه7 hours ago

    I laughed soo hard😂 Love u guys soo much💛🔥

  101. Chris Camarillo

    Chris Camarillo7 hours ago


  102. Carter Moon

    Carter Moon7 hours ago

    His is sooo funny

  103. Carter Moon

    Carter Moon7 hours ago

    I just got Among Us but I’d rather have Among. us be like this

  104. V Martins

    V Martins7 hours ago

    OMG do you know what you mean about that onyl was a good day

  105. Liam's Toys and Fun

    Liam's Toys and Fun7 hours ago

    i love your tik tok

  106. Miriam Mattsson

    Miriam Mattsson7 hours ago


  107. ZalmanDAB IsDaBest

    ZalmanDAB IsDaBest7 hours ago

    And he is the imposter

  108. ZalmanDAB IsDaBest

    ZalmanDAB IsDaBest7 hours ago

    Enybody dont lisen if a person say its orange

  109. Parmida Foroughi

    Parmida Foroughi8 hours ago

    I love the video

  110. Cartoon Wolf

    Cartoon Wolf8 hours ago

    I just noticed you use the same hand soap