The vanishing pencil! (Tutorial) 🤐 #shorts

Crazy trick!


  1. Ridho Pramandiva

    Ridho Pramandiva2 hours ago

    I like the frist music

  2. Elizabeth Ramirez

    Elizabeth Ramirez6 hours ago

    I know

  3. Anais Aguirre

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  4. ابو دياب

    ابو دياب18 hours ago

    I tdog

  5. again every day every day happy day hap nightmares

    again every day every day happy day hap nightmares21 hour ago


  6. Arlene Tillor

    Arlene TillorDay ago

    Peyborit magic

  7. Mr.Grumpo

    Mr.GrumpoDay ago

    Guys he’s ready let’s do this

  8. Min khant

    Min khantDay ago

    hey we ma aye loe

  9. Andrew :0

    Andrew :02 days ago

    I used 2 luv this song from mother mother...I hate it..and it’s ur fault

  10. Izzet Eliyev

    Izzet Eliyev2 days ago


  11. 『HC』ĐʀᴀɢᴏƝ official

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  12. Sagar Dalai

    Sagar Dalai2 days ago

    Sagar Hi ko

  13. Damien Noyola-gallardo

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  14. Eko 93

    Eko 933 days ago

    Berdosa babget

  15. Eko 93

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  16. NyAstolfo 5527

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  17. Orang Asing

    Orang Asing3 days ago

    Attack on Titan sound👍

  18. supradarmantubi

    supradarmantubi3 days ago

    Damn annoying face n voice

  19. Ardhi Maulana

    Ardhi Maulana3 days ago

    Isss very noob

  20. R Hassan

    R Hassan3 days ago

    He looks so British

  21. reihard tupamahu

    reihard tupamahu3 days ago

    aku suka lagu nya pas dia kasih tujuk 😂😂😂

  22. kuickstar.gaming pro

    kuickstar.gaming pro3 days ago

    Yang indo ngumpul

  23. barbara gonzalez

    barbara gonzalez3 days ago

    Eres super con la magia

  24. Zerox91

    Zerox913 days ago

    Mercii pi ou non 795

  25. Dragon_ devil fam

    Dragon_ devil fam3 days ago

    Can we see the results

  26. VK Production

    VK Production4 days ago

    I am always getting nervious after watching this guy🗿

  27. Dark_fredbear

    Dark_fredbear4 days ago

    That’s so possible man that’s the best magic trick bro you stick a yellow pencil in your finger

  28. NastySlimeySlattMan

    NastySlimeySlattMan4 days ago


  29. Ganga Tripathi

    Ganga Tripathi4 days ago

    I hate his face likee these😈

  30. 3หมีและพี่กังฟู

    3หมีและพี่กังฟู4 days ago


  31. Cloudyx Litaaaz

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    FOX NOW GAMING4 days ago

    Titans lovers song😱😱

  33. Sam Fraser

    Sam Fraser5 days ago

    Thaat shude wurk quiat niceleeehh

  34. wiwin wiyati

    wiwin wiyati5 days ago

    keliatan hu

  35. Blue angel Red angel

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  36. Mary Hilliard

    Mary Hilliard5 days ago

    Wow I did it and I did a big fat oof

  37. Usha Borgohain

    Usha Borgohain5 days ago


  38. Usha Borgohain

    Usha Borgohain5 days ago


  39. Smarand wagle

    Smarand wagle5 days ago

    At first I think there will no bisabebusabebu and another boring song while listening arcade but then my rage goes to next level listening the same music .How rudely can a man insulted soo nice song arcade

  40. Vikas Reddy

    Vikas Reddy6 days ago

    Please can anybody tell me the name of the first song🥺😭😭♥️

  41. مارياعبدالعزيزالشريف

    مارياعبدالعزيزالشريف6 days ago

    عادي لو سويت مقلب سهل و اعرف شلون اسوي

  42. Ryan Sammons

    Ryan Sammons6 days ago

    What is up with ur pinky?!

  43. Viltor Rankovic

    Viltor Rankovic6 days ago

    Name for this dong

  44. Syeda zoyah Zoyah

    Syeda zoyah Zoyah6 days ago

    The way he moves his hands😊😊

  45. çiçek Aladag

    çiçek Aladag6 days ago

    Çok teşekkür 😂😂

  46. Ayesha Salim

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  47. Laxmidevi Sharma

    Laxmidevi Sharma6 days ago

    I saw that 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  48. Anushka Tudu III-B, Roll-27

    Anushka Tudu III-B, Roll-276 days ago

    This is not magic ✨

  49. Fakhri fitra Al taufiq

    Fakhri fitra Al taufiq6 days ago

    You looks like niko avoccado actually

  50. Надежда Шкроб

    Надежда Шкроб7 days ago

    Ты настаящый фокусник но ты раскрываёш секреты

  51. Welovethedogs

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  52. Flinch w black pink Tea love you bts and blackpink

    Flinch w black pink Tea love you bts and blackpink7 days ago

    What’s your age

  53. Grammar with Mansi and parv

    Grammar with Mansi and parv7 days ago


  54. Adam Darwisy

    Adam Darwisy8 days ago

    Nice magic trick

  55. John Gallarde

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  56. Yadelin Piña gil

    Yadelin Piña gil8 days ago

    Eres tan ridículo 🙄

  57. Sharmaine B. Maraggun

    Sharmaine B. Maraggun8 days ago

    The song aot thank me later

  58. Bijoy Panging

    Bijoy Panging8 days ago


  59. Princess Lila JessaMae

    Princess Lila JessaMae8 days ago

    I see the pencil is not van vanishing card is not real i don't know why the pencil is not real is real right now you see what it's a Trick

  60. Sofia Suriano acuña

    Sofia Suriano acuña8 days ago

    Si hases un truco de magia que no lo padramos descubri te damos2000k

  61. Roxane Abalos

    Roxane Abalos8 days ago

    parang tanga naman waahhahah

  62. rafa andika

    rafa andika8 days ago


  63. Laniya Mcclendon

    Laniya Mcclendon8 days ago

    Oh that was so clear the first time I couldn't even see it because you just had a pencil in your hand I think but then the second time clear clear clear clear clear clear


    TIK TOK SEMUA GAME8 days ago

    gua malah salfok sama lagu nya njir lagu attack on titan😂

  65. Yuvraj Verma

    Yuvraj Verma8 days ago

    Ya galat trik ma

  66. •bubblieboo•

    •bubblieboo•8 days ago

    He always says here.we.go I’m ready, let’s do this😆

  67. Gowri gowri

    Gowri gowri8 days ago

    You are really good

  68. Ajz M

    Ajz M9 days ago

    Song pliss

  69. Nam Phạm bảo

    Nam Phạm bảo9 days ago

    Music : arcade

  70. Vera Wati

    Vera Wati9 days ago

    I see the shadow

  71. How Xi Leong

    How Xi Leong9 days ago

    good job, it looked nice

  72. Kuban AID

    Kuban AID9 days ago

    Stop posting your focuses and show us your sister Lana.

  73. Someone Tosomeone

    Someone Tosomeone9 days ago

    isaw it this boy is really blind😒😒😒

  74. Siddharth Singh

    Siddharth Singh9 days ago

    Nai hum to chutiye hai

  75. Shubhasish Bhattacharjee

    Shubhasish Bhattacharjee10 days ago


  76. باستئر

    باستئر10 days ago


  77. CashPlays

    CashPlays10 days ago

    It looks really good in the first part but the second part makes me feel like “how did I not notice it?”

  78. Mohamad Katea

    Mohamad Katea10 days ago

    اه يا هبيلة

  79. ramayan singh

    ramayan singh10 days ago

    Awesome 😎😎😎😁

  80. Mariana Cantú Ayala

    Mariana Cantú Ayala10 days ago

    I dont like

  81. DUC B49

    DUC B4910 days ago

    Eir wy gô

  82. Bay Gizemli

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    ΒΑΝGΤΑΝΤV10 days ago

    i want tickets

  85. Dede Raisya

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  86. erwin Erwinsyah

    erwin Erwinsyah11 days ago

    Wow aku suka lagu ini 😍😍

  87. Caroline Calvario

    Caroline Calvario11 days ago

    Je t'ai vu tu as fait tomber le truc avec le bois qui est coupé la trouille et le crayon je t'ai vu je vois tout

  88. sebastian valverde

    sebastian valverde11 days ago

    Es mentira sebe cuando lodobla

  89. ραzєѕιlєиcισɨ

    ραzєѕιlєиcισɨ11 days ago

    what is the name of the song at the beginning of the video?


    ΒΑΝGΤΑΝΤV10 days ago

    eiffel 69 blue

  91. Gaurav kamble

    Gaurav kamble11 days ago

    Ok here we go 🤗 OP amazingly vanishing the tricks 😁

  92. Sebuhi ismayilov

    Sebuhi ismayilov11 days ago

    düşük əlində körsəni

  93. Vimal Thukral

    Vimal Thukral11 days ago

    not cool

  94. Beny Christian Tamba

    Beny Christian Tamba11 days ago

    Heeee we go

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  96. SM Bangla studio

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    সালায় ভুয়া

  97. 나는一TropicalKiwi一

    나는一TropicalKiwi一11 days ago

    Wow the first time I thought his magic trick was cool but then his weird expressions and that clap in the end made it all worse -_-

  98. SPV gamerz

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  99. Pushpa Dehraj

    Pushpa Dehraj11 days ago

    K h tu duniya n ku bakave h

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    Hello can I get pinned 😅

  103. sameer shaikh

    sameer shaikh12 days ago

    I like your vidieos because your magic illusion