Handyman Special

The plaintiff says she befriended the defendant when she hired him to work on his house, but he turned out to be a manipulative liar who preyed on single women. She’s suing him for repayment of a loan. The defendant claims the plaintiff was in love with him, and that’s why she paid for his divorce. He’s countersuing for defamation of character.


  1. Rachel Wesco

    Rachel Wesco3 hours ago

    As bad as he is, when he screamed "YOU DON'T EVER LET ANYONE TALK" on the recording, I felt that!!! Lawd, she was over-talking MY thoughts! Then, he was telling the story of when she expressed her love to him and all he said was "We were at [such-and-such a place] and she said" and IMMEDIATELY she jumped in saying no. SIS!!!! How did you even know what he was going to say??? Thassa little guilty to me. I believe wholeheartedly she gave him that money because she had feelings for him. It may have been a loan, but she kept dishing out loan after loan because of her feelings.

  2. Stephanie Ramirez

    Stephanie RamirezDay ago

    I’m glad she had the note but she definitely needs to find her off button 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  3. Rescue Ranger

    Rescue Ranger4 days ago

    OMG i want her to shut up too. They're both nuts.

  4. Food for thought

    Food for thought4 days ago

    This Lady is a Bully. Very Nasty

  5. Lizmarie

    Lizmarie4 days ago

    He’s a super handsome peanut m&m I must say😍🤞🏽

  6. Andy M.

    Andy M.4 days ago

    That woman sound bitter lol ( the video title sound like a porn scene title lol)

  7. Marica Woodhouse

    Marica Woodhouse5 days ago

    One desperately woman. "He used me," you made him.

  8. S Carter

    S Carter6 days ago

    😂🤣 This case is a $%it show

  9. Lynn Ortiz

    Lynn Ortiz9 days ago

    He sound like he is jealous...jijiji 6 handyman

  10. Keyonna Crum

    Keyonna Crum9 days ago

    The most I HAVE loaned my own DAMN MOTHER!!!! is like 400 bucks and I didn't get it back lol 15 THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!! GTFOOH!!! I would be just as LIVID has she is!!

  11. david taylor

    david taylor9 days ago

    She wants him bad 😂 She wouldn't be so worked up if she didn't want him. Calm down mam 😂

  12. Dennis Jeffs

    Dennis Jeffs10 days ago

    No wonder he been divorced twice, he's a conman, scammer, manipulator of women, steer clear of this guy ladies, he'll do it again, don't be his next victim!!

  13. Ashlei Harvey

    Ashlei Harvey10 days ago

    She mad 😠 n she should be u can tell she telling the truth

  14. lawrence miller

    lawrence miller10 days ago

    That guy was clearly usin her glad the woman had gotten justice

  15. Rita Private

    Rita Private10 days ago

    You sir is in denial

  16. B Richardson

    B Richardson10 days ago

    I think he did use her but God that woman never shuts up LOL

  17. Mini 63

    Mini 6310 days ago

    She like really...really LOUD!!!🙄

  18. Bunni Rabbit

    Bunni Rabbit10 days ago

    He definitely wasn’t lying about her being into him. You can tell even in the court room that she likes/liked him. Those letters the Judge read had me 💀 haha 😂

  19. Wil Morales

    Wil Morales11 days ago

    God fearing women huh 🤔 smh....

  20. Leah Love

    Leah Love11 days ago

    Eric Norman got it. I’ll tell all my single lonely friends don’t swipe right for him 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  21. LadyK

    LadyK11 days ago

    Wheeew chile🙄🤯😬

  22. Mr. Stradivarius

    Mr. Stradivarius11 days ago


  23. Tanasia Lovelady

    Tanasia Lovelady11 days ago


  24. Zules Gems

    Zules Gems11 days ago

    That woman is abusive she bullies ppl by controlling the narrative

  25. Cajun Cowart

    Cajun Cowart11 days ago

    "Never loan money that you can't afford to lose".. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  26. Mannequinn_Made

    Mannequinn_Made11 days ago

    She was ready to fight 😂 all that energy 🤜

  27. Payne, Inc.

    Payne, Inc.11 days ago

    Hey Ruth, are you still single & alone? Wassup? 😇

  28. Robert Massey

    Robert Massey11 days ago

    She was waaaayy too emotional for them not to be anymore than friends....

  29. Genocide MOOSE

    Genocide MOOSE11 days ago

    Tired of hearing Women use God as a dating service.

  30. Alexis Rene

    Alexis Rene12 days ago

    She gave him a piece of her mind you can tell she’s been holding that in for a long time. & He constantly kept gaslighting her

  31. Lexxonly1

    Lexxonly112 days ago

    She has been interrupting, and she's been loud, and continuously acting as if she's not in court. And Judge Mathis didn't say "One more outburst and I'm kicking you out" NOT ONE TIME! As a matter of fact his voice has been so gentle towards this beastly woman! The selective aggression is so apparent.

  32. Barthalomeow The Great

    Barthalomeow The Great12 days ago

    Even judge mathis was rolling his eyes when he said she loved me (@7:00) 🤣🤣🤣

  33. D. Durant

    D. Durant12 days ago

    I’m not losing a dime from this guy much less $4000+ . She should have filed different lawsuits.

  34. Veg Vixxxen

    Veg Vixxxen12 days ago

    SHE MAD AS HELL. Lifetime story turning into Snapped... LMAO



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  36. Latino SEG

    Latino SEG12 days ago

    That woman wanted Mr. Clean... She wanted the handyman’s hands to work on her.

  37. Ty chisholm

    Ty chisholm12 days ago


  38. Shonda

    Shonda12 days ago

    The plaintiff was all out of control

  39. Mrs C

    Mrs C12 days ago

    She was one outburst from being on SNAPPED. He's lucky he got out alive after accepting $15k and not giving her what she wanted,,,which was HIM..

  40. Amber Milton

    Amber Milton12 days ago

    She definitely went through a lot in her younger years or even as a child. She has so much rage and looks down the entire time. She has some serious issues that need to be addressed before she becomes abusive.

  41. Michael Brooks

    Michael Brooks12 days ago

    He may be what yall think but I think she was just scorned cause she was the best "handyman" she met.

  42. Antwan Taylor

    Antwan Taylor12 days ago

    She Might Have Had A Crush

  43. Island Girl Ruby

    Island Girl Ruby12 days ago

    She was smitten by him and he finessed her out of her money. This is not his first time he has conned someone out of money. Women stop giving money to men.

  44. Queenxme Tv

    Queenxme Tv12 days ago

    She was fed tf up😂😂😂

  45. Tranesha Richardson

    Tranesha Richardson12 days ago

    I’m sorry she’s completely in love with him and now is hurt. She tried to buy him and have learned from the other handy men to get them to sign something lol

  46. Aries #1

    Aries #112 days ago

    BOTH of THEM have issues. Look how overly dramatic she is. She was trying to buy him. When it didn't work she demanded her money back.

  47. Treshuva

    Treshuva12 days ago

    Shalom, he dont even muscular, just skinny with eggplant lffol! Attracted ol women out of shape unappealing to each own!

  48. Iron Jody

    Iron Jody12 days ago

    She cappin

  49. Loving Me

    Loving Me13 days ago

    She big mad

  50. BeStill Patience

    BeStill Patience13 days ago

    She's just bitter from loneliness and desperation! 🤷

  51. Belle

    Belle13 days ago

    I believe she did pay that lawyer fee in a way to help speed up that divorce. She wanted him lol

  52. Michael Anthony

    Michael Anthony13 days ago

    No wonder I can't find a handyman. They are all living with this loud mouthed broad ajajajajajaja

  53. Belle

    Belle13 days ago

    If they cant pay $1 im not giving 15k

  54. IATD TV

    IATD TV13 days ago

    She said "manimbulates" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  55. Mom2BabyGKaTeraD

    Mom2BabyGKaTeraD13 days ago

    👀!!!! Ol’ girl is mad mad!😡😡 & rightfully so, but I hope she’s learned from this.

  56. My Channel

    My Channel13 days ago

    This guy upsets me. A true loser.

  57. Lisa HopeGP

    Lisa HopeGP13 days ago

    If anyone is wondering why she gave him all that money, its because she was "in love with him"

  58. Glenda Mariee

    Glenda Mariee13 days ago

    This woman had me dying laughing everytime she spoke , but what REALLY took me out was when she said she was a God fearing woman and made it clear that , he was the opposite of what she wanted him to be . 😅😂 That part even took Judge Mathis and Doyle out .

  59. Dershanel Jno Lewis

    Dershanel Jno Lewis13 days ago

    So we just gonna ignore that she say “manibelate “ instead of manipulate ... @0:46


    LAZU PALLETE13 days ago

    Good lesson.... make sure you make folks sign promissory notes after any agreements or business deals

  61. Mama Harper

    Mama Harper13 days ago

    She wanted that man....and still does!

  62. Shaun Alfred

    Shaun Alfred12 days ago

    Yep he found out her thing are having "handy men" around n the daughter flirting draw tension

  63. Perkins87

    Perkins8713 days ago

    I wish he would clear his throat 😔😩🤦🏾‍♀️ She's pissed! 🤣 let it all out lady! 😂

  64. Mina Smith

    Mina Smith13 days ago

    Love The Honorable Judge Mathis Show , He be having me cracking up 😂😂😂😂😂 My Favorite Court Show 🤗

  65. SimplyMsJay

    SimplyMsJay13 days ago

    He reminds me of that overly touchy drunk uncle at the barbecue that needs to be reminded that the brunette in the jean shorts is his 2nd cousin.

  66. Jennifer Hambric

    Jennifer Hambric13 days ago

    She was mad as HELL!! Whew! I felt her rage through the screen from 2:30 to 3:00 😂😂

  67. Nikki Hanani

    Nikki Hanani13 days ago

    Doth protest! I really think she wanted him.

  68. Nikki Hanani

    Nikki Hanani13 days ago

    That woman won’t shut up. That’s one of the problems with women. Shut the mouth and listen. After he finishes his BS, then speak.

  69. Produced By KingBeale

    Produced By KingBeale13 days ago

    She said he seeks out women who are single and alone 😂😂😂 does he supposed to chase married women instead?

  70. mrsaunders9989

    mrsaunders998913 days ago

    I bet she’s a freak

  71. Poppin Hannah

    Poppin Hannah13 days ago

    Why do her being in love mean anything 😂 boy pay that money back 😒

  72. Heidi Paul

    Heidi Paul13 days ago

    I’m surprised JM let her go on the way she did. Perhaps it’s the camera or he hurt her that bad, but ma’am relaxxxxx

  73. Keyonna Crum

    Keyonna Crum9 days ago


  74. K P

    K P13 days ago

    They were definitely fkn....it was too much money and she too mad over 4 months.

  75. Shaun Alfred

    Shaun Alfred12 days ago

    Exactly if they had put that in the case they would've hold less merit

  76. Heidi Paul

    Heidi Paul13 days ago

    Shootttttt I wish I could find someone to give me 6k just over 4 months lmaooo

  77. Tracie Travels

    Tracie Travels13 days ago

    Whew she talks too much🤫

  78. Dom Ferris Ave

    Dom Ferris Ave13 days ago

    Hey Gorgeous how you wassup where you from

  79. Forever Blessed

    Forever Blessed13 days ago

    That's an angry white woman ABW 😂

  80. Chanel Shakurrr

    Chanel Shakurrr13 days ago


  81. Yakuza Dragon

    Yakuza Dragon13 days ago

    Lmaooooooo" shes a good woman" , "I should not be sued" "she was in love with me" do you guys see his pattern, like he deflected from the entire promissory letter he signed, his excuse is she loved me so she gave me money... So i used her and broke out. No ring no intercourse left high and dry. Thought she was a sucker so she gathered her evidence to fit her narrative after she was pissed he was showing her pics of ex and hitting on her kid.. She was sprung tho.. On the low..... 6k credit.... Nahhhhh

  82. Mrs. Jones

    Mrs. Jones13 days ago

    Sir, if she was in love with you then wth did she have 6 other handymen? She was in love with them too?? Cut it out...

  83. Mrs. Jones

    Mrs. Jones12 days ago

    @Shaun Alfred I'm not. But he made it seem like she was obsessed. Obsessed women usually don't. They want who they want and that's that. But hey....

  84. Shaun Alfred

    Shaun Alfred12 days ago

    Could b the reason why he fell back on her also... n don't act as if women dont have men that they just wanna screw n they have men that they want the relationship with or see as relationship material

  85. Debbie Thomas

    Debbie Thomas13 days ago

    I think "Karen" is annoyed he doesn't want her loud mouth. He's not all that but she's on my last nerve

  86. Mrs. Jones

    Mrs. Jones13 days ago

    How is she a Karen? This pejorative term is being used too loosely. Just because she's an upset Caucasian woman, it doesn't make her a Karen. A Karen is a woman who acts outwardly over minimal circumstances and seeming to be entitled or demanding beyond what is the norm. It's often someone that raises alarm with false or prejudice claims. Which in most cases in the public have been Caucasian. But I don't see how she did that here. She does appear a little irate, however $15,000 isn't minimal nor was her claim seen as false..so idek where that came from. Lol as a woman of the non-majority I can care less for a Karen. But I wouldn't classify her as such. Hopefully she can let go of that anger though 🙂✌️

  87. Sydney Whitsett

    Sydney Whitsett13 days ago

    Maaannn if she didn’t have that promissory note I wouldn’t know who to believe 😅

  88. Abbie Shade

    Abbie Shade13 days ago

    She is a lier 😑

  89. whoisdickieschnabel

    whoisdickieschnabel13 days ago

    I hate when plaintiff's won't let the other side speak. I get that you're angry but let the judge do his job.

  90. She Radiance

    She Radiance13 days ago

    If the judge can’t read the letters... the defendant can read them for him!! Boy bye!!! 😳🙄

  91. Kita P

    Kita P13 days ago

    She is so negative and combative I don’t believe not one word out of her Mouth . That’s it .

  92. marskeins

    marskeins13 days ago

    She can say she wasn't into him. But her body language and everything else says differently. She was involved with him and he played her.

  93. SpiffyPenguin

    SpiffyPenguin13 days ago

    Nah lol. They were both pretty clear they were friends and he didn't even sound convinced she was in love with him when he said it. No body language cues anywhere haha

  94. Grand Am

    Grand Am13 days ago

    Na. That's all he would have talked about was how she wanted to do it all the time. Both admitted they were just friends. She was just 100 with her friendship and he wasn't. That's what having a good heart will do to ya.

  95. kayode oyero

    kayode oyero13 days ago

    He is a con artist and she is overbearing.

  96. M R2013

    M R201313 days ago

    Why would she loan him all that money over 4 months?

  97. SileTa Mus

    SileTa Mus13 days ago

    The sign off from the judge lol.

  98. chris walsh

    chris walsh13 days ago

    Am I the only one distracted by dudes pink flamingo button down? My eyes hurt.

  99. chris walsh

    chris walsh7 days ago

    @Lisa HopeGP You paid bots are soooo thirsty.

  100. Lisa HopeGP

    Lisa HopeGP13 days ago

    Yea I think you are

  101. She Radiance

    She Radiance13 days ago

    It’s a cute color!

  102. Hanna Gibson

    Hanna Gibson13 days ago

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  103. Sharice Richardson

    Sharice Richardson13 days ago

    Judge Mathis..... Ill read the next letter you wrote. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  104. pchelloo

    pchelloo13 days ago

    HE takes advantage of the situation, HE used me, blah, blah, blah. No! You got it all twisted, old gal! HE did what you ALLOWED him to do. You gave/he took. Quit Whining!!!! And here we go with the "god-fearing" BS lines again! Save it! Nobody believes those lines anymore! HE STILL got $10,000 out of you. You STILL L-O-S-T! *Keep Your Money To Yourself*

  105. _Peachy_ Peach_

    _Peachy_ Peach_13 days ago

    First time hearing some one ever say dejected! Man I wish people would use big words around me. I find myself having to “dumb it down” for them. Lol

  106. Jo Sa

    Jo Sa13 days ago

    I used the word tufted once around my coworkers. None of them knew what it meant, and they made fun of me for the rest of the day lol. One girl told me I "use too many big damn words".

  107. Yep It's Me

    Yep It's Me13 days ago

    God probably prays to himself to shut that woman up!

  108. mysterywoman3800

    mysterywoman38007 days ago


  109. Jennifer Hambric

    Jennifer Hambric13 days ago


  110. Xavier Hugstable

    Xavier Hugstable13 days ago

    This title is GOAT’d

  111. joe o.

    joe o.13 days ago

    I'm a god fearing woman...😅😅😅

  112. i village

    i village13 days ago

    When you hear "I AM A GOD FEARING PERSON " that's the beginning of a lie

  113. Mrarticaldan

    Mrarticaldan7 days ago

    Exactly also don’t forget she’s waiting for a man to drop from the sky god sent him 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  114. Nakeem Riley

    Nakeem Riley10 days ago


  115. Leah Love

    Leah Love11 days ago

    Her: she’s waiting for God to bring her a man Him: Tuhhhh the 6 other handymen 🤣🤣🤣

  116. mnms48

    mnms4813 days ago


  117. Mama Harper

    Mama Harper13 days ago


  118. Richie Gamer

    Richie Gamer13 days ago

    This was funny! God-fearing woman! Hahahaha!

  119. Nancy Verite

    Nancy Verite13 days ago

    Idk if it's the cameras but girl, you're in court. Calm down. At a courthouse she would have been kicked out.

  120. Now Yu Kno

    Now Yu Kno13 days ago

    No way I’m taking care of someone else’s husband smh they deserve each other

  121. Jada Senior

    Jada Senior13 days ago

    For sure! She irritated me so bad

  122. Adrian Prince

    Adrian Prince13 days ago

    He should be happy he didn't sex her or she would've been even worse.

  123. ISayToMyself

    ISayToMyself13 days ago

    Y’all got me on the bus hollering. 😂😂😂. My question is, if she was so in love with him etc there ought to be one text, one card, a letter, a post it?!! Some love note. He ain’t got nothing to prove it.

  124. ImaQueen Duh

    ImaQueen Duh3 days ago

    Keep laughing baby

  125. Grand Am

    Grand Am12 days ago

    @Shaun Alfred 👍🏾👍🏾

  126. Grand Am

    Grand Am12 days ago

    @Shaun Alfred 😁😁😁

  127. Shaun Alfred

    Shaun Alfred12 days ago

    @Grand Am lol where that come from n no i don't borrow what I can't pay back...

  128. Grand Am

    Grand Am12 days ago

    @Shaun Alfred I see you owe 15 grand to a woman too. SMH

  129. Loving T93

    Loving T9313 days ago

    I’m glad she made him signed that note.

  130. Kim F

    Kim F13 days ago