When A Man Becomes A Legend

Long Live Mamba
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  1. JxmyHighroller

    JxmyHighrollerYear ago

    Hope y’all enjoy. Put my whole heart into this one. Long Live Mamba. The one and only, Kobe Bryant 🐍

  2. vararain turner

    vararain turner15 days ago

    Amazing job. Couldn't have done this any better.

  3. Alexander Amar

    Alexander AmarMonth ago

    Let me tell you something, I have been fan of yours for quite sometime but this has made a superfan. Some get this guy in ESPN show cause that was brilliant and probably the best explanation of the greatest basketball player ever. Point blank. So thank you for this 📹 video

  4. Eriberto Lopez

    Eriberto LopezMonth ago

    Thank you for making this. Remembering Kobe just makes me realize how much of a hero and example he was to me. I always looked up to Kobe because he would work twice as hard even though he was twice as talented. You always hear about the potential of athletes retrospectively and hear about their true potential or what could have been. However, with Kobe I knew that he took it to the limit every year and there would be no question of what could have been because he put in the work and let his performance speak for itself. I needed someone like that to show me to not waste your talent, and that hardwork and building mental toughness will chisel the greatness out of you. RIP Kobe and Gigi

  5. Villanueva, Jose Angelo M.

    Villanueva, Jose Angelo M.Month ago

    Rest in peace mamba🐍😭💜💛

  6. Zach Prows

    Zach Prows2 months ago

    @Vegas Hoopers why should he do it 4 free?

  7. Official mighty Notorious aka gdubb

    Official mighty Notorious aka gdubb6 hours ago

    It's been almost a year ago since Kobe and his daughter Gigi died from a helicopter crash (happy 1 yr anniversary)RIP 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  8. Official mighty Notorious aka gdubb

    Official mighty Notorious aka gdubb7 hours ago

    Kobe BRYANT black mamba never been forgotten R.I.P.(1978-2020)🐍🐍🐍😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢🌹🌹🌹🌹

  9. Creepy Tom

    Creepy Tom9 hours ago

    Michael is better

  10. Kareem Forbes

    Kareem Forbes2 days ago

    I Love Kobe but he did have a father that played in the NBA so he came from somewhere

  11. internet kid

    internet kid2 days ago

    I still can't believe he's gone

  12. Eric DNO

    Eric DNO3 days ago

    Rest easy Kob

  13. Oshwaflz

    Oshwaflz3 days ago

    kobe will always be MY goat, not because of attributes, its unfair to compare that stuff accross decades, but because of the mindset. Never give up. Never stop fighting. Jordan and bron had natural talent and yet kobes one of the best to play without that. Hes like the damn batman of basketball.

  14. Marko Cmrk

    Marko Cmrk3 days ago

    it's been over a year now and it feels like you never left, that's how big you were... rip mamba and thank you

  15. Justin Truth

    Justin Truth3 days ago

    He wasn't that good lol. Sorry fangirls. He was a volume shooter who took alot of bad shots and didn't make them consistently. Just let him go in peace.

  16. Luke Figlia

    Luke Figlia5 days ago

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  17. Aiden Loss

    Aiden Loss5 days ago

    He accidentally won a Oscar

  18. Chandler Rodgers

    Chandler Rodgers6 days ago

    I wish I saw him in person...

  19. PhantomARP

    PhantomARP6 days ago

    I love how at 7:01 Kobe is just walking and looks like he's thinking "well this hurts" And RIP Kobe

  20. Iceman Gambino

    Iceman Gambino8 days ago


  21. Nick Fisher

    Nick Fisher9 days ago

    For the “Mamba Day,” make players wear 24 or 8 on the back of their jerseys and their regular numbers on the front

  22. FearQ8i

    FearQ8i9 days ago

    im from kuwait , and in kuwait basketball isnt famous as it is in the us and not many like it nor practice it here , but the first time i watched basketball was because of kobe , when i saw his shots and the moves and the passes , i immediately fell in love with basketball and continued to watch and play basketball myself and addicted to it , Kobe was really different. may the soul of the black mamba rest in peace

  23. chuyazo52

    chuyazo5210 days ago

    Loved this tribute!!!! My son and I are musicians and on the fateful day of the crash, we were performing in a church festivity. While taking a break, I then got a txt message from my other son saying that Kobe had died in a helicopter crash. I thought that it was an internet hoax but sadly, as I checked other sources, it all was true. When my son and I finished our performance, we sat in the car and cried!!! We will forever remember Kobe and Gigi and how they left a mark in this world, even though their stay was so brief...Desanze en paz Kobe, Gigi and the rest of the passengers 🙏🙏

  24. Bekhruz Tursunboev

    Bekhruz Tursunboev10 days ago

    Agree with that logo change stuff

  25. Eyup Kyyasov

    Eyup Kyyasov10 days ago

    I will be Kobe Bryant the clone 😏

  26. William Ho

    William Ho11 days ago

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  27. Rob G

    Rob G11 days ago

    10:25 it’s crazy how Kobe wasn’t put on the first or second NBA all-defensive or NBA all-offensive teams in 2005. Must have been during that scandal going on but he definitely had the stats for it.

  28. Jacob Celmer

    Jacob Celmer12 days ago

    I find Kobe on my mind more than I would have thought because even though he never knew it, he helped me to become something more than I ever thought possible for myself. So, everyday I try and honor Kobe's memory the only way I think he'd want - by going harder.

  29. Mr.Slushie

    Mr.Slushie12 days ago

    rip koby

  30. Binara Widyaratne

    Binara Widyaratne13 days ago

    With Kobe clips you don’t even have to show the ball going in

  31. Umb O

    Umb O14 days ago

    Like my friend said, he took that tiny ball and put it in that big hole time and time again, on television, and for that reason we should ignore any other aspect of his life and just focus: Focus more. He put a tiny ball. In a hole. Thousands of times. On television.

  32. eoinc gmf

    eoinc gmf15 days ago

    Its sad the nba still hasnt done anything

  33. vararain turner

    vararain turner15 days ago

    Great job!

  34. flash on pc 父

    flash on pc 父15 days ago

    just now saw this vid amazing

  35. Reyter

    Reyter18 days ago

    i dont think hes the best but he is god tier 100%

  36. Travis Tchokotieu

    Travis Tchokotieu20 days ago

    Rest in Peace The one and only, Kobe Bryant 🐍

  37. Gary Becks

    Gary Becks22 days ago

    Very well said, Sir. Thank you. I am broken. Kobe da GOAT #MambaMentality

  38. See You On A Dark Night

    See You On A Dark Night22 days ago

    The day after Kobe's passing, the 7th grade girl's team that I was coaching lost 24 to 8. The gym fell silent for a couple of minutes after the final buzzer.

  39. Adrien Pinard

    Adrien Pinard24 days ago

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  40. moopflip

    moopflip24 days ago

    I thought enough time had passed for this to not affect me, yet here I am sitting at my desk with tears in my eyes. Truth is, there is no amount of time that could make the loss of Kobe Bean Bryant hurt any less. Kobe, you will forever be my GOAT. Beautiful video.

  41. Nick Duke

    Nick Duke26 days ago

    Legends don't have bad records like the most missed shots. Eff him the world is better off

  42. Christian Boyd

    Christian Boyd26 days ago

    Beautiful video😇

  43. Jarrod Steve

    Jarrod Steve28 days ago

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  44. Tom Sawyer

    Tom Sawyer28 days ago

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  45. Tom Higgins

    Tom Higgins29 days ago

    Most people only say he’s the goat cus he’s dead

  46. • REViEW & REACT

    • REViEW & REACT29 days ago

    Bro that 8 and 24 idea along with a Kobe logo are absolutely genius! RIP KB!

  47. Jacob Manak

    Jacob ManakMonth ago

    Man I always just wanted to copy all his moves and I did and I still do

  48. Miles Dyett

    Miles DyettMonth ago

    Jesus, this video still gives me chills.... Kobe, 1/26 still one of the saddest days of my life.

  49. LoW KiE

    LoW KiEMonth ago

    He wasnt the 2nd Michael Jordan He was the first Kobe Bean Bryant

  50. MYthic Gamer

    MYthic GamerMonth ago

    im sorry but to everyone that says LeBron is at Jordan's level no kobe is at Jordan's level I mean look how Michael Jordan and kobe Bryant led their teams to greatness staying on one team for years LeBron had jumped team to team over and over again

  51. Deacon Saint Johns

    Deacon Saint JohnsMonth ago

    The pain in his voice is the saddest part of all

  52. Brandon Nien

    Brandon NienMonth ago

    i'm so speechless even rn.... rest well kobe thank you soo muchhhh we can't thank you enough forever......

  53. Danny A

    Danny AMonth ago

    this video was made on my bday and i will watch it every single year forever

  54. Adrian Dondo

    Adrian DondoMonth ago

    Kobe look kinda like Tupac early in his career

  55. Saransh Goel

    Saransh GoelMonth ago

    It has been one year and we all still miss him

  56. Isaac hope

    Isaac hopeMonth ago

    back for Kobe day

  57. Roni Smith

    Roni SmithMonth ago

    who's better Duncan or Kobe

  58. UnknownElite305

    UnknownElite305Month ago

    RIP Mamba

  59. Mars Tardo

    Mars TardoMonth ago

    new logo kobe super awesome!

  60. Kobe Bean The GOAT

    Kobe Bean The GOATMonth ago

    I would give up my house to watch this man ball again.....for real

  61. Jeanette Boze

    Jeanette BozeMonth ago

    R.I.P. Also who else is here a year he died

  62. Saverio Chiarella

    Saverio ChiarellaMonth ago

    Who is back watching it again because they never left

  63. Anson Liang

    Anson LiangMonth ago


  64. Khyshon Blackshear

    Khyshon BlackshearMonth ago

    Matt Barnes: I’m end this dude’s career Kobe Bryant: am I a joke to you🤣

  65. Robert Kealiher

    Robert KealiherMonth ago

    Who is here on the one year anniversary? His death just feels like yesterday. RIP to Kobe and Gigi and to everyone else who passed. We all miss you Kobe

  66. Bradley Trinh

    Bradley TrinhMonth ago

    Anyone else watching exactly one year after he died

  67. Jeremy Subasic

    Jeremy SubasicMonth ago

    Can't believe it's been a year already man. Rest in Peace Kobe and GiGI

  68. Graeme MacInnis

    Graeme MacInnisMonth ago

    Back again for my Kobe day rewatch💜🐍

  69. Levi Clark

    Levi ClarkMonth ago

    Man now that it's been a year😣

  70. ayrton adoro

    ayrton adoroMonth ago

    Cant believe its been a year, RIP GOAT

  71. oliver woodward

    oliver woodwardMonth ago

    1 year on, RIP mamba🐍♾

  72. Adrien Pinard

    Adrien PinardMonth ago

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  73. Lil Yarak69

    Lil Yarak69Month ago

    The saddest 1 year anniversary ive ever witnessed........

  74. Conservative Stoner

    Conservative Stoner4 days ago

    I mean is it though? The man left a legacy that will never be forgotten and will always have a place in the heart of millions. Think about the tons of people that pass and no one gives a damn the only ones that remember them are they’re loved ones and they eventually get forgotten. “We all die. The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will “ - Chuck Palahniuk

  75. Daveon Marcus

    Daveon Marcus11 days ago

    Yeah 😞

  76. Renjolo Bagunu

    Renjolo BagunuMonth ago

    1year of kobes and jijis death

  77. Mystic Xotic

    Mystic XoticMonth ago

    It's already been a full year since kobe died, let that sink in

  78. jasmeh the smart boy

    jasmeh the smart boyMonth ago

    1 year later... dam

  79. BlizzyOW

    BlizzyOWMonth ago

    Saw this vid almost exactly year after his death. I teared up tho. LONG LIVE MAMBA

  80. Mac 'N Cheese

    Mac 'N CheeseMonth ago

    364 Days ago, we lost an amazing basketball player, father, story teller, and person. We miss you Mamba. RIP.

  81. Namokus

    NamokusMonth ago

    we'll never forget the mamba

  82. אופק טל

    אופק טלMonth ago

    Mannnn I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since... Mann I miss that guy... R.I.P #mamba

  83. Eriberto Lopez

    Eriberto LopezMonth ago

    I miss you Kobe RIP

  84. t

    tMonth ago

    Kobe was the definition of how hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard

  85. M G

    M GMonth ago

    Kobe taught me to always play with a chip on my shoulder and be a dog. And for that I’m forever grateful#MAMBAFOREVER

  86. Joshua Dela Cruz

    Joshua Dela CruzMonth ago

    I'm from the generation that yells "Kobe!" whenever we shoot the basketball. Damn! That was a very good moment of my life.

  87. Omni King

    Omni KingMonth ago

    His death stare is scarier than anything

  88. Kratik Solanki

    Kratik SolankiMonth ago

    What Lakers could do is name the court after him until someone greater than him comes and leave which is almost impossible

  89. Juraj Smiljanec

    Juraj SmiljanecMonth ago

    I mean yeah, but my idol drazen petrovic died in middle if his prime and nobody thought about retiring number 3 soooo...

  90. John Iak

    John IakMonth ago

    I feel guilty for not knowing the person behind the name Kobe . I feel guilty that the guy had to die for me to learn more about him . Even after he passed he motivated me and probably others to love the game , the process to becoming better in and out the court . I may have never seen him play a game but I feel honored to know his legacy . I'm never going to forget who you were and still are for me . R.I.P. Kobe and Gigi , you will be remembered

  91. Renjolo Bagunu

    Renjolo BagunuMonth ago

  92. Ben Magleby

    Ben MaglebyMonth ago

    This is the greatest video I have ever seen.

  93. JR Spliff

    JR SpliffMonth ago

    Alright bois, it’s almost been a year since Kobe has died. Let’s make this a tradition to comeback to this video every January 26th so we can remember the emotion put on this video and the legend that was Kobe Bryant

  94. Im on crack Son

    Im on crack Son19 days ago


  95. Storm Productions

    Storm ProductionsMonth ago

    Dang it im late by one day.didnt even know this video existed

  96. Leon Horvatić

    Leon HorvatićMonth ago

    It's sad that he died, but please don't hate me after i say this. He wouldn't die if he was going to TRAINING, basketball training by car not helicopter.

  97. Molly Ortiz

    Molly OrtizMonth ago

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  98. W for Wavy

    W for WavyMonth ago

    could of had 7 rings but bitch ass ben wallace and rondo

  99. Ballislifeali69

    Ballislifeali69Month ago


  100. Tomato sauce

    Tomato sauceMonth ago

    When Kobe Bryant died, a pice of me woke up.

  101. Art Vandelay

    Art VandelayMonth ago

    In two weeks it'll be a year to Kobe passing. I'm still heartbroken. Everyday. I miss you Kobe.

  102. Im on crack Son

    Im on crack Son19 days ago


  103. Villanueva, Jose Angelo M.

    Villanueva, Jose Angelo M.Month ago


  104. Elijah Hagan

    Elijah HaganMonth ago

    This video, was the most powerful thing I have heard about Kobe since he passes I thank you for this Inspirational incredible video. R.I.P mamba

  105. Jacob Raber

    Jacob RaberMonth ago

    I wish I could have seen him play.

  106. Day And Night

    Day And NightMonth ago

    When people die we raise them to a higher position out of empathy, he is one of the best of all time, that's the highest title he can get, not essentially GOAT though, if MJ died we would say even crazier things. He doesn't need to be the GOAT to be loved, he impacted us at a young age because he came in the 2000's era, he is essentially OUR generations MJ, time wise. People who watched MJ live are at least 45 years old right now, same things happen every other generation, just wait till Lebron is the GOAT and everyone treats Kobe like a nobody Bill Russell "oh he was good in his time maybe the best but "X" is better because "Y"". Familiarity is huge on democracy, when we all "vote" for who is the GOAT and use our memories, we think back during good times, time where even if we did not watch said player we would have nostalgia for, combine that with statistics and you have an explanation into why that person is like no other even though they learned everything they know from others and played withs.

  107. James Fernandez

    James FernandezMonth ago

    I can’t believe this was 11 months ago.

  108. KeyZsaWake

    KeyZsaWake2 months ago

    Those 526 dislikes are from those who have given up on themself.


    KOBE LIVES2 months ago

    Almost a year Kobe rest up with Gigi

  110. Anna Riverade

    Anna Riverade2 months ago

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  111. adhil mehmud

    adhil mehmud2 months ago

    RIP legend