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Video Credits:
Tracy: Ariana Madix
Bird: DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip
Directed & Shot by: Adriaan Kirchner
Produced by: Sean Lyness
Editor: Jesse Ray Diamond
Colorist: Kinan Chabani
Steadicam op: Quaid Cde Baca
Art Direction: Cory Bailey
Stylist: JOurdan Kadow
Make up: Mary Kendall
Camera Assistant: Alex Fauver
Gaffer: Shawn Anderson
Key Grip: Chris Hartsell
Best boy: Glenn McDonald
Best boy: Jaan Kristjan Utno
Covid Officer: Noah Spindle
Ayy, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
Supercalifragilis- MY EX BE ON SOME HOE SHIT
Superman, I get them bands but ain't gon buy you roses
Super-duper, get them cougars, took my wrist and froze it
Super-duper hoes
Y'all got Oompa Loompa hoes
I ain't never knew ya hoes
Prolly still ran through em though
Oh, wait wait wait, I, I do know your hoe?
You talkin' bout, you talkin' bout Tracy?
Nah nah nah nah nah,
You mean, like, like, Tracy with the ass?
Tracy with the, with the Honda?
Shit... WELL
Oops! baby
Fuck up on your bitch, like oopsie daisy
Never knew that was your boo, baby
Hit it five times in the coupe Mercedes, whoopsie daisy, yeah
Oops! baby
“Gravy hit my bitch”
Yeah, whoopsie daisy
I just had to hit, it's my duty, baby
Sippin' on the goose like Boosie baby
Yeah, I said oops! baby
Fuck up on your bitch, like oopsy daisy
Never knew that was your boo, baby
Hit it five times in the coupe Mercedes, whoopsie daisy, yeah
Oops! baby
“Gravy hit my bitch”
Yeah, whoopsie daisy
I just had to hit, it's my duty, baby
Sippin' on the goose like Boosie baby
Lil bitch, I'm happy and I know it so I clap them fuckin' cheeks, yeah
I'm happy and I show it to your mama in the sheets
And I'm happy she's a freak hoe,
Happy so my teeth glow
Yeah, my bitch elite, I be clapping every week
My neck, my back, got your mama on my sack
My checks, my racks, it's the return of the motherfuckin' mack
And I stay with the pack, though
Clap, clap, then I'm out the backdoor
Lil' Pillsbury, I stack dough
Walkin' with a limp like a crack hoe
Oops! baby
Fuck up on your bitch, like oopsie daisy
Never knew that was your boo, baby
Hit it five times in the coupe Mercedes, whoopsie daisy, yeah
Oops! baby
“Gravy hit my bitch”
Yeah, whoopsie daisy
I just had to hit, it's my duty, baby
Sippin' on the goose like Boosie baby
Yeah, I said oops! baby
Fuck up on your bitch, like oopsy daisy
Never knew that was your boo, baby
Hit it five times in the coupe Mercedes, whoopsie daisy, yeah
Oops! baby
“Gravy hit my bitch”
Yeah, whoopsie daisy
I just had to hit, it's my duty, baby
Sippin' on the goose like Boosie baby
#YungGravy #Oops #GASANOVA


  1. Zeta

    Zeta6 minutes ago

    He looks like shaggy from Scooby Doo and logan paul, btw the song is fire 🔥

  2. Hmminteresting

    HmminterestingHour ago

    Mom i thought you said you were going to happy hour to get me a little brother ಠ_ಠ

  3. DizzyBunni

    DizzyBunniHour ago

    those blue pants make me happy

  4. Bill Metz

    Bill Metz2 hours ago

    That’s some shitttt frrr damn

  5. Samuel Frederick

    Samuel Frederick2 hours ago

    yung gravy you the man

  6. Samuel Frederick

    Samuel Frederick2 hours ago

    nice bruh good song keep it yung peace

  7. Sinon_1994

    Sinon_19942 hours ago

    @Yung Gravy sorry but i missed the point why that pinguin is chasing you im stoned af and i watched it like a 100 times by now and i dont get the point

  8. SandyzSerious

    SandyzSerious2 hours ago

    I love some gravy.

  9. LifeAsCat

    LifeAsCat3 hours ago

    am i the only one who thinks he looks like austin powers

  10. Kevin Lama

    Kevin Lama3 hours ago

    My mom doesnt even care when she hears this she vibes with this song

  11. Netherial Dreyrimani

    Netherial Dreyrimani4 hours ago

    needs to lay off the mojo baby

  12. Dillon Smith

    Dillon Smith4 hours ago

    This sounds like it sampled Fuck The Pain Away by Peaches? This is soooooooooo good!

  13. A Hf

    A Hf5 hours ago

    My fear is my mother being this tracy chic

  14. Katiplier

    Katiplier5 hours ago


  15. Brandon Owen

    Brandon Owen5 hours ago

    Lmao this may be the worst song I’ve ever heard but I gotta admit it’s pretty catchy.

  16. CollectorsLuck

    CollectorsLuck7 hours ago

    Underrated artist

  17. Alexandria Ytuarte

    Alexandria Ytuarte7 hours ago

    honestly I wouldn't even mind if my mom ends up in one of these videos. she deserves better than what she got💀

  18. Rina Hafizah

    Rina Hafizah8 hours ago

    i was focusing on his hair it look so..

  19. Mic Steel

    Mic Steel9 hours ago

    Did peaches slap this kid yet?

  20. Cracked Flixzyy

    Cracked Flixzyy10 hours ago

    Lmao 😅😂

  21. Dani Mota

    Dani Mota10 hours ago

    anyone else automatically said "nop" on the first 30 sec but ended up watching it untill the end??

  22. T Y

    T Y11 hours ago

    That first few seconds of the beat reminded me of "Fuck the Pain Away" by Peaches

  23. Jacob Games

    Jacob Games12 hours ago

    I like how there’s no ref to PEACHES

  24. MAKI3000!.

    MAKI3000!.12 hours ago

    POV your playing hide and seek with your uncle: 1:22

  25. Mistea Osborne

    Mistea Osborne13 hours ago

    This is the catchiest most addictive song I've ever guilt free played all day dancin the night away on repeat in my ENTIRE fuckin life like oppppssiiee baaayybbee 😛😂

  26. Ronin Wilco

    Ronin Wilco13 hours ago

    Peaches did it better

  27. Villa In Cognito

    Villa In Cognito14 hours ago

    Oh damn he sampled Peaches ‘fuck the pain away’

  28. UIMan

    UIMan14 hours ago

    I would be proud if my mom was in a yung gravy vid lool

  29. Erik Danskine

    Erik Danskine15 hours ago

    This man's wardrobes are as elite as his music!

  30. StlPike2004

    StlPike200415 hours ago

    At first I thought this was a joke but now I like it. Kind of reminds me of 2 Live Crew "me so horny." Anyone else think at? Part of the flow I guess

  31. mouse freestyle

    mouse freestyle16 hours ago


  32. Howard Smith

    Howard Smith16 hours ago

    Peaches....fuck the pain away. Wholesale beats inc.

  33. Daniel Dickson

    Daniel Dickson16 hours ago

    Its Ariana from Vanderpump Rules. The first girl. She fine though. And shes really cool.

  34. Rick G

    Rick G16 hours ago

    Gravy is fuego

  35. Queen Raven

    Queen Raven17 hours ago

    The whole time I'm watching I'm confused about the bird...

  36. Punkichu

    Punkichu17 hours ago

    how am i just now discovering this guy? I'm diggin the multi color robe coat thing vibe, i want it all

  37. Keef Lord

    Keef Lord17 hours ago

    Dude hasn't changed one bit and I fucking love it lmao💯🔥💨

  38. Ghost_Boy

    Ghost_Boy18 hours ago

    prod. by?

  39. Andre Martinez

    Andre Martinez18 hours ago

    This guy looks like Ian hawke from Alvin and the chipmunks mixed with Elton John

  40. Person Mchuman

    Person Mchuman19 hours ago

    Please don't take my mom

  41. Junie

    Junie19 hours ago

    1:56 rlly looks like The Weekends halftime show tho 😂

  42. Burzum Dead

    Burzum Dead19 hours ago

    So I’ve played this 5x in a row ... #SuckItNextdoorNeighbors #OPPSCopsAreHereBrb

  43. Burzum Dead

    Burzum Dead19 hours ago


  44. jas unicorn 2277

    jas unicorn 227719 hours ago

    0:38 tik Tok part

  45. Burzum Dead

    Burzum Dead19 hours ago

    #WhyArntYouBlowinUp ?!?!?

  46. C C

    C C19 hours ago

    LMFAO 2021 version

  47. Julian Ferretti

    Julian Ferretti19 hours ago

    Is this the same mansion they filmed that one Poppy music video in?

  48. Kayla Romeyn

    Kayla Romeyn21 hour ago

    He’s better then Logan and Jake Paul admit it

  49. CherryCherry Five

    CherryCherry Five17 minutes ago

    I mean, everyone is.

  50. Magfinity

    Magfinity23 hours ago

    1:25 I can teach you how to hold the camera like that, but you have to be a boy

  51. Stefan Schulz

    Stefan Schulz23 hours ago

    Slaps > snaps

  52. Kabria Brown

    Kabria Brown23 hours ago

    He’s so fine 😩

  53. Bethanie Boots

    Bethanie BootsDay ago

    No one can convince me that this man get ANY girl. This is good but soooo fucking cheesy.

  54. Bethanie Boots

    Bethanie BootsDay ago

    The man has a fucking chin strap........................................................

  55. Cecél

    CecélDay ago

    F**k The Pain Away 😳

  56. abi no U

    abi no UDay ago

    Nobody: Absolutely no one: Spy talking to scout: 1:23

  57. Jello

    JelloDay ago

    No way

  58. In ACircle

    In ACircleDay ago

    Great a rapping but gotta work on your dance moves/rythem. Looked right tense the whole video

  59. Xitaychin

    XitaychinDay ago


  60. Stephen

    StephenDay ago

    Little splash of 3oh!3 and Tom and Jerry

  61. Jeriel GAMES

    Jeriel GAMESDay ago

    flexing a big ass house but at the end of the day stil having a iphone 5

  62. BioBoy1960

    BioBoy1960Day ago

    So what is up with the bird why is nobody talking about it

  63. O M

    O MDay ago

    This song came on in the car and my grandma immediately turned the volume up and started dancing to it Should I be worried

  64. Katherine Tucker

    Katherine TuckerDay ago

    The peaches sample

  65. colleen godwin

    colleen godwinDay ago

    This song is okay .. for being made by the iq of a 9 year old .. seriously ha I stopped saying your mom jokes and insults when I was 12 because it's stupid as hell ... and lol the fact he's bragging about causing someone else's gf to cheat would be a shame if you know he grew up , got married , then his wife left him for someone else ... karma is a bitch keep that in mind hip hop artist want to be

  66. colleen godwin

    colleen godwinDay ago

    Mmm yeaa I know butt what you don't know is I'm actually a psychologist and I do believe in the power of music .. it cannot force you to do anything I know that I grew up on Eminem and I never shot anyone ..but it puts the idea in your head's not so much that I'm angry because I'm not really there are just underlying things the avg person is not really aware of such as being covid stores would use certain scents to draw you into their store just as a beat can draw you in without thinking about the lyrics or music video for ex break free music video for queen

  67. BioBoy1960

    BioBoy1960Day ago

    @colleen godwin thats what I thought young people understand satire better they are a generation who communicates with jokes and this is obviously a joke so I'm really sure nobody is gonna actually cheat because they saw a guy rapping about it in a meme music vid

  68. colleen godwin

    colleen godwinDay ago

    I am about 3 decades I'll only give you that much

  69. BioBoy1960

    BioBoy1960Day ago

    @colleen godwin if I may ask how old are you?

  70. colleen godwin

    colleen godwinDay ago

    Okay I'm replying to myself... it's nothing against you I'm just weird abt talking to men i don't know but I did kind of think it was some kind of parody but I hope you do not take offense by the fact that there will be people who like this song who actually think cheating and causing people to cheat is okay when it's not



    Who's here after Tiktok challenges?

  72. 火炎 Toast

    火炎 ToastDay ago

    this man is the biggest meme lol

  73. Random Llama

    Random LlamaDay ago

    the bass sounds like fuck the pain away from peaches



    Yung Gravy looks like a bad guy in a Vice City Mod and I am fucking living for it.

  75. Palaina Nocturnus

    Palaina NocturnusDay ago

    That first 16 he spit got me like ok homie got skillz then that hook dropped and caught me like a fish, hooked!

  76. Konokel Yes

    Konokel YesDay ago

    Gravy is a goat 🐐

  77. Bruh Lol

    Bruh LolDay ago


  78. lauren sheridan

    lauren sheridanDay ago

    My man make to many ur mom jokes

  79. keese0288

    keese0288Day ago

    Like God damn that was awesome!

  80. svchy

    svchyDay ago

    0:51 isn't that a league of legends sound, no one knows where is the opponent? xD

  81. Zoen Funk

    Zoen FunkDay ago

    I would be so embarrassed to do a music video for you

  82. Dennis Keeley

    Dennis KeeleyDay ago

    Great song. Lame video.

  83. matt wren

    matt wrenDay ago

    nice rip off of the song from.... peaches-fuck the pain away

  84. Chris

    ChrisDay ago

    Shit be slappin Like my stepdads

  85. Sylvia Pianista

    Sylvia PianistaDay ago


  86. Kyliah YT

    Kyliah YTDay ago

    Oopsie dazzy

  87. LaurenLikes! !

    LaurenLikes! !Day ago

    He’s the cousin that’s fun to hang out with

  88. arnjohn

    arnjohnDay ago

    i've listened to this like 25 times in a row!!

  89. bingoblackdynomite

    bingoblackdynomiteDay ago

    Ugh I can't believe the detestable shit modern music videos are glorifying these days. I mean, Yung Gravy CLEARLY runs beside a pool at 1:57! We cannot allow this man to get away with this.

  90. Ava Knighton

    Ava KnightonDay ago

    So uhm is no one gonna talk about that bird stalking him the entire vid..?

  91. Skyler Cabrello

    Skyler CabrelloDay ago

    This song and “Love Me” by Lukaz are literally the only two things getting me through quarantine, thank god for music! I love you

  92. slow302stang g

    slow302stang gDay ago


  93. Jabroni Johnson

    Jabroni JohnsonDay ago

    This is one of the worst songs ever made

  94. First Taylor

    First TaylorDay ago

    Who’s the girl ?

  95. Svante Sonesson

    Svante SonessonDay ago

    Is no one gonna talk about how he poured the milk after the cereal.

  96. Uniboy 13

    Uniboy 1320 hours ago

    Anyone who puts the milk in first deserves to see their mom in a Gravy vid

  97. Pretzyl Hyzy

    Pretzyl HyzyDay ago

    There are some Peaches vibes in this beat- sucking on my

  98. Julius Pronk

    Julius PronkDay ago

    The beginning reminds me of fuck the pain away by Peaches

  99. stumblrTV

    stumblrTVDay ago

    embarrassing for all parties involved. and you're right.. i'm jealous of a guy who has let demons devour him. If you're watching this you're 12 or younger and you're off to a bad start. I should know.. also i'm sorry for writing this comment i know it's not the way to help anything .. i just can't believe this guy would spend this amount of time from writing the choosing the beat to writing the lyrics to shooting the video/paying for production and never even notice how terrible it all is.. it's evidence of what smoking weed or taking pills plus hard work ethic can create... evil .. unless he was hoping that he could turn people toward the light by making something so bad .. in that case he's something special

  100. Small Bunyan

    Small BunyanDay ago

    I'll be curious to see how Gravy is rappin in a few years.

  101. Leah Gallagher

    Leah GallagherDay ago

    Mans is fergalisous

  102. [ ACE]

    [ ACE]Day ago

    Oml I play this 24/7

  103. drghaam hussain

    drghaam hussainDay ago

    I prefer Tracy martel!

  104. tressa claire

    tressa claireDay ago

    yung gravy reminds me of shaggy from scooby doo

  105. Jello

    JelloDay ago

    God bless the people who created this masterpiece Best of all time tbh IMO And that part on the bed is so good LMAO are there guys who just repeat that part and aren't gay like lol dem dimples

  106. Nolan Ward

    Nolan WardDay ago

    What a fucking twist when the bird homie is gravy

  107. Nuoya Liu

    Nuoya LiuDay ago

    Y’all coming for this 0:37

  108. Lia Hamilton

    Lia HamiltonDay ago

    I fucking love this song and have listened to it like 6 times in a row just now

  109. 55WaysToEndYou

    55WaysToEndYouDay ago

    This song is such a bop