SKINS - A Movie So Painfully Weird It's Almost Unwatchable

seriously wtf is this movie
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you guys already know I used banjo kazooie music in this
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  1. Elvis The Alien

    Elvis The Alien7 days ago

    note: this movie wasn't released in 2020, rather it was popularized by Netflix in 2020, that's why I said it was the weirdest movie of 2020 Also new merch let's gooo!! :

  2. Snayre TV

    Snayre TV2 hours ago

    69th reply nice

  3. Adrianne Fields

    Adrianne Fields15 hours ago

    @Armet Man Wow

  4. remy lee

    remy leeDay ago

    random movie request. Red canyon. Its not to bad as it is just plain. There's times were it tries to deal with sensitive topics (ptsd/grape with no g) Times were it just doesn't make sense. Memory just doesn't exist sometimes other times it comes out of no were. I think the worst thing is that Norman reedus is in it. Such a good actor in such a shit movie. Once again its less bad its funny and more just plain. You can watch it on USlikes easily. Also the merch looks cool👍

  5. Benito Productions

    Benito ProductionsDay ago

    Video request: alien apocalypse

  6. the jelly fox cunte bunte

    the jelly fox cunte bunteDay ago

    You should do Kuso by flying lotus

  7. ZioDio

    ZioDio27 minutes ago

    why do you look like Kmart Brett Dalton

  8. Bhante

    Bhante46 minutes ago

    A degenerate makes a movie. Next

  9. quackjcj12.

    quackjcj12.2 hours ago

    You should watch fat man

  10. spook show

    spook show2 hours ago

    Man it kills me every time she’s looking up from bed.

  11. EnchantedIDK

    EnchantedIDK2 hours ago

    And people say ISIS is the worst thing in the world

  12. Cool Ss

    Cool Ss3 hours ago

    3:59 even though the movie look weird . i like how her room is filled with lips . yes . it is on the nose foreshadowing for the next scene . but i don't think the guy who made the movie is incompetent but have weird artistic style .

  13. Cool Ss

    Cool Ss3 hours ago

    that jontron what . sums up what i think about that movie and i didn't even watch it .

  14. Brynin Griego

    Brynin Griego3 hours ago

    My brother in law made me watch this on shrooms holy fuck.

  15. Jasmin Fuchs

    Jasmin Fuchs4 hours ago

    So she shits out of her face... ok.

  16. Eric The Jew

    Eric The Jew4 hours ago

    That dwarf kinda thicc doe👀

  17. shayhemm

    shayhemm5 hours ago

    I absolutely love your channel. Your hilarious!

  18. Jack Burns

    Jack Burns5 hours ago

    You should review the movie “Willy’s wonderland.” Nic cage movie btw.

  19. jupizzeria renaissance man jupiter

    jupizzeria renaissance man jupiter5 hours ago

    Movie does look funny

  20. En z

    En z6 hours ago

    I was fucking eating

  21. TheSparrowHawk

    TheSparrowHawk10 hours ago

    You HAVE to watch Titanic 2, it is insanely stupid.

  22. Nimbus Dreamz

    Nimbus Dreamz11 hours ago

    Funny i was just talking about this movie and boom here's a review i been saw it but stopped because it was becoming a freakshow.

  23. Kerem Alp

    Kerem Alp11 hours ago

    So no head

  24. Your friendly Neighborhood Grumm

    Your friendly Neighborhood Grumm12 hours ago

    I actually vomited whenever I saw the butt face I'm sorry. I don't know why this is real, I don't like it, I'm gaining a fever because of this.

  25. Gh0stedGaming

    Gh0stedGaming13 hours ago

    Can you review Zombie night (2013)? It’s so laughably bad.

  26. Grichka Bogdanoff

    Grichka Bogdanoff14 hours ago

    I actually feel bad for her 🥺

  27. Nat M

    Nat M15 hours ago

    Where can I watch this movie? It looks so strange, but i really want to watch it. I don't have it on my Netflix (I'm in Australia)

  28. XNJFX

    XNJFX16 hours ago

    This is what happens if Deadpool made his own movie 😂

  29. gurukast

    gurukast16 hours ago

    Evil Aliens, 2005 - Its insane

  30. Gerald Friend

    Gerald Friend16 hours ago

    Ah.Remember 'Teeth'?About a woman with Vagina Dentata , or teeth in her cooch.Those two movies should make out.I would watch THAT.

  31. Sadmanchild

    Sadmanchild16 hours ago

    7:31 Why is shlat here

  32. Elriuhilu

    Elriuhilu16 hours ago

    In the short film Eat My Shit, Samantha drinks chicken soup through her butt just like in the full length movie, but then she gets upset with the waitress laughing and takes a fat shit out of her face onto the bill. It's on youtube if you're keen to see it.

  33. ptb1ptb2

    ptb1ptb218 hours ago

    The director really missed a trick with the 'candle blowing out' bit. Because farts have a lot of methane in them, it should have been like *swoosh* flame across the table for a moment.

  34. S.S RADON

    S.S RADON19 hours ago

    I ate my dinner to this unphased

  35. Lustelie シ

    Lustelie シ19 hours ago

    IM LITERALOY SOBBING “the father expresses that it’s disgusting that some people would do such a horrible thing” *PICTURE OF JSCHLATT APPEARS*

  36. Corey Pugh

    Corey Pugh19 hours ago

    Elvis can you review the killer piñata.

  37. Nathaniel Toledo

    Nathaniel Toledo20 hours ago

    Good thing I know spanish and Mexican

  38. Slatsky August

    Slatsky August21 hour ago


  39. Panda Bear

    Panda Bear21 hour ago


  40. Please Don't Feed The

    Please Don't Feed The23 hours ago

    weird... a week or so ago I had a nightmare that some guy cursed me to have buttholes for eyes and mouth... and I was terrified in my dream and woke up in a cold sweat UNTIL I remembered what happened, then I had to laugh my ass off... or my eyes off... Something like that

  41. Kraig Nagle

    Kraig NagleDay ago

    Laughed soooo hard during this review!!! 👍👍

  42. VerifiedSoftie

    VerifiedSoftieDay ago

    You should watch The Thief and The Carpenter

  43. Arnas Vajauskas

    Arnas VajauskasDay ago

    lol best movie just for that im subcribing

  44. RubberTV

    RubberTVDay ago

    Just watching your review is making me be physically in pain I could never watch this movie lmao

  45. Its_Remi

    Its_RemiDay ago


  46. Jade Annabel

    Jade AnnabelDay ago

    Good idea, bad execution.

  47. Ahmad Auwad

    Ahmad AuwadDay ago

    Truly disgusting how some “people” would do such a thing

  48. Artemis Christodoulou

    Artemis ChristodoulouDay ago

    You should review the autopsy of Jane doe 🔥

  49. deema

    deemaDay ago


  50. ReadMyLipsMum

    ReadMyLipsMumDay ago

    Dude, I was eating!

  51. Riskay Raven

    Riskay RavenDay ago

    Why is no one talking about how Jschlatt’s USlikes icon just pops up at around 7:30 lmfao what?

  52. Riskay Raven

    Riskay RavenDay ago

    Why has no one mentioned that Jschlatt’s channel icon just pops up at around 7:30 lmao what?

  53. Canji Denisw

    Canji DeniswDay ago

    Please check Jennifers body,its horrible

  54. Mela KM

    Mela KMDay ago

    You should review Spree I just watched it on Hulu 👽💚

  55. Arron Hopkins

    Arron HopkinsDay ago

    please review Bigfoot vs the Illuminati

  56. Cherri Waves

    Cherri WavesDay ago

    Please try out I think I love my wife. It basically tries to make you feel bad for a cheater.

  57. Tristis Magnis

    Tristis MagnisDay ago

    I ate chocolate cereal after watching this.

  58. kylo ren

    kylo renDay ago

    Review spree

  59. HentaiHiro

    HentaiHiroDay ago

    this is so beautiful p-p

  60. BlueCorp

    BlueCorpDay ago

    I stopped watching the video when she put the tube in her butt. The visual image of that is appalling. 🤮

  61. Conner Jukes

    Conner JukesDay ago

    nope nope nope i refuse to watch mouths be replaced with assholes

  62. sul141

    sul141Day ago

    I loved this movie. You should review I Care A Lot my boy. It's the biggest pile of shit I've had the disfortune of seeing in a long while.

  63. Clara Nadine

    Clara NadineDay ago

    Ok yeah but wHY WHYYYYh

  64. Allen Olivieri

    Allen OlivieriDay ago

    my dog farting while i watched this made it even more disgusting

  65. Lee Faith

    Lee FaithDay ago

    Will you react to Salo? Also know as 120 days of sodom. I’ve heard it’s the most disturbing film ever made, and I’m curious but too chicken shit to watch it

  66. DG’s Music Corner

    DG’s Music CornerDay ago

    Elvis, you really need to watch and review the movie Stitches from 2012. It’s about a clown that dies and comes back to life and starts killing teenagers

  67. Haley Wagner

    Haley WagnerDay ago

    Love how the director compared dwarfism, burn victims and Body Integrity Identity Disorder to.....a buttface😐......

  68. Laura Graves

    Laura GravesDay ago

    Are ya winnin, son? -chubbyemu, lol. Never drink a lava lamp.

  69. flickflack

    flickflackDay ago

    So... John Waters without the charm?

  70. The red Spy

    The red SpyDay ago

    This movie literally makes me feel pain

  71. Sonic101light

    Sonic101lightDay ago

    When I saw the thumbnail I thought “Live-Action Coraline”

  72. owl Utsukushi-sa

    owl Utsukushi-sa19 hours ago

    Bruh same Deadass Lmao

  73. Choco bear

    Choco bearDay ago

    It's not a diamond in the rough, it's a diamond in the shit

  74. Sham Ram

    Sham RamDay ago

    you should review the new tom and jerry movie, apparently its pretty bad. Or thats what i’ve heard.

  75. RantAndArt

    RantAndArtDay ago

    as an asexual who knew nothing about his film, I almost cried

  76. leonardo barrios

    leonardo barriosDay ago

    where is the unsee button ? i can´t find it

  77. Raymx slapped y'all

    Raymx slapped y'allDay ago

    so who's the girl with bieber hair at the end there?

  78. AaronRyan jr.

    AaronRyan jr.Day ago

    I want to commit suicide I really want to commit suicide

  79. Raymx slapped y'all

    Raymx slapped y'allDay ago

    HAHAHA she needs a liquid cake!!?

  80. Raymx slapped y'all

    Raymx slapped y'allDay ago

    why would u ever go to a public diner if u gotta eat like that?

  81. Gema Rodríguez

    Gema RodríguezDay ago

    Hey I'm spanish and I think that you were just a little close-minded. Yeah the movie try to be shocking but in european movies is completly normal to see nudity or rape scenes and that type of things as you can see in Gaspar Noe's films. Idk but I think that american people are too used to american cinema and when they see something different they just didn't give an opportunity

  82. Oh Yea yea

    Oh Yea yeaDay ago

    Why is jshlatt referenced in the video 😂

  83. Grace Lewis

    Grace LewisDay ago

    Somehow nothing seems to have disturbed me since I found out about the human centipede movie.

  84. La guarida de Pantoni

    La guarida de PantoniDay ago

    Fun fact: The director spent a million of euros to make the movie (not of his own, but public money). It earned 80 thousand euros at the box office here in Spain. And yet, the director had the audacity to ask for more "public money" to make "their" movies in the Goya's awards ceremony. "We need more money. More public money to make our movies" (this is literally what he said). I didn't watched it (nobody did), and now I can understand why. Thank you :D

  85. Faith Johnson

    Faith JohnsonDay ago

    Pleeeeeeease watch house shark

  86. Nikki Cusack

    Nikki CusackDay ago

    Love the iron chic poster in the back!

  87. jo3l

    jo3lDay ago

    7:31 someone please explain

  88. Kawaii Cooki UwU

    Kawaii Cooki UwUDay ago


  89. DaBonkinator

    DaBonkinatorDay ago

    I watched this shit when I was like 9 and I remembered bits of it throughout my life (mainly anus lady) and I was too fucking scared to look it up.

  90. Bee k

    Bee kDay ago

    I cant tell if theyre clowning on disabled people or if this is inspiration porn or both

  91. YourLocalAlien

    YourLocalAlienDay ago

    this is definitely the weirdest movie i've ever seen

  92. numericaljarl5519

    numericaljarl5519Day ago

    Watch killer sofa

  93. D Ross

    D RossDay ago

    I wish you would do commentary on the movie "The Cell" like if you agree!

  94. Memphis REEE

    Memphis REEEDay ago

    Do willys wonderland next

  95. Drizzt Do Urden

    Drizzt Do UrdenDay ago

    "You can deliver a powerful message without being pretentious" Someone should have said to this movie director!

  96. Insanarchy Media

    Insanarchy MediaDay ago

    Why do they allow idiots to make shitstorms like this?

  97. Jessica Madden

    Jessica MaddenDay ago

    Review the movie nerve (2016) ?

  98. M Allocer

    M Allocer2 days ago

    Hey Elvis, could you review Host on Shudder?

  99. Megatron

    Megatron2 days ago


  100. Kresbok

    Kresbok2 days ago

    You need to do a review on Tetsuo The Iron Man and Tetsuo II: Body Hammer they are insane!!! A fan from Argentina 🙌

  101. TheDawnIsMyEnemy

    TheDawnIsMyEnemy2 days ago

    What the absolute hell?

  102. Gorb

    Gorb2 days ago

    *insert rhinestone eyes joke here*

  103. Destructive Ranger

    Destructive Ranger2 days ago

    Please review the night comes for us 2018

  104. Obamanana Banana

    Obamanana Banana2 days ago

    7:29 Truly disgusting that some “people” would do this horrible thing.

  105. Dein Anführer

    Dein Anführer2 days ago

    5:25 the waiter laughs too Samantha's face 😑

  106. Kaytee S

    Kaytee S2 days ago

    Elvis, please please pleeeease review “The Hole in the Ground”. It’s on amazon prime and it is such a magnificent movie, definitely underrated imo