Lights Go Out At Washington Monument

Lights Go Out At Washington Monument


  1. Moriel Logos

    Moriel LogosDay ago

    Maybe Israeli spies who have all of our infrastructure back doored flipped the switch.

  2. PrimitiveSkater

    PrimitiveSkater14 days ago

    Thats scary. The dems are probably doing evil worship

  3. Griffin Clary

    Griffin ClaryMonth ago

    I think this a sign from god and washington that Biden shouldn't be president

  4. c D

    c DMonth ago

    China is checking and marking the breaker box. trying to find the basement lights, just like me...

  5. Loan Le is sorry for her daughter’s actions.

    Loan Le is sorry for her daughter’s actions.Month ago

    light off for biden sleep

  6. FaithHopeLove75

    FaithHopeLove75Month ago

    Conspiracies are real. Theories can reveal actual conspiracies. It doesn't mean fake or untrue. How do you think investigations get started & solved. Human instinct #1!

  7. BrokenMatrix T.V

    BrokenMatrix T.VMonth ago

    The real conspiracy is the people who refuse to see the truth...

  8. Troy McCully

    Troy McCullyMonth ago

    The UN is heavily involved in the reset

  9. Christina Dudley

    Christina DudleyMonth ago

    This was posted about the white house about the 24th but there’s no time stamp.

  10. Bernard Lewis

    Bernard LewisMonth ago


  11. Eurolivesendungs' straβe

    Eurolivesendungs' straβeMonth ago

    Holiday at the Guantanamo

  12. Shirley Avila

    Shirley AvilaMonth ago

    E.T phone home with the blinking red lights

  13. Christian Flat Earther

    Christian Flat EartherMonth ago

    Is the power still out at the white house?

  14. Mike Morrison

    Mike MorrisonMonth ago

    Joey's dont have nobody to run the hair on his legs .

  15. Melywood Media

    Melywood MediaMonth ago

    The DC corporation was legally dissolved and Biden is fake president of it. That's all. It's just a nod to us that "they" (the White Hats) know too.

  16. Yll Sallauka

    Yll SallaukaMonth ago


  17. Jonathan Taylor Group

    Jonathan Taylor GroupMonth ago

    Clark Griswold couldn't figure it out either.

  18. Sheila Walker

    Sheila WalkerMonth ago

    Biden forgot to pay the light bill

  19. raijin 1378

    raijin 1378Month ago

    Well thats good at least you still got that pretty flashing red light see there you go you guys are doing good all hope isnt lost yet

  20. Delilah Alex

    Delilah AlexMonth ago

    Hey, get those lights back up on that monument! How dare whomever! 😤

  21. Ken Cardoza

    Ken CardozaMonth ago

    Jesus will save the children !!

  22. Dale Dan Tony

    Dale Dan TonyMonth ago

    That’s the night the lights went out in D.C. that’s the day they impeached an innocent man... the congress in this town has bloodstains on its hands...

  23. NomadGrimm

    NomadGrimmMonth ago

    Unplug the the cable wait 10 seconds then plug it back in.

  24. Willowy13

    Willowy13Month ago

    Interesting these blackouts and lights out that are happening in the USA. Very interesting.

  25. Tina Marie

    Tina MarieMonth ago

    Clapp twice

  26. C MW

    C MWMonth ago

    Authorities say it’s because they’re closing it because of the virus? 10 months later? Did they EVER let people in there at night anyway? Why wouldn’t they just lock the door? Lots of light signals going on here....I’m gonna think it’s a good thing. Optimism works.☀️

  27. bersepahbangsatsial Sultanpartybabikafir

    bersepahbangsatsial SultanpartybabikafirMonth ago

    This more make government under leader care about people and more this part of they best view in pandemic crises to save money country.

  28. Jayrald T

    Jayrald TMonth ago

    Oohh yyeaahh, lets the america ruin There Light to Dark.

  29. Emma Halsey

    Emma HalseyMonth ago

    Here is a New Zealand Dr. speaking truth about covid19 ⤵️

  30. Al Bundick

    Al BundickMonth ago

    They know they can't be seen in open view at this point in the mess they created in our country..gotta sneak out under the cover of darkness.

  31. Cory C

    Cory CMonth ago

    The corporation electric account is cancelled due to insolvency/bankruptcy.

  32. Courtney M

    Courtney MMonth ago

    It’s a profhetic sign for 2021, probably also why everyone keeps sayin dark times ahead. Emp will mostly likely happen, and the lights will go out this year. Bummer.

  33. Charlie Corrie

    Charlie CorrieMonth ago

    If only he hadn’t fired the previous butler!!! Not only would the doors have opened when he needed them too but it would appear the light switch mechanism problem could have been solved as well. 😉

  34. The Karp King

    The Karp KingMonth ago

    Biden doesnt know what he's doing

  35. wa 101202

    wa 101202Month ago

    An Omen, God doesn't like the vote riggered.

  36. XTwitchSlaughterX

    XTwitchSlaughterXMonth ago

    They're just celebrating BLM. That's why it's dark.

  37. Googleviolatescivilrights itneedstoend

    Googleviolatescivilrights itneedstoendMonth ago

    Definitely not a motel 6 they leave a light on for ya. It's ok Biden gave china power over our grid. There just testing it out.

  38. N Jacob deKelaita

    N Jacob deKelaitaMonth ago

    Chy knees parts in our electric grid. Joe didnt send Xi his money 💰

  39. Ryan Parker

    Ryan ParkerMonth ago

    Prolly couldn't pay the electric bill after giving Mexico 4 billion dollars.

  40. SapphireEniigma -

    SapphireEniigma -Month ago

    And the lights turn back up, signifying the dawn of the new age, where Joe Biden, the TRUE 45th president, rose from the ashes and the disgraceful remains of the ultimate orange fascist. - Biden 30:330

  41. will kleihege

    will kleihegeMonth ago

    maybe put it in rice

  42. joe blo

    joe bloMonth ago

    tits because,,,, there is NO president installed right now... due to the massive election fraud,, and of which the DNI report showed that there was foreign interference in the election, the election is NULL.. therefore , the military has occupied the capital.. the white house... UNTIL a legit prez is elected..



    America should stop placing Obelisks that copy Egpyt and their paganism, practicing of multiple deities. America wants to create these ISIS groups so they can destroy the antiquities and than bring Egpyt history and artifacts to America even if they could be cursed.


    NOT SO SLIM JIMMonth ago

    An Omen of things to come....




  46. Barry Hunnel

    Barry HunnelMonth ago

    They left the red lights on top so Loony Tunes could point with a big dumb grin on his mug and say ...Hey Jill... colors!

  47. Code Man

    Code ManMonth ago

    Don't mind that, Trump left the electric bill for Biden😂

  48. Brooklyn in The Rare old Times

    Brooklyn in The Rare old TimesMonth ago

    G. Washington is sending a signal that Biden sucks

  49. Cbonesteak Sauce

    Cbonesteak SauceMonth ago

    Damn it, Oba- Sorry, sorry, old habits... Damn it, Biden!

  50. Google User

    Google UserMonth ago

    It was a moment of silence for America. Since Biden is in, and killing our constitution and pissing on our rights.

  51. chris lesley

    chris lesleyMonth ago

    Their getting ready to demolish it

  52. Morty Morty

    Morty MortyMonth ago

    Democrats bring with them only darkness..

  53. PrimitiveSkater

    PrimitiveSkater14 days ago


  54. Jenn Corella

    Jenn CorellaMonth ago


  55. gdwest999

    gdwest999Month ago

    If the lights go out, Q is in charge.

  56. Jocko Harpo

    Jocko HarpoMonth ago

    Do something with that hair!

  57. sun set

    sun setMonth ago

    Evils don't like lights. It's normal

  58. Lavetta Luckett

    Lavetta LuckettMonth ago

    It's probably Trump, tryin his last chance to steal votes to win back the election.

  59. Drew Fitzgerald

    Drew FitzgeraldMonth ago

    Q dummies are going nuts right now

  60. Naked Owners

    Naked OwnersMonth ago

    Turning the lights off your sovereignty.

  61. Linda Morrow

    Linda MorrowMonth ago

    Sleepy Joe not like Motel 6 he ain't leaving the light on for ya🤣

  62. Summer Knight

    Summer KnightMonth ago

    Biden - my dog did it, he tripped over the switch.

  63. Cynthia Abela

    Cynthia AbelaMonth ago

    hahaha and now Biden has broken wrists with casts on them as well as both ankles

  64. Thomas Maresco

    Thomas MarescoMonth ago

    Bought a case of popcorn ....... This movie may prove to be pretty good after all .

  65. Cynthia Abela

    Cynthia AbelaMonth ago

    Yeah, I was about to turn it off, some of the ridiculous troll remarks in this post gives me comedy and laughs during the intermission haha

  66. Mr. Joshua

    Mr. JoshuaMonth ago

    ...the lights automatically go out every night

  67. James Barnes

    James BarnesMonth ago

    Even the Monument knows it’s a dark time in Washington

  68. Chris Chupp

    Chris ChuppMonth ago

    Good for Obiden

  69. Chris Trudell

    Chris TrudellMonth ago

    Try re-booting

  70. Donald Rauscher

    Donald RauscherMonth ago

    Biden signed an executive order to stop payment on the electric bill.

  71. choco pieces

    choco piecesMonth ago

    Biden's dark winter?

  72. Tyler Wilson

    Tyler WilsonMonth ago

    This is a prophetic sign. This monument is Demonic. It represents three city states. DC, Vatican, and London. EVIL.

  73. Tyler Wilson

    Tyler WilsonMonth ago

    @Jenn Corella yeah good catch. Thanks.

  74. Jenn Corella

    Jenn CorellaMonth ago


  75. Jeanne Illenye

    Jeanne IllenyeMonth ago


  76. Steve Vcelka

    Steve VcelkaMonth ago

    Maze well leave them off in swamp hut ain’t worth paying electric bill.

  77. Easter Rabbit

    Easter RabbitMonth ago

    Biden Cant Figure Out The Light Switches 😂🤣😂

  78. Ethan May

    Ethan MayMonth ago


  79. Paula Baylor

    Paula BaylorMonth ago


  80. Ron Gosling

    Ron GoslingMonth ago

    The military officer in uniform following Biden around all day with a suitcase. Inside the suitcase is the reset switch. All you have to know is a few numbers.

  81. Skammy5

    Skammy5Month ago

    Biden signaling the Chinese ships that it's ok to attack probably.

  82. Hunter James

    Hunter JamesMonth ago

    America having a hard time paying the utility bills?

  83. Loren Koska

    Loren KoskaMonth ago

    Biden’s fault

  84. Kevin Garver

    Kevin GarverMonth ago

    Joe forgot to pay the electric bill again !!!

  85. American Flag

    American FlagMonth ago

    Arrest the Democrats and Media and big tech

  86. JusJia !

    JusJia !Month ago

    I don't mean to go all conspiracy theorist on y'all but didn't that look like a Klan Hood :08 🤔😄 IJS

  87. True King Spirit

    True King SpiritMonth ago

    This monument needs some serious works specially the elevator.... Dc resident

  88. Joann Hopkins

    Joann HopkinsMonth ago

    Oh no ...... No money lmao, poor babies ! !

  89. Famouzsandra

    FamouzsandraMonth ago

    His dementia kicked in n he's playing wit the switches!

  90. Horizontal Hormones

    Horizontal HormonesMonth ago

    What ever isn’t biasly dead.

  91. Rodney LeBoeuf

    Rodney LeBoeufMonth ago

    Biden didn’t realize it’s power was being supplied by the Keystone Pipeline.


    D DEMCHAKMonth ago

    Good bye. Hurry up and treat this shit down.

  93. Vanessa Rhice

    Vanessa RhiceMonth ago

    Trump did not pay the bill before he left. Biden can pay it out of he and Hunter's proceeds from Russia (3.5 million).

  94. Drummer boy

    Drummer boyMonth ago

    MILITARY SIGNALING or Biden sniffing on the switch.

  95. Jyothi Bk

    Jyothi BkMonth ago

    Biden signed an executive order to allow China into our power grids, what will happen. I think the Biden is a big threat to all of us as he is implementing the playbook of president Xi in return to his fraudulent win supported by foreign interference.

  96. Tim 2 Apple Cell

    Tim 2 Apple CellMonth ago

    One if by land,two if by sea, OH SNAP, the b-$tards is already here 😳

  97. Robert Jeffery

    Robert JefferyMonth ago

    Biden is the unlit light that will never shine

  98. zudemaster

    zudemasterMonth ago

    Biden didn't pay the damn electric bill.

  99. Joseph Taylor

    Joseph TaylorMonth ago

    INTERESTING Some people are just dumb and never pay attention until it's way to late. Arrogance will be the fanial reason for the fall of this entire system, because you refuse to hold your own people accountable, but you expect the people you hold accountable for any little thing that do to protect your system and way of life.

  100. Niecy Is here.

    Niecy Is here.Month ago

    Joe, what did you break?

  101. Channel 11: INFJ Kingdom

    Channel 11: INFJ KingdomMonth ago

    It was the Thunderstick A-200

  102. Linda DeSanto

    Linda DeSantoMonth ago

    Lol. It’s a sign

  103. Fedup1965 LucyGoosey

    Fedup1965 LucyGooseyMonth ago

    Hopefully the lights will stay off! That satanic symbol is a disgrace!

  104. A M

    A MMonth ago

    Guess they didn’t get the stimulus check yet from Pelosi

  105. Frankie Marchese

    Frankie MarcheseMonth ago


  106. Tyler Morin

    Tyler MorinMonth ago

    uh oh.

  107. Robert Brown

    Robert BrownMonth ago