what do we do with Diamonds in the 100 by 100 Minecraft World??

#minecraft world confined to a 100 by 100 border is a unique challenge and I love the resource management similar to Skyblock it brings. Diamonds are going to be our biggest problem, there's only a certain amount in our world.
- Will be streamed on Twitch: www.twitch.tv/yeah_jaron
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Twitter: Yeah_Jaron
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Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This isn't is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin. This is a 100 Block, not 100 Days Minecraft.
This is the fourth video after the "I played Minecraft in a 100 by 100 world"
#shorts #yeahjaron


  1. Yeah Jaron

    Yeah Jaron14 days ago

    KARL MARX!!!!!

  2. Matis Holt

    Matis HoltDay ago

    Thank you

  3. EasyPeasy

    EasyPeasyDay ago

    @Sung Jin lol.

  4. Cdntrooper

    CdntrooperDay ago

    @Luke Bradford lenin mate

  5. Sung Jin

    Sung JinDay ago

    Karl marx is a rampant sociopathic antisemite.

  6. EasyPeasy

    EasyPeasy2 days ago

    _/3ws invented communism. Marx was a _/3w.

  7. Alan Ureno

    Alan Ureno2 hours ago

    Sad Lenin Noises after hearing Stalin get the fame

  8. Lani

    Lani3 hours ago

    He sounds a bit like henry stickman

  9. Cringe Meat

    Cringe Meat3 hours ago

    This is the fake band kid that not even the real band kids like

  10. Tim Wagner

    Tim Wagner7 hours ago

    Is there a map download for this world?

  11. DuΘ›Δƒ Florin

    DuΘ›Δƒ Florin9 hours ago

    I mean you don't really need a diamond pickaxe. Just enchant ur iron pick and get all the diamonds with that and then those 3 you would've used on a diamond pick could turn into 9 or more

  12. GeneralBandege

    GeneralBandege16 hours ago


  13. Big Smoke

    Big Smoke18 hours ago

    Lenin invented communisim

  14. bacon with life

    bacon with life19 hours ago

    Lol i made a 100 by 100 house before

  15. fire leo

    fire leo21 hour ago

    Studio what do you call me

  16. James Thomas

    James ThomasDay ago


  17. μŠ€λ¨Έν”„

    μŠ€λ¨Έν”„Day ago

    Marx and Engels being left out lol

  18. Grayson Stewart

    Grayson StewartDay ago

    communism killed more than capitolism

  19. ChaosMinecraft

    ChaosMinecraftDay ago

    Geez, I would make a mod that you need 1 d diamond and 1 smelted stone to make diamond ore

  20. Boeing 737

    Boeing 737Day ago

    I hope that thank you Stalin was a whoosh

  21. TheOneThatExists

    TheOneThatExistsDay ago

    Juuuust kiddin it was communism

  22. jay hill

    jay hillDay ago

    major band kid vibes

  23. UnoZZZ

    UnoZZZDay ago

    "Thank you Stalin for creating communism." Karl Marx: *Disappointment intensifies*

  24. MP King

    MP KingDay ago

    Stalin invented Comunism? What do americans learn at school? And practicly the USSR wasnt a comunistic Country But ok

  25. Jordon Henderson

    Jordon HendersonDay ago

    Stalin didn't create Communism. It was a Marxist idea created by Vladimir Lenin.

  26. Glocks Father

    Glocks FatherDay ago

    Why tf was there 2 zombies in a boat πŸ˜‚

  27. Noah McBride

    Noah McBrideDay ago

    Better dead than red

  28. Alex

    AlexDay ago

    Communism has never worked on a large scale and never will

  29. Nero Gaborne

    Nero GaborneDay ago


  30. Levi Woodruff

    Levi WoodruffDay ago

    Good more people caught his Stalin blunder. Faith in humanity, restored

  31. Adumb Bermuda

    Adumb BermudaDay ago

    Marx invented commies

  32. Sung Jin

    Sung JinDay ago

    Everyone commenting about how Stalin didn’t invent communism. Karl marx didn’t either it was a combination of him and Engels work. Don’t take the piss out of a joke of you can’t acc back it up

  33. Yes No

    Yes No2 days ago

    Should have made diamond blocks and then mined those with fortune three pickaxe to get even more diamonds and turn those blocks into diamonds

  34. Fluff Swifter

    Fluff Swifter2 days ago

    Ya cus stalin INVENTED communism

  35. Benjamin Lisitsin

    Benjamin Lisitsin2 days ago

    Karl Marx made communism man

  36. Not Thomas

    Not Thomas2 days ago

    Make a block of diamond and then mine if with fortune to get infinite diamonds?

  37. SAEA XX

    SAEA XX2 days ago

    Bruh why would i play on a server where i dont get to keep what i work for,

  38. Victor

    Victor2 days ago

    Thanking communism but buying diamond from villagers with capitalism...

  39. Justin Althizer

    Justin Althizer2 days ago

    Shoutout to everyone who woke up and decided to spend their time arguing in a USlikes comment section πŸ˜‚


    HAND HANDDay ago


  41. James Twaddle

    James Twaddle2 days ago

    Jesus, Stalin inventing communism made me die inside

  42. CrazyKC Games

    CrazyKC Games2 days ago

    Capitalism is better

  43. xxsobe01xx

    xxsobe01xx2 days ago

    I hear the Andy Griffith theme song in the background???

  44. H4RR150N

    H4RR150N2 days ago

    Ahem marx

  45. Diego Gei

    Diego Gei2 days ago

    "So we fought to the death, just kidding it was communism" Β‘Oh! So you starve to death, Stalin is proud mate.

  46. SAS Commander

    SAS Commander2 days ago

    Communism is GDDR6 god

  47. TimelessSights

    TimelessSights2 days ago

    dude i was so intrigued and then i heard that stalin made communism and i screamed in four months of history studying

  48. Bolt #

    Bolt #2 days ago

    God when he said Stalin invented communism.

  49. S O U L

    S O U L2 days ago

    Stalin didn’t invent communism. The communism your thinking of was invented by (I believe) Vladimir Lenin

  50. theassassin 6644

    theassassin 66442 days ago

    "Just kidding its communism" Zombies saluts to die furhuer

  51. soy_saace

    soy_saace2 days ago

    Duping be like : bruh

  52. Harun Şentürk

    Harun Şentürk3 days ago

    "Just kidding , it was communism ." i laughed at that part for like a solid 5 minutes

  53. Matt Rawson

    Matt Rawson3 days ago

    F communism

  54. Sabre

    Sabre3 days ago

    β€œThank you Stalin for inventing Communism”

  55. Jaded Mist

    Jaded Mist3 days ago

    I was proud of him until he said "Thank you Stalin" thought we were about to gain a new commie.

  56. Immz 666

    Immz 6663 days ago

    Starlins communism is very different to karl marxs adaptation

  57. Rcc Templar

    Rcc Templar3 days ago

    Communism sucks

  58. Izuku Midoriya

    Izuku Midoriya3 days ago

    Just saying in case you didn’t know there’s this glitch where if you put something in a chest and take it out really quickly over and over it will duplicate

  59. Ann Sanchez

    Ann Sanchez3 days ago

    Communism + Capitalism = Capitunism

  60. Benosoar

    Benosoar3 days ago

    God this video would’ve been so cool without the cringe redditor communism jokes

  61. hamza bahtit

    hamza bahtit3 days ago

    i only use dimonds for thz enchantment table then not use it ^(the table) lol

  62. Myst_ Desendant

    Myst_ Desendant3 days ago

    Joeseph Stalin Didn’t invent communism Karl Marx did and if you look at modern communism then the creator was Vladimir Lenin

  63. Shadow Gaming

    Shadow Gaming3 days ago

    This is screaming band kid

  64. Gachi Bass

    Gachi Bass4 days ago

    Stalin didn't invent communism

  65. sophie

    sophie4 days ago

    Communism memes can be fun and all, but Stalin is responsible for millions of deaths. Let's be careful with those kind of jokes.

  66. Kas Volkoff

    Kas Volkoff4 days ago

    Was thinking about disliking when you said stalin invented communism lol

  67. Xannon Daalder

    Xannon Daalder4 days ago

    Stalin DIDNT invent communism bro

  68. Mr-ScarySketchy

    Mr-ScarySketchy4 days ago

    The average Marxist is just a shitty minecraft vlogger Tells me everything I need to know

  69. Dead Li

    Dead Li4 days ago


  70. KalebOnXbox 2008

    KalebOnXbox 20084 days ago

    I dont know if anyone will respond but how do you make an 100 by 100 world i have been really wanting to do it please help me out

  71. Will Puckett

    Will Puckett4 days ago

    how do you set that border up?

  72. TG JR

    TG JR4 days ago

    Stalin didn’t create communism, hw wasn’t even the first person to run a country on it

  73. Wesley Jackson

    Wesley Jackson4 days ago

    I am a communist (hail china) and I hope the US will become communist one day.

  74. Michael Lawlor

    Michael Lawlor4 days ago

    I almost died when he sat Stalin invented communism.

  75. trollge

    trollge4 days ago

    "Thank you stalin for inventing communism" Thats something an edgy 12 yr old would say

  76. Will O

    Will O4 days ago

    Murdah the communists

  77. Will O

    Will O4 days ago

    Nazis were communists never forget

  78. donovanisnear

    donovanisnear4 days ago

    β€œThank you Stalin for inventing communism” My brain hurts

  79. The kraken squad

    The kraken squad4 days ago

    Yo I made a redstone farm 100 out of 100 how can you even live in one

  80. Miao Su

    Miao Su4 days ago


  81. Squidy

    Squidy4 days ago

    All these kids thinking communism is funny is cringe af

  82. Squidy

    Squidy4 days ago

    Mention the part where communism has killed over 100 million people

  83. CrimsonShadow

    CrimsonShadow4 days ago

    Me, a communist: Jaron: Thank you Stalin for inventing communism. Me: 😀

  84. Bootyclapping Hydrationtank

    Bootyclapping Hydrationtank4 days ago

    Stalin didn't invent communism!!!

  85. Communism

    Communism4 days ago

    Hehe Communism is the best

  86. UwU Russia

    UwU Russia4 days ago

    Your welcome young man

  87. assault clip

    assault clip4 days ago

    Is that the Andy Griffith show theme in the background?

  88. Comrade of The Soviets

    Comrade of The Soviets4 days ago

    Bro, Stalin never invented Communism, he just supported socialism

  89. Meawoof

    Meawoof4 days ago

    Me: *scrolls down from youtube shorts after seeing wilbursoot get rekt by an diamond ore* USlikes shorts: Diamond again

  90. Communist Shrek

    Communist Shrek4 days ago

    "Stalin invented communism" Huh thats weird

  91. m1slust

    m1slust4 days ago


  92. Yana Yans

    Yana Yans4 days ago

    Karl marx

  93. Chris Peacock

    Chris Peacock4 days ago

    He is one of those people that thinks saying β€œcommunism is so good” makes them the funniest person ever

  94. Chris Peacock

    Chris Peacock11 hours ago

    @BrendoDerf I have no idea lmao. They think it’s funny for some reason when it’s just dumb humour. You are the first person to realize my cursed pfp so congrats lol

  95. BrendoDerf

    BrendoDerf16 hours ago

    Why do people think communism is so good? Also your user picture may be cursed.

  96. Kit Kat

    Kit Kat5 days ago

    Ew communism

  97. bit_mate Φ«

    bit_mate Φ«5 days ago

    Sharing with friends is not communism lol

  98. Duck

    Duck5 days ago

    I didn't invent communism. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels did.

  99. Joseph Bedard

    Joseph Bedard5 days ago

    Says he used communism *visible starvation*

  100. Zambeaz

    Zambeaz5 days ago

    STALIN DID YOU SAY. reas the communist manifesto

  101. Preston stells

    Preston stells5 days ago

    No frick you stallon for communism

  102. Senior Venus Digital

    Senior Venus Digital5 days ago

    dudes a fake communist and said stalin invented it. pouser

  103. Catlady231

    Catlady2315 days ago

    Ahh yes. Praising an ideology that killed millions because it’s trendy

  104. Alex

    AlexDay ago

    Stfu it was a joke

  105. Voxel Music

    Voxel Music5 days ago

    Congratulations, we have finally found a situation where communism works. A worthless currency that nobody uses, in a tiny closed off world.

  106. SPETTER!

    SPETTER!5 days ago

    "It's communism" **has stuff**

  107. SeΓ±or Mike

    SeΓ±or Mike5 days ago

    Why y'all getting so mad at the communism thing?? Chill

  108. RITzZ

    RITzZ5 days ago

    Thank you stalin for creating communism it he didn’t created it and plus would you go like to live in Russia in during the Cold War see how you like it and it was not funny

  109. noraayy

    noraayy5 days ago

    I think Stalin was very against communism ...