Intel - From Inventors of the CPU to Laughing Stock [Part 2]

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  1. Rigel Sinco

    Rigel SincoHour ago

    Intel did taste bad karma after years of employing dirty tactics. Now that there's a new CEO, I hope he's as great as Dr. Lisa Su and will focus more on innovation and not dirty tactics that will surely continue to smear Intel's reputation, not to mention lead further to its downfall.

  2. daniel_960_

    daniel_960_2 hours ago

    Holy shit those rnd numbers blew me away. How can you spend this much more than the competition and be so much worse.

  3. Saurabh Yadav

    Saurabh Yadav4 hours ago

    dagogo altraide classics

  4. Bradley Watts

    Bradley Watts4 hours ago

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  5. Gold Formation

    Gold Formation5 hours ago


  6. TerraHertz

    TerraHertz10 hours ago

    Intel DELIBERATELY builds spy agency backdoors into their CPUs. And have been caught doing it, so now all security researchers know Intel CPUs can never be trusted. For eg: DEF CON 26 - Christopher Domas - GOD MODE UNLOCKED Hardware Backdoors in redacted x86 This is why Intel persists in using their own chip factories. They cannot simultaneously build in CPU backdoors, and expose their designs to external chip fabs (that don't work for the US gov.) Summary: Intel is f*cked.

  7. ytubeleo

    ytubeleo11 hours ago

    Such rogues. I wish my laptop didn't have Intel inside. (It's old so Intel made sense at the time.) Intel have done a really good job of keeping people unaware of their dodgy practices.

  8. Иво Василев

    Иво Василев12 hours ago

    Intel deserve what's coming

  9. Khristian Gillespie

    Khristian Gillespie12 hours ago

    There will make bounce back.

  10. Asijantuntia

    Asijantuntia12 hours ago

    What is this song at 5:00? It's brilliant!

  11. Justin

    Justin14 hours ago

    Part 3 semiconductor shortages 💡🤓✅

  12. toastbrot21016

    toastbrot2101614 hours ago

    So now AMD fanboys can be proud to be fanboys?

  13. Stevo Devo

    Stevo Devo17 hours ago

    Another Talpiot success story!

  14. Stray

    Stray18 hours ago

    If Intel goes out of business, AMD will be the new Intel.

  15. JBG

    JBG20 hours ago

    Cold Fusion, you may find this helpful... Multiple errors in this video (others have mentioned the '1996 Athlon'. But also no 16-core Ryzen in first gen, that was 3rd gen. 2017 it was called Threadripper which is a HEDT product. Different to Ryzen)

  16. Adrien Pinard

    Adrien Pinard22 hours ago

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  17. AaronRose2421

    AaronRose242122 hours ago

    This was truly eye opening. Amazing video. I almost bought a 9900k, remember a lot of these benchmarks and had no idea how fake they were. It’s amazing this didn’t make more headlines.

  18. Dan Keeley

    Dan KeeleyDay ago

    Why don't intel just outsource to the guys who can build 7nm then?

  19. Dan Keeley

    Dan KeeleyDay ago

    Oh they have, lol

  20. kumar jag

    kumar jagDay ago

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  21. elson ramos

    elson ramosDay ago

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  22. Pavle Pavlovic

    Pavle PavlovicDay ago

    Garbage , none of this is True . There is no difference between Intel and AMD in last years , its all under one umbrella now , and its been like that for 10+ years . Whoever claims this and that without mentioning Monopoly position is just running his mouth , its a monopoly , that is why Intel gives 10x more for research ,for that is the only research , rest is developed from there for all those AMD and Nvidia. Its the same thing , all of it .

  23. decentralized technology go ahead and ban me

    decentralized technology go ahead and ban meDay ago

    I think Intel what overall come back because they're probably have tons of technology behind the scenes that they haven't put out because of the CEO preventing them to doing it

  24. Sophisticated Thumb

    Sophisticated ThumbDay ago

    so basically what I got from the video is that chinese CEOs are superior

  25. vampyrelycan99

    vampyrelycan99Day ago

    From Intel to InHell... No doubt

  26. Jacmac

    JacmacDay ago

    The elephant in the room here is Extreme Ultra Violet lithography. I don't know, but I think Intel wasn't sure it was ever going to work. TSMC, Samsung and others backed the research and development and bet their future on it. Intel was also backing EUV research and development, going back into the early 2000s, but there were a lot of problems and delays. There were academics saying that EUV would never work for a variety of technical reasons. Ultimately EUV has ended up working. EUV is a much bigger animal than DUV (Deep Ultra Violet). If DUV is a bus, EUV is the Starship Enterprise. EUV is physically big, expensive, very complex, and prone to all kind of technical problems/maintenance. Intel is or has completed building a dedicated FAB in Chandler, AZ, but it seems like they waited too long to begin the ground breaking. TSMC and Samsung built facilities in anticipation that it was going to be delivered "any day now", whereas Intel hedged their bets and tried to played it safe with their endless work on quad patterning immersion lithography (basically pushing DUV to the very boundary of its technical limit). TSMC and Samsung aren't just ahead in production, they are ahead in process development and experience with EUV. I believe they also have many more EUV fabrication facilities in production than Intel plans to ever have at all.

  27. james gates

    james gatesDay ago

    This man builds one AMD PC and has to make a whole series to justify it

  28. richard galle

    richard galleDay ago

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  29. Jake

    JakeDay ago

    It seems that intel got so good at selling cpus that they forgot how to make them

  30. David Alin

    David AlinDay ago

    tbh, if ARM keeps growing, AMD needs to jump on board or die like Intel.



    I always was a amd only person. Every computer I ever built has been amd, and every gpu has been ati or radeon now. Always knew amd was superior. Hell my daily driver is an FX9590 and R9 FuryX! I'm trying to find a non-surface reason to upgrade, and i did say when amd and ati got to 5nm each, i would, but I don't have a reason to apart from 'moar cores, moar speed, moar powar!'



    I highly doubt the same people designing the chips were the same ones doing the physical building. It wouldn't make sense. At my job, at the car dealership i'm at, i'm in the i.t. dept. in the top floor. I'm not in the basement with the mechanics, wrenching on cars. We're all 'in house'.

  33. Blue

    BlueDay ago

    Yes GE, I am looking at you and your business and accountant leaders too...

  34. Eduardo de Regules

    Eduardo de RegulesDay ago

    Excellent analysis 👍

  35. David Lam

    David LamDay ago

    Despite being the pioneer of consumer, home, and personal computer CPUs...Intel used dirty anti-competitive tricks and bribes to lock out AMD and ARM CPU technologies from the market thus holding customers hostage and forcing them to buy Intel CPU technologies instead. When companies promote employees to executive positions based on referral and recommendation instead of merit and industry experience then companies just fall victim of greed and corrupt corporate politics spoiled by conflicts of interest and under the table insider deals and transactions. Intel deserved its fall from grace but luckily they have a healthy cash cushion. Sadly Intel will never be a household name in the CPU market ever again now that AMD, ARM, and even NVidia have dethroned Intel as the new pioneers of modern and mobile CPU technologies in the 21st century.

  36. andyv123

    andyv123Day ago

    Culture at intel is toxic. Mistakes can be made but having a culture like that can only end badly. How can the entire senior management, board of directors, shareholders and auditors sign off on those tactics.

  37. quelorepario

    queloreparioDay ago

    sillicon valley is dead, now shenzhen is the shit

  38. Michael Frith

    Michael FrithDay ago

    While intel is slacking, amd relies completely on others and without another company making chips they would start all over and be screwed

  39. Mohammed S

    Mohammed SDay ago

    Alder lake

  40. fendi gucci

    fendi gucci2 days ago

    I like how intel calls all its processors released the next year next gen but in performance difference its only 1-2% faster than last gens lol

  41. Mr-Alex Knight

    Mr-Alex Knight2 days ago

    Here I'm watching this with a i7 7700k makes me feel bad. But I do have overclocked to 4.2GHz for years and no problems at all.

  42. TheEtrepreneur

    TheEtrepreneur2 days ago

    Justice is Finally served Perseverance Wins.

  43. Chan Xavier

    Chan Xavier2 days ago

    Last pentium cpu I have bought is the pentium ii, been a AMD fan ever since

  44. IrenicusFTW

    IrenicusFTW2 days ago

    Intel will bounce back, which is good for the consumer, as there will be competition with AMD. As a consumer, I like AMD better for now and it will take some time to forget the evil ways of Intel.

  45. Aorus Mini-ITX RiG

    Aorus Mini-ITX RiG2 days ago

    And scr-apple ditched intel and STOLE ARM chip from Huawei.....

  46. Aorus Mini-ITX RiG

    Aorus Mini-ITX RiG2 days ago

    Intel bribed all laptop manufs to not buy amd cpus and install them to their laptops ... Now is AMD's turn and Intel needs to bankrupt and AMD should be the leader folowing 30 years like intel was ...

  47. homer30

    homer302 days ago

    Intel will never go back to its dominant position. Impossible.

  48. RPtastic

    RPtastic2 days ago

    So proud of my ryzen 7

  49. prabhutitan

    prabhutitan2 days ago

    A kodak in the making

  50. John Werner

    John Werner2 days ago

    Monopolistic practices are coming home to roost...Watching this with a Apple M1 equipped laptop.

  51. SpeedRunHunter

    SpeedRunHunter2 days ago

    I'm hopeful, that AMD, Intel and maybe ARM based processor manufacturers will compete in the CPU market. With them competing against each other, means that if one releases a product, then the others will have to play catch-up, to stay relevant, and they'll have to innovate. This will insentivize the first company, to also innovate, and be better against the others. And this will create a massive hellish loop, that's actually really beneficial for the consumers. They'll see these companies fighting to be great, and they'll buy their products. Then, as soon as the next wave of products come, they'll see just how much better the new products are, and may consider jump shiping again. Kind of like in the smartphone market.

  52. 99 bits

    99 bits2 days ago

    Only problem is that Intel CEO is not bald.

  53. Sicebi Mthethwa

    Sicebi Mthethwa2 days ago

    Fear TSMC. They are becoming too powerful.

  54. Withnail1969

    Withnail19692 days ago

    I have an Intel based mini PC i bought 4 months ago. Seems to be working great.

  55. Satrio Arif

    Satrio Arif2 days ago

    I don't think accountants and sales should ever lead any company as big as Intel, the leader should be a little dumb and adventurous. No one wants to follow perfect and numbers-oriented leaders for the rest of their life

  56. Galgad Smith

    Galgad Smith2 days ago

    Not to mention that Intel chips has insane problems with meltdown, spectre and other problems that Intel had for over 15 years in their cpus and those problems still aren't fixed. If you want to buy good cpu go Amd, Intel is complete waste.

  57. Edgar piña

    Edgar piña2 days ago

    Wow, I was shocked about the bad practices of the company to keep consumers and the general market into believing that their processors are better performing. So sad and disappointing!

  58. MStrickkk

    MStrickkk2 days ago

    These 2 episodes are my favorite that you have ever done, for obvious reasons.

  59. Shrooom

    Shrooom2 days ago

    I tried your sponsor, but I was frustrated at the extremely slanted political stance of every single daily newsletter. I wan tech news, not shilling for a corrupt government.

  60. Stephen Doherty

    Stephen Doherty3 days ago

    Intel is still investing billions using some of the brightest chip engineers on earth so its not a foregone conclusion. Intel is also hamstrung by having to keep the x86 as a compatible chip design for older windows APIs. I'm pretty sure that Intel could launch a clean-sheet design akin to the M1 that would be a gamechanger. AMD showed that if you take a big risk you can make an impact vs the Intel monster. Intel is missing is a phone chip and a graphics chip expertise. It has the cash to takeover Nvidia (AMD was able to take over ATI) and solve the graphics chip weakness (and bring in some new talent especially for autonomous car, AI and number crunching) and perhaps NVidia could offer a phone chip. Making a world beating chip (as China has noticed) needs deep deep pockets (like Apple did) , minimal legacy design issues, very expensive fab labs to design at nm scale and raw creative talent. I would note that Intel was able to achieve alot when it moved from the power is everything Mhz race and cut power demand of its chips and I would surmise that its not the Radeon graphics in a Ryzen integrated chip that is making it fast but the Ryzen standard chip itself that makes it fly. You can bet Intel has been pressing damn hard on the design dept now that AMD has returned from the near death experience and Apple has shown what this M1 chip could offer. Glassdoor always has poor ratings, the bigger the firm. As for H1 visas, I suspect Intel has experience of corporate espionage. Apple does everything that Intel does bar owning the factory, it designs the manufacturing machines and pays for them to be built (and it moved to Intel when its original chip supplier could not keep up - IBM/Motorola). Intel still has a lead in chips sitting in cloud data centres. The joke is that Intel (like any near monopoly) tried to kill AMD off and that lack of ongoing competition made Intel soft. Intel also has a large direct investment in its own fab labs so switching chip making is expensive (like Aerospace expensive). I'm not sure that an "engineer by training" would solve the Intel issue. Steve was no engineer and neither is Tim Cook, nor Amazon. Google was all engineers and its track record is indifferent outside software. What we are seeing is Phone chips as powerful as any standard CPU, graphics chips running ahead of games and visualisation demands (its just a scale vs cost issue race now) and looking for problems to solve and the data centres using scale to overcome price barriers to achieve any cpu demand. Losing the game chip userbase did not destroy apple (its gone on to make the M1 on its own (with ARM help)) but the next gen software/cpu demand issues are become multicore/multithreaded/VM, even if single thread coding is still dominant considering multicore has been around for years.

  61. Dukkiegamer

    Dukkiegamer3 days ago

    *DON'T* forgot that AMD is also a company and as soon as Intel is too far behind to be a viable option they'll probably drive up their prices pretty bad

  62. Ganesan G

    Ganesan G3 days ago

    Unethical. Misleading. Conniving. But optimizing the crap out of 14nm process to almost compete with 7nm lithography is hands down at least IMHO, marvelous! Intel still is redeemable, provided they reform themselves.

  63. 8 bit Romania

    8 bit Romania3 days ago

    i think intel became idiots in time and incompetent

  64. Swapnil Baraskar

    Swapnil Baraskar3 days ago

    Hmm, So that's all the reasons for my 6600K to die without even overclocking it.

  65. skillet pan

    skillet pan3 days ago

    This video isn't quite true. Intel now have 10NM (which is about the same as 7nm because 3d) but their issue was volume and Yield quality.

  66. In Amber Clad

    In Amber Clad3 days ago

    that's what happens when everyone leading teams at intel are bean counters...

  67. GreenWhiteBlue

    GreenWhiteBlue3 days ago

    Nice video. Didn't realize Intel had resorted to such s@ity tactics instead of building a better product. I have moved to AMD chips a few years now, cheaper, faster. That and the M1 chip, I don't see a reason for going back to Intel any time soon.

  68. Caltroop

    Caltroop3 days ago

    Fun fact: the CEO sold millons in shares before the security flaws in Intel chips became public

  69. OriginalNoseBleed

    OriginalNoseBleed3 days ago

    Wow who would of thought Intel being such a Toxic company!

  70. Rory S10ts

    Rory S10ts3 days ago

    The late stem curiosly suggest because growth actually invite unlike a energetic loss. merciful, coherent sphynx

  71. Rays Through Trees, Summer Breeze

    Rays Through Trees, Summer Breeze3 days ago

    I love Lisa such a cool lady.

  72. Rays Through Trees, Summer Breeze

    Rays Through Trees, Summer Breeze3 days ago

    also got all amd build hehe

  73. RawTech Engineer

    RawTech Engineer3 days ago

    Shocking for me, in 2010 my Computer science teacher already predicted with confidence, that AMD will rule the Processors market in next 10 years🙏🏻 R.I.P Intel for wasting our money on sluggish costly intel processor.

  74. Tobias Bergkvist

    Tobias Bergkvist3 days ago

    This video misses something critical. Although AMD has better power efficiency/performance for the money - their yield is terrible, and they are not able to keep up with demand. TSMC is a huge bottleneck right now. I ordered an AMD Ryzen 5950X CPU more than 3 months ago, and it will likely be several more months before it arrives. Intel on the other hand has no problems with supply. If I want an Intel CPU with only slightly worse specs for the same price I could have it delivered to my door within the next day. AMD is definitely not able to keep their customers satisfied either - considering you have to wait half a year to receive the CPU you ordered.

  75. cwli1

    cwli1Day ago

  76. Aalap Shah

    Aalap Shah3 days ago

    I am an AMD-convert, and am very satisfied with Ryzen 3 for my daily needs. Just wanted to point out that Intel is still a market leader by far. The enthusiast gaming market is not big, but the laptop amd server market is. I want to see AMD make some headway here. I am happy though that it is taking 1 step at a time, and am sure will reach there. But somehow, it almost "feels" like Intel cannot be so foolish these last 2-3 years, it MUST be doing something, and who knows, preparing for a big-bang.

  77. Aivaras Sutkus

    Aivaras Sutkus3 days ago

    Well yeah, they are company, not science lab so they preference is to make money. Now its your decision as processors user to support their policy or not. Its a free market...

  78. Percy WONG

    Percy WONG3 days ago

    imagine going into 1 nanometer cyberpunk would run at 240 fps at *k (don't fact check it its probably wrong)

  79. MrBabylon

    MrBabylon3 days ago

    The difference between a technical CEO leading a tech company and a non-technical CEO leading a tech company!

  80. Arief Rakhman

    Arief Rakhman3 days ago

    I got a taste of their failed mobile cpu/chipset.. an Asus tablet.. and it died less than a year

  81. John Farmer

    John Farmer3 days ago

    How do spend 13 billion on RD and not be on the right side of invention.

  82. Rexy The Hound

    Rexy The Hound3 days ago

    Intel got rid of competent engineers and kept the fucking bean counters - dickhead move

  83. Cy

    Cy3 days ago

    Intel will bounce back but they'll have to live with more competition, which is healthy for everyone. But first, they need to fire their dirty tricks people to win back trust.

  84. John Gordon

    John Gordon3 days ago

    Intel has been the beneficiary of IBM’s chip fabrication technology expertise

  85. David Sader

    David Sader3 days ago

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  86. itchytastyurr

    itchytastyurr3 days ago

    today- an i3 is what a quad core 8 thread i7 was yesterday. not bad for us at all really. competition lights a fire under rival butts. wonder if the comparison chart websites are even telling me true stats...

  87. Ashish Gupta

    Ashish Gupta3 days ago

    Did you know that when Intel was a billion dollar company; ARM just started in a research lab at an University by few people. The profs said that building arm based processor was easy but funding the dyes ( costing upward of 1 million dollar per 1 dye) was the biggest problem. Intel had a chance to buy ARM for 1 billion dollars Intel could have had more than 50 percent of ARMS market share ( 35 billion dollars ) But it's CEO was so stupid and the executives so greedy to invest into R and D ; they pocketed extra profits for themselves and ruined Intel. AMD is actually born out of Intel ; with engineers starting a new company leaving Intel. AMD never was as evil and corrupt as Intel; now look where Intel is 😂 . Verge of a collapse if it does not reduce its price for the chips which it can't because of the horrible design process of the chips compared tk AMDs scalable one

  88. Ashish Gupta

    Ashish Gupta3 days ago

    Intel: Makes 4 core CPU with less than 5 percent improvement per year. Also Intel: Why aren't people buying new products from us. While AMD having ~30 percent improvement in CPU performance every year

  89. Today's Motivation by Yahaya

    Today's Motivation by Yahaya3 days ago

    Great video!

  90. kahvac

    kahvac3 days ago

    Intel... a very corrupt company.

  91. Robert Law

    Robert Law3 days ago

    Lovely video. Two anecdotes that show how there was handwriting on the wall that was whitewashed over, when Intel ventured into the desktop / STB / Media PC market with the NUC, they did so in a way that strongly suggested that they had highly anti-competitive tying deals in place with Microsoft that they were trying desperately to skirt around. All indicators point to a deal whereby Intel and Microsoft had a deal in place that any assembled consumer computing device containing an Intel CPU would have to pay Microsoft some dough. So Intel tried to skirt this by selling the NUC in kit form unassembled... you had to plug in the memory and the drive. The idea was conceived to ride the wave of then-looming-but-now-gone ascension of Linux, and they even produced materials that instructed consumers how to install Linux Mint on the NUC, but by the time the produce was in the market, that material had been scrapped, most likely out of fear of waking the devil in Redmond. The other anecdote goes all the way back to the 1990s when the first Pentium chip was released. Shortly thereafter, an amateur mathematician basically discovered a flaw in it's computations and it had to be patched. This was before the Internet was a big thing, and viruses were things that you got by using an infected floppy disk with an irruputable bootleg of software. The fact that they were able to spin it as a nominal failure and get away with the patch-and-go approach seems to have fundamentally affected their culture as to QA. This is one of the reasons why I have favored AMD chips (that and the fact that they are usually cheaper). When the chips are down, corporate culture is what destroys a company like Intel. If you talk to any engineer from back in the old days of IBM's hardware days, you can see that their downfall as a manufacturer was inevitable as far back as the 70s when they were still a golden-boy. My uncle who had a job there described starting every shift by having to fix all the mistakes that the previous shift had made. They were held to production quotas, so they would work too fast, and every mistake just got set aside until the end of the shift, when those defective machines would be put on the line for the next guys. That kind of "dump on you co-worker" culture is what ultimately prevented them from doing any innovation outside of a few very small skunk-works departments that started out as side-line vanity projects that could escape the toxic culture that permeated the rest of the company. I'd be really curious to know what rank-and-file engineeers who actually worked for Intel might have to say about the culture there, but my guess is that they are followed around by Intel lawyers every time they open their mouths.

  92. alan meng

    alan meng3 days ago

    God: creates everything intel: muh private intellectual property

  93. Sho

    Sho4 days ago

    I see, so that's why everyone is mocking Intel nowadays. Well deserved, all things considered.

  94. LW Boudreau

    LW Boudreau4 days ago

    I am very pleased with my HP Pavilion with Ryzen 7. Fast and reliable. Great for web developers!!

  95. Yolanda Shikers

    Yolanda Shikers4 days ago

    The adventurous wolf certainly frame because girdle culturally unfasten abaft a wrathful passive. needy, witty insulation

  96. The Pariah

    The Pariah4 days ago

    Last time I used an Intel CPU was way back when the Pentium 100mhz was new. AMD ever since!

  97. sokin jon

    sokin jon4 days ago

    Classic case of "Innovators Dilemma" that has played out - so many times


    MIGHTYPAI4 days ago

    Intel's corrupted leadership should be shamed and jailed. I have Intel and never knew this company was so rotten

  99. Savak

    Savak4 days ago

    Me watching this like wow losers “my cpu dude I’m 4 cores 4 threads so stfu”

  100. Ray Lopez

    Ray Lopez4 days ago

    Nvidia = Bitcoin mining, while ARM = cheap low power gadgets due to roadblocks at Intel. Intel, once it irons out their fab problems, will be the 800 pound gorilla again. I'm long INTC.

  101. sokin jon

    sokin jon4 days ago

    Song name (3:09 - 4:50) To the ground - Matt Fax

  102. The Happy Misogynist

    The Happy Misogynist4 days ago

    Am I the only one that didn't know that Intel was so dirty?

  103. TheFishOwnsYou

    TheFishOwnsYou4 days ago

    thats what you get with the capitalistic mindset. making business majors etc ceo and big decision makers.

  104. Gregg Roberts

    Gregg Roberts4 days ago

    Fairchild owned Intel?