2021 Sports Challenge! Madden, FIFA, NBA, UFC, MLB & NHL

Troydan attempts the 2021 Sports Gaming Challenge on Playstation. Madden 21, Fifa 21, NBA 2K21, UFC 4, MLB the Show and NHL 21

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  1. William Garrison

    William GarrisonHour ago

    play me in madden troy

  2. Lucas Hemmings

    Lucas Hemmings2 hours ago

    man said my offense is unstoppable has 8 points in the 3rd quarter lol

  3. Eli207best dlc10000

    Eli207best dlc100008 hours ago

    you almost have bradys hair (sorry if i spelled it wrong)

  4. Joey Mcdonald

    Joey Mcdonald11 hours ago

    6:32 the highmen award?

  5. Joe mama

    Joe mama15 hours ago

    He deseves the himan trophy: troydan 2020

  6. Water Kee

    Water KeeDay ago

    6:37 Highmen

  7. Miles Keating

    Miles KeatingDay ago

    You should of kick the field goal lmao 🤣 😂 😆

  8. Shannon Prosser

    Shannon Prosser2 days ago

    You don't know who the Minnesota Wild are

  9. NotSavvyYT

    NotSavvyYT2 days ago

    “EA Sports... It’s The Same”

  10. Kasey Green

    Kasey Green2 days ago

    Bro why’d you put AFL in the intro but didn’t play it☹️

  11. The Hoops Check

    The Hoops Check2 days ago

    Is no one mentioning the fact he took speed dumb player I’ve never heard of as a die hard baseball fan over Cody Bellinger, Josh Donoldson, and Tori Hunter

  12. JJQuickSilver

    JJQuickSilver2 days ago

    34:40 I laughed my ass off

  13. Nugget

    Nugget2 days ago

    In NHL when he kept calling the ice the court

  14. Riley Price

    Riley Price2 days ago


  15. MrGameKiller

    MrGameKiller2 days ago

    MORE UFC!!!!! Make ‘em GET UP!

  16. Pierogi Paul

    Pierogi Paul2 days ago

    troydan changed back. no longer only appeals to 5 year olds. welcome back

  17. Giuseppinator

    Giuseppinator3 days ago

    Play AFL Evolution PLEASE for the Aussie Fans

  18. Haden Kirkland

    Haden Kirkland3 days ago

    1:50 E.A. has that effect on people

  19. Logan

    Logan3 days ago

    Play rocket league again

  20. Cole Gray

    Cole Gray3 days ago


  21. Anatomy_Ranger

    Anatomy_Ranger3 days ago

    Why is Troy better then me at chel

  22. Zach Hart Golf

    Zach Hart Golf3 days ago

    Troy pissin me off with his terminology and pronunciation 😂😂

  23. IamE Insane

    IamE Insane4 days ago

    messi is #10

  24. IamE Insane

    IamE Insane4 days ago

    but you lost to my rams

  25. G RoleTV

    G RoleTV4 days ago

    where's golf?

  26. Midget King

    Midget King4 days ago

    Rugby getting no love 😭

  27. Andrew._.2k3

    Andrew._.2k34 days ago

    Is messi black😭😭😭😭

  28. Rhys Neal

    Rhys Neal4 days ago

    He appreciates Lamar 😂

  29. Gman Hockey

    Gman Hockey5 days ago

    I’m triggered watching the hockey part

  30. Brandon Munro

    Brandon Munro5 days ago

    Chel players really be different lol

  31. Seann McRae

    Seann McRae5 days ago

    Is nobody going to say something about how when he shows the football pic at the beginning it’s a pic of O.J Simpson

  32. Wesley Crosby

    Wesley Crosby5 days ago

    "He deserves the Hymen award" - Troydan The hero we need in 2020

  33. Nathan Cassio

    Nathan Cassio5 days ago

    I wanna see Zion against requis

  34. Ryan Ensley

    Ryan Ensley5 days ago

    CJ Cron went to my high school a few years ago and I have one of his broken bats in my room!

  35. Christian Rios

    Christian Rios6 days ago


  36. smegger33

    smegger336 days ago

    You forgot rugby union amd rugby league

  37. this is fine

    this is fine6 days ago

    Wait... Troydans a BUCS fan?

  38. Benny Varshavsky

    Benny Varshavsky6 days ago

    18:42 evgeni malkin

  39. LT3 G1NG13 NUGG3T

    LT3 G1NG13 NUGG3T7 days ago

    Play AFL

  40. Isaiah Glasgow

    Isaiah Glasgow7 days ago

    Go down to the dome or toothy moose 😂

  41. Student Joseph Allred

    Student Joseph Allred8 days ago

    It is so hard to watch him play nhl

  42. Camden Page

    Camden Page8 days ago

    D day what😂😂

  43. Rexelele

    Rexelele8 days ago


  44. Liam Ring

    Liam Ring8 days ago

    Pleas play a good team in madden next time 👍

  45. Xander Mcdaniel

    Xander Mcdaniel8 days ago

    The person on madden 21 is Lamar Jackson and he does were the number 8 because of Kobe Bryant

  46. OPNxghtmare YT

    OPNxghtmare YT9 days ago

    you foregot pga

  47. Collin Tilley

    Collin Tilley9 days ago

    Where is pgatour2k21

  48. Judy Chen

    Judy Chen9 days ago

    30:33 30:34 30:35 1:47 1:48 30:36

  49. Drew Playz

    Drew Playz10 days ago

    Troydan he weres a 8 beacuse he admierd kobe he wore it befor he passed

  50. ItsKjSzn

    ItsKjSzn10 days ago

    OMlL troydan doesnt know who lamar jackson is

  51. Liam Jansen

    Liam Jansen10 days ago

    My guy girls finna be heated he didn’t mention cheerleading “as a so called sport”.

  52. Liam Jansen

    Liam Jansen10 days ago

    Ppl who don’t reckon cheerleading is a sport->

  53. Yo Mama

    Yo Mama10 days ago

    the ufc was so funny!!

  54. Omari Russell

    Omari Russell10 days ago

    Who eles want to see him and faze jev play each other in ufc

  55. Fernando Doddoli

    Fernando Doddoli10 days ago

    This man funny asf

  56. Tyler Brown

    Tyler Brown10 days ago

    Do more with blaze

  57. Taylor Jones

    Taylor Jones10 days ago

    Ad F1 lol

  58. Biggy Dom

    Biggy Dom11 days ago

    Why do you keep going down we are not having a sleepover- Troydan 2020

  59. Jeremiah Graham

    Jeremiah Graham11 days ago

    who got a ad when he said one

  60. Homeycow Gaming

    Homeycow Gaming11 days ago

    Yay you didn’t have too eat my heart

  61. Cayden Fletcher

    Cayden Fletcher11 days ago

    Who else wants to see more mma from troyda

  62. Andrew Koloski

    Andrew Koloski11 days ago

    Heisman not hi man😂😂 Also that’s college football not the NFL

  63. Tomass Tīrmanis

    Tomass Tīrmanis9 days ago

    You play football⚽️ in coleges


    IRISH TREECKO11 days ago

    Im proud of trodaddy for picking Pittsburgh

  65. Smell The Glove

    Smell The Glove11 days ago

    I would’ve been disappointed if he didn’t get 2k

  66. Black lives Matter

    Black lives Matter11 days ago

    Did troydan just say he deserves the HYMEN award 😂😂

  67. Fat _ROCKSTAR

    Fat _ROCKSTAR11 days ago

    bruh 32:28

  68. Elias Does Stuff

    Elias Does Stuff11 days ago

    Troydan can you play afl evolution 2

  69. Brock Sidorsky

    Brock Sidorsky12 days ago

    Troy got dunked on in Chel twice in that first game, damn.

  70. The Cow

    The Cow12 days ago

    add more sports

  71. The Cow

    The Cow12 days ago

    lol when he ran backwords

  72. Matthew farr

    Matthew farr12 days ago

    He should add racing, motorsports, ama, nascar, f1, moto gp, dirt, the sprint cars game by Tony Stewart, forza. Mix it up.

  73. LmnzzzIsPapi

    LmnzzzIsPapi13 days ago

    "he deserves the heiman" Troy-2020

  74. Taylor Morse

    Taylor Morse13 days ago

    D day in the chat

  75. Kyan Golding

    Kyan Golding13 days ago

    add more sports troydan maybe add rugby that could be entertaining

  76. Coby Black

    Coby Black13 days ago

    The Conner mogregor edit lol

  77. Dane Murray

    Dane Murray14 days ago


  78. Tyrees Atakora

    Tyrees Atakora14 days ago


  79. fivestarabz

    fivestarabz15 days ago

    Sports in the EUROPE SERVERS

  80. Meredith lay

    Meredith lay16 days ago


  81. Aidan Vauthier

    Aidan Vauthier16 days ago

    Nobody Troydan- fast break fast break oh you don’t even know how stupid I am

  82. Oliver Sibbick

    Oliver Sibbick16 days ago

    Do Aussie rules

  83. Caden Chaney

    Caden Chaney17 days ago

    More ufc please

  84. The Krazy Hatter

    The Krazy Hatter17 days ago

    International sport Challenge please I want to see you struggle in cricket

  85. Adrian Phillips

    Adrian Phillips17 days ago

    what the game with the red face

  86. Yung BlockBoi

    Yung BlockBoi17 days ago

    Ahhhh yes troy say my name

  87. X TheQueen145 0

    X TheQueen145 017 days ago

    I have never laughed so much on a video like this in a long time 😂😂

  88. Eric Shillaker

    Eric Shillaker17 days ago

    Why did he draft a diamond starter

  89. Alejandro Macedonio

    Alejandro Macedonio19 days ago

    Messi is the Piggy of soccer. A true champ.

  90. Roger Ward

    Roger Ward19 days ago

    Troydan thinking he's good because he can beat the eagles with 1 of the best overall teams in Madden

  91. Walker Skelton

    Walker Skelton19 days ago

    Nobody gonna talk about how bad Troy is at Madden😂

  92. Chatoadrian12

    Chatoadrian1219 days ago

    What a fucken G... THE WALKOFF🥶

  93. Hudd

    Hudd20 days ago


  94. Kermit.C_tix

    Kermit.C_tix20 days ago

    I really wanted to see you eat that heart.

  95. Ryder Justice

    Ryder Justice20 days ago

    hes a maden expert but dosent know whos Lamar

  96. JUICE boxShock

    JUICE boxShock20 days ago

    HISEMEN BROOOOOOO LMAOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. Leah Ledwaba

    Leah Ledwaba20 days ago

    Nba 2k21 isn't that piggys arena

  98. Weird Stuff?!

    Weird Stuff?!20 days ago

    You should add, lacrosse, and golf along with tennis

  99. Antonio Tufano

    Antonio Tufano20 days ago

    Cow Heart is actually really good

  100. ItsSunny TV

    ItsSunny TV20 days ago

    he got so lucky on mlb like holy shit he made some dumb decisions

  101. Bryce Nickerson

    Bryce Nickerson21 day ago

    CJ cron is the goat

  102. Dakota Wine

    Dakota Wine21 day ago

    That walk off at 30:00 🧩