The WORST Furry Art Thief on DeviantArt

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  1. Spring David

    Spring David34 minutes ago

    8:27 _ sad stalker noises _

  2. lopsided

    lopsided2 hours ago

    is there any reason you do your line art in pink rather than some light grey?

  3. KamrynMarie

    KamrynMarie4 hours ago

    The worst thing about this is that the people that steal the art act like straight up fools and this is coming from an 11 year old SIXTH GRADER who knows that this is wrong and it’s sad that they are acting as if they were raised in a jungle... it’s just sad that 20 year old ADULTS steal from others even know that they should have learned NOT to steal at the age of 6 what these people are doing is wrong and DISGUSTING...

  4. Leticia Marie

    Leticia Marie6 hours ago

    "A world where art is not a job but a hobbie" you said it girl

  5. Cadrixa ;v;

    Cadrixa ;v;7 hours ago

    i’m so sorry for your loss i’m downloading deviantart just to call her out

  6. Lexi Trinidad

    Lexi Trinidad20 hours ago

    amen 🙏

  7. james thomson

    james thomson22 hours ago

    This is an upsetting that happens on DeviantArt more times than I would like. I have to listen to stories like this to make myself more `aware of it.

  8. Chillin'

    Chillin'22 hours ago

    completely irrelevant. but your art is absolutely gorgeous, like damn-

  9. maxim

    maxim23 hours ago

    why are all the drama coming from the art community?

  10. Tech Support

    Tech SupportDay ago

    Im glad that she stole

  11. Norm Al_

    Norm Al_Day ago

    Art thief: You’re not allowed to get inspired by my art, trace my art nor copy it People who knows that (N/A) is an art thief: then why did you trace the original artists art

  12. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Allison YT ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Allison YT ʕ•ᴥ•ʔDay ago

    (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤ Lmao this girl is trash

  13. Hol0gam23

    Hol0gam23Day ago

    This is everyday Art Community Moments

  14. Nash Doub1le

    Nash Doub1leDay ago

    When you said louisiana I started screaming because she’s the same age group as me, I know a lot of people like this (art furries) and I’m also from Louisiana. So just the fact that I could’ve had the chance to interact with her even once is insane lmao

  15. Naomi Fletcher

    Naomi Fletcher2 days ago

    how hard is it to just like,,, not

  16. Cristalys Peralta

    Cristalys Peralta2 days ago

    It's kinda hard to feel bad for "artists" that sexualize animals tho

  17. Dorbees Rule!

    Dorbees Rule!2 days ago

    Please do a rant on Charmeleonwarrior (a terrifyingly bad Deviant artist, with wonky anatomy and MS paint art).

  18. September Kordelewski

    September Kordelewski2 days ago

    I got banned from IMVU for some reason

  19. Ur_daily_huver 128

    Ur_daily_huver 1282 days ago

    Dang why is there so much shite going on as soon as I go back on USlikes

  20. magma sqush

    magma sqush2 days ago

    sorry about your family member

  21. vukovi vozovi

    vukovi vozovi2 days ago

    Macaroni left the game

  22. Sam

    Sam2 days ago

    that potion looks so cool lmao

  23. Mutard Yelo PHRoG

    Mutard Yelo PHRoG2 days ago

    Sharron is a furry

  24. sourRealist

    sourRealist2 days ago

    I’m sorry for your loss, I hope your and your family or friends are as safe as can be during this horrible pandemic, or just safe in general. This video keeps popping up in my feed, I didn’t think I would like watching these kinds of videos, you have opened my third eye of types of videos I like. Thankyou.

  25. GremlinDog10

    GremlinDog102 days ago

    whats the drawing program?

  26. redtoir

    redtoir2 days ago

    NSFW stuff at THRITEEN? That’s insane. I’m a couple years older than her and don’t have any desire to ever draw NSFW, even when I become an adult. 🤨

  27. Golden

    Golden2 days ago

    Hey Shannon (feels weird calling you that) what about HEYYY B, I’m sorry you lost someone and I’m honestly very proud of you for even posting knowing your situation It’s totally 1000000% okay for you to take a break, we would love you either way and I (and probably everyone else) will support you no matter what you decide I have never lost anyone (yet 😬) but I can’t imagine going online, acting fine and then logging off and having to face back to reality. I’m very proud of you and your smartass ness (?? English where)

  28. Foxchow400

    Foxchow4002 days ago

    I suddenly hate humanity even more, its disgusting as a furry AND and artist, (who is a minor) to see this kind of thing floating around, like, gee thanks for giving others no chance in hell of making a living AND taking away their credit. Such terrible people, thank you CreepShow for spreading the word!

  29. H 4 N N 4 H

    H 4 N N 4 H2 days ago

    *"It's free real estate (:"*

  30. Dreamii jin

    Dreamii jin2 days ago

    why is no one talking about her line art. ITS AMAZING YO-

  31. mega nerd

    mega nerd3 days ago

    can someone explain the drama that happened because these comments arent related to this video

  32. ゆに冬-尤尼冬天

    ゆに冬-尤尼冬天3 days ago

    I sometimes trace when I need to learn a art style or a pose but if I trace im sure to credit the artist But what app do you use it looks nice

  33. Jennifer is my name

    Jennifer is my name3 days ago

    And even if you are a hobbyist it still isn't nice if someone steals from you like if someone stole my art I would be pretty annoyed

  34. Sadia Rahman

    Sadia Rahman3 days ago

    hmmmMmmM what if I make a account just to steal "her" art to make her mad lol *debby ryan face*

  35. Comrad

    Comrad3 days ago

    money has been wasted here you could of subed to the god of innit on twitch

  36. Pentagrin

    Pentagrin3 days ago

    I mean, I'm impressed.

  37. Toadd_05

    Toadd_053 days ago

    you a cute weenie :)

  38. Sean Bone

    Sean Bone3 days ago

    Why would you steal from furry art it is gross

  39. Streamlily

    Streamlily3 days ago

    As someone from LA we don’t claim her

  40. Bob Bobby

    Bob Bobby3 days ago

    I just want to confirm, yes she will block you, I commented on her DA account and she legit immediately blocked me

  41. 森林之光

    森林之光3 days ago

    Did you know: That when people do the same action over and over again expecting a different result each time, is a sign of you going insane?

  42. Morgan Wii

    Morgan Wii3 days ago

    The ONLY reason a person should EVER use trase work is for learning proposes only. for example if you were trying to learn to draw a tail, you would trase it maybe once to get the concept then you draw it in your style. you NEVER post trase work.

  43. alolanraichu

    alolanraichu3 days ago

    furries shouldn't even exist

  44. Khan Gravies

    Khan Gravies3 days ago

    What's the thumbnailed image? I need it.

  45. Kayotime

    Kayotime3 days ago

    Let's see what angry artist lady has to say today... All jokes aside though, officially subscribed after two videos. Love your channel, keep up the great work. Sending you lots of love.

  46. Astral Castreux

    Astral Castreux4 days ago

    homegirl was from louisiana... as a louisianian, this is embarassing. sorry for your loss shannon

  47. Sarah Maker

    Sarah Maker4 days ago

    I am also very bad at math

  48. Overly Worried Mom

    Overly Worried Mom4 days ago

    I started following those 2 channels. I really like them. I really enjoy this artist commentary channels. I find them so relaxing.

  49. Ashlynneatscookies

    Ashlynneatscookies4 days ago

    Me - *has been legit drawing for about 15 years, has improved a lot since starting, has dirt cheap prices, has very rarely done NSFW because of various uncomfortable issues* Wow, only my shitty NSFW was purchased.. for a buck.. Gucci. This person - *traces over art and makes bank* Me - *stares at tablet pen* Sorry, dropped my salt bucket, I'll clean it up

  50. Auiik

    Auiik4 days ago

    she was stealing art all the way back in like 2013 or 14 owo because i knew her back in highschool for me and she gave me art that i had found out was dauxycheeks

  51. Old Acc

    Old Acc4 days ago

    That thumbnail is such a mood, on another hand. I’m so sorry for your loss.

  52. R4IN

    R4IN4 days ago

    these art thieves are the reason why so many people are hesitant to share their art and show their passion.

  53. Jorge Blanco

    Jorge Blanco4 days ago

    9:58 Hey, i did a drawing for this guy xd

  54. Star Form

    Star Form4 days ago

    Ya know what? I think I might claim this person's art as my own just to trigger them, I don't draw even half decently so it's gonna be more triggering hopefully.

  55. EgyptianDragon1

    EgyptianDragon14 days ago

    Holy crap I'm shocked to see you cover her, I actually remember back to when she was stealing from DauxyCheeks and watched the many accounts spring up on FurAffinity to be banned to have a new account pop up not even a month later most of the time. I don't think I ever got involved in anything related to them other than seeing many journals pop up from Dauxy pretty much warning people to avoid them due to the constant theft and just watching as the ship repeatedly sank. Sad to see they're still doing this tbh, you sometimes just wish these people would grow out of this behavior but sadder still I've even personally come across people in the furry community that this behavior is their livelihood and been affected by them. I guess a small warning to other artists that if anyone starts behaving entitled like that, tries ripping off your designs or anything of the like, that should be the red flag of get the hell away asap.

  56. Doodle Dank

    Doodle Dank4 days ago

    search marsha rodricks on deviantart... youre welcome😁

  57. S. D.

    S. D.4 days ago

    Cool art your drawing in the background

  58. Loxy Light

    Loxy Light4 days ago

    hazbin hotel tags on the video

  59. ᴍᴀɴɢʟᴇ

    ᴍᴀɴɢʟᴇ4 days ago

    I'm so sorry for your lose 😔✨💖

  60. Morgan Cody

    Morgan Cody4 days ago

    My sister's also had her own art reposted without credit several times and it's only slowed down a little since she kinda lost interest in Tumblr. She's mostly able to put food in her mouth today because she has full-time employment elsewhere.

  61. Patient Zero

    Patient Zero4 days ago

    Whats furry and devinart lol

  62. ᴍᴀɴɢʟᴇ

    ᴍᴀɴɢʟᴇ4 days ago

    A furry is a human in a fur suit

  63. Lozulei

    Lozulei4 days ago

    I hate art thieves......they deserve to die. 😑

  64. ᴍᴀɴɢʟᴇ

    ᴍᴀɴɢʟᴇ4 days ago


  65. Aubree Wright

    Aubree Wright4 days ago

    I like that the people who are losing their money (The people who have their art being stolen) don't block them back. It's easy :)

  66. killerq

    killerq4 days ago


  67. Twinbornduke308

    Twinbornduke3085 days ago

    1 I'm very sorry for your loss 2 you make amazing art tbh

  68. laylayrd

    laylayrd5 days ago

    I’m so sorry Shannon, we are here for you!

  69. katy cat

    katy cat5 days ago

    Came here for the furry art thief, stayed for the diamond potion bottle. I love your art style♥️

  70. MollysMoshing TankCrew

    MollysMoshing TankCrew5 days ago

    it bothers me that you draw straight lines vertically instead of horizontally. its BUGGING ME XD

  71. glitching arrow

    glitching arrow5 days ago

    "because its furry porn" me: *suddenly realizing my parents are in the other room and can hear the video*

  72. Audrey Withers

    Audrey Withers5 days ago

    While I do agree that Allaras is bad, I personally think there's someone worse on Instagram. They've stolen from TONS and I mean TONS of artists' work, characters, species, and even animated memes and it's so weird cause they're a literal minor who's had tons of call-out posts on Twitter and Instagram and no one even bats an eye at it.

  73. Rinomon

    Rinomon5 days ago

    bruhhhh im literally on imvu rn xD

  74. A Goblin Cat化け猫

    A Goblin Cat化け猫5 days ago

    Ok but, I agree with literally everything u said, but just because she was born and raised in Louisiana doesn’t mean she knows English as a first language

  75. Moodle Noon

    Moodle Noon5 days ago

    Riigghhttt I’m born in Louisiana and I speak PERFECT ENGLISH it just kinda country tho lmao

  76. Kabu

    Kabu5 days ago

    I was doing NSFW stuff when I was a minor, seriously, why are people triggered over this..

  77. You were expecting lessons but it was ME, DIOLINGO

    You were expecting lessons but it was ME, DIOLINGO4 days ago

    tracing, thats why

  78. Ricardo Javillonar

    Ricardo Javillonar5 days ago

    As a furry, I’m speechless


    RAW POTATOES5 days ago

    this makes me feel bad i took a blank refence sheet of an angle dragon and i drew my Doggo fursona (nown as Dingo) and colored him on the sheet IM SORRY ILL GET RID OF IT :(

  80. Poland Loli

    Poland Loli5 days ago

    I'm a furry hater and that kind of art only purpose is disgusting fetishes. But I still support the original artist's work

  81. Poland Loli

    Poland Loli5 days ago

    Now tell me what app you use

  82. Poland Loli

    Poland Loli5 days ago

    I thank you

  83. Exo Fluff_Maniac

    Exo Fluff_Maniac5 days ago

    Pretty sure she uses procreate

  84. coolcat Ali

    coolcat Ali5 days ago

    I've had my art stolen it's so upsetting.

  85. Tamaada Requiem

    Tamaada Requiem5 days ago

    "You should credit artists if you used their work as a base." Me: *Looking at my instagram account* Shit fuck shit shit shi- Note: Most of the uncredited stuff is when I was like 13-14 and I add the credits if I find them.

  86. Sidney Reading

    Sidney Reading5 days ago

    Im just sad that furries are seen as bad people because some evil people were having s** in a costume when most furries are like blumming 11 year olds and would never do those terrible things but why WHY WOULD PEOPLE WANT TOO SEE A PICTURE OF A PERSONIFIED TIGER THATS NAKED THATS SO DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyway most furries dont do that but apparently ALL furries are bad according to most people on the internet but thats like saying oh no this dog ate a child so all dogs must eat children

  87. Faith Grant

    Faith Grant5 days ago

    some one fricking stole my art that took 3 months to make and said it was SOOO easy to make that it took her only a week to make THAT THEF HAD WAS SOOOOO BRIGHT AND PUT IT ON HER INSTA long story short i got her banned from insta lol

  88. ・Hxneypxe・

    ・Hxneypxe・5 days ago

    Oh my gosh..

  89. President bread

    President bread5 days ago

    I’m used to getting talked down to because I’m a competitive dancer and no one that I meet in like school takes it seriously

  90. Dander woolf

    Dander woolf5 days ago

    i have my fursona where i looked at many different artwork and get inspired by them and made my own fursona, but one of my works i traced a sketch of a paw, then changed it up a bit with my own coloring, how do i give credit, bc i can thank many people on the internet for being a piece of inspiration. my eyes, i got the idea from fursuits, the colors, were from my old pfp, which was a paw, my pfp face however, is my own, i made soo many derpy shots, and discarded them till i got better, soo proud bc i dont want my fursona to look like someone elses, i just hope im not stealing, bc i can give credit to alot of people for inspiration i feel soo bad for everyone whos art got stolen, and those channels that got striked, i feel soo bad, ima sub them

  91. Yen

    Yen5 days ago

    At this point art theft is really a thing that artist know right now, and literally 6 years, and if someone outwits her she’s gonna have some serious consequences.

  92. Megageno

    Megageno5 days ago

    Your not a weenie

  93. Andreas Drake

    Andreas Drake5 days ago

    One thing is that she is tracing other people's work but she started to make/trace 18+/NSFW art as a 14-15 year old kinda creeps me out

  94. Zed The Skeleton

    Zed The Skeleton5 days ago


  95. Ku - chan

    Ku - chan5 days ago

    Do you know you said "literally" 5 times in just this video?

  96. CreepShow Art

    CreepShow Art5 days ago

    That’s less than usual

  97. 레몬 I'm tired

    레몬 I'm tired5 days ago

    Why is everyone in the comments a member I-

  98. Monomi X

    Monomi X6 days ago

    so i am not a actual artist I just do it if im bored but the thing I love doing is editing I am a beginner and like if you use a overlay or anything that is made by someone EVEN IF THEY SAY THAT YOU DONT NEED TO CREDIT you should credit them

  99. 「.•I’m Your Granny•.」 :3

    「.•I’m Your Granny•.」 :36 days ago

    Someone did think I traced and STOLE art. She said, Why don’t you send me your speed paints I said idk how to and she said something a tracer would say, but really I DIDNT KNOW HOW TO

  100. メデヌちゃん // Medenu-chan

    メデヌちゃん // Medenu-chan6 days ago

    Callimara ? Nope. Never gonna subscribe. Pretty good video tho

  101. Game Policies

    Game Policies6 days ago

    On another note, I’m a manga artist and I’m trying to get into digital b/c traditional manga is hurting me. What platform are you using to draw that potion? It looks versatile

  102. ?Dreamy_ Night¿

    ?Dreamy_ Night¿6 days ago

    Why does everyone have a green mark next to there name?

  103. Corey Bloom

    Corey Bloom6 days ago

    I’m very shocked that they would do this I don’t make art and if I do will never put it on the internet for others to see. profile is NOT my art I would say where I got it and to go check them out but I can’t remember but they are really good at it and good animators.

  104. M Z

    M Z6 days ago

    As someone who is a victim of this particular art thief I'm glad to see people are calling her out both on dA AND youtube. She's still very active and constantly hiding throughout the community while stealing art and sketches from others to trace over and pisspoor color them. I won't dox myself on this, but good GOD this child is annoying.

  105. The Dark Artist

    The Dark Artist6 days ago

    What art program are you using? It looks pretty good!

  106. Viviana Nova

    Viviana Nova6 days ago

    I’m not even part of the furry community and tbh idk why I’m here but whoever they are, they sound horrible and I hope everyone gets the justice they deserve.

  107. Rara Tigris

    Rara Tigris6 days ago

    also look up bewares on erika grothe, she did semi the same as alyssa (alarris) but instead of art she's been using fursuits as her way to scam.

  108. Rara Tigris

    Rara Tigris6 days ago

    she has me blocked on several platforms because she blocks as soon as someone mentions she is an art thief lol she doesn't even give a response anymore cause she knows she is wrong xD