When Talking Trash Goes Horribly Wrong

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  1. Dan Reilly

    Dan Reilly2 hours ago

    Holy shit man we know what’s happening with out you talking

  2. Derrick Santos

    Derrick Santos9 hours ago

    Fucking CB34 was a different animal back then.

  3. gr8filibuster

    gr8filibuster22 hours ago

    Love the passion. This is how we play on concrete. Things need to become personal

  4. Kevin Simmons

    Kevin SimmonsDay ago

    Charles outscored Scottie all those times solely because Mike had to get his touches!

  5. Rob G

    Rob GDay ago

    “Players and teams are free to talk trash to the current Chicago Bulls until further notice.” 😂😂😂

  6. Rob G

    Rob GDay ago

    You should make a video about the Morris Twins and how close they are stat wise.

  7. Chuck Balkin

    Chuck Balkin2 days ago

    Barkley was doing this to Pippen because Scottie early in his career was considered by many to be soft and mentally weak. The Pistons always targeted Pippen back when they were beating the Bulls. After them the Knicks started going after Pip. Most teams knew you couldn't rattle Jordan, because he was a killer. So they always tried to break Scottie. It worked early, but over the years it made Scottie tougher.

  8. Chuck Balkin

    Chuck Balkin2 days ago

    Pip was a great defender, but Barkley wasn't wrong. He was waaaay too strong for Scottie to guard down low. Hell, Grant actually covered Barkley 90% of those Finals if I recall correctly.

  9. MeiYoYong Gaming

    MeiYoYong Gaming3 days ago

    The days that flopping was just a joke

  10. Andrew Campbell

    Andrew Campbell4 days ago

    Just subbed

  11. nilssonharrison

    nilssonharrison4 days ago

    I just watched your video and kudos. Pippen was my favorite player growing up. I thought I was the only one who would show this play and point out that the play was executed so well because Pippen burned Barkley.

  12. rick kill

    rick kill4 days ago

    It’s in the rule book . Classic !

  13. Working Man

    Working Man4 days ago

    MJ led the league in 12 categories. I wonder how many categories Scottie Pippen led the league in?

  14. PK TeHuia

    PK TeHuia5 days ago

    Funny how in the "rule book" the last rule is a different font to the rest hahahahaha

  15. Allen Haynes II

    Allen Haynes II5 days ago

    Man I really miss the nba from the eighties and early nineties. They were some of my most memorable games growing up , when Jordan retired it has never been the same. Jordan seemed to bring out the best in others competing as well.

  16. Daniel Oceans

    Daniel Oceans5 days ago

    Barkley was such a beast

  17. W McArthur

    W McArthur6 days ago

    Good video ..but the reality is Kevin Johnson didn't play the way he needed to for them to win . Chuck gave it all he had bu the Bull were stacked . Couldn't do it by himself. RIP , Paul Westphal.

  18. alohawg

    alohawg6 days ago

    The Scotty dangled his nuts over Barkley as the Bulls competed the first three peat....

  19. James Demetro

    James Demetro7 days ago

    Charles had game,he trash talked because he was good and could back it up

  20. Landry Mel

    Landry Mel7 days ago

    Use your leadership to push your team to the top..not trash talking all the time. That's why Barkley will be always under Pipen and MJ. Trash talking is for small players...

  21. Laurent Pecriaux

    Laurent Pecriaux9 days ago

    I swear , I cried after this Paxson dagger , the only one that had some tears from me. Chuck deserved so much that title. Anyway, what an amazing run Suns had that year. Best finals ever IMO

  22. Eric Bell

    Eric Bell10 days ago

    I stopped watching when he said the most disrespectful line in basketball is “You can’t guard me.” I was expecting “Your mom’s a ho” or something similar. 😂😂

  23. Lil latte Vlogs

    Lil latte Vlogs11 days ago

    people who actually watched the bulls in the 90s remember that scottie pipes was considered overrated

  24. Lil latte Vlogs

    Lil latte Vlogs10 days ago

    @Roger Out Exactly. When I was a Bulls fan in the 90s so many people that he was overrated. That’s one thing this generation won’t understand

  25. Roger Out

    Roger Out10 days ago

    @Lil latte Vlogs agreed.. I'm a Chicago native.. I know quite a few people who were unfortunate enough to have encounters with him. His name is "no tippin pippin".

  26. Lil latte Vlogs

    Lil latte Vlogs11 days ago

    list of people had there opinions but many people especially bulls fans thought he. was overrated

  27. Ilya Dobrovitsky

    Ilya Dobrovitsky11 days ago

    With all due respect but this is a really stupid video. Barkley did nothing wrong. He was trash talking to lead his team. He lost because the Suns were simply not as good as the Bulls. If anything Barkley was trying the tactic of the Pistons to get into Pippin's head and mess up the Bulls by isolating Jordan. So again, Barkley was great but you could not beat the Bulls with only one great player. If anything, the fact that Pippin couldn't guard Barkley is an indication of just how great Barkley was.

  28. Doug Ohaver

    Doug Ohaver11 days ago

    The point where Charles' calculus was off was when he thought he could get into Scotty's head but that Chicago bulls team were so mentally tough at that point because they had to deal with the bad boys through the 80s.

  29. l31007

    l3100712 days ago

    Beautifully analyzed. Pippen was a beast!

  30. Ed H

    Ed H12 days ago

    This is how basketball should be played. None of this primadonna millionaire soft crap they play today. Not even the same sport anymore. How the NBA trots out that sorry excuse of a game today is beyond me. Players don’t even break a sweat anymore.

  31. Roger Out

    Roger Out10 days ago

    You know about "the Jordan rule", right?

  32. TruthHasSpoken

    TruthHasSpoken12 days ago

    Great recap of the game, especially last few plays. Yep ... this was Phoenix's game to win ... and to lose ... and they blew it. Credit though to a great Bulls team.

  33. speedoflite1

    speedoflite112 days ago

    Open secret in Philly (1984-'92): Charles can't fight. Main hang out: Chick-Fil-A, City Ave. Good guy

  34. Southsideman

    Southsideman13 days ago

    I love Charles but Pip won this in every way.

  35. Shanna Shenna

    Shanna Shenna13 days ago

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  36. Robert Jackson

    Robert Jackson13 days ago

    Haha Barkley. All bark and no bite. PIPPEN IS THE GREATEST!

  37. Božidar Jovanović

    Božidar Jovanović13 days ago

    Sir Charles was a Legend.Respect for one of the Greatest!

  38. tyrone R

    tyrone R13 days ago

    “The strength of 10 crack heads” I recognise this voice 😂😂😂😂 Love you videos man 👍👊🙏😂

  39. Orlando Wells

    Orlando Wells15 days ago

    Even if Chicago was to lose game 6 in Phoenix there was no way Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls were going to lose game 7 in Chicago regardless. Charles Barkley was not going to get his first championship win ever and that wasn't going to happen against the 90'S Era Chicago Bulls teams

  40. Bob S

    Bob S15 days ago

    I never thought barkley was such an asshole serves him right

  41. Manny

    Manny16 days ago

    Great video!

  42. Cody Woof

    Cody Woof16 days ago

    2 point field goals missed!

  43. Warhamster Gaming

    Warhamster Gaming16 days ago

    You don't seem to understand that trash talking is not always disrespect. It's part of the psychological battle these players wage on one another. At the end of everything, they shake hands, they hug, they congratulate the winners. That's respect. That's competition at the highest level. Barkley was no different.

  44. Khaimraj Samdeo

    Khaimraj Samdeo16 days ago

    Pippen is pro a legend one of the greatest players and a humble guy

  45. NYPRFT

    NYPRFT16 days ago

    What was Johnson thinking. Lob it up to Chuck for the game winning dunk on Pippin. Lost opportunity to posterize Pippin. Kevin Johnson fault totally.

  46. jamaal pete

    jamaal pete17 days ago

    We can't see his face but we know the look Barkley had on his face at that moment...the body language says it ALL lmao

  47. Michael Davis

    Michael Davis17 days ago

    Bulls had so many internal problems.

  48. Jason Bright

    Jason Bright18 days ago

    Some of the best videos on the NBA

  49. alice guarino

    alice guarino18 days ago

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  50. Natalie Panaro Stack

    Natalie Panaro Stack18 days ago

    I remember this! I just became a huge knick fan when I wandered into the living room where my dad & uncle were going nuts that the Knicks were winnin game 2 & I started watching & then the starks dunk ! I knew it was a special moment. I was hooked. Then chicago took us out 4 straight. So I knew of Barkley & I wanted the suns to win so bad so he could get his first ring & revenge on the Knicks plus jordan pippen & co had 2 rings. So sad that was sid Charles last chance. I picked watching bball at the right time esp as a new Yorker. Drama drama. Jordan was getting a lot of heat for being a gambling addict. When he played the Knicks the rabid ny reporters got a tip that jordan was down in Atlantic city about 2 or 3 hrs from nyc. This was bad bc he was alone drinking, & gambling at the tables for hours into the very early morning when he had game 2 later that evening. Jordan got totally outplayed by starks & the Knicks embarrassed the mighty bulls. Man the ny papers had a field day with the covers of the 2 major papers with the title " air is human " plus tons of surveillance footage with time stamps of jordan at the black jack tables. Jordan had a bad game & it's hard not to think being out all night drinking & gambling alone did not affect his play. He probably barely got any sleep & his mind was not on bball. Anyway the horror was his father soon after was murdered which was shocking. Right after his 3rd title. Mj said he retired bc his dad was killed & bc he & his dad loved baseball he was gonna go give that a try. It was all so shocking. All within a month the gambling stuff was all over ( I guess jordan did not have a team curfew bc he is mj then he wins his 3rd which no team had ever 3 peated since those celtics won like 11 titles. But a 3 peat ( couned & copywrited by pat riley after the lakers win back to backs in 87 & 88. ) jordan 's father shockingly murdered & then mj calls a press conference to announce in his prime & after 3 titles was walking away to go play baseball , which was made possible bc the bulls owner also owned the white Sox. He put him in triple a I guess. A lot of rumours were that bc of the gambling the nba & david stern told mj to take a break. It did not look great for them that the face of the now wholesome nba was being called a degenerate gambler. This theory made sense bc it was kinda crazy that a 29 year old mj was going to start a baseball career. Anyway I love your videos & u totally have a good voice to narrate sports docs. Finally I so miss when the nba was on nbc. & u made such a good point about how Barkley didnt know then that this moment was what defined his career. U know he maybe said to himself " theirs always next year " but that's why when u get to the finals u gotta give it everything u have bc u never know if that will be ur last chance which it was. Charles never made a finals again. I give him credit that when he went to houston past his prime when u really want that big contract to set u up for life he was paid only 1 million so houston could get pippen under the salary cap & pippen by his own fault signed a terrible contract that even the two Jerry's told him not to sign. He was young & wanted the security. He also was not yet the hof scottie pippen we came to know. Also his deal was front loaded meaning he got the bulk of the money the first few years than got the least amt the last few . 5 other bulls were earning more money than pippen. I think it killed him that in the 90s players started signing massive contracts, the first was larry Johnson's 84 million deal. Then in 96 when all the top players were free agents they got enormous contracts. Shaq got a 110 million dollar deal. Other top players got 10 to 20 million a season so scottie grew so very bitter when he was making 2 million a year & was a hof shoe in had 4 rings in 96 . I think it was so messed up the bulls did not tear up his contract & give him a huge raise. Man if kj just passed it to Aiden open under the basket Barkley for an easy dunk would have sent this to a game 7. That hurts.

  51. My Skin Is Black

    My Skin Is Black19 days ago

    What happened was Frank Johnson nutted, passed up an WIDE OPENED midrange, passed it to Dan Marlie who also nutted a wide opened midrange. Charles waited for the double team, got it, passed it, AND HIS TEAMMATES FAILED HIM. That's what happened. Should have been a game 7.


    WAYNE SMITH19 days ago

    ...CHUCK was ...MVP ...Get Over It...42 Points on Pippen & the Bulls . Not Two Shabby

  53. Gortekk

    Gortekk19 days ago

    Charles whos overhyped, he should stay chill and cold-blooded.

  54. Gortekk

    Gortekk19 days ago

    Compare this to now NBA :D Refs will be T people all the time.

  55. Commander Waffles

    Commander Waffles20 days ago

    80's to the early 2000's was the best time to be a basketball fan. Now I'm almost 43 and I miss those days.

  56. robmaxwell2

    robmaxwell220 days ago

    Gosh KJ should've lobbed it to Chuck a few seconds earlier...

  57. TLJthethird

    TLJthethird20 days ago

    Poor Charles. He had a wide open lob, yet his teammate decided to act like an idiot.

  58. Han Chiang

    Han Chiang20 days ago

    If ur thinking about talking trash. How do u focus on winning?

  59. san 24

    san 2421 day ago

    Scottie is one of my favorite players

  60. Gaza Never

    Gaza Never21 day ago

    Shouldn't be a surprise for anyone older than 35 years old 🤣 Pip didn't HAVE to score 30ppg; he along with Jordan and Harper always turned it on in the 3rd quarter and clamped down on D the year they went 72-10. But he was more than capable of giving you buckets at any time though.

  61. William Ivery

    William Ivery21 day ago

    Scottie pippen and Michael Jordan. I'm surprised they didn't win more championships.

  62. Rs3 Lee

    Rs3 Lee21 day ago

    then imagine charles signing with the bulls to win 2 rings

  63. sactown steelers

    sactown steelers21 day ago

    You must be a bull fan pippin didn't score paxson did Pippin didn't hold him your about the only one who put big boots on Pippin he wouldn't have won anything if it wasn't for jordan Barkley trashed talked pippin cos pippin ain't in barkley's class

  64. Michael Manning

    Michael Manning21 day ago

    Awesome video man Scottie Pippen is my favorite player of all time, it's good to see a video with Pip over Jordan for once lol

  65. RS 11

    RS 1122 days ago

    As a OG Laker fan from 1973-present, YOU CAN TALK SH#+ TO WHOMEVER YOU WANT "BULLS, C3LTICKS, PISTONS" , Whoever you want, JUST BAC THAT SH#+ UP. "17" 💍s says I'm right. Jordan had legs and a chin like everyone else. By the way the true G.O.A.T is none other than KAREEM ABDUL-JABAAR.

  66. J. Wellington

    J. Wellington23 days ago

    I can't stand either of them.

  67. Gato

    Gato24 days ago


  68. Chrizzly McCool

    Chrizzly McCool24 days ago

    Jordan took it personal?🤤🤤😛

  69. Alx

    Alx25 days ago

    Scottie has been one of the best players to ever played this game, just Like Charles, but honestly, without MJ the Bulls would have lost to Charles Barkley's suns in my opinión. Oh man, this NBA was so competitive, it was really hard to score.

  70. Marcus Taylor

    Marcus Taylor25 days ago

    Hey!!!! Charlene Barkley!!!!! How many rings you got

  71. Marcus Taylor

    Marcus Taylor25 days ago

    Charles, I mean Charlene Barkley

  72. Mike Jonez

    Mike Jonez26 days ago

    Man pip had to deal with mj in practice lol Barkley was nothing

  73. Stephanie Malley

    Stephanie Malley26 days ago

    Charles should shut up 😶

  74. Mark Crandley

    Mark Crandley26 days ago

    Damn man, this is excellent work. Takes me right back to it,

  75. Mark Crandley

    Mark Crandley26 days ago

    I feel like this series is seriously underestimated historically. It was yet another Bulls win in 6. But it was an absolute war to live through.

  76. Robert Francis

    Robert Francis27 days ago

    Triangle never failed

  77. CREEDO

    CREEDO27 days ago

    *nice just a story about ppl who lack the skillset trash talk to an extent and be a god at it like me, and just them being recycled and cornballs smfh...* LMFAO FRRR THO YO LOOL

  78. Vince Padilla

    Vince Padilla27 days ago

    Great video

  79. Damon Foxworth

    Damon Foxworth27 days ago


  80. Laura Maric

    Laura Maric27 days ago

    When Rodman pushed Pip out of the court, man i would go nuts if i were Pip, but he stayed so calm i couldn't believe it for real. He has such an amazing mentality. A good voice too lol.

  81. Mr No Weapon

    Mr No Weapon27 days ago

    I think Pippen got the best of him Pippen has 6 Barkley has No rings......

  82. Mr No Weapon

    Mr No Weapon27 days ago

    Pippen has 6 RINGS .Barkley. 0 . bye!!!!...Charles

  83. Mr No Weapon

    Mr No Weapon27 days ago

    Talking trash goes right uslikes.info/house/fYSlzLx80IR6n7o/video.html .. O My God

  84. Brian Bower

    Brian Bower27 days ago

    Barkley way better then pippen would help if Barkley had a Jordan on his team to take pressure of him but instead had KJ and 3D Dan

  85. Ron Jaime

    Ron Jaime27 days ago

    Charles wasn't a bulley, he just thought he was bigger and better than he actually was. Lmao

  86. TooEasy KHO

    TooEasy KHO27 days ago

    The battle of positioning inside the paint is so good in the 90s that you can see the difference in today's nba.

  87. TimrodTV

    TimrodTV27 days ago

    And it ended with a hug between the two

  88. TimrodTV

    TimrodTV27 days ago

    This is 90s basketball at it's finest

  89. Benjamln Lewis

    Benjamln Lewis27 days ago

    Some people will always b Brides Maid. Go Figure

  90. Edwin Remo

    Edwin Remo28 days ago

    Pa shout Out po idol.

  91. Chilo Gladney

    Chilo Gladney29 days ago

    He goin cry in locker room 😭😭😡

  92. J H

    J H29 days ago

    Gotta love the 90's

  93. zeitesixx

    zeitesixx29 days ago

    Great great video , this is great as fuck!!!

  94. David Pereira Bastos

    David Pereira BastosMonth ago

    Thank you so much for this. I remember this episode so well. I was trying to find a video on this for some time. Only one aspect I wanted to check: the moments, after the Bulls win, when Barkley complimented and talked to Michael and Pippen and what might have been said there.

  95. BlueSkyTradingLLC

    BlueSkyTradingLLCMonth ago

    Scottie was the x factor of every championship.

  96. Danill Spencer

    Danill SpencerMonth ago

    It’s in the rule book 😂

  97. Ivanvlogz

    IvanvlogzMonth ago

    Charles Barking.

  98. wilbur dyer

    wilbur dyerMonth ago

    First off GREAT VIDEO... now I totally disagree with this, that it was Barkley... Even at the end of this game, up by two with the ball, did no one pay attention to DAN MARLEY , laying a goose egg with a airball.. to force a shot clock violation.. also you said that out of 32 times, barkley got the best of pippen 27 of them.. also barkley avg 27.3 a game that series pippen was 21.2...... the ex factor was jordan who avg 41 a game that series.... So it wasnt the trash talking from barkley, it was JORDAN and the rest of the bulls....

  99. snarkleton26

    snarkleton26Month ago

    Kobe abused an aging Pippen. Then again, Kobe was also way better than a braggadocio Charles Barkley.

  100. Mackandal

    MackandalMonth ago

    Wow! Great package, narration etc

  101. Norton G Williams

    Norton G WilliamsMonth ago

    All those battles with the Pistons and up and coming Knicks teams had the Bulls way battle tested for Barkley and Suns in that Finals........ They should of gotten swept.......

  102. Pius222

    Pius222Month ago

    say what you want, chuck on Inside the NBA is the best thing on TV period.

  103. Felipe Castro

    Felipe CastroMonth ago

    Horace Grant a beast!

  104. jay mac

    jay macMonth ago

    Marv Albert pippen with the step! Oh, What A Move by Scottie Pippen!!!!

  105. Steno Bain

    Steno BainMonth ago

    They dont make them like Marv anymore. I used to love hearing oh what a spectacular move by so and so or what a sensational move by whomever mostly Jordan though lol

  106. Travis Wallace

    Travis WallaceMonth ago

    This is pretty ridiculous. Barkley wasn’t guarding Pippen once in any of the highlights when Pippen was scoring points. On the winning three, Ainge was the player out of position - not Barkley. On the non-lob pass to win the game, Barkley did his job - KJ didn’t pass it. Also, Pippen has ZERO championships without MJ. This kid needs to learn about basketball before making such awful videos.