Gorilla Documentary - Gorillas: 98.6% Human | Explore Films

A gorilla experience like no other, Explore founder Charlie Annenberg travels to Rwanda to bring us up close to these gentle creatures. Through breathtaking footage of gorillas and the mystical mountains they call home - and guidance from Craig Sholley of African Wildlife Foundation - Charlie learns about efforts to preserve gorillas while feeling the adrenaline rush of a close encounter.
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  1. Jimmy Smokestack

    Jimmy Smokestack11 hours ago

    Gordon Ramsay: you DONKEY! Gorilla: Come again? Gordon: sorry, chef. thank you , chef.

  2. kayanihati

    kayanihatiDay ago

    Everyone listens to the Silverback This is where toxic masculinity began. What these researchers need to do is find a way to impose equality in these gorills families.

  3. Old man

    Old manDay ago

    I'd love to hang out with gorillas. I'll stay the hell away from chimps and humans though. Crazy and dangerous.

  4. Arif

    Arif2 days ago

    Looking at these animals is just incredible and awesome. I love gorillas

  5. Blake lerma

    Blake lerma3 days ago

    I just envisioned myself getting killed by a tiger in the jungle

  6. lee lunk

    lee lunk3 days ago


  7. Harrison Peterkin

    Harrison Peterkin3 days ago

    13:47 "cap!"

  8. justin jones

    justin jones4 days ago

    425 pound 14 year old male who split from his old family and started a new one.... IRL this is a dude you would avoid but here in the jungles of Africa you want to walk into his area????

  9. Sunny Ke'Tila

    Sunny Ke'Tila5 days ago

    “Humans are 98,6% Gorillas.” What would that sentence mean scientifically ?

  10. David MacDonald

    David MacDonald6 days ago

    David Crosby is looking good too .

  11. David MacDonald

    David MacDonald6 days ago

    Will Ferrell looks pretty young here.

  12. David A

    David A6 days ago

    Watching them in there habitat is amazing all animals should be free not captive

  13. MTAE

    MTAE6 days ago

    This is dangerous propaganda. Gorillas are killing machines. Three months after this documentary, the guy with the mustache went to live with this group, alone. He challenged the Silverback for the leadership role and was killed in 10 seconds. There is a great documentary about the attempt to recover his body called More Banana Than Human.

  14. Daniel Webb

    Daniel Webb6 days ago

    Hipster tool :6:30 you know it’s interesting we call these beautiful animals savage. Silverback: rips his arms off his torso and jerks off on his corpse. Hipster tool: At LEasT TheYRe VeGeTaRIAn.

  15. João Ferrine

    João Ferrine7 days ago

    monki protecc

  16. Yh, Whatever

    Yh, Whatever7 days ago

    Human Documentary - Humans: 101.4% Gorilla | Explore Films

  17. Miguel Ramirez

    Miguel Ramirez10 days ago

    I could not stop watching. Thank you.

  18. Mc Ren

    Mc Ren10 days ago

    He rediscovered his humanity through gorillas because these types of experiences are ego-busting. Inflated ego = suffering. I had the same experiences seeing killer whales in the wild. It really puts you in your place. I'm just a speck of dust the appears for a little while.

  19. M Chapman

    M Chapman10 days ago

    We have only scratched the surface of DNA. The next 50 to 100 years will open up a multitude of fascinating discoveries.

  20. Rhean Gonzales

    Rhean Gonzales10 days ago

    Why does it seem that only white people hunt for these lovely creatures?

  21. Adrian Drew Podcast

    Adrian Drew Podcast11 days ago

    This was fascinating...

  22. Nigreflavus

    Nigreflavus11 days ago

    Gorilla: 98.6% Human Human: 60% Banana

  23. Redbutthole

    Redbutthole12 days ago

    Ya gorillas tend to be gentle when compared to chimps. They turn into crazed killing machines! Chimps are known to bite off fingers and genitalia to dominate and destroy their own clan members. But the gorillas are a completely different story. Also, I never realized they had gotten so far with bonobos. I do not know if Koko or Kenzie is more amazing! Both have some really good docs about them.

  24. Nick Faiella

    Nick Faiella12 days ago

    a paramecium is 75% human dna.... whats your point?

  25. Jānis Sprudzāns

    Jānis Sprudzāns13 days ago

    Humans are savage beasts, not them. :D

  26. Jānis Sprudzāns

    Jānis Sprudzāns13 days ago

    Most recent gorilla count I could find is 1,069 compared to humans 7,794,798,739... sad.

  27. Truth Teller.

    Truth Teller.13 days ago

    How comes Chimps are more aggressive than Gorillas - by the way Chimps are our cousins.

  28. JamOnSweetSoup

    JamOnSweetSoup14 days ago

    These guys remind me of Steve Zissou and his crew

  29. super not gay

    super not gay14 days ago

    8:25, why is he talking to his hand?

  30. Boggy_91 Svechnikov

    Boggy_91 Svechnikov15 days ago

    Look at there family life and we can learn something ? Does that mean I can have 5 woman living with me and I can have all the babies I want lol

  31. Boggy_91 Svechnikov

    Boggy_91 Svechnikov15 days ago

    All I want in life is 2 punch 1 gorilla silverback lol.

  32. Koibye

    Koibye15 days ago

    Over 98 percent, but I could never amount to even 2 percent of that sort of Chadness.

  33. Fred Frederson

    Fred Frederson15 days ago

    Squirrels share the most dna with humans so there goes that, also its important to understand what sharing dna truly means

  34. Mr.GamingMonk

    Mr.GamingMonk15 days ago


  35. Darn Carlin

    Darn Carlin16 days ago

    The only animals i see is the one's that chop them up.

  36. YearOfTheDog

    YearOfTheDog17 days ago

    The mountain range looks like a gorilla laying on its back kinda.

  37. xVext Games

    xVext Games17 days ago

    Humans are the worse animals

  38. bob makanika

    bob makanika18 days ago

    A very nice background song... Rwandese one

  39. veril primate

    veril primate18 days ago

    uslikes.info/house/oWaMq8Wt2oiZlbY/video.html Gorila silverback explorer

  40. Yuibot

    Yuibot19 days ago

    "and that we are" Speak for yourself Sir David. Self-loathing won't fix anything.

  41. Nick Taylor

    Nick Taylor19 days ago

    All animals have a willingness to be with man depending on the resources around them. These are such a beautiful species of creation it's seems crazy that someone would ever hurt a gorilla.

  42. TEJI ਨਿਰਭਉ ਨਿਰਵੈਰੁ SINGH

    TEJI ਨਿਰਭਉ ਨਿਰਵੈਰੁ SINGH20 days ago

    They are whispering like they dont know you are here in their home

  43. Elizabeth Buttler

    Elizabeth Buttler20 days ago

    Nickelodeon made a cartoon with this guy in it.

  44. Christy Vigil

    Christy Vigil21 day ago

    I love this video !! What a magnificent animal. Thank God !!💖💕💖💕💖💕

  45. kikolapersona

    kikolapersona21 day ago

    18:15 the gorilla mother be looking at them like "yeah dude im looking at my kid stop being cringe about it"

  46. dj Curiosity

    dj Curiosity21 day ago

    Charles Darwin was 98.6% right.. The planet of apes was here before Adam and Eve...


    STICKYICKYOG21 day ago

    Adam and Eve aren’t even real people bruh lmao the guy who wrote that was high as fuck with Jesus telling him jokes

  48. I Love Sports

    I Love Sports21 day ago

    Leave it to apes to teach us proper etiquette

  49. Yusmadi Yusof

    Yusmadi Yusof21 day ago

    Nice Chanel

  50. Man

    Man23 days ago

    They look so chill i just want to hang out with them

  51. Cactus Roadrunner

    Cactus Roadrunner23 days ago

    Gorgeous blessings from God! I'd probably faint seeing a 400 lbs silver back! They look powerful. Thank you for sharing.

  52. Vermont

    Vermont23 days ago

    Ok I got 50 on the Jew beat down first? No respect is all I see.

  53. Vermont

    Vermont23 days ago

    You look. Him in the eyes? Your a idiot.

  54. Vermont

    Vermont23 days ago

    Your making the man of the house mad from not knocking dummy's.

  55. Vermont

    Vermont23 days ago

    Chest beating is a warning dummy...

  56. Vermont

    Vermont23 days ago

    WTF do they think they are invading a Silverback and his family. I hope Charles smacks the sense back into them. Walk in on a man's home per say. SB .. them for snack..

  57. Jana Bosak

    Jana Bosak24 days ago

    No matter how hard or long you compare they still are not 100% and never will be... We learned our ways from them. As we have learned from every animal and plant on earth.

  58. DubDigital

    DubDigital24 days ago

    98% human...100% Gorrilla... Cause math!


    SNICKLE FRITZ25 days ago

    They are just magnificent 😍

  60. Chronic Awareness

    Chronic Awareness27 days ago

    seeing these beautiful creatures.. all the primates .. and then theres bigfoot.. i wonder

  61. patel136

    patel13628 days ago

    A law needs to be passed that gorrilas are humans too.

  62. Helium Valentine

    Helium Valentine28 days ago

    They are 98.6% human? Or are humans 98.6% gorilla?

  63. Hot Rod

    Hot RodMonth ago

    Gorillas are so cool. They are so similar to us humans, its freaky.

  64. Isabelle

    IsabelleMonth ago

    I cannot BELIEVE Harambe had to die. RIP.

  65. Isabelle

    IsabelleMonth ago

    its 2020 and we are nearing 1,100 mountain gorilla's hell yeah!!!!

  66. Sweet Success

    Sweet SuccessMonth ago

    Absolutely intelligent apes love em

  67. Jarius Johnson

    Jarius JohnsonMonth ago

    F A N T A S T I C

  68. Shashidhar Shettar

    Shashidhar ShettarMonth ago

    Attenborough should get a “Nobel Prize” in association with many Zoologists who died in the Congo & African Forests

  69. Θανάσης Ευθυμίου

    Θανάσης ΕυθυμίουMonth ago

    just leave the animals alone

  70. nol x

    nol xMonth ago

    Funny I was just watching a clip where there were soccer fans heckling black players by calling them monkeys and throwing bananas at them but here we have someone rediscovering humanity because of guerillas. The irony.

  71. The Xenex Virus

    The Xenex VirusMonth ago

    I want to hot box them and give them shrooms just to see what they would do. Would their brain chemistry change after taking psychedelics even momentarily just enough to make them think like cavemen did?

  72. Terry Fonteno

    Terry FontenoMonth ago

    You gotta be a WHITE BOY

  73. Chip Chipperson

    Chip ChippersonMonth ago

    So r plants infact all life on earth share 98%of dna

  74. Frankie McConalogue

    Frankie McConalogueMonth ago

    Humans 98.6% gorillas

  75. Abdullah Hassan

    Abdullah HassanMonth ago

    Amazing Gorilla music at intro

  76. RawStatus TV

    RawStatus TVMonth ago

    It's this fraud " explorer" in the video that's hunting them , I'm willing to bet.

  77. Wesleysmoke

    WesleysmokeMonth ago

    00:38 seconds when the gorilla nods his head as if to say hello. Absolutely incredible

  78. Somebody Muva

    Somebody MuvaMonth ago

    Bradley Cooper in the Jungle with the ‘rillas, y’all.

  79. Aashish Malla

    Aashish MallaMonth ago

    I find it a little disaplointing this is one of the closest things we have to another civilisation (aside from humans), and even then it will take a millenia to even reach that stage. I do hope our space stuff goes well so we can watch.

  80. Aashish Malla

    Aashish Malla28 days ago

    What's with the ellipsis? You reiterated what I said. My disappointment is that I will be long dead.

  81. Broc Theil

    Broc Theil28 days ago

    It took hundreds of thousands of years for our species to learn to farm though...

  82. Bobbi Conrad

    Bobbi ConradMonth ago

    And we look so much alike. 🙄

  83. Nick Talbot

    Nick TalbotMonth ago

    Selfless acts. More like a passion they love pursuing. Happily a helpful one.

  84. Billi Hawk

    Billi HawkMonth ago

    That Tarzan mustache guy...

  85. Rae Smith

    Rae SmithMonth ago

    I don’t know if I can breath if something big and hairy like that would come close.

  86. N.D West

    N.D WestMonth ago

    I would totally boo-boo on myself in that crew if one of the gorillas walked past me, lol

  87. Andrew Heffel

    Andrew HeffelMonth ago

    Seventy pounds of food a day. Gorillas must crap a lot.

  88. 2.5in Bore Offset

    2.5in Bore OffsetMonth ago

    Who's the idiot in red that went through the jungle with no belt on, pockets stuffed full, littering water bottles. That guy's never left the city before has he?

  89. Habitual Line Steppa

    Habitual Line SteppaMonth ago

    Legit question, I see a lot of folks in the videos being called "ape experts" but nobody seems to consult the locals that have lived with them for thousands of years?

  90. Aashish Malla

    Aashish MallaMonth ago

    If you see something all the time you probably don't take mind as much. I see animals all day everyday, but I'm no expert.

  91. Almighty Loaf

    Almighty LoafMonth ago

    Who else getting their Monkey on?

  92. Samuel Tenor

    Samuel TenorMonth ago

    Scientists discovered that the apes came from Neanderthals. History proves this

  93. Nicholas Depina

    Nicholas DepinaMonth ago

    They got it made,they dont have to hunt 4 food,jus lay aroun n eat all day,lol very smart animals

  94. lawrence leonor

    lawrence leonorMonth ago

    98.6% human and 1.4% gorilla. 100% bullshit. Fuck you!

  95. Werewolf O. London, Esq.

    Werewolf O. London, Esq.Month ago

    Gorillas: 100% Gorilla

  96. Wales Jedi

    Wales JediMonth ago

    why do so many people come to these videos to debate evolution? just enjoy nature, guys

  97. Larry Ariscon

    Larry ArisconMonth ago

    They are gentle until our God opened their eyes they were naked. Now let's go to Mars....!!!

  98. Corentin F

    Corentin FMonth ago

    18:09 haha nice haircut

  99. cure ankylosing

    cure ankylosingMonth ago

    Retard title


    RENZEENOMonth ago

    I find it so crazy how they allow humans to chills near them even though they're soooo powerful hierarchy based.

  101. Reed Anthony

    Reed AnthonyMonth ago


  102. Twisted Seoul

    Twisted SeoulMonth ago

    There brain power, the way they look, the amount of hair, is way more than 1.4 percent away from us. i dont buy it stop spreading lies.



    I love how nervous he is. I would be too🦍



    The ANUNNAKI mixed with them to create US🔴🎥

  105. Kubaj CZ

    Kubaj CZMonth ago

    all africans, please value your amazing nature and animals, protect them at all costs. african nature and animals, thats your Treasure you need to protect!