We told@BC Racing North America that we plan on tracking the NSX so they sent us over a set of coilovers with the perfect specs! Along with the help of @Bag Riders we have air cups with a compressor and a mini tank to air up the car whenever we need! Last but not least the lightest wheel in Work Wheel's line up, the ZR10's!
Order your BC Racing Coilovers here!
For all your air suspension needs!
Use code "ILLIMINATE10" for 10% off EVERYTHING!


  1. Ryvohk

    Ryvohk6 days ago

    kinda new to this stuff but is it hard to find a LHD NSX?

  2. Exia

    Exia8 days ago

    Whats the pros and cons vs a conventional air setup on the street?

  3. Jayon_Starr

    Jayon_Starr11 days ago

    My Dream Car 😍❤

  4. Shayne Miller

    Shayne Miller13 days ago

    Luke is the man

  5. Salahs channel

    Salahs channel17 days ago

    luke be like: bro i didnt get to finish

  6. Alec Vogel

    Alec Vogel18 days ago

    Yo I just had to say, congrats on the BC Racing sponsorship. Best in the game. You guys have come SOOOO fuckin far, it’s crazy! And y’all aren’t that far from 1 mill subs!! All love boys, all love. ❤️❤️

  7. Yung Chacon

    Yung Chacon18 days ago

    I have air suspension I love it but I’m always scared it will fail or something 😂 now this is different 🤩

  8. Advise

    Advise18 days ago

    Go to a car show and race drift and rev

  9. ColdSteppa Jay

    ColdSteppa Jay18 days ago

    “so it wont ride like shit”🤣

  10. Daragh Mcalea

    Daragh Mcalea19 days ago

    Love your vids

  11. Jose Torres

    Jose Torres19 days ago

    This channel ain’t the same anymore

  12. Daragh Mcalea

    Daragh Mcalea19 days ago

    Love your vids

  13. ali castro

    ali castro19 days ago

    Where are the uploads at Randy??!!!

  14. Sam Pena

    Sam Pena19 days ago

    who else keeps coming back to the chanel to check if they uploaded specially the r34 color reveal cuz i cant wait and its been a week since last upload and 2 weeks almost 3 since he dropped off the r34

  15. Gucci Sauce

    Gucci Sauce19 days ago

    Are y’all still alive?

  16. YZ Tiew

    YZ Tiew19 days ago

    try to custom big car (lexus lx570 )

  17. JeffreyKmt09

    JeffreyKmt0920 days ago

    Post a video It feels like it’s been months

  18. Bxnded

    Bxnded20 days ago

    I'm not a fan of the wheels but I'm excited to see more nsx content

  19. Bxnded

    Bxnded20 days ago

    And Luke what a goat he is

  20. Bxnded

    Bxnded20 days ago

    Kj should widebody 😍

  21. Javier Rivera

    Javier Rivera20 days ago

    Wasup with illiminate slackin on their videos though smh..

  22. Adrian Valdez

    Adrian Valdez20 days ago

    Where the new video getting lonely over here 😭

  23. Chunky_ games

    Chunky_ games20 days ago

    Is like every time I’m always waiting for a video I just go to the old vids and watch those or I just watch the same video again but is like whenever I watch Randy’s vids it makes my day and it makes me happy and laugh but is like I’m addictive to watching the vids bc I’m always watching every vid is like my job but is not

  24. Kevin halilovic

    Kevin halilovic20 days ago

    Hey i dident see the dog in a while i thought u guys were hungry, then he showes the dog phoooo its alll good Jk ; )

  25. Legacy Te Riini

    Legacy Te Riini21 day ago

    6 days now hope everything sweet

  26. Joesue Yang

    Joesue Yang21 day ago

    Why did you not go Saturday to the car show

  27. paco GeOpRiZm

    paco GeOpRiZm21 day ago

    Can u use that aircup but have the setting super low were it hits the ground and air up to stock height???

  28. Mike Madman

    Mike Madman21 day ago

    Happy b l8ted 420 tooo that’s a 👹

  29. SuperKanuuna

    SuperKanuuna21 day ago

    too much camera spinning, Im getting sick

  30. Gabe M

    Gabe M21 day ago

    5 days later with no upload what's going on Randy are you ok

  31. Gabe M

    Gabe M19 days ago

    I said 5 days now it's been a week are you okay do you have the covid?

  32. SuperKanuuna

    SuperKanuuna21 day ago

    whats up money boy? :)

  33. VeryUnskilled

    VeryUnskilled21 day ago

    If only the rims were mugen then it'll be perfect

  34. Aurimas Butkus

    Aurimas Butkus21 day ago

    When is the last time you said ,,Modelo time,, on camera?

  35. GodDriftZ

    GodDriftZ22 days ago

    where did you buy the nsx

  36. Jake Miata

    Jake Miata21 day ago

    Top rank

  37. Sonny Guerriero

    Sonny Guerriero22 days ago

    So back here in New York there aren’t much cars that are legal here so do you have any recommendations on jdm or just clean cars that I can look forward to buying.

  38. Javier Cervantes

    Javier Cervantes22 days ago

    came back to this video just to say UPLOAD ALREADY RANDY!!!!!!!

  39. Jimmy Hu

    Jimmy Hu22 days ago

    Did u get a Evo and a prelude

  40. Finlay Kear

    Finlay Kear22 days ago

    Yo randy when we gonna get some more of the R34?

  41. Jv_rektz

    Jv_rektz22 days ago

    Your FRS’ got beaten up again smh

  42. AZWAN azz

    AZWAN azz22 days ago


  43. Curtis Joseph

    Curtis Joseph22 days ago

    worlds first ferrari on cups

  44. its me YXCLEB1

    its me YXCLEB122 days ago

    Randy i hav a challenge what dus this word mean in english:mahal kita:)

  45. Cason Classified

    Cason Classified22 days ago

    Hey do you wanna come down to Texas and help me jack up a Honda Civic si


    KRAZIMATUM22 days ago

    Awesome Video!!! 💯💯💯


    GOLDENSTATE42022 days ago

    We need 2 videos a week my guy

  48. yobi Canto

    yobi Canto22 days ago

    Man its a dream to have an awesome car like these someday! :,)

  49. Cristian

    Cristian23 days ago

    NSX needs an exhaust lmao

  50. Dominic Bustamante

    Dominic Bustamante23 days ago

    Time to do itbs on the nsx or supercharger.

  51. Dominic Bustamante

    Dominic Bustamante23 days ago

    326 has those can overs cup overs as well.

  52. Dominic Bustamante

    Dominic Bustamante23 days ago

    That NSX looks like A Senna replica down to the same wheels Arton Senna had on his personal car when he lived in Japan.

  53. RidgeAZ 520

    RidgeAZ 52023 days ago

    Finally been wondering when y'all was gonna lower the nsx

  54. ImCassh

    ImCassh23 days ago

    whea do u buy ur project cars from ? :/ i wanna start workin on my own buh don’t kno whea to cop em from :(

  55. tlizi

    tlizi23 days ago

    I can only imagine how it would’ve been if Christian stayed.. Him and Luke would’ve had all the cars running.

  56. j2breezyy

    j2breezyy20 days ago

    Why'd Christian leave?

  57. Brayden White

    Brayden White23 days ago

    from 8 guys roller painting in a driveway to being sponsored by bc racing. congrats man

  58. NolanEnt

    NolanEnt23 days ago

    When I first found illiminate I went back and watched all the old OG videos first, and I gotta say.... It’s dope seeing them go from rep parts and cheap kits to being sponsored by BC and Work and being able to give back to the people. I’m especially glad that an OG sub who drifts won the 240 giveaway

  59. M0ct3zuma22

    M0ct3zuma2223 days ago

    It needs to get lower

  60. JasonTho

    JasonTho23 days ago

    rocking the illiminate x sago tee rn 💪🏽💪🏽

  61. hondansx1972

    hondansx197224 days ago

    wtf did u do with the steering wheel omfg , you would see this on an american car jesus fuck

  62. Game Over

    Game Over24 days ago

    Christian Christian Christian !!!!!!!!!

  63. SpeedDemonz

    SpeedDemonz24 days ago

    i love y’all but for once don’t slam every car u get

  64. Bhino Srt8

    Bhino Srt824 days ago

    Shoutout to luke ✌🏽

  65. Tu papi Boogie

    Tu papi Boogie24 days ago

    Nsx on point

  66. Obe Ngatuakana

    Obe Ngatuakana24 days ago

    Surely send me a car to New Zealand 😂

  67. Hoang Nguyen

    Hoang Nguyen24 days ago

    What a glow up. Went from roller paint jobs to buying a warehouse, hella cars, and sponsors from Work Wheels, Bagriders, and fucking BC 🤯. Keep up the hustle papi 🤩🙏.

  68. Cheez It

    Cheez It24 days ago

    You talk too much bruh just get started with the video

  69. Jann Dacuycuy

    Jann Dacuycuy24 days ago

    why does kj look so small in it hahahaha

  70. Emanuel Coronado

    Emanuel Coronado24 days ago

    No offense but kj doesn’t really own the nsx

  71. Donated Zeus Gaming

    Donated Zeus Gaming24 days ago

    It looks sooooo goodddddddd

  72. Fron

    Fron24 days ago

    how much doe luke charge for bag= installs. asking for a friend

  73. N8 The gr8

    N8 The gr824 days ago

    so does anyone know how to go abt buying the right layout for this setup bc it’s fye

  74. Andreas

    Andreas24 days ago

    Hey Niko let's go bowling

  75. litburr

    litburr24 days ago

    looks hella clean

  76. Dacquel, John Lawrence S.

    Dacquel, John Lawrence S.24 days ago

    I've been waiting for this one, since day one

  77. Aaron

    Aaron24 days ago

    Ruin a perfect car.

  78. XDC Kev

    XDC Kev25 days ago

    for Track I don't like the stretched tire look and the wheels :/

  79. Chris García

    Chris García25 days ago

    Finally she looks fiiiiiiiiiiiire🔥🔥🔥

  80. Zander Lee

    Zander Lee25 days ago

    Time to surprise Luke with a dream car lol

  81. Anthony Rodriguez

    Anthony Rodriguez25 days ago

    I’ve seen kj in his nsx

  82. Glock 19

    Glock 1925 days ago

    Shit finally looks better

  83. OVI BEE

    OVI BEE25 days ago

    Sounds like a ricer

  84. Shinka

    Shinka25 days ago

    Where do you find Jdm cars

  85. Chris García

    Chris García25 days ago

    Toprank Instagram:)

  86. redek1503

    redek150325 days ago

    Stretching Re71r’s, why

  87. radley panlasigui

    radley panlasigui25 days ago

    Randy let me buy one of your cars for 1k hear me out i can work on whatever project and do what i have to do to get it done 1k its all i got

  88. rsvp jcp

    rsvp jcp25 days ago

    i was just thinking about getting air cups for my car


    HASHTHERAMI25 days ago

    Max needs the veilside kit on it 😍

  90. Ate Mega Bites

    Ate Mega Bites25 days ago

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  91. Roberto Avila

    Roberto Avila25 days ago

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  92. churchbo

    churchbo25 days ago

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  93. obesegorilla87

    obesegorilla8725 days ago

    That fakie big-flip and varial heel made me cream 😩😩😩

  94. Travis Narine

    Travis Narine25 days ago

    Kj has to make more content

  95. Rachard

    Rachard25 days ago

    we need more KJ screen time, I fuckn like that guy

  96. Spot ONN DIY vids

    Spot ONN DIY vids25 days ago

    Idk but it sound like a straight piped V6 Camaro 1998

  97. DIOR

    DIOR25 days ago

    Luke is the man !

  98. Dexityz

    Dexityz25 days ago

    Bigcock racing hooked it up 🤣

  99. Hunter Carrigan

    Hunter Carrigan25 days ago

    Needs side skirts

  100. Alan Gabriel

    Alan Gabriel25 days ago

    How much does this cost to do tho 😪

  101. ky

    ky25 days ago

    5:40 *almost drops coilover*

  102. BD BEATS.

    BD BEATS.25 days ago

    can i get that stock rims of nsx??

  103. stan theman

    stan theman25 days ago

    Sooooooooo I’m guessing you cut the front springs ... definitely not 10k spring rate after that

  104. atlmonster _

    atlmonster _25 days ago

    BC Racing is one of the BEST coilovers u can get