I Made Every ORE from Minecraft in Real Life!

I Made Every ORE from Minecraft in Real Life! with Preston ๐Ÿ‘Š
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  1. Preston

    Preston7 days ago

    Aren't villagers the worst?! What kind of stuff would you have to trade to a villager?

  2. htygygtgfttgg yyvhh

    htygygtgfttgg yyvhh3 days ago

    @BoomASMR blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  3. Camryn Colon

    Camryn Colon6 days ago


  4. Lil iPhone

    Lil iPhone6 days ago

    Fake emeralds

  5. Zepro Official

    Zepro Official6 days ago

    I want a bunch of ROBUX

  6. KittyQueen 2411

    KittyQueen 24116 days ago

    I like villagers XD

  7. Super Channel

    Super Channel3 minutes ago

    Real emeralds are cheap you can get a smol one for $15

  8. El G

    El G12 minutes ago

    Ooh, gosh

  9. Loleta Williams

    Loleta Williams35 minutes ago


  10. the crazy 1

    the crazy 135 minutes ago


  11. the crazy 1

    the crazy 135 minutes ago


  12. the crazy 1

    the crazy 135 minutes ago


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    the crazy 136 minutes ago


  14. the crazy 1

    the crazy 136 minutes ago

    6:00 I watched this

  15. Riley Wynn

    Riley Wynn58 minutes ago

    i,m moving to texas preston!!! me and my friend and i r going to be neighbors

  16. Maria Honigman

    Maria HonigmanHour ago

    ur copying unspeakable with the fake text messages

  17. Molly Safuto

    Molly SafutoHour ago

    I love your channel Preston

  18. Kenny Planter

    Kenny Planter2 hours ago

    The torpid replace genetically gather because chinese densply paddle astride a well-made english. better, wild care

  19. hpbagamer

    hpbagamer2 hours ago


  20. hpbagamer

    hpbagamer2 hours ago


  21. Fred Didden

    Fred Didden2 hours ago

    Sorry I missed spelled school๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป!

  22. Fred Didden

    Fred Didden2 hours ago

    Hi iโ€™am Fredโ€™s daughter and I NEW IT WAS COAL and I love your videos and you expire me to do great in scoop Because you are funny and I love your Minecraft videos Especially the one that you scared Brianna because you shut off the light.

  23. DragonHeart

    DragonHeart2 hours ago

    I really hope no one was hurt cause that fire works clip was really dangerous

  24. Guadalupe Ledesma

    Guadalupe Ledesma2 hours ago


  25. Kitty Cat Cutie

    Kitty Cat Cutie2 hours ago

    My 3D pritr

  26. Kitty Cat Cutie

    Kitty Cat Cutie2 hours ago


  27. Chikoo

    Chikoo2 hours ago

    9:16 u canโ€™t make flashlights itโ€™s a telescope

  28. sans fan

    sans fan2 hours ago

    I'm minecraft gamer

  29. sans fan

    sans fan2 hours ago

    Me rich


    HELLCAT2 hours ago


  31. Bruh. jr.

    Bruh. jr.2 hours ago

    my favorite ore is stone

  32. musicnpeace4life

    musicnpeace4life3 hours ago

    What are you doing Preston

  33. Caspar Elias

    Caspar Elias3 hours ago

    Emerald is more rare than ancientdebri

  34. Van Delong

    Van Delong3 hours ago


  35. Nirmala Devi rai

    Nirmala Devi rai3 hours ago


  36. Jenna Miller

    Jenna Miller3 hours ago


  37. Apple Tree

    Apple Tree3 hours ago

    10 in pants

  38. Josh Becker

    Josh Becker3 hours ago

    Cool gold

  39. Josh Becker

    Josh Becker3 hours ago

    I Love your vidโ€˜s

  40. Jim Selak

    Jim Selak3 hours ago


  41. dead account

    dead account3 hours ago

    Preston I have a question for you why are your shirts and hoodies 45 freaking dollars

  42. Daniel Soukrieh

    Daniel Soukrieh3 hours ago


  43. Jessica Pierce

    Jessica Pierce3 hours ago


  44. ItzAlex Here

    ItzAlex Here3 hours ago

    How u so rich also every villager trade be like : a stack of emerald Blocks for a piece of dirt

  45. renee kane

    renee kane4 hours ago


  46. Jessica Rizzo

    Jessica Rizzo4 hours ago


  47. Nugget_1234 O_O

    Nugget_1234 O_O4 hours ago

    WOW I love this video! nwn

  48. gosia m

    gosia m4 hours ago

    This is cool

  49. Roger Mitchell

    Roger Mitchell5 hours ago

    Doesnโ€™t coal ore takes longer to mine than iron

  50. C Grosvenor

    C Grosvenor5 hours ago

    Editor: do not atemt this! Me: you legit shooting at a person!

  51. Alyce Hernandez

    Alyce Hernandez5 hours ago

    Boat for 100 layers of netherlight

  52. Sarah Khatib

    Sarah Khatib5 hours ago

    Is it me or the lapis was chalk

  53. Aaron Lewis-Ingram

    Aaron Lewis-Ingram5 hours ago

    What about lapis

  54. gesau Lopez

    gesau Lopez5 hours ago

    I do not no

  55. bj gaming

    bj gaming5 hours ago

    When the gold pickaxe broke I was like this is definitely Minecraft

  56. Prashant Amin

    Prashant Amin5 hours ago

    Are these real diamonds

  57. James Greenhaw

    James Greenhaw6 hours ago


  58. ying liu

    ying liu6 hours ago


  59. Artur Dybaล›

    Artur Dybaล›6 hours ago

    thomas edison invented loads of stuff i know one thing she invented electronics

  60. Dritan Rira

    Dritan Rira6 hours ago


  61. goudvis super

    goudvis super6 hours ago


  62. Shadow Legend

    Shadow Legend6 hours ago

    Watch you jet villagers

  63. Shadow Legend

    Shadow Legend6 hours ago

    Gem me I wana rich lol

  64. Barb Turner

    Barb Turner6 hours ago

    My name is lapis

  65. Dots2Go

    Dots2Go6 hours ago

    Were those real emeralds?

  66. Keagan Gwendo

    Keagan Gwendo6 hours ago

    What mod is this m8 donot r/ me anything

  67. Alex army

    Alex army6 hours ago

    Emerald ore lookes cool

  68. Ofentse Mashego

    Ofentse Mashego6 hours ago

    10 0

  69. Muhammad Adnan Mubin

    Muhammad Adnan Mubin6 hours ago


  70. Vernetta G.

    Vernetta G.6 hours ago

    Cooler thin unspeakable

  71. MacZack0705

    MacZack07057 hours ago

    hi i love your vido soooooooooooo muche xoxo

  72. Nathan Alvarez

    Nathan Alvarez7 hours ago

    How did you get the cave update early

  73. Evan Eleven

    Evan Eleven7 hours ago

    Those emeralds tho, bruh what your server cuz emeralds and rare.

  74. Rares Coruti

    Rares Coruti7 hours ago

    Hi proston !!!!!!! Im a din fan !!!!!!!!!

  75. M D D O

    M D D O7 hours ago

    14:52 that face shows how much power bri has, only she could scare preston for real๐Ÿ˜‚

  76. Ken Dubane

    Ken Dubane7 hours ago


  77. Robo Ninja

    Robo Ninja7 hours ago

    wheres nick

  78. Robo Ninja

    Robo Ninja7 hours ago

    i love kingman

  79. jake wilson

    jake wilson7 hours ago

    l got it

  80. liam Fredriksson-Sten

    liam Fredriksson-Sten8 hours ago

    1 to 10? your kidding its 100000000 out of 10

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    Asher Ortiz8 hours ago

    # stop production team abuse

  84. Twickenham Martial Arts College

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  85. Monique Perrin

    Monique Perrin8 hours ago

    Everything hmmm chocolate

  86. Moi

    Moi8 hours ago

    Cacti is made by CactusJones

  87. Asher Ortiz

    Asher Ortiz8 hours ago

    Woohoo Preston I wish you could subscribe people multiple times to

  88. Omar Omar

    Omar Omar8 hours ago


  89. T-Rex People

    T-Rex People8 hours ago


  90. Robbie Gardiner

    Robbie Gardiner8 hours ago

    Actually emeralds are the rarest ore in minecraft because they can only be found in the extreme hills biome unlike diamonds or netherite for diamond go to y level 11 and for netherite go to y level 14 in the nether

  91. Chill Is Good

    Chill Is Good8 hours ago

    This should be called 'I Mined Every ORE from Minecraft in Real Life!'

  92. PavelCraft

    PavelCraft8 hours ago

    Hey Preston lm follow you at tik tok

  93. gamer ElitistAxis

    gamer ElitistAxis8 hours ago

    Wow prston

  94. Maisie Turnbull

    Maisie Turnbull8 hours ago

    Do you have time for the update for the quic Games?

  95. Notch

    Notch9 hours ago

    Nooooo tha lapiz

  96. Jordan Luke

    Jordan Luke9 hours ago


  97. That guy :/

    That guy :/9 hours ago

    How much subs shall we get from the comment? If u sub, yeet

  98. Brady Reed

    Brady Reed9 hours ago

    Is it real

  99. Dominic Chretien

    Dominic Chretien9 hours ago


  100. Noah boat

    Noah boat9 hours ago


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    KALEB9 hours ago


  102. paulaaroncify

    paulaaroncify9 hours ago

    The subtitles said he swore

  103. Mase Seggy

    Mase Seggy9 hours ago

    โ€œWe also found red stone. Itโ€™s not special, u find it all the time.โ€ *sad mumbo noises*

  104. Mardiya Zaghdoudi

    Mardiya Zaghdoudi9 hours ago

    Lapis:no one needs me? Iron:yeah no one Diamond and gold: we are rich Copper:iโ€™m literally useless Nether:gold me from The nether Nether quartz:me to

  105. Mardiya Zaghdoudi

    Mardiya Zaghdoudi9 hours ago

    R.I.P Lapis๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  106. Ryker Buzard

    Ryker Buzard9 hours ago