Twin My Heart Season 3 Ep 1 | Merrell Twins Find TikTok Star Nate Wyatt a GIRLFRIEND | AwesomenessTV

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It's the premiere episode of Twin My Heart Season 3 and the Merrell Twins are ready to find TikTok Star Nate Wyatt a girlfriend! Who do you think Nate will pick based on first impressions?! Watch Twin My Heart every Sunday at 7am PST!
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The Merrell Twins are helping influencers find love in AwesomenessTV’s hit dating competition show. This season, the Merrell Twins are setting up Nate Wyatt to find his one true love. Through a series of competitive group challenges and one-on-one romantic dates, Nate will find his perfect match among 10 contestants!
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Twin My Heart Season 1 w/ The Merrell Twins
Twin My Heart Season 2 w/ The Merrell Twins
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Veronica Merrell: @VeronicaMerrell
Vanessa Merrell: @VanessaMerrell
Nate Wyatt: @itsnatewyatt
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Director: Tara Cole
Supervising Producer: Katherine Lauren @KatherineLauren
Executive Producer: Vanessa Merrell @VanessaMerrell
Executive Producer: Veronica Merrell @VeronicaMerrell
Executive Producer: Paul Merrell @ThePaulMerrell
Producer: Taylor Henriquez
Editor: Meredith Veach
Director of Photography: Trevor Roach
1st AD: Aaron Ellis
Camera Operators: Connor Vickers and Charlie Reetz
Sound Mixers: Rommel Sungia and Will Mill
1st AC and DIT: Robert P. Chuck
Line Producer: Lauren C Brooks
Production Coordinator: Tina Poston
COVID Safety Officer: Paul Rivet
Set Medic: Barry Murrey
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Twin My Heart Season 3 Ep 1 | Merrell Twins Find TikTok Star Nate Wyatt a GIRLFRIEND | AwesomenessTV


  1. AwesomenessTV

    AwesomenessTV13 days ago

    IT'S FINALLY HERE!!!!! What did you think of the premiere episode, and now that you know the girls, PLACE YOUR BETS ON THE FINAL GIRL!!!! 😍

  2. I am Maria

    I am Maria4 days ago


  3. Gabrielle Hostettler

    Gabrielle Hostettler5 days ago

    Kayonna or gabbie

  4. Jose Quezada

    Jose Quezada5 days ago

    Love thisss

  5. Ellx and Bellx Røbløx

    Ellx and Bellx Røbløx6 days ago

    Daniella Bc she’s so sweet and her type is Nate lol jk but still :oI :°o0 uhhh

  6. Enda Hersan

    Enda Hersan7 days ago

    @sarah Mooney, every Sunday there is a new episode.

  7. Sanjaya Timilsina

    Sanjaya Timilsina57 minutes ago

    Kaniona all the way.. Smart, intelligent and beautiful

  8. Sarote Genebo

    Sarote Genebo2 hours ago

    Olivia no one cares like seriously they had to fast forward

  9. Sarote Genebo

    Sarote Genebo3 hours ago


  10. banished4eva

    banished4eva4 hours ago

    The most realistic of all 3 seasons so far, when the contestants are getting introduced, (coming out of their cars while the hosts watch), was definitely season 1. I remember nessa had genuine reactions to seeing each guy. And it was done really well that we could see each guy and nessa's reaction to each... it didn't seem staged..

  11. 2023 Eva Downes

    2023 Eva Downes4 hours ago

    how do you talk that much

  12. 2023 Eva Downes

    2023 Eva Downes4 hours ago


  13. Pranay Purohit

    Pranay Purohit4 hours ago

    I thought you will find Roni a boyfriend . plz do that in next season.

  14. Katie Blox

    Katie Blox5 hours ago

    Why did they edit Olivia and Nate’s conversation like that... 😢

  15. Kassidy Miner

    Kassidy Miner5 hours ago

    Who the heck does Olivia think she is. She is boring the crap out of me NO HATE

  16. Annie Lyon

    Annie Lyon10 hours ago

    My mom works at UCi and she’s a teacher

  17. Adoraliz Isabella

    Adoraliz IsabellaDay ago

    Well he ain't single now🙃 his gf is so nice and pure

  18. Reanne Dsouza

    Reanne DsouzaDay ago

    Bruh I hated how Olivia was just talking about herself. And I also got so annoyed when Sofia just joined in when they both were having a nice conversation.

  19. Spiitz

    SpiitzDay ago

    Oh my freaking god let the other girls talk one at a time like they need to have their time to talk to Nate

  20. Hibah Omar

    Hibah OmarDay ago

    I love how all the girls are friends and they allow each other to “steal” him away unlike season 1 and 2 where the boys are just like “bRanDoN cOmeS aNd sTeALs hEr aWaY”

  21. Mabel M . R

    Mabel M . RDay ago

    What’s he doing! How about Aisha!

  22. Barry Allan

    Barry AllanDay ago

    Roni do be hot

  23. Esha _XoXo

    Esha _XoXoDay ago

    What about Aisha mian

  24. Jiggly Milk

    Jiggly MilkDay ago

    in every season of twin my heart they know a person. like in season one they knew alex and in season two christian knew tage. and in this season nate knows erin

  25. Maya Mando

    Maya Mando2 days ago

    Not me waiting for Aisha to pop up 😭 but we all know he wants Aisha

  26. N E V A E H

    N E V A E H2 days ago

    i feel like they where jealous of brianna and all interrupted them

  27. Unicorn Potato

    Unicorn Potato2 days ago

    Not even 8 mins in and i do not like Olivia 😅 sorry, she givin me Brandon vibes (at least Brandon wasn’t ‘oh I love myself, this is me! I’m hot’ kinna guy lol)

  28. Zipporah C-B

    Zipporah C-B2 days ago

    daniella seems so sweet

  29. Edits xxYASSS

    Edits xxYASSS2 days ago

    Isn't Nate dating the girl from tiktok???

  30. Player Abyility

    Player Abyility2 days ago


  31. Amp World

    Amp World2 days ago

    The girl ruined the conversation between Nate and Brianna🙍‍♀️like let them talk dang

  32. Zaho0ratb

    Zaho0ratb2 days ago

    Imagine Nate ending up with Vanessa instead of any of the girls

  33. Olivia Cortese

    Olivia Cortese2 days ago

    Dang they upgraded the last seasons all the contestants showed up in a bus and now they are all in separate cars.

  34. Olivia Nelson

    Olivia Nelson3 days ago

    next time ill shut up LOL

  35. Olivia Nelson

    Olivia Nelson3 days ago

    @Erin Johnson wanna ice me down next time ?

  36. Erin Johnson

    Erin Johnson3 days ago

    how’s your ankle?

  37. Aesha Mahida

    Aesha Mahida3 days ago

    I feel so proud to be from Houston lmao

  38. Jocemin Duren

    Jocemin Duren3 days ago

    The fact that roni has not done it yet i mean just put arron in there like they did alex and nessa

  39. Diana Aviles

    Diana Aviles3 days ago


  40. libin yusuf

    libin yusuf3 days ago

    Bachelor vibes or what?

  41. Tamaki Amajiki Simp

    Tamaki Amajiki Simp3 days ago

    This is like the bachelor but better because its hosted by the Merell Twins :D

  42. Megan Salinas

    Megan Salinas3 days ago

    Nate s angels

  43. Sxbrina

    Sxbrina3 days ago

    there’s a reason that roni has not had her own season😏😏😏 we all know this. Ron Ron be real now

  44. Ria Samanta

    Ria Samanta10 hours ago

    Yes 👏 Ronron for the win 👏

  45. Melissa wolkow

    Melissa wolkow3 days ago

    I’m so happy this series is back! I love this show

  46. Aragsan Liban

    Aragsan Liban3 days ago

    Wait noo wut about Aisha nate?? Naisha

  47. Ace family fan Gonzalez

    Ace family fan Gonzalez3 days ago

    Team nates alngels definitely 👍👍

  48. LuschkaCovers

    LuschkaCovers3 days ago

    the bachelor has been such a good muse for so many youtube(r) shows .. 😂😅

  49. LuschkaCovers

    LuschkaCovers3 days ago

    I love how much fun this looks like

  50. LuschkaCovers

    LuschkaCovers3 days ago

    kaniona is gorgeous!! my goodness 😊😊

  51. krystal villodas

    krystal villodas3 days ago

    i was waiting for this. i love this reality tv show more then any other, it's amazing😂

  52. f2airy

    f2airy3 days ago

    I Hate Thias

  53. Loa Lane

    Loa Lane3 days ago

    Sorry early colin Powell I'm having my coffee I'm shearing my favorite channel on USlikes its awesome tv

  54. Ariana Wilson

    Ariana Wilson3 days ago


  55. allison mcniven

    allison mcniven3 days ago

    Aisha Mian is crying in the corner rn- i ship aisha and nate together but this is fun for entertainment :)

  56. Trv

    Trv4 days ago

    Nate's Angels

  57. Mayan Shah

    Mayan Shah4 days ago

    Ahhh yes. The first episode. They’re all friends. Soon, they’re gonna be at each other’s throats. Lets all act like friends in front of nate. Put on a little show.

  58. All That Jaz

    All That Jaz4 days ago

    I’m sorry but Brianna honestly has a right to feel some type of way because at the end of the day Nate choose her to have alone time with. I appreciate her maturity in the situation to let the other girls have a chance to spend time with him. Olivia might have messed up her opportunity at creating a relationship with Nate being that she based the attention on herself and not on the basis of having a genuine conversation leading into a genuine connection.

  59. maivtswb yaj

    maivtswb yaj4 days ago

    I do know you want to talk talk

  60. amira hamilton

    amira hamilton4 days ago

    I thought he was dating a mian twin

  61. Piggy

    Piggy4 days ago

    I'm excited to see him and Erin catch up

  62. Piggy

    Piggy4 days ago

    I love this so much!!!!

  63. Shayna Harper

    Shayna Harper4 days ago

    Nate with the blue group seems like a little mini fan meet and greet

  64. Victoria Elizabeth

    Victoria Elizabeth4 days ago

    God loves you

  65. Bumble Bee

    Bumble Bee4 days ago


  66. Suzie Z

    Suzie Z4 days ago

    Maybe season 4 to find twin of Roni heart ?

  67. Ayah_is_CUPCAKE

    Ayah_is_CUPCAKE4 days ago

    Why is Nate doing this doesn’t he like Aisha????why is Nate saying he’s looking for someone? He has a great bond with Aisha.

  68. Kiki Miah

    Kiki Miah2 days ago

    Aisha can’t date him because he isn’t Muslim , he will have to convert to Islam then date

  69. Macy Powell

    Macy Powell4 days ago

    everyone:taking about olivia me:i want to meet her olivia:come in the last car 😂

  70. Beauty. With.bassom

    Beauty. With.bassom4 days ago

    i liked the girl verison better , AHAHAH but rreally idk how i feel about this

  71. Marie de vet

    Marie de vet4 days ago

    I would love to do this, not for the guy but just to be in that house for a least a day

  72. Tshego Shikwane

    Tshego Shikwane4 days ago

    U see I kno its gonna end up with them being just friends, but it's still entertaining

  73. Ananya Rajput

    Ananya Rajput4 days ago

    Olivia looks like a girl version of Brandon(season 1)

  74. Yessenia Santacruz

    Yessenia Santacruz4 days ago

  75. NikitaCrave

    NikitaCrave5 days ago

    The difference from twin my heart and the bachelor is when someone asks to talk to a guy they are so sweet and nice about it but in the bachelor shit would go down I love this cast

  76. Annie Bresee

    Annie Bresee5 days ago


  77. Neha Mohammed

    Neha Mohammed5 days ago

    nate and olivia is a question like dude she was taking abt her and not giving nate a chance to speak

  78. daecchen

    daecchen5 days ago

    ok, this is weird

  79. Panda Sunflower

    Panda Sunflower5 days ago

    I love the merrel twins and Nate's matching outfits for elimination

  80. Nathaniel.j.p

    Nathaniel.j.p5 days ago

    Every guy's dream 😂💀

  81. samantha arredondo

    samantha arredondo5 days ago

    All of the stealing is making me anxious!!!

  82. Jacob Dennis

    Jacob Dennis5 days ago

    This dude 5’8” and they’re saying he’s tall lol

  83. Taneyah Hatch

    Taneyah Hatch5 days ago

    I love this nate you at pretty I hope you pick your gril you like her do you h.mmmm

  84. avni ademaj

    avni ademaj5 days ago

    Okay buuuuuuuuuuuuuttt.... what about Aisha????

  85. Wayne Fry

    Wayne Fry5 days ago

    i love gabbie

  86. Bread Genie

    Bread Genie5 days ago

    Olivia was all like “can I get some alone time with him please and I want to tell you a bit about myself” and she’s talking like if shes never gonna be able to talk again😭I felt bad for nate

  87. Cody Johnson

    Cody Johnson5 days ago

    I don't watch dating shows, but I do like watching the Merrell twins, so I guess I do watch dating shows now lol

  88. Lily Drees

    Lily Drees5 days ago

    Ok but isn't sofia so pretty like her eyes🥰😍

  89. Mandii Miraa

    Mandii Miraa5 days ago

    I hate the echo in the interviews

  90. Sofia Sklw

    Sofia Sklw5 days ago

    Wait but I thought nate was dating the girl that has a twin hmmmmmmmm😮

  91. Joanna Do

    Joanna Do5 days ago

    Aisha is crying right now 😭

  92. ScrunchyBaby

    ScrunchyBaby5 days ago

    Why wasn’t AISHA MIAN HERE 🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢

  93. Chloe Hooton

    Chloe Hooton5 days ago

    Is it just me who thinks that sofia looks a lot like mandi from mean girls 2 No just me, ok

  94. Junelle Gonzales

    Junelle Gonzales5 days ago

    Who else thinks that Veronica should be next for season 4?

  95. Mia Perez

    Mia Perez5 days ago

    can I have him?

  96. Tatyana

    Tatyana5 days ago


  97. Aria Karamanlis

    Aria Karamanlis5 days ago


  98. Joshua Brown

    Joshua Brown5 days ago

    Wow I have never see awesomeness TV comment two times on one video🤣 Haha😆😂

  99. xx

    xx5 days ago

    SPICY MAMIS FOR LIFE LOL and My vote for the final girl is Brianna

  100. Paje Echeverry

    Paje Echeverry5 days ago


  101. Cc

    Cc5 days ago


  102. Cc

    Cc5 days ago


  103. Cc

    Cc5 days ago

    yay thank u sfor another season!!!

  104. ChloeGamez

    ChloeGamez5 days ago

    Me: *quietly waiting for a gay twin my heart* PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!

  105. Sarah Potter

    Sarah Potter5 days ago

    Nates Angles

  106. Quindella Dodson

    Quindella Dodson5 days ago

    Olivia is a beautiful girl who I think was just made out to be talking "long" with editing! I would love to be friends with her though:)

  107. bree

    bree5 days ago

    @Maroua Glam PLEASE-

  108. Maroua Glam

    Maroua Glam5 days ago

    POV: you are Olivia with a fake account

  109. Musix Mocha

    Musix Mocha5 days ago


  110. Rayan Abdin

    Rayan Abdin5 days ago

    I fell like Olivia should go home

  111. Ann Maria Ajoy

    Ann Maria Ajoy5 days ago

    The guys used to steal the girl and the girls just wanna talk in groups lmao