I'm sure people have made crab rangoon from the crab. But from a king crab?! Even better. And bigger.
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  1. julie day

    julie day3 hours ago


  2. julie day

    julie day3 hours ago

    Me at first: aww the crab is so big but cute. Me after: O.M.G that poor crab im going to show this to my sister looks rlly tasty tho

  3. Lord Scrapper

    Lord Scrapper3 hours ago

    Bro that was my friend

  4. Durga Sehrawat

    Durga Sehrawat3 hours ago

    I am sad Mr crabs

  5. Mateezeeシ

    Mateezeeシ3 hours ago

    Wor-cest-sher is how Worcestershire is pronounced

  6. Fresh princess of NZ

    Fresh princess of NZ3 hours ago

    Look at this crab Me: it’s just moved bro

  7. Don Klineschmidt

    Don Klineschmidt7 hours ago

    Crab: you dare challenge me mortal Him: knife time ...... Crab was never seen again after that day

  8. Loomyllama gaming

    Loomyllama gaming7 hours ago

    Oyster sauce pronounce (or,sha sure)

  9. Shari McCann

    Shari McCann8 hours ago

    That was a LIVE CRAB you just boiled. That shit I’d not ok anymore.

  10. PumpkinplayzRobloxJR

    PumpkinplayzRobloxJR9 hours ago

    I would've kept him

  11. Elite Yra

    Elite Yra11 hours ago

    Now i just wanted to learn to cook and be a chef instead

  12. Random Commenter

    Random Commenter14 hours ago

    One minute he’s alive. The next he’s not.

  13. Phoenix_plays64 Goody

    Phoenix_plays64 Goody14 hours ago

    Nick: A splash of shhrhrhrhrhrhr sour sauce Me: I feel u

  14. Robert Diamond

    Robert Diamond16 hours ago

    No killing NICK :(

  15. Nothing but darkness 2

    Nothing but darkness 216 hours ago

    You feeling it now mr crabs

  16. RogueYeti

    RogueYeti16 hours ago

    Not mr crabs

  17. Jami Fitz

    Jami Fitz17 hours ago

    Loved how you went with saying Worschestire sauce ... 😂😂😂😂

  18. Bad Boy Cooking

    Bad Boy Cooking17 hours ago

    Thank you nick for not getting those bitch ass automatic salt and pepper grinders

  19. Coltz Fnm

    Coltz Fnm19 hours ago

    I think it’s wor-Chester-shire-sauce but I think he said wor chestkfiebaor esodbsodn sauce

  20. Youdie 605

    Youdie 60519 hours ago

    Rip king crab

  21. Bearus The God

    Bearus The GodDay ago

    Erm..I thought it said king crab *racoon* wontons.

  22. Angelina Huang

    Angelina HuangDay ago

    I’m pretty sure that’s not how you make a wonton

  23. H2O delirious Jr

    H2O delirious JrDay ago

    yes never forget bout that owjgkwkckskcke sauce

  24. Braylee Wade

    Braylee WadeDay ago

    :O I feel like I just witnessed a murder! THE CRAB:w-why!!!!

  25. mahadi darul

    mahadi darulDay ago

    We call it batagor in indonesia

  26. Happy Bourriquet

    Happy BourriquetDay ago

    When he said shorshorstire, I felt that

  27. sarah jukes

    sarah jukesDay ago

    I miss you crab

  28. XanderTheCrewMate

    XanderTheCrewMateDay ago

    Poor mr.crabs

  29. mama bear ハナ

    mama bear ハナDay ago

    THE LOOP THO????

  30. Lucía Sánchez.

    Lucía Sánchez.Day ago

    teacher: don't eat in class. The ones at the back side:

  31. メH I R Z A N

    メH I R Z A NDay ago


  32. Arianne Woicik

    Arianne WoicikDay ago

    Let's make the sauce simple: adds the Ingredients i am allergic to

  33. Leanne Woodhouseut33

    Leanne Woodhouseut33Day ago


  34. Elegantly Bizarre

    Elegantly BizarreDay ago

    “No crabs were harmed in the making of this video”

  35. Mayuri Kurotsuchi

    Mayuri KurotsuchiDay ago

    Man it feels good to see even the pros struggle when pronouncing whats the shire sauce 🤣

  36. spoilers

    spoilersDay ago

    Worcestershire sauce. Break it down. Wu-stu-sh-here. Worcestershire sause

  37. Yougotnojamz

    YougotnojamzDay ago

    Woohyshirebla hdksfn

  38. Paul Keating

    Paul KeatingDay ago

    Cooking shirtless is the answer.

  39. 4CE E3q

    4CE E3qDay ago

    Coconut crab:hold my beer

  40. Cal Blakebrough

    Cal BlakebroughDay ago

    For anyone who doesn’t know how to pronounce ‘Worcestershire’ it’s literally as simple as ‘wus-ter-shire’

  41. Boruto Dandrea

    Boruto DandreaDay ago


  42. XotixInspect _

    XotixInspect _Day ago

    Correction: it is no longer alive

  43. The Wolfs

    The WolfsDay ago

    Rip Mr King Crab 🦀 will miss you if we only saw you for one second till you had no legs

  44. Good Ol' Rainbowpet

    Good Ol' RainbowpetDay ago

    i love crab rangoon... i want to make this rn but i have no crab meat

  45. H20

    H20Day ago

    Let’s be honest none of us even use his cooking but like to watch

  46. Tahaemin

    TahaeminDay ago

    King?? Krab Rangoon?? This is a certified far cry 4 moment!!! 1!1!!1!1😳😳😳

  47. Mr Barjam

    Mr BarjamDay ago

    It’s just the law to pronounce it wushtershurshhshshshsh sauce.

  48. monsoonchi

    monsoonchiDay ago

    It’s the way ‘soy sauce’ became “shhuy shaush” after the attempt with “wushshhshsaush”

  49. Taslima Akter

    Taslima AkterDay ago

    Nick: for the sauce keep it simple Ketchup a little bit of honey and some lemon Me: hows that simple

  50. Paiboon Rattanachaidecha

    Paiboon RattanachaidechaDay ago

    Him: A lil bit of souasouasusususouy sauce Me: TF

  51. Tassin Torres

    Tassin TorresDay ago

    He just killed the crab 😳

  52. FastLegEnte

    FastLegEnteDay ago

    No shit

  53. Chynna Ramos

    Chynna RamosDay ago


  54. Khaotic TTV

    Khaotic TTV2 days ago

    Jesus Christ luvs us all ❤️❤️❤️

  55. Kayden Grady

    Kayden Grady2 days ago

    Who else just drinks the worecaidisjvdjyifhdser sauce

  56. zonsty_art

    zonsty_art2 days ago

    He dead crab now

  57. zonsty_art

    zonsty_art2 days ago

    Bro the transition👌

  58. Khyle Kim

    Khyle Kim2 days ago

    Another Mr Krabs to be sacrificed

  59. Christina Doyle

    Christina Doyle2 days ago

    I can believe you ruined a perfectly good wild king crab you just need butter

  60. Olin Christensen

    Olin Christensen2 days ago

    Mr krabs be lookin SPICY

  61. Laokglies Fajardo

    Laokglies Fajardo2 days ago


  62. Hogwarts Hoe

    Hogwarts Hoe2 days ago

    Damn his eyes tho

  63. Ronald Wood

    Ronald Wood2 days ago

    Just a splash of wshsahrh sauce

  64. Ronald Wood

    Ronald Wood2 days ago

    I hate crap but I do love crab rangoons

  65. Mr. Daniel

    Mr. Daniel2 days ago

    The way to say it is, worse ter shire sauce

  66. Hoberto Overa

    Hoberto Overa2 days ago

    How did you kill the king crab

  67. Ember

    Ember2 days ago

    POV: your in the comments to see what others thought about the murder of crab.

  68. FastLegEnte

    FastLegEnteDay ago

    You know me too well

  69. Alimah Harris

    Alimah Harris2 days ago

    Nobody gonna talk about how he said Live crab cooked it 10 seconds later nobody ok

  70. Koaa

    Koaa2 days ago

    Instructions not clear. I now have a giant crab running around my house

  71. sandra ali

    sandra ali2 days ago

    A splash of washashishishia sauce

  72. My name is Chauncey

    My name is Chauncey2 days ago

    A splash of wishhhhhehdhebsjddiebdhdhsv sause

  73. Tara_thegamingqueen

    Tara_thegamingqueen2 days ago

    For your sauce keep it simple this man put honey ketchup and lemon

  74. Mr. Daniel

    Mr. Daniel2 days ago

    A splash of worcestershire sauce

  75. Melanie Spice

    Melanie Spice2 days ago

    Splash of wishishishshhhour sauce 😂

  76. Rylo Canteen

    Rylo Canteen2 days ago

    When he brought out the crab, I was like “ damn you out did yourself”

  77. SimpliiGalaxxy

    SimpliiGalaxxy2 days ago

    "Keeping it simple" Also him: Puts ketchup, honey and lemon juice together-

  78. Tabitha Heath

    Tabitha Heath2 days ago

    It was so cute

  79. Tabitha Heath

    Tabitha Heath2 days ago

    How dare you

  80. Darth Lukas

    Darth Lukas2 days ago


  81. Violet Molloy

    Violet Molloy2 days ago

    what is rangoon

  82. Lola Jarquin

    Lola Jarquin2 days ago


  83. Fortnite Mr nightmare

    Fortnite Mr nightmare2 days ago

    A splash of woshshhsiaiqhsushsusiwihsha-has stroke

  84. H Karim

    H Karim2 days ago

    Mr crabs 🦀😭😭

  85. Wilfred

    Wilfred3 days ago

    Bro just say wurster for the greater good

  86. SANS Θ镜

    SANS Θ镜3 days ago

    Start your own restaurant

  87. Joe Bob

    Joe Bob3 days ago

    Fun fact: it's actually pronounced woosh-she-shire sauce

  88. hunt

    hunt3 days ago

    worcestershire sauce: *exists* nick: and i took that personally

  89. *̶To̸xic̸ U̸wU̸*̶

    *̶To̸xic̸ U̸wU̸*̶3 days ago

    “This is a live king crab” Not even 3 seconds later Me: did he cut off the crabs legs well it was alive-

  90. CosmicBandit

    CosmicBandit6 hours ago

    @Tricia McIntosh No he didn’t, he did it the right way, which is a knife to the brain, he showed it in a few other videos

  91. Tricia McIntosh

    Tricia McIntosh2 days ago

    Given that some recipes say boil the entire crab alive...

  92. reed2000

    reed20003 days ago

    A splash of soy so what happend there

  93. DJ Favorwin

    DJ Favorwin3 days ago


  94. Kameron Bridges

    Kameron Bridges3 days ago

    I like wangton it’s good

  95. peyton patrick

    peyton patrick3 days ago

    𝚆𝚒𝚜𝚑𝚊𝚜𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚛𝚠𝚑𝚠𝚑𝚑𝚑𝚜 𝚜𝚊𝚞𝚌𝚎

  96. Explore with Penny

    Explore with Penny3 days ago

    Please make honey chicken🐔🍗

  97. Berthose Etienne

    Berthose Etienne3 days ago

    He just murdered that crab

  98. Ash Brooks

    Ash Brooks3 days ago

    That looks good

  99. Saharjan Qasimi

    Saharjan Qasimi3 days ago

    Wait a splash of wistershershersher sause?

  100. Mikuro Brack Chan

    Mikuro Brack Chan3 days ago

    Them: it's yummy, what's that sauce did you use again? Nick: it's a weshersherjdjsdj sauce:)

  101. Nadia Amoako-Andoh

    Nadia Amoako-Andoh3 days ago

    If you don't say Wrostestershestershire sauce, you ain't sayin' it right. PERIODT.

  102. bin Evs

    bin Evs3 days ago

    He killed it noooo sea animals😭😭😭

  103. Gianna Gabrielle

    Gianna Gabrielle3 days ago

    He just had a seizure saying Worcestershire sauce

  104. night Channel crazy pants

    night Channel crazy pants3 days ago

    I have a question can you make fresh sushi and Sushi eggs on top of sushi what's really good actually I actually want somebody that I know it's going to be good