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I have a very special guest on my channel today… MADDIE ZIEGLER! Maddie recently launched a collab with Morphe so today we’re swapping our brand new palettes and getting ready together! Maddie shares the truth about Dance Moms, Sia, and what it REALLY was like filming that music video with Shia LaBeouf! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!
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    Wow, Maddie has grown into such an articulate, intelligent amazing young woman, she should be so incredibly proud of herself!! Also, how stunning is she?!😍 loved the video and as always, love Nikkie!

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    she’s grown up to be a very chill person

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    18:04 Maddie: I'm so lucky that I get to be here with you. Nikkie: Aw, staaaap. Maddie: No, seriously. (Shut up, I'm being freaking serious.) Loved that moment.

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    This was so sweet and wholesome, thank you both for this lovely video

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    This is so cute, but I swear she’s German as well, Ziegler’s a German name, and Melissa’s last name is Italian!

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    DENO JUSTINE3 days ago

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