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  1. Lishaaa Looopez

    Lishaaa Looopez3 minutes ago

    Which Indian u talking about? (native Americans) or the ones cross the sea?

  2. Robert Jaramillo

    Robert Jaramillo23 minutes ago

    So the Indian Karen gets them cheaper because she was bitchy to the manager? But since the white Karen didn't she had to pay full price?

  3. Gator Productions

    Gator ProductionsHour ago

    Why did she get them cheaper?!?

  4. Darren/Daz3685

    Darren/Daz3685Hour ago

    lol that backround music is from american horror story, the asylum season.

  5. Jimmy Hamms

    Jimmy HammsHour ago

    Ah yes I remember customer service (fortunate son plays in the back )

  6. fay

    fayHour ago

    can someone explain for me? i’m confused. why does she get them cheaper?

  7. Nightcore Fox

    Nightcore Fox3 hours ago

    I saw a Clemson decoration in the background- *GO TIGERS*

  8. Tacospaceman

    Tacospaceman4 hours ago

    Imagine being a person with a Native American father and an Indian mother and how much chaos trying to explain that would cause 😂 Are you Indian, or Indian? American Indian? A native-American Indian or an Indian-American? Native American? Or a Native american-Indian? Native American-American-Indian? (“F- it, I’m from Kentucky.”) 😂😂😂

  9. ronin

    ronin4 hours ago

    holy fuck this comment section is fucked

  10. Anel

    Anel4 hours ago

    Why does one person who wants to pay less get to pay less? But the other person doesnt....? That doesnt seem fair in away shape or form.

  11. B T

    B T5 hours ago

    Anyone who says this is racist should jump out the nearest tall window.

  12. Cynthia Martinez

    Cynthia Martinez7 hours ago

    I still don’t understand why she got the discount??

  13. Empnada Jhhh

    Empnada Jhhh8 hours ago

    Say what you want but this is price discrimination. You guys are in the wrong.

  14. Brandy Nixon

    Brandy Nixon8 hours ago

    How does anyone find these kind of videos entertaining? The matrix is fucking weird

  15. Ryan Piest

    Ryan Piest10 hours ago

    those are expensive

  16. EnemyTec

    EnemyTec10 hours ago

    Hate craccers.

  17. katerina

    katerina11 hours ago

    Ngl Karen's kinda right tho, like why this woman getting it cheeper cuz she talked to the manager..?

  18. M B

    M B12 hours ago

    Wait why is she getting them for less i don't get it

  19. Literally Nobody

    Literally Nobody12 hours ago

    As an Indian I wanna smack that karen-

  20. Bogdan Bogdan

    Bogdan Bogdan13 hours ago

    Columbus: thought America was India and stubbornly called it's natives "Indians" when he "Discovered" it in 1492. Americans being the absolute mad geniuses: just keep on making the same mistake. Me, a non American: 🍿🍿

  21. Stelliphina

    Stelliphina13 hours ago

    Anyone who complains about the Indian caption is a Karen themselves.

  22. Witch Hunt

    Witch Hunt13 hours ago

    Sounds like when a white lady shops in Mexico. They always increase the price when you come around. The problem with that is if you are fluent in Spanish...and you boycott their shop.

  23. Azul :l

    Azul :l15 hours ago

    the real question is how did she get the sale?

  24. Brandon Taubert

    Brandon Taubert16 hours ago

    Karen is kinda right about ebt, working at a grocery store, I see many people that clearly don't need to be on ebt, and they still get special sales

  25. Omar Mallah

    Omar Mallah17 hours ago

    Thats just racist Why charge her less than the white lady behind her and how do u know that the manager gave her a discount

  26. JJS

    JJS18 hours ago

    Is this because Indians are hagglers? I'm confused... America is not a haggle country like other countries...

  27. Jeeyno

    Jeeyno18 hours ago

    Well to be fair things like affirmative action are racist

  28. Patricia DeHart

    Patricia DeHart18 hours ago


  29. WorserTrash1

    WorserTrash119 hours ago

    Idk the thing is, I feel like even if they did get the item in the same place, the cashier should have given her the same price, as you want to treat your customers fair. But idk just my 2 cents.

  30. marcellinnit

    marcellinnit19 hours ago

    why is it important that shes indian

  31. Dez_for_ s0me0ne_1123

    Dez_for_ s0me0ne_112319 hours ago

    I'm not trying to be the karen but can someone educate me on how that would work? /G

  32. Sol. P

    Sol. P19 hours ago

    So why was the Indian lady able to pay only 2.50 and not everyone else?

  33. Ellis Dee

    Ellis Dee19 hours ago

    Yuuuuup this is about right for Karens

  34. Sayli Dey

    Sayli Dey20 hours ago

    Hello to anyone who is watching this! Hope your having a good day! If you have anything to vent or need to talk about feel free to tell me! Have a great day/ life! Remember you are beautiful!

  35. Doesn't Matter

    Doesn't Matter20 hours ago

    Sorry... but the “Karen” had a pretty good point!

  36. Kardz

    Kardz20 hours ago

    Didn't ask chief

  37. Kenny Colón

    Kenny Colón21 hour ago

    Why do people think of native americans when they hear Indian? My mind literally just thinks of India in Asia

  38. Puffy Taco XXV

    Puffy Taco XXV21 hour ago

    If you give it out at 2.50, be prepared to let everyone else pay the same price. You didnt even crosscheck that she talked to the manager?? Whoa, sounds like youre pandering to minorities

  39. Lil Coochie Vert

    Lil Coochie Vert21 hour ago

    We talking about Native American or a country in asia

  40. Nathan Lytle (Ugly Potato)

    Nathan Lytle (Ugly Potato)21 hour ago

    So, unless you explain a valid reason why the scenario is actually different, you are supporting discrimination against the white woman if you don't give it to them both for the same price. If the product was damaged and that's why she's getting it for cheaper or something that's one thing, but you haven't stated anything towards that.

  41. lannon4prez

    lannon4prez21 hour ago

    Or you could just give the lady the same discount instead of being passive aggressive because of your (patronising) white guilt. Quit fixating on race.

  42. Alex Rodriguez

    Alex Rodriguez21 hour ago


  43. Random Baron

    Random Baron22 hours ago

    What does race have to do with food stamps

  44. Ashdred Jorden

    Ashdred Jorden22 hours ago

    I’m glad she addressed this

  45. Feritmaster

    Feritmaster22 hours ago

    Wtf is this comment section

  46. Hannah Balkovec

    Hannah Balkovec23 hours ago

    These comments are actually painful to read. If you’ve literally never worked in a grocery store/retail refrain from talking about why you think the customer got a discount, because you’re probably wrong. It had nothing to do with ebt, and also, that’s not how ebt works. Jfc.

  47. drac Balo

    drac BaloDay ago

    Wtf are you French Why is there a French meme song from 2016~ in the background Translation of the song Dominique nique nique Is in fact Dominique fuck fuck fuck Is in a pun that a women made by accident in video CV (and it is notorious for being cringe)

  48. Digikid 334

    Digikid 334Day ago

    Everyone: *Discussing what she actually meant* Me: *Wondering if she has a filter SNATCHING her jawline or is she just that beautiful*

  49. Tabitha Faye

    Tabitha FayeDay ago

    Y’all just wanna get mad abt everything- it was a representation Jesus Christ

  50. Wresk

    WreskDay ago

    She talked to the manager to get it lower what? Why can’t the other person get it the same price

  51. Carson Manning

    Carson ManningDay ago

    If you always hear dog whistles you a dog. Even if this did happen you didn't have to make a video and profit on racism.

  52. Pepe Lefrog

    Pepe LefrogDay ago

    BITCHHH I knew an Indian lady in Georgia and she was the sweetest woman you'd ever met. Accurate though that's probably what would happen

  53. Jake Slamakowski

    Jake SlamakowskiDay ago

    Well that is a bullshit policy from that store then. You can't just talk to the grocery manager and negotiate a new price for goods and if you can that's bullshit.

  54. HotJam 5

    HotJam 5Day ago

    i just don’t understand why she’s getting the pistachios at a discounted price to begin with

  55. Róisín Grant

    Róisín GrantDay ago

    I wouldn't mind but these Karen types are the ones who take a literal half hour at the checkout with all those damn coupons 🙄

  56. Prateek Singh

    Prateek SinghDay ago

    I love the background song from AHS asylum 🤣😅 Dominique

  57. Josh Molnar

    Josh MolnarDay ago

    I’m confused why does one person get it cheaper that doesn’t seem fair ?

  58. Anthony

    AnthonyDay ago

    It’s funny how you see tiktokers make up these fake scenarios and in some cases still end up loosing

  59. blossom bb

    blossom bbDay ago

    why is she getting the pistachios for $2.50?

  60. Coolborn

    CoolbornDay ago

    The moral of the story is "white people are annoying for wanting equality" I guess

  61. John Junior

    John JuniorDay ago

    She’s beautiful 😻

  62. Aisha Yassy

    Aisha YassyDay ago

    I’ve worked in retail and this was exactly what I had to deal with. They always had short blonde hair and asked for the managers too 😭😭

  63. Jere Turunen

    Jere TurunenDay ago

    Only thing I can think of while watching this video is american horror story lol.

  64. Sophia Perault

    Sophia PeraultDay ago

    Oof I'd lose my shit. I don't think I could keep my cool if someone complained about "injustice" based off "privileges" due to *MINORITY OUTCOMES*

  65. Dgaf brapman

    Dgaf brapmanDay ago

    A bag of pistachios for 2.50? No way, theyre like 10-15 bucks, id be pissed to. I feel like this is a bs story, no store manager is gonna give someone a discount because she picked them off the wrong shelf, she played yo ass

  66. KP

    KPDay ago

    Just so y'all know, (cause apparently you don't) food stamps do not get you a different price for food. Idk why this lady got a discount, but it wasn't because she had food stamps.

  67. TheWinningSmileOfficial

    TheWinningSmileOfficialDay ago

    She went to the manager to do some barging

  68. Lu Donz

    Lu DonzDay ago

    What BS

  69. gender fluid

    gender fluidDay ago

    I like the line "happens to be indian".its true, that lady just happens to be indian. Because its something that tour born with and is a groul of people that exist

  70. SillyGoofyGoober Goose

    SillyGoofyGoober GooseDay ago

    Pls just stop the cringe

  71. Doug Harker

    Doug HarkerDay ago

    I’m a bit confused, why is it cheaper for her compared to the Karen?

  72. Peter Wilson

    Peter WilsonDay ago

    Wikipedia: Pistachios are native to Central Asia. Indians are native to Central Asia. Native Americans are Indians. Me: brain 🧠 melted

  73. Old thick Television

    Old thick TelevisionDay ago

    i would give the indian lady the pistachios for free

  74. Snow Brover

    Snow BroverDay ago

    Wait why does the Indian woman get a discount?

  75. TheWinningSmileOfficial

    TheWinningSmileOfficialDay ago

    She did some bargaining with the manager No but really I don’t know maybe it was damaged

  76. Mike Gillespie

    Mike GillespieDay ago

    Make leftists funny again

  77. Stephanie Bee

    Stephanie BeeDay ago

    The song in the was one of my favorite.

  78. Bill Truckerson

    Bill TruckersonDay ago

    that’s so racist.

  79. Know 1

    Know 1Day ago

    I'm with the "Karen" on this one 💁

  80. Zaylah Dormun

    Zaylah DormunDay ago

    Karen shut the hell up

  81. punjaban1000

    punjaban1000Day ago

    I am Indian I speek Punjab

  82. Mykol Xander

    Mykol XanderDay ago

    lmao they didn’t pay me enough to deal with those kind of people , i always called over my supervisor to deal with them

  83. MMElX

    MMElX2 days ago

    Ok that's not a karen, even if you the employee don't like the customer you can not knowing bring down the price for someone because of a situation regardless. That would be Discrimination. Even if the customer is wrong in your view the intention to sell the same item for less to another knowly could be label as such. Can I get second thoughts on this, drop a comment.

  84. bk gaming

    bk gaming2 days ago

    Lol this girl gave the Indian pistachios😂😂😂

  85. Ross Maclean

    Ross Maclean2 days ago

    Dead video this

  86. Ross Maclean

    Ross Maclean2 days ago

    I don’t get it. Why are people getting cheaper shit?

  87. mercedes mairs

    mercedes mairs2 days ago

    I am employing my Tourette’s to scream at these people to fuck off

  88. Jak Siege

    Jak Siege2 days ago

    I would want them for 2.50 too wtf. I don’t care if she’s Indian

  89. Top Tobz

    Top Tobz2 days ago

    Hey look only white girls complaining

  90. Three Kiddos Fun

    Three Kiddos Fun2 days ago


  91. Stoney C.

    Stoney C.2 days ago

    Lmao even I’m native american but when i hear “indian” i think asia

  92. TheWinningSmileOfficial

    TheWinningSmileOfficialDay ago

    Yea, bc the person in the video is Indian Indian, I think it should be normal to think of Indians from Asia

  93. Michael Sotomayor

    Michael Sotomayor2 days ago

    “Um excuse me” Should be a trigger warning from here on out.. if I ever hear that.. Nope done bye I’m leaving.

  94. matt mcdermitt

    matt mcdermitt2 days ago

    That awkward moment when besides Karen’s racism and classism she has a really good point

  95. Narges Hemadi

    Narges Hemadi2 days ago

    So apparently sjw didn't lile disband just move from tumblr to tiktok

  96. Shauna Kullden

    Shauna Kullden2 days ago

    Wait I'm confused. Why is it different for Indian women?

  97. NotZaran5

    NotZaran52 days ago

    Anyone else think that the karen is not in the wrong?? I mean she was being presumptuous and rude but tf is the point of this story?? Why is the Indian woman getting a discount while the other person can't? What is going on? Additionally it didn't occur to me that she could be talking about a native American. Why do people in America just label people as Indian while there is another fifth of the human race that is actually Indian?

  98. fluffy3049

    fluffy30492 days ago

    I have yet to find a comment pertaining to what happened in the video. All I see is InDiAn FrOm AsIa Or NaTiVe AmErIcAn 🤣


    IT WASNT FRED K2 days ago

    Lol why is everyone trying to justify why the Indian women got a discount. " it was probably because the bag was ripped , marked wrong and had an indent in the side of the bag." Also if someone got a discount for the same thing I bought and I didnt get a discount I'd be pissed.


    IT WASNT FRED K2 days ago

    The real question is why would you buy pistachios.

  101. Zoë Hutchinson

    Zoë Hutchinson2 days ago

    people pay less on EBT bc EBT doesn't count taxes

  102. m i m i b e a r

    m i m i b e a r2 days ago

    Indians are from India. Native Americans are from America. It's so simple. Problem solved?

  103. edwin ruiz

    edwin ruiz2 days ago

    But wait why is there a discount tho