Honda Accord: No Wipers - Diagnose & Repair

In this video I have a look at a high mileage Honda Accord that came in with a customer compliant of no wipers. I could have just chucked a motor at from the parts cannon but I show the routine process of following a diagnostic plan to get a 100% definitive answer to what is wrong. You have two options. You can test or guess. You choose. -Enjoy!
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  1. Democrats are Evil

    Democrats are EvilDay ago

    Bushing wear in the rotating assembly will cause that to slap the edge.

  2. Frank Allen Jr

    Frank Allen Jr2 days ago

    Love hate on plastic? Dont you think cars these days are made with too much plastic? Intakes Thermostat housings etc

  3. Trevor Morgan

    Trevor Morgan3 days ago

    rollin the diagnostic dice boiii

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    Dakota Hughes4 days ago

    Anybody else want a toolbox/shop tour

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    Eric O., you are the best comic on USlikes!

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    wakefieldyorkshire5 days ago

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  7. Harry Gordon

    Harry Gordon5 days ago

    Review on the x beam wrench’s!?

  8. John Hanselman

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  9. Chevguy85

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    Why are people disliking I don't get it

  10. Hans gruber

    Hans gruber6 days ago

    Eric, just replaced plugs on a 2016 outback 2.5, what a nightmare. Wanted to share my victory! Love the channel.

  11. jorge fernandez

    jorge fernandez6 days ago

    Pretty straightforward repair. Nice Job.👍👍

  12. fanfan 12378

    fanfan 123786 days ago

    Nice professional way to diagnose and fix. Thanks for sharing

  13. Doug Kubash

    Doug Kubash6 days ago

    Ford service manuals - through Ford have 'Theory and Operation' I think it's called. It is a wealth of information. I have learned a lot by reading through it. Way to go Honda for having pretty much the same thing. I need all the help I can get! Good video!

  14. David Harley

    David Harley7 days ago

    Hi watched one of your videos recently whare you diagnosed a vacume leak a ground issue with the abs which was problem with the ground attached to the transmission case you also done a wheel speed sensor on this video my question is what is needed and how do you make up the variable resistors tool you used to complete the circuit is thare any chance you could do small video on making one up im a relatively new tech so anything that makes diagnostic a little easier would help thsnks

  15. Boinger

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  16. Timothy Steiger

    Timothy Steiger7 days ago

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  17. James nolastname

    James nolastname7 days ago

    Hope this works have a1998 f150 4.2 my profile picture shows the plenum and the black round thing with two water connects on side and vacuum connect to middle Can someone give me the name or info on this went to O’Reilly they couldn’t find it they called ford they couldn’t find it said it’s two old is it replaceable is it glued in screwed in what is it’s name??

  18. Tom Gep

    Tom Gep7 days ago

    Damned thing only lasted 380K. What a pile of trash.

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  21. Matthew Sweet

    Matthew Sweet7 days ago

    Ivan is the master of the "no parts required" fix!

  22. Rob J

    Rob J7 days ago

    Oh, you have a 10mm socket. Wondering if I can borrow it sometime. I seem to have lost all six of mine. I tried to order one but they're on backorder with no ship date for the foreseeable future.

  23. scrapmetal100

    scrapmetal1007 days ago

    Guest appearance by SK wrenches!

  24. james spash

    james spash7 days ago

    So diver commands low wiper speed, signal sent by ethernet to satellite, via NASA, to mars, Venus then Jupiter. Jupiter sends command signal back around the moon base to Houston control, then Via the local cable tv network, and Verizon 5g network and the wipers go on slow. Wow we made this so much better.

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    Alex Hoedemakers8 days ago

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  28. Terry Moore

    Terry Moore8 days ago

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    Floyd ervin8 days ago

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  30. 177584

    1775848 days ago

    Hey Eric, you should do a quick toolbox tour video, it would be interesting to see some of the tools you use to work on rusty junk lol.

  31. UncleMarks DIY Automotive Fix it channel

    UncleMarks DIY Automotive Fix it channel8 days ago

    Wow, I actually got to see a video within a day or two of you posting it! So nice when you have wiring diagrams and the auto makers info on how the system works so you can properly test and repair the fault.

  32. John A

    John A8 days ago

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  33. Gary's Garage

    Gary's Garage8 days ago

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  34. MoutainMan3000

    MoutainMan30008 days ago

    Damned wipers are so fiddly. Drive me nuts.

  35. Peter Zeboroff

    Peter Zeboroff8 days ago

    Hi Eric, Love all your videos, I own a 2008 Honda accord with the 3.5 v6 and I keep finding that these motors tend to have all sorts of issues such as oil control rings getting plugged as well as camshaft lobes literally falling apart the same way all the early Honda V4 Motorcycles did. I currently have about 190,000 kilometers on mine but I am curious if this cars motor is original 308,000 miles or if it has had any engine work done to it? I really love these Honda 3.5 and 3.7 motors but I find it hard to accept that they can go 300,000 miles and more without at least some engine work being done to them.

  36. Paul

    Paul8 days ago

    Snap-On has a diagnostic tool that is a thing of beauty for sensitive electronics... A 32 oz. dead blow hammer... Just one tap will find the defective part. Plus it's great for winning most arguments!... And collecting on loans!.... Very versatile tool!.... Limited only by the imagination....

  37. Matt Schieder

    Matt Schieder8 days ago

    Your ability to diagnose is 10/10. Hope someday I'll have your diagnostic abilities

  38. Paul

    Paul8 days ago

    You must walk with the Lord cuz I have never had wiper arms just jump off in my hands on a Honda. Mitchell confusing?..... Never! Why, they're the most easiest to follow and understand right next to Chinese lingo.... Hopes y'allr stayin' safe and well. Greetings from the land of no rust (yeah right) Nastyville, Tennishoe.......See Ya!!

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    Scott Jeans8 days ago

    Ok Eric where did you get that impact gun? I watched the testing on that unit and thought it was doing very well considering the abuse the tester seems to believe that it has received. Would love to know the make and model so that I may procure one for myself👍. Oh and sure live your channel,great content.

  48. vwwrenchie

    vwwrenchie8 days ago

    WAI.. Only one of the biggest suppliers of rotating electrical assemblies and components..yes I sell them.

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  51. Mr B

    Mr B9 days ago

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  53. canadatransistor

    canadatransistor9 days ago

    Went through this with my Cruze recently. Removing the nut and putting it back on without damaging the transmission was the toughest part of the job for sure. I laughed with the "off camera" joke and noticed the final tight down was not in the final video. I kinda know why. :-) Great video.

  54. bbaaspencer1

    bbaaspencer19 days ago

    My tip: I put blue tape along the edge of the wipers , then remove them so I know exactly where the wiper arms need to be reinstalled.

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  57. Steve Nelson

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    I had a '93 F 150 wiper motor decide it had had enough, hitting it with a hammer gave a new lease on life, but not a long lease, I replaced once I got a nice day and time to do it.

  58. Xombi Xombi

    Xombi Xombi9 days ago

    You do your project like Eric O. You find the schematic on a site or beg one off a friend who works in the shop. Analyze it, develop the flow chart , stick to the plan, no short cuts and the work takes a lot less time than the research, is done right the first time without wasting time and money on guess work. . You live the maxim if I can't find the time to do it right the first time, how will I ever find the time to do it over. Thank you.

  59. jamesbailey1976

    jamesbailey19769 days ago

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  69. halleffect1

    halleffect19 days ago

    last wiper job i had was a chevy colorado. took the motor apart and found the brushes were fine but a small amount of rust had locked the rotor in place. cleaned everything up and sealed the case with RTV, no more issues.

  70. Haitham Mohamed

    Haitham Mohamed9 days ago

    Keep going Eric, i learned a lot especially in the electrical field my friend's car was cooling fan always on at high speed we check the wiring diagram and we found that temperature sensor wire was broken we fixed it and all is done also he has vacuum switching valve issue we will check it by using active test using scan tool and see the control side of the ECM and see all this knowledge known by you, i'm very happy that i found you on youtube teachs how to read wiring diagram and isolate the problem, Thanks

  71. - Mike

    - Mike9 days ago

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    CF CAR REPAIRS10 days ago

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