My Latest Top 10 Spotify Review...Has It Gotten Worse?

After a 4 month break, I decided to check back in on the Top 10 Pop songs worldwide.
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  1. Jason Aoki

    Jason Aoki4 hours ago

    Monster had a subtle "Ike's Rap II" feel to it.

  2. Michael Bryant

    Michael Bryant4 hours ago

    You say 1 6 4 like I know what the hell you mean.. I am sure I could google it but ....I SUCK AT MUSIC !

  3. Faustyczny Ikar

    Faustyczny Ikar4 hours ago

    Olivia Rivera is super talented. In the majority of the rest - there is the greatest cancer of modern pop music: autotune.

  4. IDDQD Sound

    IDDQD Sound4 hours ago

    Anyone know how he doesn't get flagged using all these songs?

  5. Peter Buzzelle

    Peter Buzzelle4 hours ago

    Every time I click on one of your videos, I learn so much, thank you Rick!

  6. TheRealMikeShea

    TheRealMikeShea4 hours ago

    Definitely improved. I haven't heard any of these songs previously except for 34+35 but I don't hate most of these. The chord progression in that last song is really nice, that's not something you hear every day so kudos to the writer.

  7. Blake

    Blake5 hours ago

    Soooo much better than last time.

  8. Nick Redford

    Nick Redford5 hours ago


  9. Guilherme Ferreira

    Guilherme Ferreira5 hours ago

    Every girl singer has the same "rough" sounding voice nowadays

  10. Karl Gohlke

    Karl Gohlke5 hours ago

    Pls. go and get some Band-Maid.


    RYNO LASCAVIO5 hours ago

    Maybe it is different, but somehow it still sounds all the same.

  12. The Lawn Mower

    The Lawn Mower5 hours ago

    After hearing just the first song, this reminds me of a conversation I had years ago about Tool and how talented they all are. He said, "Too bad they play for the dark side". Now I would not think for a moment that that were true. Point being, your ear hole is going to be tickled or it's not. Don't be shy about what saying is good. I know that me and Pantera Phil aren't the only two dudes who have deep man crushes on the Smiths.

  13. Job's Garage

    Job's Garage5 hours ago

    Today's pop music is what it is and I can see how it still can be enjoyable, but everything's just drenched in autotune and it really sucks. These are supposed to be professional singers with plenty of studio time on their hands, and cannot cut a good take without prosthetics?

  14. Terence Kearns

    Terence Kearns5 hours ago

    Those first two songs could be great but they were executed badly. Boring as puss. Needed way more swagger and expression. Someone from the 70s would have lit it up.

  15. Jan-Frederik Carl

    Jan-Frederik Carl5 hours ago

    First song was pretty cool ...


    MITOMANO5 hours ago

    I'd like to point out the revolutionary inputs of Billie Eilish nowadays on pop music, as well as Björk's during the entire 2000s.

  17. LA3 Music

    LA3 Music5 hours ago

    I think you may have made me like some Bieber. And Billie Eilish has been a guilty pleasure

  18. mikemichaelmusic09

    mikemichaelmusic095 hours ago

    I wouldn't waste my time listening to this so called Bubble Gum Music it all sounds like 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  19. Naj Renchelf

    Naj Renchelf5 hours ago

    I was prepared for something terrible - I was not prepared for Drivers Licence... That was so pretty! 👀 This is a much more interesting collection than last time. You‘ve got yourself a new sub - I love geeking out about music! 😅

  20. Jaye Bass

    Jaye Bass5 hours ago

    I can't handle the nasally vibrato that seems to be ubiquitous.

  21. TheMeJustMe75

    TheMeJustMe755 hours ago

    Why do hard rock/metal bands always make awesome covers of pop songs? Been listening to covers of pop songs by metal bands on Spotify and they are amazing.

  22. Drowsy Nectar

    Drowsy Nectar5 hours ago

    This is my way of keeping up with the top 10, sorta secondhanded. But Rick has more patience than I do, lol.

  23. odiumimbues

    odiumimbues5 hours ago

    the lyrics in all these songs are so stupid and shallow i feel like its a rip off even listening.

  24. Raymond Ward

    Raymond Ward5 hours ago

    Top 10 trash.

  25. Douglas Duarte

    Douglas Duarte5 hours ago

    Took me sometime to realize I was listening on 1.25. Says a lot about the songs I couldn't tell the difference.

  26. Wes Shepard

    Wes Shepard5 hours ago

    Why must you play c/g and f/c. You’re killing me with those unresolved suspensions in a 2nd inversion chord. 🤢

  27. I I

    I I5 hours ago

    The vocal style in ALL the songs trying so hard to only be a minor variation of the current fad. There's zero variation in that chart, nothing innovative or unique. They've got a completely homogenised bland sameness. They all sound like each other, just perfected catches - an endless catch with a bland homogenised vocal whether male or female. Catches don't make great music Rik. They just make business sense.

  28. Mike Kloppel

    Mike Kloppel6 hours ago

    "Top ten music products list, sung by your favorite products!" Its fine, like what you like. But call it what it is. Beto playing guitar over most of this vastly improved its quality.

  29. Patrick Peters

    Patrick Peters6 hours ago

    Ariana Grande: “Kind of weird” Checks out

  30. Eduardo Brito

    Eduardo Brito6 hours ago

    In terms of harmony, Dua Lipa's might not be that interesting but that bass... It's pretty cool.

  31. bartni

    bartni6 hours ago

    the first song sounds like Daughter or Lanterns on the lake but they are both more authentic and natural. The second song beginning sounds like a faster version of Phil Collins In the air tonight. I didn't want to watch further.

  32. Wall Lee

    Wall Lee6 hours ago

    I agree

  33. BleepingRelics

    BleepingRelics6 hours ago

    First song was ok. The rest sucked donkey's ass.

  34. MapleSnoople

    MapleSnoople6 hours ago

    bruh i got an ad for drivers license on this video lmao

  35. juania jackson

    juania jackson6 hours ago

    Rick always listens w an open mind, I like that

  36. bartni

    bartni6 hours ago

    but how top 10 become top 10? (at spotify)

  37. Reckless Dezire

    Reckless Dezire6 hours ago

    C'mon man! Pandering!


    D.J ROCKBOY6 hours ago

    Why so much hyped up compression, auto tune & over the top reverb on most Pop songs these days Bro? 😝 Getting so dull hearing all these Artists trying to strive for perfection. They sound more like Robots than humans if you ask me. Like The Beatles vocals weren't perfect but they did pretty well for themselves in the history of the world. 😜 And btw where has all the real drums gone? Let the song breathe a bit, and let's make some Pop Music great again! 🙏🏻🎤🎸🎹🥁 P.S No Boomer 😁

  39. ambiepogita

    ambiepogita6 hours ago

    Pls make driver license what makes this song great...

  40. Ranajoy Shil

    Ranajoy Shil6 hours ago

    Rick Beato Reacts to Polyphia plssssss

  41. Camilo Espinazo

    Camilo Espinazo6 hours ago

    I'm already waiting for the next video of this

  42. Jack Poirier

    Jack Poirier6 hours ago

    Too much synth for me. Where are the people that actually play a real guitar, base or drums? Joe Walsh said it best. If you’ve got a keyboard and computer, anyone can make “music”.

  43. Aidan Roche

    Aidan Roche6 hours ago

    i can hear the auto tune on beibers song

  44. Ian B

    Ian B6 hours ago

    This is the only mindset we can have if we want to remain in music (analog players/ guitarists( which I'm guessing is what most of us are)). It is easy to say pop and rap are bad, and stay in our nice bubbles. But the more we understand their thinking the more we can invade it and trick them into liking rock and real instruments again 😎. In all seriousness. The first part is very true. You will not make a dent in the industry with a negative mindset, and I think rick understands that. The way I see it, every negative video on pop or rap music that isn't warranted, adds one trap beat to a billboard top 100# song.

  45. Auralponic

    Auralponic6 hours ago

    That one hook has NEVER given me goosebumps, no matter how many generic remixes I hear of it

  46. Andres Rolon

    Andres Rolon6 hours ago

    The lesson is... songs in winter tend to be more introspective or, as Beato puts it, "normal songs"

  47. David McKenna

    David McKenna6 hours ago

    Rick's vids are strong enough to stand on their own merits, wish he would drop the clickbait titles.

  48. haywoodyoudome

    haywoodyoudome6 hours ago

    You don't get 2 million subs without clickbait titles.

  49. Mark70609

    Mark706096 hours ago

    The tempo just didn’t work for me at all. I didn’t feel any real energy from the tracks. The production was good as far as I know and the singing was great. Maybe I’m an old Luddite, but I want something that moves me. There is certain sameness in feel to me.

  50. Jonas

    Jonas6 hours ago

    What guitar is that?

  51. haywoodyoudome

    haywoodyoudome6 hours ago


  52. judah Gross

    judah Gross6 hours ago

    the first one was surprisingly good

  53. pursharth chawla

    pursharth chawla6 hours ago

    I was quite surprised! there were some good songs in there. thanks for doing this rick!

  54. Dunwyche

    Dunwyche7 hours ago

    Love it! Thx for the education. Since we have been locked down for so long, everyone has been doing a lot of writing. How about a look at wot the veterans are coming up with? Lots of new stuff: Blue Oyster Cult, Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Foo Fighters etc ... Also, it's the 50th for a lot of great records. 1971 was a good year eh? Thanke sir!

  55. Just a random person from planet earth

    Just a random person from planet earth7 hours ago

    Dear Rick, it's so much fun watching you reacting to songs. Your knowledge, ability to play along with your guitar immediately and your chilled and cool attitude makes this videos dope.

  56. Luke Hunnable

    Luke Hunnable7 hours ago

    Number 1 song Im pretty sure Ive heard that melody many times before. Justin Bieber's chorus sounds like some kind of Tom Petty. Nothing really fresh in either. Ariana Grande was boring but at least fresher.

  57. billvill61

    billvill617 hours ago

    Rick's gone soft.

  58. haywoodyoudome

    haywoodyoudome6 hours ago

    He's a poser. Always has been and always will be.

  59. FerienAmBalkon

    FerienAmBalkon7 hours ago

    I just scrolled through a list of Top 10 songs from 1951 - present, and guess what, there have been great songs and crappy ones in every year, and this video is yet another proof of that (Plus, since when has what's in the charts ever been an indicator for the quality of a living, vivid and diverse music scene)... So, I keep asking myself - why these click-baiting titles ("Wtf?", "Has It Gotten Worse?")

  60. Andrew Klisch

    Andrew Klisch7 hours ago

    If you did a reaction video to some prog rock/metal, I bet you would get a massive addition to your sub base.

  61. greenatom

    greenatom7 hours ago

    This stuff is computer-driven vacuous shite. Nothing sounds real. The audio version of bad tacky photoshop.

  62. J G

    J G7 hours ago

    I agree, better than 4 months ago, the two or three you generally had no reaction to are exactly the sort of thing I can't bear. Not a fan of Billy Eilish, boring, pretentious and tedious.

  63. JAGoldenberg

    JAGoldenberg7 hours ago

    I do not listen to current music so this was my first time hearing any of these. Honestly not 1 of these songs grabbed me in any way. Only the first song was even listenable for me as it had a bit of a Joni thing happening. I am confused by Rick using the terms - Feel, Swing & Groove to describe these songs as they had none of those things. I found them all to be just droning noise and I am so over the whispering, effected voice, can’t annunciate vocals. Production and song structure mean nothing to me when the rest doesn’t work even a little bit.

  64. fireflyva100

    fireflyva1007 hours ago

    For the last 40 years, music has been about marketing. The music is secondary to the "personality," but for many years this was downplayed. Currently, the "personality" is unashamedly primary. Marketing and money. But as long as people support this financially, it's not going to change.

  65. azizkiller 12X

    azizkiller 12X7 hours ago

    Rank pink floyd albums

  66. Sam Gh

    Sam Gh7 hours ago

    The #7" therefore I am" is good because it is an exact copy of Michael Jackson's threatened song from invincible album

  67. Leander Fynn Machan

    Leander Fynn Machan7 hours ago

    Anyone recognizing the Justin Bieber Song basically is ‚‘Going home‘ by Toto?

  68. Heikki Warma

    Heikki Warma7 hours ago

    It was positive to see even some interesting harmonies and that #4 saved the day😃

  69. jtr2179jeremy

    jtr2179jeremy7 hours ago

    Rick Beato could you do a best bridges or well written bridges? What makes a bridge great. Top 20 bridges of all time.

  70. Paul Stottman

    Paul Stottman7 hours ago

    I like Billy Elish song and Justin Bieber's songs pretty good I would say Billy to me is the more sweet to my ears .

  71. MrNullifier

    MrNullifier7 hours ago

    I really like hearing Rick's take on modern music even if I no interest in this kind of music 🤘

  72. Roy Buis

    Roy Buis7 hours ago

    My opinion: My lord pop music is absolute garbage. That 1st song, drivers license, I really really liked that though, amazing vocals, cool instrumental parts, good stuff. And I do love Billie Eilish but that song on the #7 spot is a bit boring. Also, Could you possibly make a "What Makes This Song Great" episode on Florence + The Machine? I particularly love the songs "Ship To Wreck" "No light, No light" and "Queen Of Peace".

  73. Aido g

    Aido g7 hours ago

    Apart from the first one which seemed like a decent tune the rest are absolute bollocks!! I came across a song this morning that was on radio when i was young.. Talk Talk - life's what you make it. Go listen... Glad i grew up when i did.

  74. MrPrice2u

    MrPrice2u7 hours ago

    Interesting Beats but BOOOORING singing on 90% of the songs,

  75. Matthew Miller

    Matthew Miller7 hours ago

    Good to know everyone who loves music loves sza.

  76. nicholas vecchiola

    nicholas vecchiola7 hours ago

    I wonder who signs the cheque’s when you get paid to promote this crap.

  77. J. M.

    J. M.7 hours ago

    He is reviewing the music, not the lyrics people. calm down.

  78. Baz H

    Baz H7 hours ago

    I'm 49 years old and love these pop videos.

  79. Rory Troy

    Rory Troy7 hours ago

    I shouldn't say this without listening to the entire song for all of these but I suspect like most songs of this genre that once you get past the intro that they are non stop vocals or what I call vocal centric. No instrumental breaks that are more than a few seconds long. This is always something that has been a major turn off and why I don't listen to this type of music and sorry to say don't take it seriously or consider it to be anything but disposable.

  80. pagmin

    pagmin7 hours ago

    I don't know any of these songs

  81. Brendan Lietz

    Brendan Lietz7 hours ago

    34 + 35 = 69. How did nobody else catch this???

  82. Fishing tackle Channel

    Fishing tackle Channel7 hours ago

    Would be like to see some rest to top kpop

  83. nos4atu357

    nos4atu3577 hours ago

    I'm going to have to listen to some Black Sabbath for 3 days straight just to get this s*** out of my ears

  84. Je Moeder

    Je Moeder8 hours ago

    Beato is fistdeep (pun!) in the s&m community....he just loves the pain, otherwise you don't do this to yourself....sadism at its finest. 😂

  85. Max Ambient

    Max Ambient8 hours ago

    'Wow, that's nice'. Sorry Rick, it isn't. It's shite.

  86. Terry Curtin

    Terry Curtin8 hours ago

    Bring in guys who who no ones heard of. But week influencers. Pat Leonard. CJ Vanston.. Great guys. Smart.

  87. Bill McGinnies

    Bill McGinnies8 hours ago

    There really wasn’t any melodic content that stuck in my head. Like you Rick, I’m an old man songwriter/musician. In my little world, a melody that cannot be easily hummed, whistled, or sung in the shower needs to be reworked. Some of these melody lines remind me of 1980’s guitar solos - cram as many notes as possible over the phrase. I’m clearly showing my age here, but a lot of it sounded like sung speech rather than a strong melody. Get off my lawn! Damn kids.

  88. Joe Brack

    Joe Brack8 hours ago

    Love your Top 10 breakdown from an old school Swamper. Informative guitar based critique 👍❤

  89. RhythmOvPain

    RhythmOvPain8 hours ago

    These vocals are bad enough to cause cancer in newborn babies.

  90. frank murphy

    frank murphy8 hours ago

    I have though I am getting old and just don't understand the music of today. My theory was that they spent all the money on videos and did not have enough left for musicians and production. Might be something to that but all these songs have a weird breathy distorted vocal and similar feel. Still would love to hear a melody, some dynamic range and some rythm. Has the music industry just given up? I listened to the end of the year Top of the Pops here in the UK in a similar excercise as this video and heard one good song. (Celeste, stop this flame). The rest was just computer generated nonsense. I'll keep trying, as talent must still be there. keep up the good work.

  91. Unimpressed Alchemist

    Unimpressed Alchemist8 hours ago

    The contrast between open minded Rick and his hilariously up their own ass fans in the comments is staggering. I don't even care about any of these songs.

  92. juania jackson

    juania jackson6 hours ago

    Righttt it’s funny

  93. Harry Lincoln

    Harry Lincoln8 hours ago

    Eessssh Rick - can we get back to the decent content already please? Anyone can do this.

  94. Bob Boynton

    Bob Boynton8 hours ago

    no Rush it that chart

  95. Mati McCormick

    Mati McCormick8 hours ago

    I think you should react to Shawn Mendes’ Wonder Album, I’d say thats his best produced album out of all of the albums he has.

  96. Fabrice Rzepiennik

    Fabrice Rzepiennik8 hours ago

    Thank you for checking back and your in this worldwide Top 10, would you like to try with the french one...? I bet you won't be that pleased 😃

  97. Erik Dahlgren

    Erik Dahlgren8 hours ago

    Wasn't the intro to drivers license almost the sa as "Forever Young"?

  98. Laurens Reumers

    Laurens Reumers8 hours ago

    Is it me, or is song number 3 a song in which Ariana Grande decided to make her own version of This is America by Childish Gambino?

  99. RPGtravelphoto

    RPGtravelphoto8 hours ago

    That first song might be good with a live band and a more creative arrangement, but none of these songs make me want to listen a second time. "Not very Interesting" is a good way to sum up this batch of current pop songs. Great production can't disguise a lack of creative spark, or talent. Many great pop songs borrow from other songs, but the producer, arranger, performer put themselves into the song and present it as something new. Also, the production is mostly clips and samples, not a group of people making music together, no spark, no energy.

  100. Kate Moth

    Kate Moth8 hours ago

    Best music channel on USlikes, keep it up Rick!

  101. jappie72

    jappie729 hours ago

    Hi Rick. Great video as always. Would it be interesting if you did a similar top 10 of a random day and year in the 70's, 80's or 90's? Just for fun and comparison. I'd love to hear that.

  102. Raziel

    Raziel9 hours ago

    That face in the thumbnail on the right.. If angry depression had a face it would look just like that.

  103. Yanec Philipp

    Yanec Philipp9 hours ago

    If Rick Beato says your song is good. Its good

  104. Aaron Varghese

    Aaron Varghese9 hours ago

    Hey Rick, big fan of yours here. I wanted to let you know that your analysis of such videos and your videos on theory, etc are much loved by I'm sure, millions over the world! I've got a suggestion for you though... Why don't you react to music from across the world? I'm sure you'd find a ton of interesting chord progressions and scales that'd keep you coming back for more!