He HATES Valentine’s Day! #shorts


  1. Babymochi_Official

    Babymochi_OfficialHour ago

    Tell him I hate it too. Lol.

  2. 『sana kim』

    『sana kim』18 hours ago

    *every single people in valentine's day:* HELL YEAH IM ONE OF THOSE

  3. nah , just Rem

    nah , just RemDay ago

    bro this is meee

  4. Misha Hinton

    Misha HintonDay ago

    Lol I just saw the comments and the first three comments are 4.4k likes 3.3k likes 2.2k likes

  5. My Friend

    My Friend2 days ago

    Imagine the reflection says no

  6. adorexYT Xoxo

    adorexYT Xoxo2 days ago

    No fair I asked my self and she said no 😒

  7. Isabelle Douglas

    Isabelle Douglas2 days ago

    This is me every year😂.Im alone

  8. Bunny

    Bunny2 days ago

    It's call SELF - LOVE😤

  9. Ria Majumdar

    Ria Majumdar2 days ago

    She is such a sweetheart! 😄

  10. Sara Chidouin

    Sara Chidouin3 days ago

    That’s some wholesome self love right there 🥰

  11. Mikayla Choleva

    Mikayla Choleva3 days ago

    This is actually me Every Valentine’s Day

  12. Itachi’s Waifuuu

    Itachi’s Waifuuu3 days ago

    “That Debby Ryan move” I’m gonna be my own Valentine got me dead

  13. Emma Heinzl

    Emma Heinzl4 days ago


  14. Luna and KoI Studios

    Luna and KoI Studios4 days ago

    I know how he feels, I also hate valentines day. I just dont tell many people.

  15. Sisters Fairley

    Sisters Fairley4 days ago

    I agree with him it’s just a drag for money

  16. JJ theheartless

    JJ theheartless4 days ago

    I think the same as her boyfriend I also hate romantic movies and I‘m a girl I just can’t understand the hype

  17. SamsaGachaCookie

    SamsaGachaCookie5 days ago

    Why Is this me?

  18. Alle Kat

    Alle Kat5 days ago


  19. Fiz EAJ

    Fiz EAJ5 days ago

    This video is perfect, it explains how I don’t have any freinds

  20. camilla pacheco

    camilla pacheco6 days ago


  21. Angelina Gonzalez

    Angelina Gonzalez6 days ago

    Thats me lol

  22. Angelina Gonzalez

    Angelina Gonzalez6 days ago

    Jk your funny

  23. Trinitee Elvert

    Trinitee Elvert6 days ago

    plz get off my recommendations.

  24. Elia Sánchez

    Elia Sánchez7 days ago

    I love heeeerrrr💕💕

  25. Lilith Ofgeralt

    Lilith Ofgeralt7 days ago


  26. PandaPuff 16 ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    PandaPuff 16 ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ7 days ago

    Most people hate me Even my reflection hates me 😆

  27. Juniper Lee

    Juniper Lee8 days ago

    My boyfriend hates Valentine’s Day to so asked myself but brought so much chocolate cuz chocolate is my fav lol 🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫

  28. meme mayhem

    meme mayhem9 days ago


  29. Georgina

    Georgina9 days ago

    lol i got that exact rose in the vase, big up co-op

  30. Editsシ

    Editsシ9 days ago

    Me every Valentine’s Day:

  31. Reem 672

    Reem 6729 days ago


  32. Dessie Ann

    Dessie Ann9 days ago

    Mood I do this every year it a tradition for me and my friends

  33. Capricorn Monkey

    Capricorn Monkey9 days ago

    Single people be like:

  34. Daniel Bikila

    Daniel Bikila9 days ago

    yourself to be your Valentine okay ❤️

  35. Taylor Jenkins

    Taylor Jenkins9 days ago

    Omfg 😂😂😂

  36. gacha tea

    gacha tea9 days ago

    I think she took self love to far-

  37. It'sreallyJae

    It'sreallyJae10 days ago

    Why is this me

  38. Lovely Queen

    Lovely Queen10 days ago

    *boyfriend walks in*

  39. Fiona Chenault

    Fiona Chenault10 days ago

    "Mini eggs, she loves these" XD

  40. Mason Overman

    Mason Overman10 days ago

    So buetiful it's enough to make a lil boy cry yea u go tear 😿

  41. Mason Overman

    Mason Overman10 days ago

    Ur boyfriend thinks like me bot thinks knows. I guess halloween wasn't enough but halloween is my fav holiday

  42. Mehmood Alam

    Mehmood Alam10 days ago

    Like what's the point of celebrating val day thanks giving new year when jesus\ prophet Issa never celebrated it!

  43. BubblesTheBear

    BubblesTheBear10 days ago

    Me this past Valentines:

  44. Jacquely Chan

    Jacquely Chan10 days ago

    When she said she just wanted an excuse to eat chocolate 😂

  45. Karolina XOXO

    Karolina XOXO10 days ago

    Even Singles are now able to celebrate their Valentins day like this😌❤🥺😂

  46. Iloveumbrellaacadamy Fivelover

    Iloveumbrellaacadamy Fivelover10 days ago

    Umm your lips look big sorry I got mad about that they look ugly

  47. Sapphic Cookies

    Sapphic Cookies10 days ago


  48. Original. girl

    Original. girl10 days ago

    Why didn’t I do this 😭

  49. Thatweirdbotdude

    Thatweirdbotdude10 days ago

    Eating chocolate and watching a movie or greys anatomy with my gf uhhh😖 what I was abt to say just made me want to throw up but it actually sounds nice I want to go jump off a cliff

  50. luv dogs

    luv dogs10 days ago

    YASSS 😂

  51. Shelbi Lay

    Shelbi Lay10 days ago

    Your boyfriend hates my birthday 🥺😂✌️😳

  52. Endia Thompson

    Endia Thompson10 days ago


  53. Dee La Fleur

    Dee La Fleur10 days ago

    First of all self love is super important. So to start everyone should be their own valentine. I definitely agree with that But on another note if Valentine’s Day is significant for you your bf is a bit of an a$$ to not spend the 5$ for a rose and a box of chocolate. A lot of things are ploys to make money such as a new ps5 with the exact same games available on ps4 🤷🏽‍♀️but they still spend money on that. So yeah I’m not tolerating anyone who says Valentine’s Day is a waste of money but they constantly waste money on other ploys. Also I don’t buy that Valentine’s every day bs because half the time people in long term relationships really start to take each other for granted. It’s literally one day guys/gals/them if you love them you can totally celebrate a cheesy holiday with them.

  54. Alyssa Tew

    Alyssa Tew10 days ago

    My bf is the same way, we didn't celebrate this year. Kindnof upset because I didn't know and made him something really nice lol

  55. Esme Lacey-banks

    Esme Lacey-banks10 days ago

    Acting skills 101

  56. Savannah Valentine

    Savannah Valentine10 days ago

    Wow my last name is valentine

  57. whisper

    whisper10 days ago

    I'm gonna eat a tub of chocolate ice cream and cry. :)

  58. Secret Fan Girl

    Secret Fan Girl11 days ago

    Your boyfriend is just an emo bitch

  59. •{demon slayer}•

    •{demon slayer}•11 days ago

    I hate it

  60. jonathan monaghan

    jonathan monaghan11 days ago


  61. Baba Booey

    Baba Booey11 days ago

    For me is Valentine's day nothing.

  62. Vanillemor

    Vanillemor11 days ago

    I absolutely love this! At a day to celebrate love, why not celebrate loving yourself? Treat yourself! You are the most important person in your life!

  63. 《Ruby_ Gamer》

    《Ruby_ Gamer》11 days ago



    The LIGHTHOUSE CHAPEL11 days ago

    Plot twist she says no

  65. Nellie Kilfoy

    Nellie Kilfoy11 days ago

    The end cracked me up

  66. Carmella Baldacchin

    Carmella Baldacchin11 days ago

    Cupid rhymes with stupid Also I hate Valentine’s Day

  67. Liana Daniel

    Liana Daniel11 days ago

    Oh I pronounce my name is leeana or the same way u say it

  68. Liana Daniel

    Liana Daniel11 days ago

    Just ask yourself if ya man can’t do what ya want is he your man ?

  69. Gymnast_Forever 0925

    Gymnast_Forever 092511 days ago

    When ur so lonely you ask yourself to be ur valentine LMAO 😆

  70. Mary Cat

    Mary Cat11 days ago

    He’s just a cheap ass.

  71. wwe toys

    wwe toys11 days ago

    This sad

  72. emily stachecki

    emily stachecki11 days ago

    Wtf is shr doing

  73. Clover is a spy

    Clover is a spy11 days ago

    Babe he doesn t hate valentine s day he just needs an excuse to not buy you a gift or spend the day with his sidechick. And theese are facts. 👀💗

  74. _swathy_

    _swathy_11 days ago


  75. sana zahra

    sana zahra11 days ago

    Why does he hate valentine's day

  76. Sapphire Gabbitas

    Sapphire Gabbitas11 days ago

    Same my bf hates valentines day but im fine with it

  77. Philisiwe Mazibuko

    Philisiwe Mazibuko11 days ago

    Is any asking themselves if she's sick in the head and mad in stomach

  78. S Lux

    S Lux11 days ago


  79. Josie Gamer

    Josie Gamer11 days ago

    Good on u gurl!!

  80. Autumn Miller

    Autumn Miller11 days ago

    me be like on valintines day but talking to a cat

  81. Baby Angel Rae

    Baby Angel Rae11 days ago

    I have that phone I’m using it right now lol

  82. dexipty

    dexipty11 days ago

    self love on a whole different level

  83. Theatrekid- Hi

    Theatrekid- Hi11 days ago

    Same my dad does too😅

  84. vvkittycat

    vvkittycat11 days ago

    I would ask myself out for Valentine's day too lol

  85. Warning Error Ox2OO1OOO6

    Warning Error Ox2OO1OOO611 days ago

    Damn my boyfriend cries when he can't afford gifts for me for special occasions

  86. Henry McCutchen

    Henry McCutchen11 days ago

    Me too

  87. Kenzie Bailey

    Kenzie Bailey11 days ago

    Good acter lol😂

  88. Jada Salinas

    Jada Salinas12 days ago

    Well I’m with your boy friend I hate Valentine’s Day to

  89. UwU

    UwU12 days ago

    lmao imagine loving urself.

  90. rose paudyal

    rose paudyal12 days ago


  91. anonymus user

    anonymus user12 days ago

    This has some serious Leo/cancer energy to it

  92. Kim Pham

    Kim Pham12 days ago


  93. Mainly Me

    Mainly Me12 days ago


  94. GlitchyPlayz

    GlitchyPlayz12 days ago

    I'm sorry y'all but I'm taken.....By an ANIME CHARACTER HEYOOOOOOO

  95. thedailyvlog

    thedailyvlog12 days ago

    either she is single or her bf is a fucking loser

  96. Cate Caso

    Cate Caso12 days ago

    I kinda agree with him

  97. DekuIsMyBestie

    DekuIsMyBestie12 days ago

    She's a legend

  98. I love Jungkook

    I love Jungkook12 days ago

    Connor sounds like my dad lol

  99. Saniya _Roblox

    Saniya _Roblox12 days ago

    This is me tho- But I don’t already have a bf

  100. Chassity bbae

    Chassity bbae12 days ago

    I love this

  101. Moonshade 085

    Moonshade 08512 days ago

    Ask your bf to watch movie and eat chocolate no let’s do a tik tok and ask myself out peek human intellect