Fivio Foreign - Trust (Official Video)

Official video for "Trust" by Fivio Foreign.

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  1. RAEL

    RAELHour ago

    Man this my favorite song and music video but it feel like sum missing felt like it shoulda had a von verse it woulda felt complete

  2. Fernando Salcedo

    Fernando Salcedo4 hours ago

    Who else saw von

  3. Splash2Real YT

    Splash2Real YT4 hours ago

    Who here from TikTok

  4. Betto

    Betto5 hours ago

    Song 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Production 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  5. TTV MiNi

    TTV MiNi10 hours ago

    War, Everybody on the floor🥵 0:34

  6. Doreen Rose

    Doreen Rose13 hours ago

    Was it von in the vid it look like him

  7. bronxmosthated1

    bronxmosthated113 hours ago

    🔥 🔥 bro

  8. Entity 303 FilmsTM

    Entity 303 FilmsTM14 hours ago

    AXL SHIT !!!

  9. Rayan Ahmed

    Rayan Ahmed15 hours ago

    The doubtful legal iteratively multiply because chronometer perplexingly bathe minus a pumped dish. sore, imminent step-uncle

  10. Alejo Carral

    Alejo Carral16 hours ago


  11. Cory Wright

    Cory Wright17 hours ago

    Rik GT ft. FIV🔥🔥🔥🔥

  12. sky sky

    sky sky17 hours ago

    in a gun i trust

  13. MrTP

    MrTP18 hours ago

    Yo Fivio gon put Jay Dee on I can just tell

  14. Stars

    Stars19 hours ago

    This so FIRE YUHH 🔥🤐

  15. Sir Almonds

    Sir Almonds20 hours ago

    fivio definitely isnt an extreme artist with some amazing lyrical ability and that sort of stuff, but his execution and flow is so unique which is why i think he’s better than most rappers of his generation

  16. Kendrea Scales

    Kendrea Scales21 hour ago


  17. Yellow Synth

    Yellow Synth22 hours ago


  18. Tierry Tessa

    Tierry Tessa22 hours ago


  19. Jayy 2litt

    Jayy 2litt22 hours ago


  20. Hyped Gaming

    Hyped GamingDay ago

    Plz don’t die 🙁 I want u to say with us



    He needs a pack to send the mail out

  22. Keenan Zulu

    Keenan ZuluDay ago

    That's a serious camera.

  23. Five Star

    Five StarDay ago

    Song stays on repeat 🔥🔥

  24. ziad

    ziadDay ago

    his best song

  25. Kiing Minah

    Kiing MinahDay ago

    1:23 brooo that’s hits diff fr LLV 🥺😩💔

  26. anubis20049999

    anubis20049999Day ago

    Its crazy how he shouts out Jaydee but Jaydee threw shade at him for not helping him after getting out or whatever he was claiming.


    CHEF MARIDay ago


    CHEF MARIDay ago


    CHEF MARIDay ago

  30. Elena Bandera

    Elena BanderaDay ago

    All thanks to FBvendor vendor on Telegram I was able to get my dream car

  31. 4x steven

    4x stevenDay ago


  32. Junior Laray

    Junior LarayDay ago

    Rivio twins with rowdy rebel

  33. Skywalker

    SkywalkerDay ago

    Protect at all costs 🥶💯🖤

  34. Brian Sistrunk

    Brian SistrunkDay ago

    This track go’s so hard 🔥 See what happens when they cross us .... losses

  35. Trư Thuy

    Trư ThuyDay ago

    ya allah plz forgive me stop watching this.

  36. Esoteric Guru

    Esoteric GuruDay ago

    Kinda wavy and I prefer 90s music.

  37. seaner

    seanerDay ago

    Stfu thats 20 years ago

  38. Megaman. EXE

    Megaman. EXEDay ago

    *Gun I Trust*

  39. Rashardgocrazy 8:24

    Rashardgocrazy 8:242 days ago

    This bit 🔥

  40. Saucy Zy

    Saucy Zy2 days ago

    Thing's we don't wanna hear: R.I.P fivio foreign R.I.P lil uzi vert R.I.P lil baby

  41. Sniper Smith

    Sniper Smith2 days ago

    Blessings like Raindrops King stay focus and safe in those Grimy streets

  42. Jihod Albanna

    Jihod Albanna2 days ago

    Shoutout Fivio from Detroit. I was born in NY so I had to

  43. seaner

    seanerDay ago

    Nobody cares you was born in ny

  44. Dre 2k

    Dre 2k2 days ago

    2021 anyone?

  45. ahmedthegoat123 Hamad123

    ahmedthegoat123 Hamad1232 days ago

    Woo💫💫 everybody on the flor 🤘🏽

  46. Alberto Ciprian

    Alberto Ciprian2 days ago

    I don’t know if you can see as I do but this video is a master piece.

  47. Klaudjo Qose

    Klaudjo Qose2 days ago

    The producer tag only made me like the vid

  48. Sunny Ventura

    Sunny Ventura2 days ago


  49. Limitless.

    Limitless.2 days ago

    The vocals just sounded like a normal fivio foreign song but that guitar melody just adds so much more emotion to this song

  50. Mbour Cassa

    Mbour Cassa2 days ago

    Rip King von

  51. 092Foreignz

    092Foreignz2 days ago

    This quality is goated fr fr

  52. Bailey Chard

    Bailey Chard2 days ago

    Keep fiveo safe at all cost don’t worry about collateral damage we can’t lose another talented rapper

  53. Kaddy Green

    Kaddy Green2 days ago

    Go to listen to Mula Gzz 🔥🔥🔥


    FMC KILLJOY2 days ago


  55. King Aza

    King Aza2 days ago

    Lol a crip putting king von up talkin bout "look what they allowed" stfu 😂😂

  56. King Aza

    King Aza10 hours ago

    @Jah Glo da comment didn't make sense cuz you a regular nigga onda guyz 💯

  57. Jah Glo

    Jah Glo2 days ago

    yu make no sense 😐

  58. Sir Jones

    Sir Jones2 days ago

    We not like yall and yall not like us ... facts

  59. Blair G

    Blair G2 days ago

    This song TRASH 🗑 it sound just like all his other songs.

  60. BasicGaming7

    BasicGaming72 days ago

    I swear this shit was a movie with the

  61. 4vrKay3 luv

    4vrKay3 luv2 days ago


  62. Trust Kas

    Trust Kas2 days ago

    Yeah, lit

  63. Polo Blacks g

    Polo Blacks g2 days ago

    80 million views by September... Brooklyn

  64. Matty

    Matty2 days ago

    this shit is fire the 4k makes in better too im subscribing and giving it a like

  65. louis nadege

    louis nadege2 days ago


  66. Nia C

    Nia C3 days ago

    Yeah he he lost pop smoke and king von

  67. My Shqipez

    My Shqipez3 days ago

    The Real One 💯💫💨💨👑

  68. Mar Wilcom

    Mar Wilcom3 days ago

    Fivio Fivio , stop playing with me 🤤

  69. Nanny James

    Nanny James3 days ago


  70. XMobXHustleX

    XMobXHustleX3 days ago

    CS 🌀

  71. Nitay Rozenbaum

    Nitay Rozenbaum3 days ago


  72. Big baby G Lee

    Big baby G Lee3 days ago

    what a bout a ft with 22gz

  73. Realone Trip

    Realone Trip3 days ago

    In a gun I trust 🔫

  74. Skimask Nestor

    Skimask Nestor3 days ago

    Nobody: People on the live: bowww , Rip w

  75. Elijah Mcrae

    Elijah Mcrae3 days ago

    thats travis scott and king von cool

  76. -ファントム

    -ファントム3 days ago


  77. Cayden Santana

    Cayden Santana4 days ago

    Pop smokes better then fivio but fivio a goat 💎🥶🥶🥶🥏🎽🧢🧢🧢🚾🛂🛃🛄🛅🛅🛃🛂🛂🟦🟦🟦🟦🟦🟦🟦 crips

  78. DREAMFAN_12

    DREAMFAN_124 days ago

    If anyone is seeing this video they will be trillionare and u can have anything u want has to like


    PDX SQUID4 days ago

    This is fire! 🔥

  80. Angelo Alvarez

    Angelo Alvarez4 days ago

    Rip von

  81. Angelo Alvarez

    Angelo Alvarez4 days ago

    Yo the video graphics r valid no cap

  82. Baby Dior

    Baby Dior4 days ago


  83. Atmo

    Atmo4 days ago


  84. Cucchiara Rosa

    Cucchiara Rosa4 days ago Trust no RELASIONSHIP

  85. S1SKO

    S1SKO4 days ago

    HEAVY 🔥🔥🔥

  86. Krystal Karceski

    Krystal Karceski4 days ago

    Rip king von that’s crazy real Nigga forever niggas no he was the real deal street nigga ain’t never been a bitch they took his ass out this bitch hard for a real night out here rip von on bro this nigga had all the respect in the hood

  87. buddy

    buddy4 days ago


  88. ur_boi_streetkidd

    ur_boi_streetkidd4 days ago


  89. cou7

    cou74 days ago


  90. L X R D

    L X R D4 days ago


  91. Antonio Evans

    Antonio Evans4 days ago

    How tf is Von in the video and he dead

  92. Orlando Coke

    Orlando Coke4 days ago

    Bro I keep coming back❗❗❗❤

  93. Dior llv

    Dior llv4 days ago

  94. NahomDaGOAT

    NahomDaGOAT5 days ago

    seeing von tho...

  95. chasity carbaugh

    chasity carbaugh5 days ago

    If it ain't fivio...its pop!!🔥🔥🔥 If it ain't pop...its fivio!!🔥🔥🔥

  96. Santyy Izag

    Santyy Izag5 days ago

    I feel bad for fivio foreign he lost both his closest friends in life :( sad

  97. Con DiD THat

    Con DiD THat5 days ago

    #HPF Music check hier naar

  98. Stinga mi name nuh chat

    Stinga mi name nuh chat5 days ago

    Gang wave fivio foreign RIP king von

  99. MAroc_Specops

    MAroc_Specops5 days ago

    This guy killed Von !


    PRESIDENTCAZZ1 Holt5 days ago

    It’s cool song I like it

  101. Andre Bands

    Andre Bands5 days ago

    What is the name of the white moncler jacket

  102. Nguyenphuong Thien

    Nguyenphuong Thien5 days ago

    When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.

  103. jimgrs

    jimgrs4 hours ago

    Nice profil pic

  104. Tha Mogul

    Tha Mogul5 days ago

    0:39 Buddy be going crazy when he be dancing 🔥

  105. HBK._ KILLER YT

    HBK._ KILLER YT5 days ago

    Where did shoot this video in chiraq of NYC