Keanu Reeves Shows Us His Most Prized Motorcycles | Collected | GQ

Keanu Reeves shows us his most prized motorcycles at his shop, Arch Motorcycle. From his green Ducati in The Matrix Reloaded to his custom built Arch motorcycles, Keanu takes us through his collection!
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Keanu Reeves Shows Us His Most Prized Motorcycles | Collected | GQ


  1. Atul Kamble

    Atul Kamble4 hours ago

    I love keanu reeves❤😍

  2. Adam Katt

    Adam Katt10 hours ago

    Your other left...

  3. Long 龙Huo 火

    Long 龙Huo 火11 hours ago

    Keanu doesn't have to be complacent towards society, he has the right to be humble if he wishes to.

  4. Ruby Gibson

    Ruby GibsonDay ago

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  5. JT

    JTDay ago

    You can tell the dude is genuinely stoked about motorcycles. He doesn't generally get this animated when he's talking about himself or his interests. Good man, that Keanu.

  6. Monique Audu

    Monique AuduDay ago

    Que du bonheur!💕🌺

  7. andrew jensen

    andrew jensenDay ago

    Didnt Buell do that already though?

  8. Lukas Lysiak

    Lukas LysiakDay ago

    Motorcycles are the same as bloody guitars,they all look the same but each one of them are different that's why you'll always need more then one and ther's no stopping.

  9. Ochre Jelly

    Ochre JellyDay ago

    Keanu being forced to watch TikTok:

  10. Kyle Becker

    Kyle BeckerDay ago

    Gotta say i've always wanted a motorcycle for street use had plenty of dirtbikes. Now i really want an arch

  11. Ankri

    AnkriDay ago

    Is it me or does Keanu dress like House?

  12. Chris Vanderhoof

    Chris Vanderhoof2 days ago

    smashed dat like button. love keanu, he's a cool dude

  13. Rosemary Allen Carlson

    Rosemary Allen Carlson2 days ago

    I'm going to tell you how bad it feel to be hurt

  14. Devanarayanan V

    Devanarayanan V2 days ago

    What about the Mustang......?

  15. Not a Panther

    Not a Panther2 days ago

    4:55 i know that all too well But this video makes me like him even more than i already did

  16. sarowar sagor

    sarowar sagor2 days ago

    bro...need john wikkk chapter 4

  17. MinD KilLeR

    MinD KilLeR3 days ago

    How can you not love this guy!

  18. Raynor9899

    Raynor98993 days ago


  19. Qwest Ion E very thing

    Qwest Ion E very thing4 days ago

    Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki class dismissed

  20. Rosemary Allen Carlson

    Rosemary Allen Carlson4 days ago

    april thew dec 2019

  21. Rosemary Allen Carlson

    Rosemary Allen Carlson4 days ago

    oh my april 2019 really

  22. Kevin Anderson

    Kevin Anderson4 days ago

    Hi Keanu I passed up when I was 16 year old. I have never forgive myself. 61 old Kevin it was black and old. Do you want to sell me one? Kevin Anderson Texas

  23. Bayleigh Holberry

    Bayleigh Holberry4 days ago

    "when your on a track, you don't have to worry about traffic... or speed limits" such perfection

  24. Foolish Mortal

    Foolish Mortal4 days ago

    choppy editing makes this almost unwatchable

  25. Paul Velasco

    Paul Velasco4 days ago

    ma idol

  26. Serdar Bayraktar

    Serdar Bayraktar4 days ago

    Dream bike but would never be able to afford one 😔

  27. Sunflower Trujillo

    Sunflower Trujillo4 days ago

    This is an amazing motorcycle, Wow! 👍❤❤🌻

  28. Stijn Boterberg

    Stijn Boterberg4 days ago

    What a great, normal guy.

  29. Adam Armijo

    Adam Armijo5 days ago

    Keanu you should try riding the yamaha warrior. Let me know what you think.

  30. Erik willempje

    Erik willempje5 days ago

    Vincent black shadow seen on Chasing Classic Cars...

  31. Zak Ward

    Zak Ward5 days ago

    And how much is one of these arch bikes?

  32. CJ Hunter

    CJ Hunter5 days ago

    Just ran across this vid and it was great listening to Keanu talk motorcycles....if you ride, which I do, you get it. If you don't then you'll never know until you bite the bullet. If I ever make it out to Cali, will have to stop by his shop....would be cool to see the Matrix Reloaded Ducati along with his Arch Motorcycles. Keep the rubber down Keanu!!

  33. Judy Cesternino

    Judy Cesternino5 days ago

    So very handsome😍😘❤🥰

  34. John Harris

    John Harris5 days ago


  35. Rafa

    Rafa5 days ago

    This mans a legend

  36. Gary Robinson

    Gary Robinson5 days ago

    Such a cool guy

  37. Işın Yenice

    Işın Yenice6 days ago

    Bu güzel sunum için teşekkürler Keanu

  38. Işın Yenice

    Işın Yenice6 days ago

    Çokmu şiriniz oyuncaklarımızı anlatırken ne.

  39. Işın Yenice

    Işın Yenice6 days ago

    Güne harika bebeklerle başladık.

  40. Işın Yenice

    Işın Yenice6 days ago

    Oyuncaklarımız pahalı ve çok güzeller.

  41. Işın Yenice

    Işın Yenice6 days ago

    Sunumuzda harika.

  42. Işın Yenice

    Işın Yenice6 days ago

    Gözümü alamıyorum muhteşemler çok hoş dizaynlar tebrikler.

  43. Failed Offerings

    Failed Offerings6 days ago

    That Arch motorcycle doesn't purr...IT GROWLS...

  44. Old Hippie

    Old Hippie6 days ago

    Does anybody know the actual body count in his movies?

  45. E vdawg

    E vdawg6 days ago

    Dave grohls brother? Haha jk

  46. Rosemary Allen Carlson

    Rosemary Allen Carlson6 days ago

    guess what ha ha HA I DONT KNOW YOU .. IM A INPOSTER

  47. NoParticipationRibbons Ever

    NoParticipationRibbons Ever6 days ago

    $85,000 for an ARCH motorcycle, . . . .

  48. lord spucke

    lord spucke6 days ago

    like his attidude,he did not grow up and sticks to his dreams.that is a good way of living even when you haunted by paparazzi riding through your hometown which must be a total drag.very sympathetic guy.

  49. Gabriela Garcia Cruz

    Gabriela Garcia Cruz6 days ago

    I would like to meet him, 👏👏

  50. theheronhero

    theheronhero6 days ago

    If I had friends I'd like them to be Keanu Reeves.

  51. Panzerlang

    Panzerlang6 days ago

    The only actor I'd like to meet. And then go hooning with. :D

  52. Emilio Wendlandt

    Emilio Wendlandt7 days ago

    If some one steals this he will actually become John wick

  53. Mehdi simunovic

    Mehdi simunovic7 days ago

    seeing him talk so enthusiastically about his bikes is so nice to listen to

  54. Kong Khawlhring

    Kong Khawlhring7 days ago

    I wish i could afford one of his bikes,that would be a dream come true... Legendary Keanu

  55. sebillaspillas

    sebillaspillas7 days ago

    Jhonny is alive :)

  56. Rah Man

    Rah Man7 days ago

    john wicck is so cool

  57. Muhammad Auzai

    Muhammad Auzai7 days ago

    Keanu Reeves advice always stuck in my head !

  58. Jenny klarke

    Jenny klarke8 days ago

    Keanu Reeves is an amazing guy.

  59. Brett Voigt

    Brett Voigt8 days ago

    The Arch bike costing $80k seems high until you realize that OCC was selling their junk for that much. I'll take an Arch please.

  60. Keanu Reeves

    Keanu Reeves8 days ago

    Oh thank so much for showing your love and care I use this opportunity to thank you for following up with my daily activities I am really glad to have you as a fan you’re really welcome to talk to me anytime on my email hangout my dear 🤝

  61. Kyle Dault

    Kyle Dault8 days ago

    pretty sure the method 143 is in cyberpunk :)

  62. Stalwart Shinobi

    Stalwart Shinobi8 days ago

    Keanu has made me want to get a norton

  63. Peter

    Peter8 days ago

    Dude is a LEGEND

  64. Pete Provvedi

    Pete Provvedi8 days ago

    Don't go 150? Just like all commies no testicular fortitude🤣

  65. Pete Provvedi

    Pete Provvedi8 days ago

    Made in CA, commie made, don't buy one!!!

  66. Žaneta Furdova

    Žaneta Furdova8 days ago

    Kedi prideš

  67. Žaneta Furdova

    Žaneta Furdova8 days ago

    Krasne ak aj ti ❤

  68. Žaneta Furdova

    Žaneta Furdova8 days ago

  69. Işın Yenice

    Işın Yenice8 days ago

    Gelip röportaj yapasım geldi. Bu bebeklerin yanından ayrılmak zorolurdu.

  70. Işın Yenice

    Işın Yenice8 days ago


  71. Işın Yenice

    Işın Yenice8 days ago

    Adrenaşin isyenlere hoş tasarımlar.

  72. Işın Yenice

    Işın Yenice8 days ago

    Harika tasarımlar.

  73. Işın Yenice

    Işın Yenice8 days ago


  74. Işın Yenice

    Işın Yenice8 days ago

    Bu muhtelem dunum için tebrikler.

  75. Işın Yenice

    Işın Yenice8 days ago

    Mükemmel oyuncaklar .

  76. Işın Yenice

    Işın Yenice8 days ago

    Bu akıcı güzel aksanla sizden ingilizce öğrenebilirim.

  77. Santa Claus

    Santa Claus8 days ago

    Excellent guy and real kind heart. Very nice and rear style the Arch, bravo to him.

  78. KrazyApeGaming

    KrazyApeGaming9 days ago

    Hes nice

  79. Capt. Tripps

    Capt. Tripps9 days ago

    I’m in a club I wish I could afford ur bike so I can show them Harley can do better

  80. Capt. Tripps

    Capt. Tripps9 days ago

    Ok this is my favorite actor. Keanu is a REAL DUDE

  81. Joe Chaangg

    Joe Chaangg9 days ago

    The MotoGP companies are extremely stupid! They should let Mr. Reeves ride their motorcycles! What a win-win?

  82. Alter Ego

    Alter Ego9 days ago

    crush:"i like bad boys" keanu:"sometimes i wud pay attention to that and sometimes i wudnt"

  83. TNT Tips and Tricks

    TNT Tips and Tricks9 days ago

    Nice video but the flashing images are a big No No omg

  84. lowlightRN

    lowlightRN10 days ago

    You get into withdrawal when you dont ride a bike. ahahah same here.. Its like my coffee in the morning.. everyday!

  85. Christopher Lachcik

    Christopher Lachcik10 days ago

    that thorton looks just like my royal enfield gt :)


    MANISH PANWAR10 days ago

    'Hi I am Keanu Reeves' Yes we know

  87. Rosemary Allen Carlson

    Rosemary Allen Carlson10 days ago

    I okey I feel better why This is my second favorite video of u I don't know why but mill gates Made me feel like family did u contact him to see if it was real and did something with mr Gates

  88. Leve levi

    Leve levi10 days ago

    Just buy a bmw r nine t Keanu. Then you will experience real riding hehe

  89. Bob C.

    Bob C.10 days ago

    My 1st bike at age 51 is a 2017 KLR


    NORBERT LACZKO10 days ago

    Such a Humble person, and the way He talks so unique!! Lovely person!!!

  91. LCA Awnmioh

    LCA Awnmioh10 days ago

    So many people have viewed this, now how many of you cut off people that ride on the highway? Yeah that’s right. Reality check.

  92. Nick Whitestar

    Nick Whitestar10 days ago

    👉💥👈 Wow, she learnt how to ride that, Respect !!

  93. Gene Beuglet

    Gene Beuglet10 days ago

    I'm sure he can afford to knock off #'s 2 & 3 of his dream bike rides.

  94. Robin Gage

    Robin Gage11 days ago

    Someone make this man’s dreams a reality and put him on his three bucket list bikes and put that on USlikes!

  95. TheLong444

    TheLong44411 days ago

    Awesome guy and great ambassador for the sport

  96. Yusuf Dawood

    Yusuf Dawood11 days ago

    The one celeb I would like to go riding with. Honestly one of the most pleasant people.

  97. Mike Skidmore

    Mike Skidmore11 days ago

    Keanue needs to get a Suter two stroke race bike Suter 580cc two-stroke to race IOM TT | MCNews

  98. James Robert Ryan

    James Robert Ryan11 days ago

    I now like Keanu Reeves even more than I did before.....

  99. Jack Volden

    Jack Volden11 days ago

    The exhaust on the method looks insane, not a huge road bike fan but I love dirt bikes and the matrix. You can tell he’s super passionate about arch which is so inspirational

  100. eli Genovese

    eli Genovese11 days ago

    He will always be John wick to me

  101. KeanuCharles Reeves

    KeanuCharles Reeves9 days ago

    Thank you my beloved fan message me on hangout now I await to see your message on hangout