ANDRE WARD REACTS TO OSCAR VALDEZ KNOCKING OUT BERCHELT; KEEPS IT 100 ON VALDEZ VS. SHAKUR STEVENSON was on hand in Las Vegas, Nevada where super featherweight Oscar Valdez knocked former champion Miguel Berchelt out cold in the 10th round to capture the WBC title. You don't want to miss what all the participants from the card had to say immediately after the fights during the post-fight coverage. Check it out!


  1. rusdayati idrus

    rusdayati idrus16 hours ago

    Like when picking Loma vs Lopez, Ward is here again wrong. He picked Berchel to win. Boxing well is one thing. Predicting fight is another. Ward is good for the 1st statement above.

  2. j s

    j s2 days ago

    Cant compare this to kovalev fight wtf everyone thought oscar would lose not one had him winning. President of mexico his idol were on the side of his oppenent. eeryone imena everyone like literally almost everyone thought he would lose. him beating hime anw winning was like rocky except rocky sucked ass but you niw what i mean.

  3. Alex Sanchez

    Alex Sanchez6 days ago

    Ward lost to Kovalev.

  4. Kyle Edward

    Kyle Edward7 days ago

    Andre humble, lots people don't even know that his body wasn't close to 100% when he beat Kovo. Andre sUn of doG spell backwards.

  5. bengolfs1

    bengolfs18 days ago

    No doubt SOG knows what he's talking about. Him and Tim Bradley make a good announcing team.

  6. Unknown

    Unknown9 days ago

    Didn't keep it real on his loss to Kovalev tho

  7. Brandon Briones

    Brandon Briones9 days ago

    Even ward knows Valdez could possibly put shakur on his ass lol but once again Stevenson is great w that foot work and has heavy punch .. true 50/50 bout there

  8. king juju

    king juju10 days ago

    Nobody: Andre Ward: "I got guns, boxing gloves, and money in this backpack"

  9. Eduardo Garcia

    Eduardo Garcia10 days ago

    So he basically said the only way shaqur wins is by running

  10. Hardcore Casual

    Hardcore Casual10 days ago

    I would've agreed Ward is a good analysis but he has revealed himself to be a shill and biased commentary. It's ok though, he isn't the first boxer to sell his integrity.

  11. daniel lazaro

    daniel lazaro11 days ago

    First fight against kovalev you lost

  12. Gavilan

    Gavilan11 days ago

    Ik ward was itching to say that if he comes back he’ll beat Valdez 😂😂😂💀

  13. O. Rodrigo Gonzalez

    O. Rodrigo Gonzalez11 days ago

    Fantastic comments. Accurate AF.

  14. Lucas Salazar

    Lucas Salazar12 days ago

    Shakur is the future of boxing. Maybe not superstar but he gon be undeniable like bud

  15. Chill Introvert

    Chill Introvert12 days ago

    People are so focused on the the dudes from the hood comment, smh. Boxing's tribalism and race shit is getting old, man. It's 2021, it's okay to like fighters from backgrounds outside your own. Jesus fucking Christ, so toxic. And that's not just a black and brown thing, either. Everyone needs to evolve, period.

  16. D Zombas

    D Zombas12 days ago

    Who listens to Ward nowadays? A fool does.


    FightHype.com12 days ago

    Numbers don’t lie 🤷🏽‍♂️

  18. Martin Plasencia

    Martin Plasencia12 days ago

    Stop lying the best lol canelo will kick ward ASSSSSS

  19. Eleazar Verdugo

    Eleazar Verdugo12 days ago

    He can be cool a teacher his lectures would be easy to understand and can carry a story well

  20. Eleazar Verdugo

    Eleazar Verdugo12 days ago


  21. Cruz olinares

    Cruz olinares12 days ago

    He’s the stupidest commentator not the best wtf 🤦‍♂️

  22. king Kong

    king Kong12 days ago


  23. Gamebred Pitbull Hall of Fame

    Gamebred Pitbull Hall of Fame12 days ago

    I pick fights better than they do.. I called it Oscar by Knockout.. No man is invincible.. thanks Oscar made me 3k stronger..

  24. James Bond

    James Bond12 days ago

    Honestly i respect andres opinion he going to route for Stevenson.....but me i got to stuck with my boy aint no secret that out of pure honest respect theres a pride thing going on for ones nationality i got to stick with my people viva la raza......Mexican Americans........all love though ....Shakurs no push over thats real

  25. Batang Bisaya

    Batang Bisaya13 days ago

    Andre quit boxing because he went back to school.

  26. Ramiro Torres Guerra

    Ramiro Torres Guerra13 days ago

    Worse commentator

  27. 93Skrewedupb

    93Skrewedupb13 days ago

    Wards blessing everyone with his wisdom

  28. Alejandro Villarreal

    Alejandro Villarreal13 days ago

    School boy... Somebody give him a Chapstick , he keeps licking his lips lol

  29. Alex Ramirez

    Alex Ramirez13 days ago

    I bumped into ward the next day he still walking looking for the exit.

  30. Tyrone Frye

    Tyrone Frye13 days ago

    Valdez fought great fight mad props but seein dis fight knowing he can't run Shakar Stevenson after dis not sure he holdin on to dat belt long from seein Valdez intangibles in dis fight no cap lol stay safe Remember Prince Hall God bless BLM checkout The Main Squeeze 🙏

  31. zeshaan ali

    zeshaan ali13 days ago

    The truth

  32. John Smith

    John Smith13 days ago

    I believed Valdez would do this. Andre you need to see me for advice son!

  33. Jose Martinez

    Jose Martinez13 days ago

    Mexico hood are waayyyyy different from USA hoods...

  34. Jon Perez

    Jon Perez13 days ago

    That was tough.

  35. Dwaylynn

    Dwaylynn13 days ago

    Andre Ward be having the best post fight interviews

  36. Feedback406

    Feedback40613 days ago

    I give canelo credit He may be a cherry picking ducker But I think him being around Valdez rubbed off on him and Ryan See shades of canelo in Valdez I remember younger Valdez use to wing every shot he threw... I was always a fan before he got his jaw broke by quig...

  37. Hector

    Hector13 days ago

    Oscar beats shakur. Shakur hasn’t fought anyone.

  38. Teech

    Teech13 days ago


  39. New Beginning

    New Beginning13 days ago

    I wonder what he got in that dope ass backpack.

  40. Special-T-419 On Urban Dictionary

    Special-T-419 On Urban Dictionary13 days ago

    Valdez has the edge over Stevenson let's not be silly he's more seasoned and has a big heart ( would be a good fight though) maybe when Shakur is older

  41. Doctor Doc

    Doctor Doc13 days ago

    Nah Shakur is ready for that fight now. Too skilled and his defense too elite to fall for anything that worked against Berchelt. He won’t walk into easy punches

  42. Guilherme Courela

    Guilherme Courela13 days ago

    Nobody talks about that hair cut? xD xD xD

  43. Jerry Sequeira

    Jerry Sequeira13 days ago

    This dude got it wrong again

  44. Pacoblp

    Pacoblp13 days ago

    Ward walked 4 miles in a 200 feet hallway 🦥🐌

  45. David Sayimright

    David Sayimright13 days ago

    Berchelt was on spaghetti legs a lot in the fight.

  46. David Sayimright

    David Sayimright13 days ago

    Berchelt tried to pump up and get to about 150lbs before the fight. That was the wrong ideal.

  47. Enos Moaning

    Enos Moaning13 days ago

    Ward called the ko.

  48. Ricardo Avalos

    Ricardo Avalos13 days ago

    For my non Spanish speakers after one of the rounds berchelt actually said to his trainer “ ya valio verga “ which pretty much means it’s gone to shit or I’m fucked so he was definitely defeated. Fight should’ve been stopped by his corner after him saying that . He was done

  49. Nicholas Ali

    Nicholas Ali13 days ago

    There are backpack rappers and then there are backpack boxers🚫🧢

  50. Henry Cantu

    Henry Cantu13 days ago

    Both ill

  51. David Castellanos

    David Castellanos14 days ago

    Love the great video bro

  52. Young Deño

    Young Deño14 days ago

    Fk all dat shi VALDEZ DONT PLAY!!!

  53. Chris Hemsworth

    Chris Hemsworth14 days ago

    Andre Ward is the best commentator out of the three on the panel 👏 People give Valdez all the credit for his victory. But technically the first individual who is responsible for Oscar Valdez's victory" is trainer Eddy Reynoso. Eddy Reynoso gave Oscar Valdez the blue print on how to defeat Berchelt. I believe if Oscar Valdez would've fought on the inside, Berchelt would've knocked out Oscar Valdez. One thing i disagree with, regarding Berchelts corner, the referee, doctors along side the ring, these idiots should've stopped the fight a lot sooner, Berchelt could've easily been killed. I hope he's doing well. You have a lot of trainer's that don't care about their fighter. That referee is real jack ass. A perfect fight would be, Oscar Valdez vs Gervonta Davis 👏

  54. Jose Rodríguez

    Jose Rodríguez14 days ago

    Another one bit the dust 😂🤣😂!!!!

  55. J P

    J P14 days ago

    I drove 1000 Miles andre still walking.

  56. Electric Caveman

    Electric Caveman14 days ago

    Who cares what Ward has to say...he didn't earn his was gifted to him by a corrupt ref and dirty judges..twice..titles are supposed to be earned.

  57. Timothy Green

    Timothy Green14 days ago

    The Legendary SOG✌🏻

  58. cris torres

    cris torres14 days ago

    Andre ward looks like he’s dressed for a basket ball game in middle school with his back pack lol

  59. Christian

    Christian14 days ago

    Ward lost the first fight against Kova!!!!!

  60. ReviewsLane Reviews

    ReviewsLane Reviews14 days ago

    Andre "Reacts to Fight Hype" Ward .

  61. Joseph Cabrales

    Joseph Cabrales14 days ago

    Can’t compare growing up in the hood here in the U.S to living in poverty in Mexico. It’s soooo much harder in Mexico, much I respect to Berchelt but you can see from the sound of the opening bell that OV was more prepared, focused and determined that Miguel. Respect to both warriors and great fight 👏🏼

  62. Discreetly Observing

    Discreetly Observing13 days ago

    You can compare and in some cases the “hood” is worse.

  63. Tou Cha

    Tou Cha14 days ago

    Ward got lost after the interview concluded,,,😆 🤣 where the turn at?

  64. Private Toronto, Canada

    Private Toronto, Canada14 days ago

    Andre Ward is the most intelligent boxer of all time. I can listen to his knowledge all day.

  65. A

    A14 days ago

    Ward vs cownelo

  66. Justin Humphrey

    Justin Humphrey14 days ago


  67. Ricky Thaow

    Ricky Thaow14 days ago

    Boxing is back.! Finally. The best against the best in their prime in their youth.

  68. Locust

    Locust14 days ago

    Kudos to Valdez. I had a funny feeling he was going to pull off the upset and I think it's partly because I've never really been that impressed with Berchelt. To me he's just another weight bully, and this is a real common theme with a lot of North American boxers of today. Hence why they rehydrate so much weight after the weigh in and keep losing their titles on the scales, whose size, power and strength advantage enables them to be dominant against naturally smaller fighters in a weight class they're huge for.

  69. Tivo Kenevil

    Tivo Kenevil14 days ago

    Coronavirus fears Andre Ward.

  70. Victor Johnson

    Victor Johnson14 days ago

    Oscar Valdez will beat Shakur Stevenson..

  71. Doctor Doc

    Doctor Doc13 days ago

    Shakur beats him. Nothing Valdez did to Berchelt will work against Shakur lol. None of it. It’s levels and Shakur skill level is leaps ahead of the guys at 130

  72. surge

    surge14 days ago

    Oscar too much for shak

  73. Noe Moreno

    Noe Moreno14 days ago


  74. nikebox407

    nikebox40714 days ago

    I demand more Andre wisdom immediately


    JACOB'S LADDER14 days ago

    What does his up bringing have to do with his 🦁 of a heart 💙 to never stop.

  76. WayPoet

    WayPoet14 days ago

    Andre Ward VS GGG would have been a Great matchup

  77. Les Ant

    Les Ant14 days ago

    Andre " Malcom X " Ward .

  78. mozamshmeek yea

    mozamshmeek yea14 days ago

    Why does ward always have a back pack on

  79. fazeorocks fazeorocks

    fazeorocks fazeorocks14 days ago

    Steven A Smiths Son

  80. Gil

    Gil14 days ago

    Def bias fuck up ward

  81. Indieboss

    Indieboss14 days ago

    Grown man wearing a school bag.

  82. Ron nel

    Ron nel14 days ago

    It’s weird for grown man having and wearing a backpack for some odd reason it’s like Andre ward reliving his teenage years or missing his teenage years I guess it makes him look and act young

  83. Ronald Palmore

    Ronald Palmore14 days ago

    The covid got berchelt.

  84. MESSIAH 1111

    MESSIAH 111114 days ago

    Valdez over a very soft N green Stephenson Dre stop that..... Stephenson runs from Berchelt all Night No power @ all Make Stephenson vs Lomachenko with the winner getting Valdez..... Stephenson has fought nobody....

  85. Wacky Movie Clips

    Wacky Movie Clips14 days ago

    Ward needs to stop with those damn backpacks 🤣🤣

  86. erick salas

    erick salas14 days ago

    Andre don't know anything. He is a wack boxer. He retired to soon. He is not a great. He is a scared boxer. He's predictions are unbelievable. Andre ward is not a legend he sacred to fight real boxers

  87. Lov Ate H8

    Lov Ate H814 days ago

    andre ward is too damn biased man smh hes never truly accurate with his opinions, for example, Boxers dont Hire new trainers because they want to learn how to box elusively, like how a.j did with ruiz in rematch, they want to learn defense, technical offense, man many ''world class'' boxers dont have world class trainers, boxers do not want to learn how to fight like floyd did vs maidana rematch,, they want to learn how to fight like how fury did in wilder rematch, or canelo in ggg rematch smh like canelo vs kova, not like sugar ray did with duran in rematch; im sorry but Andre trying to push false narrative, even Ali was said to switch up style alil from ''dancing'' to in the pocket, although, i think ali had to dance vs those big ass skilled heavyweights, but its never let me learn how to ''elusively'' box, i like to call it ''lusely'' box lol its always let me get better as a boxer. Boxing isnt defined as barely fighting, going for points, one twos, no combos, no true risk or challenges taken, no true effort, dont box andre, play basketball if you want boxing to be defined as a minimal punches being taken, no true effort being given, how is one putting effort from afar, boxing away smh elusively boxing, lusely boxing smh Boxing is having mental and emotional fortitude to fight in high risk, high pressure situations, being able to select proper punches and enact skillful and proficient techniques in close quarters combat smh thats skills Andre,, not Boxing like A.J or Mayweather did in their rematches smh That Most Definitely Aint Boxing smh

  88. Bigg Worm

    Bigg Worm14 days ago

    This fool is cheesy AF..... 🤦🏽‍♂️

  89. Matt G

    Matt G14 days ago

    Shit I like Ward one of the best but he didn’t break down Krusher the first fight I think he really lost that fight rematch ya he broke him down but he lost that first fight.

  90. Rico 1k

    Rico 1k13 days ago

    Shit taking that many low blows would break anyone down lol

  91. stich. lover

    stich. lover14 days ago

    Great comments by the amazing andre ward

  92. Finesse

    Finesse14 days ago

    Man's got a backpack and a suit on.

  93. Brian Ticas

    Brian Ticas13 days ago

    And what about it?

  94. Joe Daddy

    Joe Daddy14 days ago

    Your in the wrong business ward if u don’t wana see blood dripping off a man face

  95. Jesus Miranda

    Jesus Miranda14 days ago

    Round 4 changed the whole fight for Berchelt, he never recovered from that shot to the equilibrium. Felt so bad for dude, but he is a Beast! Team Berchelt! Rematch!

  96. Mike Kings

    Mike Kings11 days ago

    Na he needs to retire

  97. juan uribe

    juan uribe14 days ago

    mr. ward, juan manuel marquez went backwards in order to compete with morales n barrera. he is a natural technical boxer, n he transformed himself into a slugger in order to sell. might b the only one, but he did.

  98. juan uribe

    juan uribe12 days ago

    @Brian Ticas but at the beginning of his career, he was just a boxer, a technician, that is why he wasnt as popular as barrera n morales. so he went backwards, maybe the only one ever.

  99. Brian Ticas

    Brian Ticas13 days ago

    Marquez did both. Brawl and boxing

  100. Payton G

    Payton G14 days ago

    Dre One Of The Realest In The Game

  101. Hector Morales

    Hector Morales14 days ago

    it was a bitter night...i am fan of both...Valdez and Berchet lost a lot and Valdez went to a hight level....i felt the same in Barrera vs are happy for one and awful for the other....

  102. Killer Labowski

    Killer Labowski14 days ago

    Note to self.... next fight park closer.

  103. Geoffrey Bailey

    Geoffrey Bailey14 days ago


  104. Don Meatley

    Don Meatley14 days ago

    Thats a great win for Oscar, but he better stay away from Shakur. M. B was there to be hit, and Oscar from the 6 on was fighting off instincts.

  105. Francisco Moreno

    Francisco Moreno12 days ago

    Shakur hasn't beaten anybody to be scary. Valdez vs Shakur is a 50/50 fight

  106. Omar Espinoza

    Omar Espinoza14 days ago

    Oscar needs to stay away from Shakur

  107. Ryan Monroe

    Ryan Monroe14 days ago

    The jab and that flurry of uppercuts and that left hook.

  108. Jose Navarro

    Jose Navarro14 days ago

    Who has shakur fought tho? His ex gf brother? 😂💀

  109. Frankie Poag

    Frankie Poag14 days ago

    @Prolific 333 that couple that him and his homies beat up weren't afraid of him

  110. Prolific 333

    Prolific 33314 days ago

    Cause people are scared to fight him

  111. Conor McTapout aka 0-1 aka 0 Title Defenses

    Conor McTapout aka 0-1 aka 0 Title Defenses14 days ago

    Lmao I wonder if that family picked up the pieces

  112. George Hernandez

    George Hernandez14 days ago

    Ward says im always gonna go with..huh..the boxer who has more "boxing iq" lol smh

  113. Jacob Bittner

    Jacob Bittner14 days ago

    That backpack 🎒 🔥

  114. Tyson Everett

    Tyson Everett14 days ago

    Backpacks and suits never look right

  115. Unbiased Perspective

    Unbiased Perspective14 days ago

    5:41 you get Twin charlo Mel 💪🏾

  116. Unbiased Perspective

    Unbiased Perspective14 days ago


  117. dandelgado11

    dandelgado1114 days ago

    Love Andre... But why would anybody wear such a "haircut"?