Future & Lil Uzi Vert - That's It [Official Music Video]

Future & Lil Uzi Vert - That's It
'Pluto X Baby Pluto (Deluxe)' OUT NOW!
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Directed by Hype Williams
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    LIL UZI VERT2 months ago

    'PLUTO X BABY PLUTO' OUT NOW! 🗣🌍 Uzi.lnk.to/PlutoxBabyPlutoID

  2. Bradley Wicks

    Bradley WicksMonth ago

    Remix wit juicewrld


    YBN HUNCHOMonth ago

    I love the way how Uzi be bobbing his shoulders at the end of the video

  4. Kae Soul

    Kae SoulMonth ago

    KAE $OUL “ ANIME “ PROD . MEGA BEATS uslikes.info/house/lYuHu92czX-nmtg/video.html should uzi hop on a remix ???

  5. Laddy Mambu

    Laddy MambuMonth ago


  6. pedro iscool

    pedro iscool2 months ago

    I was here Pog Also f*ck y'all scrolling down to read replies 🤣

  7. Nick

    NickHour ago

    Melodic rap at it's best🔥 Future made something special here

  8. Xclusive Kooked It

    Xclusive Kooked It2 hours ago

    Wheezy the WAVEEEE

  9. Tony Perez

    Tony Perez2 hours ago

    Uzi suck!

  10. John Eyu

    John Eyu4 hours ago

    this song is amazing weird but awesome amd unique

  11. T.S. X

    T.S. X6 hours ago

    Future a different swag

  12. Logicx

    Logicx6 hours ago

    future flow so smooth ong

  13. Lil Stoochie

    Lil Stoochie7 hours ago

    Future should've put on the Hat 👒 from DS2 😭💯

  14. 한병철

    한병철8 hours ago

    휴철이형 형 곧휴가철이야?

  15. Finesse !!

    Finesse !!9 hours ago

    I love uzis head bop got me doing. It. Walmart line 6ft tho please

  16. blacksapphire04

    blacksapphire049 hours ago

    Dats it! Ayyy ayyyy

  17. Cecil Davis

    Cecil Davis14 hours ago

    What is Uzi sayin ?????

  18. Cecil Davis

    Cecil Davis14 hours ago

    Nobody actually knows what they talkin bout no cap 😪

  19. Cecil Davis

    Cecil Davis14 hours ago

    What the hell are they saying tho ? I might need lyrics 😂

  20. sean bruck

    sean bruck15 hours ago

    This shit makes me happy 😊

  21. Taylor Flowers

    Taylor Flowers20 hours ago

    0:09 uzi sad nobody picked him to play

  22. Brandon Valdez

    Brandon Valdez21 hour ago

    future fr had me turnt at 2:20

  23. Rush Gaming

    Rush Gaming21 hour ago


  24. lavie leiva

    lavie leiva22 hours ago

    0:52 lmao 😂

  25. Sean Gallen

    Sean Gallen23 hours ago

    You know the beat is bonkers when Future takes his sunglasses off

  26. TITTY

    TITTYDay ago

    Bro i didnt even noticed the 'AH' at the end of the words when future says 'lova' and the other words, this is crazy

  27. antixcells 2

    antixcells 2Day ago

    I love you future

  28. lil juice in the house

    lil juice in the houseDay ago

    Future rapping like the king of rap gods

  29. lil juice in the house

    lil juice in the houseDay ago

    Future you rapping like of rap God

  30. Jairus Maina

    Jairus MainaDay ago

    Me and wheezy that’s the wave..the rest is history

  31. PUBGMfapshard YT

    PUBGMfapshard YTDay ago

    Bruh said 180 and did a 360 🤣

  32. RAMB0 GLIZZY Official

    RAMB0 GLIZZY OfficialDay ago


  33. jeremy21 WeAreLoved

    jeremy21 WeAreLovedDay ago

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  34. Daddybooboo

    DaddyboobooDay ago

    This really show future abilities at full capacity 😁😅

  35. Kay Johnson

    Kay JohnsonDay ago


  36. Nevil Longbottom

    Nevil LongbottomDay ago

    Cuddle my wrist 2.0🔥

  37. Kay Johnson

    Kay JohnsonDay ago


  38. DMV Lituations

    DMV LituationsDay ago

    Y’all should let @iamjvaboy shoot this

  39. Uno Dinero

    Uno DineroDay ago

    This nigga future said “molly offwhite it’s lightskin” 😭🔥

  40. Kynyara Lewis

    Kynyara LewisDay ago


  41. Chizzy Momentum

    Chizzy MomentumDay ago


  42. Kay Johnson

    Kay JohnsonDay ago


  43. Leon Rivera

    Leon RiveraDay ago

    Tf be wrong with Uzi lmfao

  44. Valentin Davis

    Valentin Davis2 days ago

    can't stop playing this shit lol

  45. Notdapz

    Notdapz2 days ago

    Watching future rap makes the song even harder

  46. izajah swain

    izajah swain2 days ago

    1:45 🤣

  47. Creeshi Wypw

    Creeshi Wypw2 days ago


  48. Denis Kambai

    Denis Kambai2 days ago

    came back to see if the song is still fire... and it still is

  49. Hatun Gasanzade

    Hatun Gasanzade2 days ago


  50. Tyquan Merriwether

    Tyquan Merriwether2 days ago

    I blasted this in church and the father danced

  51. Juli Salas

    Juli Salas2 days ago

    2:36 bruuuuuh

  52. Kay Johnson

    Kay JohnsonDay ago


  53. YkucbDeadFrontier

    YkucbDeadFrontier2 days ago

    That weezy tag go nuts

  54. Howard Lesner

    Howard Lesner2 days ago

    I stopped my 9-5 with the help of 𝐠 𝐫 𝐞 𝐚 𝐭 𝐞 𝐚 𝐬 𝐲 𝐩 𝐚 𝐲 . 𝐜 𝐨𝐦 #crazy 0:65

  55. Jonathan Gonzales

    Jonathan Gonzales2 days ago

    Shes tryna blow off my mind shes tryna get my release 🔥🔥🎵🎵😭

  56. Kay Johnson

    Kay JohnsonDay ago


  57. Azaa

    Azaa2 days ago

    btw in 2021, i can confirm That's still It

  58. Александър Балинов

    Александър Балинов2 days ago

    0:51 bruh, is he a pigeon or sum?

  59. Mike Thomson

    Mike Thomson2 days ago

    best song of the album imo

  60. Ryan George Cloete .

    Ryan George Cloete .2 days ago

    People really sleep on new age hip hop

  61. Anish Gajera

    Anish Gajera2 days ago

    Yeah that’s it

  62. Kevin Kimutai

    Kevin Kimutai2 days ago

    ten million a month


    KIRA IAYARAXINA2 days ago


  64. Sebastian Juarez

    Sebastian Juarez2 days ago

    fewtch in his bag with this one

  65. Derrell Miles

    Derrell Miles3 days ago

    I'm getting checks like nikes

  66. 1 Bloodysage

    1 Bloodysage3 days ago

    Luv Future

  67. jhadson kayo

    jhadson kayo3 days ago


  68. Mai Iaki

    Mai Iaki3 days ago


  69. Johnuta Kirkland

    Johnuta Kirkland3 days ago

    And they tried to say future ain’t have lyrics, his wordplay is sick

  70. Cecil Davis

    Cecil Davis14 hours ago

    I have no idea of what deez niggas talkin bout

  71. Cecil Davis

    Cecil Davis14 hours ago

    What's the lyrics ?

  72. Blulic

    Blulic3 days ago

    Fucking Banger

  73. Yung Heri

    Yung Heri3 days ago

    the last number of your like is the artist you are 1 - Lil tecca 2- six nine 3- ghostmane 4- xxxtentacion 5- Lil uzi vert 6- yung heri (do'nt know ? so listen) 7- Young thug 8- Drake 9- Future like and find out

  74. Dog Z

    Dog Z3 days ago

    Why this dont have billions of views?

  75. Lilbirdnelson

    Lilbirdnelson3 days ago

    Uzi look like he auditioning for a movie

  76. ひ

    3 days ago

    they put crack into this song im hooked

  77. Sary Ojyr

    Sary Ojyr3 days ago

    2:35 Lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  78. Kay Johnson

    Kay JohnsonDay ago


  79. Certified Bruh

    Certified Bruh3 days ago

    ꀤ ꀷꂦꈤ꓄ ꀘꈤꂦꅐ ꀷꀎꀷꏂ ꎇꀎꏳꀘ ꀤ꓄ ꀤ꒒꒒ ꒻ꀎꌚ꓄ ꀷꀤꏂ

  80. Prannoy Banerjee

    Prannoy Banerjee3 days ago

    Me and wheezy that's the wave🎶🎶

  81. Abubakr Butt

    Abubakr Butt3 days ago


  82. FX 700

    FX 7003 days ago

    Future went too hard

  83. Kay Johnson

    Kay JohnsonDay ago


  84. Austin Cardwell

    Austin Cardwell3 days ago

    Anybody else feel like future is slept on now a days?

  85. Leon Cupic

    Leon Cupic3 days ago

    For real i think people been underestimating future for some time now. But the man gave us nothing but bangers

  86. Trap vib3

    Trap vib33 days ago

    Future went hard on this 🔥

  87. Justin Maxey

    Justin Maxey3 days ago

    Future is The reincarnation of King Tut

  88. Albert Santos

    Albert Santos3 days ago


  89. Mar López

    Mar López3 days ago

  90. ThaGod Norfolk757Va

    ThaGod Norfolk757Va3 days ago

    Too hard 💯💯💪💪

  91. Joel Laird

    Joel Laird3 days ago

    All uzi wanted to do was play soccer

  92. Bullettrap 77

    Bullettrap 773 days ago

    =ight but whats the girls @?

  93. Nishan Pridgen

    Nishan Pridgen4 days ago

    Uzi brought back the dirty sprite vibes

  94. Dutt reacts

    Dutt reacts4 days ago

    It’s all fun and games till future take the glasses off

  95. Louis Zeiim

    Louis Zeiim4 days ago

    am i the only one who is feelin this beat

  96. Goku Boladao Socando as Mulheres na calçada

    Goku Boladao Socando as Mulheres na calçada4 days ago

    Top wow 🔥💖

  97. bluejayspiffy

    bluejayspiffy4 days ago

    This don't remind yall of the same tone from Cuddle My Wrist by Future

  98. lil Dan

    lil Dan4 days ago

    I hate that he sold his soul if he didn’t he will go to heaven

  99. Steven Angela

    Steven Angela22 hours ago

    God forgives sins so there is a chance that he will go to heaven

  100. Tevin Robinson

    Tevin Robinson4 days ago

    Damn I’m hooked 😭

  101. CT 1

    CT 14 days ago

    Yo people me n wheezy that’s the way tag is from the one lil uzi which is incredible

  102. ꧁D0NTE guCCi꧂

    ꧁D0NTE guCCi꧂4 days ago

    how did lil uzi do that with eyes

  103. Ryguy 7

    Ryguy 73 days ago

    Do what?

  104. LukeyBrah

    LukeyBrah4 days ago

    this song is so fucking good wow

  105. Zoran medic

    Zoran medic4 days ago

    Why the cover of the video looks like future is a old man😂

  106. Dub itdown

    Dub itdown4 days ago

    new album on my page

  107. Team Muzik

    Team Muzik5 days ago


  108. jaiden leonard

    jaiden leonard5 days ago

    I like lil uzi's music future sang most

  109. Don Robert

    Don Robert5 days ago

    This song should have MOOORE views, goddammit

  110. Sj 300

    Sj 3005 days ago

    2016:rockstar uzi 2017:D3v!L uzi 2018:pimp uzi 2019: hood uzi 2020: gangsta uzi

  111. Truc Selon

    Truc Selon5 days ago

    Supa was proud of this no capp💯 you can see it in his face🔥

  112. Marklor

    Marklor5 days ago

    This shit is lit

  113. SleeperVQ

    SleeperVQ5 days ago

    I'm definitely putting this song somewhere on my videos!! Intro possibly!?!

  114. past ball

    past ball5 days ago

    Time machine rapture

  115. Juice WRLD - unreleased

    Juice WRLD - unreleased5 days ago

    Why future looking like a 49 year old man in that thumbnail😭

  116. Red Ace Wavy Baby

    Red Ace Wavy Baby5 days ago

    2:27 look at uzi inna back looking like a supportive bff lmfaoo

  117. 9IX YOUTUBE

    9IX YOUTUBE5 days ago

    20-21 this track just bangs all thru! this gonna be the summer 21 vibe!