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  1. Trill Saucey

    Trill Saucey11 days ago

    trillsteppas.com GO COP SOME MERCH

  2. Jonathan Longoria

    Jonathan Longoria6 days ago

    Your merch is for gay people

  3. White Tiger

    White Tiger10 days ago

    Yo they ugly lol

  4. Ayo Fr3sh!

    Ayo Fr3sh!10 days ago


  5. Bernell Edwards

    Bernell Edwards11 days ago

    not go cop

  6. Freedom Reigns

    Freedom Reigns5 hours ago

    Your money is gonna run out, when it does, your protection team will run out too, no people around "boom"

  7. Randy Willams

    Randy Willams7 hours ago

    69 boy you need to quite playing with 600 or 300 or otf you will see your life want last to long

  8. Anthony Wallace

    Anthony Wallace7 hours ago

    Dude said my throat hurt fucking dead lmfao

  9. Daniel Torres

    Daniel Torres14 hours ago

    This what happens when you snitch

  10. Daniel Torres

    Daniel Torres14 hours ago

    69 a bum

  11. Pa13blo roman

    Pa13blo roman15 hours ago

    ,³plata o plomo

  12. illest28s

    illest28s20 hours ago

    69 got handled😂🤣🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  13. Shonton Howard

    Shonton HowardDay ago

    This is year 2021 202169 and we don't do all that damn six s*** you with all this 69 see about you come on bro I don't like that 69 hey how tuh might need aaaaaaaaaaaaaa now she's not we tired not right now okay we you say his old song bro à

  14. Shonton Howard

    Shonton HowardDay ago

    Smoopdog checked 👁️👁️👲🏽👲🏼👳🏽‍♂️👨🏽‍🌾💇🏽‍♂️👨🏽‍🦱🐕 but he w to get no ing a. R.

  15. manuel ramirez

    manuel ramirezDay ago

    He rite Nina dmx cuz nigga

  16. manuel ramirez

    manuel ramirezDay ago

    Brown side east

  17. Devon Loyd

    Devon LoydDay ago

    They gone kill 6ix9ine

  18. jakunzii

    jakunziiDay ago

    Wait right or wrong when lilreese told lil JoJo imma kill you diddent he get smoked like a day later.

  19. Anna Cot

    Anna CotDay ago

    I think snitchnine lace front is too tight

  20. Cordell Gibson

    Cordell GibsonDay ago


  21. Cordell Rowe

    Cordell RoweDay ago

    Man you should have disappeared there gonna get you

  22. Yann Drill

    Yann Drill2 days ago

    Biggest clown i ever seen in my life drinkin from the empty bottle just like i'm drinkin .

  23. Timmy Robinson

    Timmy Robinson2 days ago

    He working hard for the Feds, calling ppl puss,this kid is begging for someone to put him down

  24. Amber Young

    Amber Young2 days ago

    y u aint pull out the blicky wit the 50 when ya homies was taking u off?

  25. Litothegoat

    Litothegoat2 days ago

    I m not gonna lie 69 talks a lot but lil Reese got jumped and shit but he didn’t back down even when he was getting jumped and bro took a shot to the neck and like nothing ever happened . But 69 over he manager fucked his baby’s mama and kid napped him what was 69 Doing crying and begging for his life . I don’t have nothing against 69 but you can’t talk reckless and hide behind FBI and act like you a thug .

  26. Melvin Flint

    Melvin Flint2 days ago

    This clown n team got rolled up n backed down by 2 dudes at airport, then he rats n he still think he’s gangsta wtf?? This a whole different planet we live on now

  27. Sentell Johnson

    Sentell Johnson2 days ago

    6/9 ain't dead yet

  28. Nikki Dawson

    Nikki Dawson3 days ago

    I want him to say " let's take turns " like he did with trippy red lol

  29. Mr. Wright

    Mr. Wright3 days ago

    Why do y'all give 69 attention? He's lame! Wont ever be a 69 greatest hits.....

  30. Evelyn Solby

    Evelyn Solby3 days ago

    Why he got so shook that he pulled out a platinum over the internet?! Lol

  31. Michael Corley

    Michael Corley3 days ago

    Put that away 😂

  32. Joe Dicks

    Joe Dicks3 days ago

    Hey Bobby smurda out tho

  33. Joe Dicks

    Joe Dicks3 days ago


  34. biofuels69

    biofuels693 days ago

    Chitown stand up, Midwest don't play play.... "Da Go!!!!"🖐🏾

  35. killer kitty

    killer kitty4 days ago

    nigga shoot first after talking to guard

  36. killer kitty

    killer kitty4 days ago

    rip 69

  37. Eyvan

    Eyvan4 days ago

    69 Gonna Die Mark My Words

  38. the truth 313

    the truth 3134 days ago

    69 be telling the truth these rap niggas are soft reese didnt do shit or pull a gun when them niggas beat his ass

  39. MacThaProphet

    MacThaProphet4 days ago



    YOUSAF AYOUBEE4 days ago

    😂😂😂this kid a clown fr 😂😂😂😂

  41. Moses Props

    Moses Props4 days ago

    Lol so gay men with long hair talking sweet to each other what a hot mess lol

  42. Anubis

    Anubis4 days ago

    U got money and did the GTA move on they ass and the world got scared

  43. onion peeling

    onion peeling4 days ago

    Lil become too much after Lil Wayne came up with Lil

  44. Omoro Strong

    Omoro Strong4 days ago

    He needs to stop acting like he a gangster with his fake ass bread.

  45. Wahid Torres

    Wahid Torres5 days ago

    Everything 4show!!! 6ixn9 prooved dem wrong...smh

  46. Candice Allison

    Candice Allison5 days ago

    You have all them people around you cause you know they will get you let them rip

  47. Sergio Martin JR Guevara

    Sergio Martin JR Guevara5 days ago

    69 he ain’t worth you’re time

  48. Fred Frizz

    Fred Frizz6 days ago

    Make sure you strap clown

  49. Aubrey Jamison

    Aubrey Jamison6 days ago

    69 snitch and still act'n hard smh

  50. lilcamhq

    lilcamhq6 days ago

    69 look like that gay nigga on don’t be a menace that just came home from jail 😂😂😂💯

  51. Jorge Lopez

    Jorge Lopez6 days ago

    Bro they to brrock to hit the club

  52. Jorge Lopez

    Jorge Lopez6 days ago

    Lmao boy shit him self

  53. djtearz81

    djtearz816 days ago

    Man said the bullet hurt his throat I'm dun out here lol 😂😂😂this government plant yeh stay away from this kid

  54. Jai R 22

    Jai R 226 days ago

    Think they both poop when it comes to it.

  55. D WATER

    D WATER6 days ago

    Real talk this mark mkn these so called real ones look bad. Security or not this dude should've been touched . These new age tough guys. Smh

  56. Heber Flores

    Heber Flores6 days ago

    Saben que es el rey 6ix9ine

  57. J KHiLaH

    J KHiLaH6 days ago

    Tupac died for being real... The fake survive

  58. J KHiLaH

    J KHiLaH6 days ago

    Perfect circus act

  59. YungEch

    YungEch6 days ago

    Love him or hate him he making Chicago niggas look like they ain’t shit. Single handily. Props

  60. Magnus Peppers

    Magnus Peppers6 days ago

    The day I wake up and it's no more 69 I'm partying like it's 1999

  61. Kitsuné Azulado

    Kitsuné Azulado6 days ago

    This like 2004 ... Oh damn

  62. succxonxdeaz

    succxonxdeaz6 days ago

    "U aint even in the hood for shit to happen to u" realest statement on this whole live lol💯

  63. Maximus Decimus Meridius

    Maximus Decimus Meridius6 days ago

    Pussycats with gun's

  64. ImDaeeHD

    ImDaeeHD6 days ago

    The dude died that fought him

  65. Pink Brown

    Pink Brown6 days ago

    He a cop

  66. Here’s Johnny

    Here’s Johnny6 days ago

    So sad because he will be dead soon , cuz of his ignorance

  67. Francisco Garcia

    Francisco Garcia6 days ago

    Von pack 🔥💨it’s a problem when 69 disrespectful yet when Von was alive he was disrespectful but 69 does it it’s a problem fuck out of here !!! FACTS

  68. Bruce Beeper

    Bruce Beeper6 days ago

    I’ll shit on myself before I snitch on anybody

  69. Carl Eizen

    Carl Eizen6 days ago

    Lil reese can kill 69

  70. Christiaan Scott

    Christiaan Scott6 days ago

    Shotti was stealing his loot and sleeping with his woman. I would have told On them too sheeet.

  71. Hakim Saeed AbdulRahman

    Hakim Saeed AbdulRahman5 days ago


  72. Chan Dahh Man

    Chan Dahh Man7 days ago

    Sooo were jus gonna skip past the fact he fucking racist

  73. Eddy Butternoodles

    Eddy Butternoodles7 days ago

    6ix9ine says funny shit

  74. Koli Begum

    Koli Begum7 days ago

    He’s too internet ahahah fully

  75. Kenny Andrews

    Kenny Andrews7 days ago

    Why is reese even entertain this rat. Man all the s*** for clout

  76. Dominic Turner

    Dominic Turner7 days ago

    They died 2 days later but these fools still loving the snitch

  77. FloridKideli Robinson

    FloridKideli Robinson7 days ago

    Reese can't talk but he can still move if Reese catch em rn he gone regret what he said 💨

  78. Committed Father's

    Committed Father's7 days ago

    I thought the 🐭said we wasn’t a gangster 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  79. Alex Ramirez

    Alex Ramirez7 days ago


  80. Antonio Vazquez

    Antonio Vazquez7 days ago

    69 you making us Mexican's look bad all this internet shit plus you talking to much on it. If you say what you say you are. internet is not the place to talk about it. 901 Memphis

  81. C-4 discos profeta

    C-4 discos profeta5 days ago

    Psycho Realm, Joker LSD, Mr. Knightowl aka El Tecolote, Mr. Shadow, Silencer, Mr. Sancho, Kemo The Blackxican, Brownside, Darkroom Familia, Cypress Hill & Baldacci are real mexican og's not this lame fool with s3x position name what type of name it's this? He is a m:yatxrø for saying the n word like 10 million times, at least they don't even talk too much shit on the net what "69" does.

  82. fornite baller

    fornite baller7 days ago

    Trill saucey fell off

  83. Luis Vazquez

    Luis Vazquez7 days ago

    Niccas smoking roaches now in days 😂

  84. Samuel Castro-Vevo

    Samuel Castro-Vevo7 days ago

    Black is big n real

  85. Mr.Aszure perry

    Mr.Aszure perry7 days ago

    Im convinced niggas only carry when they in the car or bout to be go on live

  86. Mr252tone

    Mr252tone7 days ago

    Dude you a got a death wish or something smh stop fucking with everybody. Getting rich and getting killed ain't the move

  87. N B

    N B7 days ago

    He look scared lol

  88. King JRC15

    King JRC157 days ago

    He gave Reese an L

  89. Robert Bennett

    Robert Bennett7 days ago

    Uh oh rip 69 calling it now dont fuck wit the reaper

  90. Eduardo Flores

    Eduardo Flores8 days ago

    Sixnine speaking facts he won

  91. Mido Motaung

    Mido Motaung8 days ago


  92. Mahedwaran Mahendiran

    Mahedwaran Mahendiran8 days ago

    69 big boss

  93. Michael Myers

    Michael Myers8 days ago

    If he wasn't protected by illuminati he wud of bn a 👻 😂💯

  94. Jason Rosas

    Jason Rosas8 days ago

    69 a funny ass nigga🤣

  95. Malazan

    Malazan8 days ago

    Reese took one of the biggest Ls in hip-hop history by shitting on himself though

  96. ASuarez Suarez

    ASuarez Suarez6 days ago

    He took a L with this video also

  97. Malazan

    Malazan8 days ago

    Reese did shit on himself and 69 has a point

  98. Malazan

    Malazan3 days ago

    @Stage I know chrons disease which is unfortunate but it doesn't change the fact that Reese shit on himself. For a gangster it's not a great image.

  99. Stage

    Stage3 days ago

    He had a disease

  100. Lorena Lorena

    Lorena Lorena8 days ago

    I love 69nine idc what anybody say he’s priceless 😂😂😂

  101. Deandre Fullilove

    Deandre Fullilove8 days ago


  102. orange 12

    orange 128 days ago

    Damn lil reese got owned

  103. BertI Norm

    BertI Norm8 days ago

    Who are the whiteboys he was on live with?

  104. Hoodie got The uzi

    Hoodie got The uzi8 days ago

    69 is a Chiraq gang historian

  105. Ryan ashe

    Ryan ashe8 days ago

    Im trying to figure out how any black person affiliated with this dude continue to say nigga nigga nigga that shit is do disrespectful.

  106. Allen Smith

    Allen Smith8 days ago

    Put that shit away when you 💩 on yourself you didnt pull that out 😂 😂

  107. Baasil Reynolds

    Baasil Reynolds8 days ago

    You was begging for your life you don't even take care of your daughter don't even lie to yourself you a bastard

  108. MP plummer

    MP plummer8 days ago

    Fruity colors think people playn.. r IP

  109. Siddy king

    Siddy king8 days ago