Sweet & Salty Nuts!

2 cups raw shelled peanuts, 1 cup sugar, ΒΌ t salt, Β½ C water


  1. Itz_ Keith Gaming

    Itz_ Keith Gaming9 hours ago

    I love how Linja makes her videos so kid friendly and funny πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί She is so much to the world ❀❀🌎🌎❀🌎❀🌎❀🌎

  2. Lisa Kays

    Lisa Kays14 hours ago


  3. sky

    sky17 hours ago

    Honey nuts..... By taffel

  4. Derrick :D

    Derrick :D22 hours ago

    Whoa in philippines there is a vendor selling that and its so good very good much better than my nuts

  5. Derrick :D

    Derrick :D22 hours ago

    Plsss lynja im checking if someone heard sticky nuts or thats some good looking nuts

  6. Derrick :D

    Derrick :D22 hours ago

    I usually crack them with my teeth

  7. Leah Marie

    Leah MarieDay ago


  8. voop

    voopDay ago

    β€œDo you love nuts as much as I do?” Maybe not Lynja. Maybe not. Also if there’s anyone that doesn’t know where the measurements are they’re in the description.

  9. Sam Peffer

    Sam PefferDay ago

    this woman is legendary 😀

  10. Morgan Morgan

    Morgan MorganDay ago

    I am gonna make it I will tell you how it goes out

  11. Xavier Scratch #ScratchMarks

    Xavier Scratch #ScratchMarksDay ago

    Lynja: "spend 30 minutes of your meaningless life" Me: "Lynja, you hiding something?"

  12. BulbaThyreach

    BulbaThyreachDay ago

    Lynja: Do you love nuts as much as me? Me: Dirty minded people should get away from this short

  13. Zorton Wizard

    Zorton Wizard2 days ago

    how many did eat last night

  14. House Owner

    House Owner2 days ago

    You had me in the first half not gonna lie

  15. Gavin Fisher

    Gavin Fisher2 days ago

    She probably knew this was comeing but was like I am going to do it

  16. Emma Scribbles

    Emma Scribbles2 days ago

    Please make me meatballs

  17. sheepie _draws

    sheepie _draws2 days ago

    I have that exact same kind of oven mit

  18. Swiftcloud Cloud of swift

    Swiftcloud Cloud of swift2 days ago

    Lol I don't like nuts but I mean she makes everything good

  19. Broccoli

    Broccoli3 days ago

    I’m allergic to nuts πŸ₯œI can’t eat it

  20. T Pose Scout

    T Pose Scout3 days ago


  21. Your local otaku

    Your local otaku3 days ago

    I wanna make them anyone know the exact measurements for the ingredients because I'm gig dum dum

  22. Mike Brown

    Mike Brown3 days ago


  23. jenny mcdaniel

    jenny mcdaniel3 days ago

    ummmm did anyone think that I like nuts sound wrong

  24. Affan Ansari

    Affan Ansari4 days ago

    YoUrE To YoUnG FoR ThAt

  25. doogus the dog

    doogus the dog4 days ago

    Yo Lynja kinda sus

  26. Tatti Fatty

    Tatti Fatty4 days ago

    I love this lady

  27. VehicleGames

    VehicleGames4 days ago

    Sweet'n salty nuts

  28. GUKYU

    GUKYU4 days ago

    You're nuts

  29. Puddles

    Puddles4 days ago

    Are you nuts!?

  30. tubol_ na_dilaw

    tubol_ na_dilaw5 days ago

    pI’m selling illegal emojis it runs out at 809 🦰🦱🦳🦲🦰🦱🦳🦲🦰🦳🦳🦲

  31. kylee miller

    kylee miller5 days ago

    Lynja’s the best youtuber you could ever ask for

  32. mha fan mha fan

    mha fan mha fan5 days ago


  33. Jump_like_horses

    Jump_like_horses5 days ago

    Who films ya?

  34. Leo Schifrin

    Leo Schifrin5 days ago

    "...until your nuts are sticky." lol this is hilarious

  35. Joshua Lamkin

    Joshua Lamkin5 days ago

    Why is it soo corny

  36. Juju Wit 400

    Juju Wit 4005 days ago

    Everything she said was sus she said till your nuts are sticky and whip out the blicky πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜…

  37. Anja R.

    Anja R.5 days ago

    "And pull of the skin to get naked pinut" "YOUNG LYNJA UR TOO YOUNG FOR THAT!!!!"

  38. Mr. Karma

    Mr. Karma5 days ago

    Nuts are sticky bring out the blicky

  39. GoCrazyXD

    GoCrazyXD6 days ago

    The ending caught me off guard πŸ˜‚

  40. Enchanted Gaming

    Enchanted Gaming6 days ago

    I did what she said now im in the hospital transplanting my brunt nuts

  41. sheila jarman

    sheila jarman6 days ago


  42. Omzua12

    Omzua126 days ago

    That sounded bad out of context πŸ˜…

  43. k1ngfr0g1

    k1ngfr0g16 days ago

    "do you love nuts?!" Me: uh- well- uhm- i- you see...-

  44. Somee S

    Somee S6 days ago

    Lyndaβ€œDo you love NUTS as much as me?” Me”wtf is she good”

  45. Maddie Bee

    Maddie Bee6 days ago

    I have a question can’ t I just buy already peeled peanuts πŸ₯œ? 🀨

  46. Kai Freitas

    Kai Freitas6 days ago

    Lynja why have you done this

  47. ghost boi

    ghost boi6 days ago

    Thi is the most nsfw episode yet

  48. Daniel S

    Daniel S6 days ago

    I love this woman

  49. Weird Lol

    Weird Lol6 days ago

    I love nuts

  50. Jacob KC

    Jacob KC6 days ago

    I aM fEelInG nUtTy

  51. Da Flick

    Da Flick6 days ago

    I’m FeElIn NuTtY

  52. Cheese

    Cheese6 days ago

    Until they’re sticky and make em salty🀣

  53. some dude who doesn't post

    some dude who doesn't post7 days ago

    Do you like nuts, as much as me?! Dear god, Lynja the dirty minded individuals are coming

  54. SlotNonAquaYT

    SlotNonAquaYT7 days ago

    I hope your dog is immortal

  55. spurlynx

    spurlynx7 days ago

    Take out the blixky????? Legendary lil bish

  56. - -bread- -

    - -bread- -7 days ago

    "do you love nuts as much as me" **laughs in lesbian**

  57. Steff Alva

    Steff Alva7 days ago

    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜!!!!! 😍😍

  58. PassiveNootmare

    PassiveNootmare7 days ago

    Little lynja just lost her peanut innocence


    APOOKYTASTIC2 27 days ago


  60. DJ HUGE O

    DJ HUGE O7 days ago


  61. ActuallyHaruto

    ActuallyHaruto7 days ago

    I just deep fry them with garlic and then mix them all with salt thats it and its good and also its a street food in the philippines

  62. Gacha Gacha

    Gacha Gacha7 days ago

    Nuts are boring,just my opinion guys.

  63. MxtokaC

    MxtokaC7 days ago

    Until your must are S T I C K Y 😳😳😡🀫

  64. The Court Fool

    The Court Fool7 days ago

    I surprised she didn’t put an Onii Chan~ while she was stripping the peanuts.

  65. Fun Youtube

    Fun Youtube7 days ago

    Sorry but i love deeznuts

  66. E.X.A Extra

    E.X.A Extra7 days ago


  67. Jocelyn Tan

    Jocelyn Tan7 days ago

    meaningless existence love it and nuts πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  68. Parody L

    Parody L8 days ago

    Meaningless existence

  69. Kai and lily Kal

    Kai and lily Kal8 days ago

    Why did you say naked

  70. Kai and lily Kal

    Kai and lily Kal8 days ago

    OK Boomer Yes

  71. Kai and lily Kal

    Kai and lily Kal8 days ago


  72. me thatguy

    me thatguy8 days ago

    Yep, thats where my youtube scrolling ends for the night.

  73. 102x519 - Roblox

    102x519 - Roblox8 days ago

    My negative mind: *πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ"NUTS"😏😏*

  74. Yordan Toborov

    Yordan Toborov8 days ago


  75. Bendy The Ink Demon

    Bendy The Ink Demon8 days ago

    Lynja: I’m feeling *Nutty* Me: okay then...

  76. BrickGamez

    BrickGamez8 days ago

    I cant be live that this grandma has a sense of *humor* that is actually funny

  77. Advita Arora

    Advita Arora8 days ago

    Me: doesn't have a cup to measure Also me: where can I get little lynja?

  78. Fay den adel

    Fay den adel8 days ago

    DO YOU ALSO LOVE NUTS!! My boyfriend: 😏yeah you do Me: πŸ˜‘

  79. Lizzie Parker

    Lizzie Parker8 days ago

    Tho video has soo many emotions from me and her being sadness, confusion, scared, dying of laughter and being uncomfy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  80. Gacha_ Princess

    Gacha_ Princess9 days ago

    Her: DO YOU LOVE NUTS?? Me literally allergic to them: uhh yea no, I DONT KNOW I ALMOST DIED BC OF THEM

  81. Jackson’s gaming channel

    Jackson’s gaming channel9 days ago


  82. Fireclips

    Fireclips9 days ago

    Wait your supposed to not eat the shell and eat the actual nut inside?

  83. sebastian gomez

    sebastian gomez9 days ago

    β€œthose are some good lookin nuts-” i cant be the only one who made a face 😭😭

  84. London Harper

    London Harper9 days ago

    I like how the dog is also getting food as well

  85. Angelica Baltazar

    Angelica Baltazar9 days ago

    Baby linja you're too young for that

  86. Lekaya Wilson

    Lekaya Wilson9 days ago

    She said take out the blicky I'm goneeeeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  87. Melanie Elaine

    Melanie Elaine9 days ago

    Lnja : DO U LIKE NUTTTTTTTS ME:slowy backs starts running* Everyone else: running and panting*

  88. David Marroquin

    David Marroquin9 days ago

    In allergic edit: I’m allergic

  89. John Wooley

    John Wooley9 days ago

    Spend 30 minutes of ur meaningless existence well this turned dark very fast

  90. Too shy 2 talk

    Too shy 2 talk9 days ago

    Maaaan, I just love her videos πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ they are so funny to watch, lol

  91. Hunter Pacifico

    Hunter Pacifico9 days ago

    LMAO NUTS STICKY oh..... I took it to far sry

  92. Anna Zwep

    Anna Zwep9 days ago

    Omg she going nuts

  93. out cast

    out cast9 days ago

    Until ur nuts are sticky take out the blicky susss

  94. First name Last name

    First name Last name9 days ago

    I hate nuts😭😭😭😭😭 It's horrible Why can't I like them

  95. not daijoubu

    not daijoubu9 days ago

    jokes on you mah nuts already salty

  96. tubol_ na_dilaw

    tubol_ na_dilaw9 days ago

    not me think she wasπŸ’… im wrong againπŸ˜ƒβœ‹

  97. sTOPzTARING Alright

    sTOPzTARING Alright9 days ago

    "Meaningless existence" I felt that 😭

  98. Hailey Coley

    Hailey Coley9 days ago

    Im sorry- WHAT? Why all the innuendos?

  99. Miss Flying Butter

    Miss Flying Butter9 days ago

    Haha I am allergic to peanuts *insert dead inside music*

  100. Sylvya

    Sylvya9 days ago

    There are four kinds or people 1) mature joke 2) sad about the meaningless life part 3) laughing at the mood that is the meaningless life part 4) allergic to nuts