The RAREST Magic Trick (OMEGLE) - #Shorts

Doing the RAREST Magic Trick on OMEGLE... enjoy!
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  1. SeanDoesMagic

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  2. Addy Nunez

    Addy Nunez2 days ago

    LOL #PrayForLizard

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  5. Phuntsok Dolma

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  6. Hamza Hamza

    Hamza Hamza10 days ago

    This is good but u r slow in cards

  7. Trokiando _ramiro

    Trokiando _ramiro3 hours ago

    # pray for lizard

  8. Basket Chat

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  9. Shiva deep Varma

    Shiva deep Varma18 hours ago

    #pray for lizard

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  15. Kris Nielsen

    Kris NielsenDay ago

    I SAW it

  16. A59 - Prem sawant

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  17. Flame PH4NT0M

    Flame PH4NT0MDay ago

    #prayforlizard 😂

  18. Wiyasa YT

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  19. PythonZz

    PythonZzDay ago

    “Love you too”

  20. CODBossGamer Pro Reborn

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  21. the cool guy

    the cool guyDay ago

    I am about to expose you OK so basically first off I could already tell this is fake because anything that has a phobia that ends with phobia means he scared of something not he has a condition also how he coughed up those cards he was holding them in his hand and while he was moving his hands towards his mouth he started to let go boom

  22. cyber gamer

    cyber gamer2 days ago


  23. Mason Group

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  24. Ashy Boo

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  25. my name is s

    my name is s2 days ago

    Efforts should 9

  26. Bennachan pj

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  27. Lemon :3

    Lemon :33 days ago

    #prayforlizard 🙏 😁😂

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  30. flower Layla gamer lexi

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  31. flower Layla gamer lexi

    flower Layla gamer lexi3 days ago

    You just pulled out the cards I have a very good eye you know

  32. Djurdja Pavlovic

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  33. Catarzyna Sorrowsong

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  34. apel gosong

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  36. Jillian Ramazzini

    Jillian Ramazzini4 days ago

    Is that a bearded dragon??!!!

  37. leanna woelfel

    leanna woelfel4 days ago

    I really like your tik toks and and I really want to see you one time so I hope I see you around and I love you and I love you tik Tok so much and I watch your videos on USlikes sometimes like magic tricks so bye

  38. John Evans

    John Evans4 days ago

    # Prayforlizard

  39. Megan Chan

    Megan Chan4 days ago

    I thought the girl didn’t know the condition, then why did she know her lizard has it?

  40. Merlita Canawin

    Merlita Canawin4 days ago

    Wow thats my favorite magic

  41. Alyssa Bolado

    Alyssa Bolado4 days ago

    #prayforlizard lol

  42. nirvana weeb

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  43. ethan suggs

    ethan suggs4 days ago

    Ok sorry but I saw u bring the cards up luv ur vids

  44. Damien Del Rasso

    Damien Del Rasso5 days ago

    Yo that's from ant man and wasp

  45. Toby the Hamster

    Toby the Hamster5 days ago


  46. Joel Clemente

    Joel Clemente5 days ago

    Me: See the lizard WEEEEEEEEE A REPTILE!!!!!

  47. Pico Gaming

    Pico Gaming5 days ago


  48. Adam Vasquez

    Adam Vasquez5 days ago


  49. brizzleyoh

    brizzleyoh5 days ago

    This one was a little messy.. but I guess with that Omegle lag it would look legit haha

  50. Rouella Delostrico

    Rouella Delostrico5 days ago

    I know you hold the card and put it in your mouth i see it

  51. 973-687-1388 Abebe

    973-687-1388 Abebe6 days ago


  52. Emma Logan

    Emma Logan6 days ago

    The woman is like: Wtf-

  53. Leilani Ramos

    Leilani Ramos6 days ago

    Yea he had it in his had he put it in his mouth

  54. Marija Mia

    Marija Mia6 days ago


  55. flora morris taeng

    flora morris taeng6 days ago

    What The Fu**

  56. jay ღ

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  57. Stārry_ Hamstar

    Stārry_ Hamstar6 days ago

    #PrayForLizard 👁️👄👁️

  58. Furi

    Furi6 days ago

    Wait did I just saw him hold cards oh I understand this trick

  59. Isaac Vasquez

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  62. butterdontyt:D

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  63. Juice4225

    Juice42256 days ago

    This girl was so sweet

  64. William Afton

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  65. Sadie Siren

    Sadie Siren7 days ago

    The way the lizard was looking

  66. Itika Agarwal

    Itika Agarwal7 days ago

    #PrayForLizard and #PrayForSean

  67. Cyber Ghost

    Cyber Ghost7 days ago

    I saw the trick he's holding the cards in his hand and then putting them at his mouth

  68. MellowPop -

    MellowPop -7 days ago


  69. Brody Chilcoat

    Brody Chilcoat7 days ago

    Easily the most wholesome tiktok ever

  70. mukul sharma

    mukul sharma7 days ago

    #pray for lizard

  71. Jonah Bean

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  75. Owen Roughley

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  76. Jennifer Maloney

    Jennifer Maloney8 days ago

    She never heard of it but her lizerd or frog got it wow like if were dumb

  77. herry ass

    herry ass8 days ago

    1: a lizard is not a person 2: girl how you gonna say that when you dont know about the condition but your lizard had it you would have been known fool

  78. Q Owens

    Q Owens8 days ago

    I'm so confused rn

  79. Dakota Chandler

    Dakota Chandler8 days ago


  80. Lukáš Vanžura

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  81. Mister Mischief

    Mister Mischief8 days ago

    #prarar for liserd

  82. Nura Maruf

    Nura Maruf8 days ago

    #prayforlizard seriously couldn't you think of something better

  83. Karma

    Karma8 days ago

    "2 in every 1...yesss" 🤣

  84. A.K Gamerz

    A.K Gamerz8 days ago

    I saw you taking the cards in your mouth

  85. daryl munro

    daryl munro8 days ago

    #Mr. lizard

  86. Sam L

    Sam L8 days ago

    Some of the comments below saying Sean put the cards in his mouth with his hands make you wonder whether they actually believed he was coughing up cards!

  87. Kalob Rimmer

    Kalob Rimmer8 days ago


  88. Deadly Guy

    Deadly Guy8 days ago


  89. Hannah Tuokoro

    Hannah Tuokoro9 days ago

    #Prayforlizards 👄👁👄👌

  90. Sabrina martin 1472

    Sabrina martin 14729 days ago

    Do you actually have the condition

  91. Raiden Hackett

    Raiden Hackett9 days ago

    You were holding the cards and then threw them in your mouth with a string through all of them so you can pull them out

  92. Kuzey Koçaş

    Kuzey Koçaş9 days ago


  93. Gameplay Central

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  94. Mayra Garcia

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  95. Dominik Harder

    Dominik Harder9 days ago

    That "2 in every 1" really confused her xD

  96. Marina Zamora

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  98. Nomelia Barron

    Nomelia Barron9 days ago

    Is this actually Real

  99. Chrissy is cool

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