$tupid Young, Blueface & Mike Sherm - Suppose To (Official Video)

Listen to the single "Suppose To". Out now!
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#StupidYoung #Blueface #MikeSherm
Official music video by $tupid Young, Blueface & Mike Sherm - Suppose To © 2020 AFFICIALS / EMPIRE


  1. bandit

    banditHour ago

    This slap fo real

  2. Nereida Lpz

    Nereida Lpz5 hours ago

    They was in blue face house?


    MIKE DALLAS8 hours ago

    Respect to mike Sherm keep it 100 for real, comin together FUCK YEH

  4. Dark Hail

    Dark Hail8 hours ago

    Blueface still garbage 🗑️

  5. Litos and mom

    Litos and momDay ago

    That beat...

  6. Karla Lepe

    Karla LepeDay ago

    so we not gonna talk about the way blue face pulling their shirts up lol

  7. ReallyMichael

    ReallyMichaelDay ago

    I swear they don’t want us Asians to make it and be under a diff spotlight!!. Big bro young should’ve blown up even more!! SHEESHH

  8. rapper2149

    rapper2149Day ago

    He got a shitty record deal that’s why. If he had a better deal they would of push this song to play listing like rap Cavier and more promotion.

  9. Bobby Hill

    Bobby HillDay ago

    My lil brother introduced me to Young’s music. I lost him in a quad accident in October up in apple valley. He woulda loved this banger. Bumpin this loud so he hears it. RIP Adam. Miss you daily my guy

  10. Bobby Hill

    Bobby Hill10 hours ago

    @D H 🙏🏽 appreciate that. 2020 sucked

  11. D H

    D H10 hours ago

    Blessings your way bruh 🙏🏻

  12. Bobby Hill

    Bobby Hill13 hours ago

    @blickyman thanks my dude. I miss his ass. My smoking buddy. My ride or die.

  13. blickyman

    blickyman13 hours ago

    rip bro bro

  14. Barry Senesoupha

    Barry SenesouphaDay ago

    $tupid Young with the hardest hooks 🪝

  15. Young tofu

    Young tofuDay ago


  16. laker 4 Life

    laker 4 LifeDay ago

    Only if blue face wasnt on here it wouldve been a gem....hard song though...

  17. M D

    M D2 days ago

    Blue face ruins every song.even when its his own songs

  18. Andrew Christopher

    Andrew Christopher2 days ago

    Blue face was in for 25 seconds half was mumble


    DRDR3ADSA2 days ago

    Stupid Young: Just doin what i'm spposed to Roy Keane: that's his job

  20. AlvYenom

    AlvYenom2 days ago

    Who the models tho 🥱😟

  21. Ragnar Lothbrok

    Ragnar Lothbrok2 days ago

    Cooooooooool !!!!!!!

  22. Let’s Run It

    Let’s Run It3 days ago

    Sheeesh mando bro 🔥

  23. Christian Anguiano

    Christian Anguiano3 days ago


  24. Fr3ddy Films

    Fr3ddy Films3 days ago

    go watch my music vid

  25. TheDream

    TheDream3 days ago

    Whose the asian girl

  26. Fernando Diaz

    Fernando Diaz3 days ago

    Blueface fucking sucked. Don’t get me wrong this song slaps, just blue face killed it. Anybody feel the same way?

  27. Daniel Lowkz

    Daniel Lowkz3 days ago

    Mike sherm the hardest on this song 🙌🙌

  28. Luko22

    Luko223 days ago


  29. Joseph Rivera

    Joseph Rivera3 days ago

    Asain foo goes the hardest the other foos got lame ass bars no mames

  30. Leak Soy

    Leak Soy4 days ago

    Blue face is gay

  31. KidBiscotti

    KidBiscotti4 days ago

    Blue face’s verse was a flop no cap.

  32. Anthony Rinn

    Anthony Rinn4 days ago

    Mike took it

  33. james thompson

    james thompson4 days ago

    Blue face fucked this up he don’t go hard on beats like this this is a street beat blue face need a main stream beat like lyrical Lemonade

  34. elvine ojiambo

    elvine ojiambo4 days ago

    that bay bounce fireee

  35. TARJoker 17 TARJoker 17

    TARJoker 17 TARJoker 175 days ago

    Че за китаец

  36. Chloe Donovan

    Chloe Donovan5 days ago


  37. chancedane

    chancedane5 days ago

    WHY hasn't this blown up yet??

  38. Charly Elias

    Charly Elias5 days ago

    Son shoreline mafia

  39. For Fun

    For Fun6 days ago

    Why he saying nigga tho

  40. Andre Williams

    Andre Williams6 days ago

    The immense illegal hemodynamically heal because grill distally nod unto a malicious ellipse. knotty, hapless sailboat

  41. Paula Vanessa

    Paula Vanessa6 days ago


  42. Bosxz Julius

    Bosxz Julius6 days ago



    GBK_4LIFE BAY AREA7 days ago

    Sherm came from futures wit SOB X RBE now to blueface

  44. PolishPat

    PolishPat7 days ago


  45. Mark Flores

    Mark Flores8 days ago

    C'mon blueface lol

  46. daeja chantha

    daeja chantha8 days ago


  47. daniel dominguez

    daniel dominguez8 days ago

    Stupid young need to keep them glasses on 🥸

  48. Jon Doe

    Jon Doe8 days ago

    all this BAY to LA slap go hard!!! THE WEST need to stay tapped in from sac to the bay to la

  49. ::

    ::5 days ago

    how u not gonna mention long beach when stupid young right there lol

  50. Cas

    Cas8 days ago

    Stupid young go hard

  51. Alex De Luna

    Alex De Luna8 days ago

    Whole fucking 2021

  52. Francisco Lagunas

    Francisco Lagunas9 days ago

    Young and Mike are good props

  53. Ромко Схацький

    Ромко Схацький9 days ago


  54. justin carel

    justin carel10 days ago

    Who else like the song until blue face came up

  55. Boosted Daily

    Boosted Daily5 days ago

    Yup, skip that part

  56. Anthony Sanchez

    Anthony Sanchez7 days ago

    It still goes hard

  57. Joey Hernandez

    Joey Hernandez10 days ago

    She know ima dog all I’m tryna do is bone 🐶 🦴 🦴 🦴 🦴🦴 🦴

  58. Charm Charmizardd

    Charm Charmizardd10 days ago

    OMG they killed Kenny

  59. Pfau Matthew

    Pfau Matthew10 days ago

    This could be in gta 6

  60. Karon Burke

    Karon Burke10 days ago

    Banger frfr😬👂🏾

  61. FeliciaTheCreator z

    FeliciaTheCreator z10 days ago


  62. Victor R. del Llano ll

    Victor R. del Llano ll10 days ago

    From tha Bay to LA ya heard !

  63. Y Kings

    Y Kings11 days ago

    MS 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Uff 💯💯💯💋

  64. Jay dee HP

    Jay dee HP11 days ago

    I Ain’t listen to stupid young in a minute

  65. Steelers Nation

    Steelers Nation11 days ago

    Stupid young go crazy

  66. Mister Rico

    Mister Rico11 days ago


  67. john hour

    john hour11 days ago

    Mike Sherm is wacc

  68. Karl Ross

    Karl Ross11 days ago

    I dont listen to that goofy fool Blueface but he went in on this song!

  69. Alwaysontyme

    Alwaysontyme11 days ago


  70. Regis Sanders

    Regis Sanders11 days ago

    "Bitch you gotta go this ain't no kickback" LMAAAOOOO

  71. Juice Unlocked

    Juice Unlocked11 days ago

    Gasss 👍 LB going up w this ☝️ 🔥

  72. TTV 5hoenix

    TTV 5hoenix12 days ago


  73. ???????

    ???????12 days ago

    blueface kinda ruined it

  74. Welders Inc. Llc2003

    Welders Inc. Llc200312 days ago


  75. Yungdav890 K

    Yungdav890 K12 days ago

    Stupid young been dropping heat this year 😭‼️


    TONYTHA SHOTTA12 days ago


  77. Mongchong 123

    Mongchong 12312 days ago

    Damn 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  78. david wilson

    david wilson12 days ago

    WESTCOAST California

  79. FreshXiV

    FreshXiV12 days ago

    Where da version without black face?


    MORRMILLI13 days ago

    $tupid young goes $tupid hard on his verse tbh

  81. DBOI-G 707

    DBOI-G 70713 days ago

    Mike sherm stay gass in

  82. Spideropk

    Spideropk13 days ago

    where is the guy with the grey shorts tho

  83. liltbone

    liltbone13 days ago

    No matter what, u cannot like this.

  84. James Chaidez

    James Chaidez13 days ago

    Blue face ruined the whole song 🤦🏻💯

  85. BenSOMC

    BenSOMC14 days ago

    Mike sherm always keep it real. I met him 3 years ago in front of my house on 4th of July 😂🅿️

  86. June ZillA

    June ZillA14 days ago

    Just here for Mike Sherman verse

  87. Raul Rubio

    Raul Rubio14 days ago

    Flo is nice af

  88. Ryan Cha

    Ryan Cha14 days ago

    Stupid young? How can I purchase me Afficials shirt or sweater?

  89. Jule Casey

    Jule Casey15 days ago

    West Coast is da best coast

  90. Brick

    Brick15 days ago

    NIPPLE 2:41

  91. Rapmagic Deleon

    Rapmagic Deleon15 days ago

    Crazy how blueface pulled stupid young like a pupper by his shirt.

  92. david beatz

    david beatz11 days ago

    Bruh how stupid young say nigga and still walk? Fake ass gangster😂😂😂

  93. Liil Trell

    Liil Trell15 days ago


  94. conf1cius W

    conf1cius W15 days ago

    This my favourite blueface tune

  95. Ioapo Taito

    Ioapo Taito15 days ago

    This is the hit for 2021🔥🔥

  96. SirSmoke Alot

    SirSmoke Alot15 days ago


  97. Damon Brooks

    Damon Brooks15 days ago

    The only ones Ik is mike Sherman & blue face first dude 🤷🏾‍♂️

  98. LB Rambo 562

    LB Rambo 56216 days ago

    🖕🏽Apple 🍎 Heads

  99. #ProdReckless

    #ProdReckless16 days ago

    #mikesherm held it down 💯 but #blueface ruined it. Can we get this guy outta hip hop please? He's not even good. Im tired of hearing his shitty bars. Idc if he's popular - #blueface sucks, and I ain't tryna hear it. I wanna hear talent. Get the stick figure off the track #wannabe if I wanna listen to bullshit id rather listen to the news instead.

  100. Jonathan Wiernucki

    Jonathan Wiernucki17 days ago

    Blue face killed it

  101. Is dat monke

    Is dat monke17 days ago

    I rlly typed “Blueface with asians”

  102. 1takeandre on ig

    1takeandre on ig12 days ago

    bruhhh 🤣🤣😭

  103. Kaan

    Kaan14 days ago





  105. No Bueno

    No Bueno18 days ago

    Blueface just got certified

  106. JPDR

    JPDR18 days ago

    Blueface is always killing it. Always!

  107. Uriel Real

    Uriel Real18 days ago

    Mike sherm and fenix gonna come out with TWINZ

  108. adam vo

    adam vo19 days ago


  109. William Porter

    William Porter19 days ago

    Sometimes I just lay in bed and think 💭 I’m a carrot 🥕


    NARUTO LOVER19 days ago

    Wayooooo firee

  111. Playamack K

    Playamack K19 days ago

    This visual go crazy