( Guys in todays vlog i am teaching my youtube friend floridamade hoe to wheelie a yz250f dirtbike today ! ) ** MUST WATCH **
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    JARODLANUIT SurimiHour ago

    im french follower , rip traduction 😭🦾🥷

  2. Gutta Boy

    Gutta Boy8 hours ago

    That was the best thing he said 😏 show me

  3. SGG Whitey

    SGG Whitey14 hours ago

    Randy gonna fuck his self up keep leaning to the side he gonna land wrong

  4. Angelito 〽

    Angelito 〽18 hours ago

    20:46 had me dead 💀💀 how he noticed all quick

  5. Remain Humble

    Remain HumbleDay ago

    I hate when fatty around when brappp teaching somebody

  6. Tristan Biddinger

    Tristan BiddingerDay ago


  7. Jiovanni Rodriguez

    Jiovanni RodriguezDay ago

    Love all your videos

  8. Torrey Green

    Torrey GreenDay ago

    Best teacher I’ve seen

  9. Dyslexic Kid

    Dyslexic KidDay ago


  10. DriPPie Family 360

    DriPPie Family 360Day ago

    Get him to sit on the bike properly on the way up and lock his legs. He whiplashes on the way down. Maybe it's his height?

  11. fabian ruiz

    fabian ruiz2 days ago

    am trying to win that bike

  12. Michael Durojaiye

    Michael Durojaiye2 days ago

    I will like to win that bike. I will learn how to wheelie. Watching from italy

  13. Dean Wamboldt

    Dean Wamboldt2 days ago


  14. Dev Agastya R. Reddy

    Dev Agastya R. Reddy2 days ago

    ask him to wear gear u idiot, its dangerous and do it in a track

  15. 1il Ray

    1il Ray2 days ago


  16. Kamal Lewis

    Kamal Lewis3 days ago

    Bro was ready to swerve before he master the wheelie 😂

  17. Domo Lopez

    Domo Lopez3 days ago

    Is it better to learn how to wheelie in the grass are in street

  18. Chapolin OffRoad

    Chapolin OffRoad3 days ago

    dessa técnica ai quero ver os cara vim empinar de Titan aqui no Brasil

  19. Steven Jackson

    Steven Jackson3 days ago


  20. Jakob

    Jakob3 days ago

    Is it that hard to buy an actual helmet that doesn't look like you are trying to reenact the trenches in WW1?

  21. James

    James4 days ago

    I need to learn on my yz250f

  22. Kendrick Lash

    Kendrick Lash4 days ago

    Good video he has a pretty good hang of it

  23. Glizzy Entertainment

    Glizzy Entertainment4 days ago


  24. Pee BeMe

    Pee BeMe6 days ago

    Yeah 6:50 your timing it

  25. Gala83films TaylorG

    Gala83films TaylorG6 days ago

    Wish i could ride somewhere like that to practice on my pit bike lol

  26. Venom.spidey Venom.spidey

    Venom.spidey Venom.spidey6 days ago

    My boy said get yo fanga out my camera 🤣🤣🤣

  27. BIKE LIFE Vlogs

    BIKE LIFE Vlogs6 days ago


  28. is your doy kemoy

    is your doy kemoy6 days ago

    Wath the fuck

  29. Bullsnation

    Bullsnation7 days ago

    I forgot if it was you or another USlikes that said this but if your front forks are parallel with the ground you at 12 o’clock.

  30. Vontrell McGlotten Bibbins

    Vontrell McGlotten Bibbins7 days ago

    im a boy i have a 85

  31. Vontrell McGlotten Bibbins

    Vontrell McGlotten Bibbins7 days ago

    i want to me you one day

  32. Nicdayoungan _

    Nicdayoungan _7 days ago

    Get him set up with the 125 wheelie joint


    ycg-YUNGCHOPPA -DAGRINCH7 days ago

    I can throw any bike

  34. Aye its Zer0

    Aye its Zer08 days ago

    where did you get those dual sport tires👀👀👀👀👀👀

  35. Derrick johnson

    Derrick johnson8 days ago

    Ur a nice teacher

  36. Trevor Joseph

    Trevor Joseph8 days ago

    Put the bikes up put the guns down

  37. Sheluvvchris Sheluv

    Sheluvvchris Sheluv8 days ago

    When braap got onto the bike he looked like a lil kid😭😂

  38. Reece LaChance

    Reece LaChance8 days ago


  39. tiy carreker

    tiy carreker8 days ago


  40. kimani grant

    kimani grant8 days ago

    Where you located. I need to be taught too.

  41. MrCornish100

    MrCornish1008 days ago

    Damn! I missed a few videos and Fatty look 25

  42. courtney yount

    courtney yount8 days ago

    Is anyone going to talk about the grabage

  43. Its III

    Its III8 days ago

    Fatty One Of Those Annoying ADHD Kids Who Cant Sit Still 🤦🏽‍♂️😂

  44. Okelly Benjamin

    Okelly Benjamin9 days ago


  45. Keiyana Jones

    Keiyana Jones9 days ago

    That is FloridamadeMg

  46. Life of Camw0rld

    Life of Camw0rld9 days ago

    20:45 Getcha finger out my camera 😹😹😹

  47. Leo Vlogs

    Leo Vlogs9 days ago

    You will have 1m sup

  48. Raymond Santillanes

    Raymond Santillanes9 days ago

    Hey brap do you think ssr are bad bikes??

  49. Joseph Solomon

    Joseph Solomon9 days ago

    Bro you should teach jacobs lifestyle next

  50. John McCain Ass

    John McCain Ass9 days ago

    I hate how this n***** channel done went hella commercial ...we want angel back, this brapp 🐈 is goofy

  51. The Gas Room

    The Gas Room9 days ago

    i need you to show me how to ride like you 💯

  52. Gary DeTaeye

    Gary DeTaeye9 days ago

    Jay cru the people trainer copy cat




  54. Oualid Blalet

    Oualid Blalet9 days ago

    Bro I use to go wheeleie for miles but with a scooter I use to be sitting standing and one hand but when it comes to the stick shift it’s hard

  55. Mactmilli GAMING

    Mactmilli GAMING9 days ago


  56. perry graham

    perry graham9 days ago

    Can you teach me to i live down da street form da circle

  57. xhoppofrm 919

    xhoppofrm 9199 days ago

    Most definitely florida

  58. Ymd* Savage NFG

    Ymd* Savage NFG10 days ago

    #floridamademg you surprised me i think you coul'd pop it up. Braapvlogs is a good teacher

  59. Demitric35 Stevenson

    Demitric35 Stevenson10 days ago

    Easy work

  60. J Cwildin

    J Cwildin10 days ago


  61. Kayleb Mckinley

    Kayleb Mckinley10 days ago


  62. syreeta haynes

    syreeta haynes10 days ago

    aye braap i don’t like these new ads

  63. Anonymous Santos

    Anonymous Santos10 days ago

    Braaap bro ! Would you suggest power wheelies to pop it up on a 4 stroke ? Or pop clutch like the 2 stroke? Just got my first 4s dirtbike ever.

  64. Eddie Santiago

    Eddie Santiago10 days ago

    No helmet? Smh

  65. Dwayne White

    Dwayne White11 days ago

    I wish you could teach me how to wheelie dirt bike but I'm from Connecticut

  66. Dwayne White

    Dwayne White11 days ago

    I like all your bikes you be having braap bro

  67. Yung Tjayyy

    Yung Tjayyy11 days ago

    Wait is that Floridamademg 👀👀

  68. Jesse Becerra

    Jesse Becerra11 days ago

    Fatty showing off😂😂😂

  69. Quincy Durrette

    Quincy Durrette11 days ago


  70. Yonatan Rosales

    Yonatan Rosales11 days ago

    good video please leave me a like because I am a number one fan of Guatemala

  71. Haun Yon

    Haun Yon11 days ago

    Floridamade looks like a water bug

  72. Sean Saunders

    Sean Saunders11 days ago

    What is the best make 250 dirt bike to buy

  73. YT Mxyne

    YT Mxyne11 days ago

    He not even covering the brake

  74. Damon Toney

    Damon Toney11 days ago

    A lot of people who watched/is watching this video doesn’t know that Floridamade mg is actually a rider😂

  75. Bnm Chipa

    Bnm Chipa11 days ago


  76. Aidan Cobb

    Aidan Cobb11 days ago


  77. ØTF Jay

    ØTF Jay11 days ago

    Yo braap when you’re gonna lift it do you have to shift up or can you just pull the clutch and wheelie?

  78. TLC_ Gaming

    TLC_ Gaming11 days ago

    Dis man dont need to learn he already know 😂

  79. travis garza

    travis garza11 days ago

    Who has been watching braap since fatty was on the kx65 and braap slicked his hair back

  80. Rarriboiwizz Aka wizznokhalifa

    Rarriboiwizz Aka wizznokhalifa11 days ago

    LMFAOOO 10:30

  81. Chino TV

    Chino TV11 days ago

    Teach me do

  82. Romario Romario

    Romario Romario11 days ago

    Braap wheel school

  83. Jelly Rolls

    Jelly Rolls11 days ago

    I can’t wait till randy starts wheeling good as shi

  84. EastyFilms

    EastyFilms11 days ago

    let me get them lessons Braap 💯💯💯

  85. Harley Twin

    Harley Twin11 days ago

    He impatient af wants the swag without the basics lol

  86. Ariel Guaman

    Ariel Guaman11 days ago

    These vids me so fire bro 💯

  87. Bikelife_jorge

    Bikelife_jorge11 days ago

    Where can you get those type of helmets? Or what are they called?

  88. Donshay Wheeler

    Donshay Wheeler12 days ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣his home boy got me so weak the way he took off

  89. Eric Mann

    Eric Mann12 days ago

    How do u confuse a 150 for a 2 stroke 🤦🏾‍♂️! Learn how to put the weed in the bag, then get money 🤣

  90. Playboybrazzy

    Playboybrazzy12 days ago

    What’s a good boy to get to learn how to ride and do wheelies on

  91. Raes Cash

    Raes Cash12 days ago

    I can't wait to learn!!!

  92. Issiah Martin

    Issiah Martin12 days ago

    Teaching a nigga that steal bikes how to wheelie

  93. stunters out here

    stunters out here12 days ago

    Up brake up brake

  94. Soul Sucker219

    Soul Sucker21912 days ago

    That Last one had it Randy

  95. Soul Sucker219

    Soul Sucker21912 days ago

    And another one...Angel has taught sooooo many people how to ride , and how to wheelie...BikeLife!!!

  96. Steven Anderson

    Steven Anderson12 days ago

    Wish I could be there because I want to learn how to wheelie like crazy

  97. Tavius Padgett

    Tavius Padgett12 days ago

    You learn way faster than randy

  98. Wolf Rose

    Wolf Rose12 days ago

    I think the main thing hating on dude was his body position was hella up-right. Loosen them shoulders and lean back some more when he does the clutch up and less gas.. hes tryin to power thru, while leaning forward.. I cant wheelie my cr85 because I never get to ride but in 1 day I learned brake control and foot down 1st gear wheelies. Ima stay there for a while I cant wreck this bike!

  99. Arnold Boundry

    Arnold Boundry12 days ago


  100. Adriel Gutierrez

    Adriel Gutierrez12 days ago

    Imagine getting taught how to do a wheelie by braap would have been a hellava teacher fr