Praying Mantises - The Kung Fu Killers of the Insect Kingdom

They are killers. They kill with unbelievable precision. They fight Kung Fu style and are seen in Japan as a symbol of vigilance - the mantises. Their triangular head with its unique flexibility is conspicuous. Two overdimensioned eyes fixate the distance to their prey rapidly and three-dimensionally. The chest segment of the mantis is prolonged and equipped with spiny appendages that can spear their prey as fast as a jack knife. The mysterious aura that surrounds the praying mantis has a lot to do with the fact that they are rarely seen. They have adapted to their surroundings perfectly. No matter whether leaves, blossoms, tree bark, sandy floors or even orchids - the mantis adjusts to all environments.
We observe mantises with our cameras whilst they are hunting, when they shed their skin and whilst breeding and eventually the females practicing their cannibalism. We were also on hand when the female produces a nest of foam on which to lay her eggs; all filmed with time lapse and real-time cameras. A film, that comprehensively documents the secret life of the mantises for the very first time and provides us with unique footage thanks to state of the art equipment.


  1. necula teodor

    necula teodor18 hours ago

    ok so i need to ask we have such advance filming camera to film bugs but we can't create one to watch the moon ?

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    why so many dislikes ?

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    Hello bạn , tôi rất thích xem phim thế giới động vật , thanhk video của bạn



    the point do you looking for 28:11

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    Praying mantises eat each other wtf

  9. Litdia ThaGoat

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    & why is the female 10x bigger than the male 😭😭 their life is pretty depressing. They both have sex & die after

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    seen this video a couplen of years ago, yet wanting to watch again

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    মালয়েশিয়ায় মানুষ যখন শহর থেকে গ্রামের দিকে যায়। কাছাকাছি কোন মসজিদ না থাকলে তারা রাস্তায় সলাত অাদায় করে নেয়। 🔸মালয়শিয়ায় মহিলারা যেকোন সময় মসজিদে যেতে পারে। 🔹 অার স্কুল,কলেজ, ভার্সিটি গুলোতে একই মসজিদে ছেলে মেয়েরা সলাত অাদায় করে। যদিও পর্দা থাকে। 🔷 সোমবার এবং বৃহস্পতিবার সামাজিকভাবে তারা সিয়াম পালন করে এবং বৃহস্পতিবার সুরা ইয়াসিনের বিশেষ অামল করে। 🔹অার বিয়ের সময় দাওয়াত দিয়ে টাকার জন্য খাতা কলম নিয়ে বসে থাকে না। বিয়ের খাবার টা ফ্রি খেতে পারবেন মালয়েশিয়ায়। 🔴বাংলাদেশে ত বাকিতেও বিয়ে খাওয়া যায় অভাব থাকলে। 🔵অার এরা কুরআন পাঠে পারদর্শী। ভুলভাল পড়ে না। 🔹নিদিষ্ট ঈমাম ছাড়াও যেকোন পুরুষ সলাতের ঈমামতি করে এবং করতে পারে। 🔸এদের নিজস্ব একরে একরে সবার জমি নেই। যেকোন জিনিস কিস্তিতে কিনতে পারে। 💜 মালয়েশীয়ায় নারীরা বেশী জব করে। পুরুষ রা অলস। 💚 নারীরা মোটরসাইকেল চালাতে পারে এবং সবারই প্রায় মোটরসাইকেল থাকে। 💜 হিজাববিহীন নারী পাওয়া মুসকিল হবে। মুসলমানের হলে। 🧡এখানে বিয়ের সময় মেয়ের পরিবার কে টাকা দিতে হয়। 🤎এদেশের পুরুষ রা শ্বশুর বাড়ি থেকে কি পাবে এই অাশা করে না।

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    Geographic shows on animals: this insect has the most dangerous chemical weapon in the insect kingdom Humans: crush

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    Yori Eliz4 days ago

    4:51 so you have chosen death

  16. Kamal AL-Hinai

    Kamal AL-Hinai6 days ago

    My mission in life is killing mantisis whenever i see one

  17. Roberto Carusi

    Roberto Carusi6 days ago

    one moment you're getting laid peacefully , the second after the guy you were suppose to eat for lunch eats you alive . Nature is beautyfull

  18. Nature, Birds & Wildlife

    Nature, Birds & Wildlife7 days ago पक्षीं भीमराज की आवाज़, ज़रूर सुनें

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  20. lifendeath Chzlife

    lifendeath Chzlife7 days ago

    Why am I not afraid of grasshoppers and other insects, but I am terrified of walking sticks and praying mantises? That first one, if I ever see that thing, I would probably pass out.

  21. Greg Phillips

    Greg Phillips7 days ago

    That f'ed up how they did that lizard old fake ass nature Beeochess!!

  22. LalisaDragQueen

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    Is the grasshopper eating the mantis omg this is the first time

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    Mantis: divouers cricit me:aww its so cuteeeee

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    "Safe sex"...anybody lol 😆 🤣 😂

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    Help each other to succeed together

  27. Patricia A. Schliep

    Patricia A. Schliep12 days ago

    You have shown a very interesting insect as a horrible predator. No wonder my friends consider these to be horrible instead of interesting. And in our area, We have a lot of aphids.. I prefer to use mantis instead of repellents.

  28. Angelika Yelapaangel

    Angelika Yelapaangel13 days ago

    I have photographed many amazing looking Mantises in my off-grid jungle house in car-free Yelapa, Mexico... Also, it looks like @ 6:38 min. that the tree branch the 3 birds are sitting on has a branch that looks just like one of the birds! :-)

  29. Real Life

    Real Life13 days ago

    Never thought I'd see a mantis lose to a friggin grasshopper in a million years

  30. Eddie Yoshikawa

    Eddie Yoshikawa14 days ago

    I was literally holding my bearded dragon when that lizard got eaten by the mantis i almost cRIED

  31. Johnny713 Tran06

    Johnny713 Tran0614 days ago

    The male mantis at 4:24 can mate for hours. Lucky. Mine lasts 5 minutes. Sad.

  32. invisibility boi

    invisibility boi15 days ago

    Guys the lizard didn't get held down he got stuck the tree bark are rough he keeps sliding off and if he was held down and lizard could have easily eaten it

  33. Jupiter Jewelz

    Jupiter Jewelz15 days ago

    0:15 noooooooooo!

  34. Calvin Squire

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    2:00 those sum good looking grapes no cap 🤤

  35. darek klich

    darek klich15 days ago

    Did some close analysis on the glove holding the lizard down parts and can say it is 100% happening. One if you've ever caught a wild lizard before the side to side movement is exactly the same as in the clip, two there are multiple cuts where things including the mantis change position drastically from a left attack to being above the lizard as well as the fact the lizard looked like it had been hit or something with the twitchy eye movements at the end and a lack of any fight in it. This is not how lizards behave in the slightest as pets let alone in the wild. It's not a conspiracy and is pretty blatant to anyone who has handled lizards before, it's no longer a nature documentary when you interfere I dont know what else to say 🤷‍♂️

  36. Mr Midnight

    Mr Midnight16 days ago

    28:15 you came for this.

  37. j d

    j d16 days ago

    Imagine seeing a toddler sized praying mantis. Id run as fast as i could

  38. Garrison Fork

    Garrison Fork17 days ago

    Yout are CUNTS for impeding that lizard...It's death would've been agonizingly slow compared to whatever it might've delivered to the mantis if you hadn't held it down.

  39. Viktor Guðadóttir

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  40. Viktor Guðadóttir

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  41. Pocket Dirt

    Pocket Dirt18 days ago

    "Cloaked in deceptiveness " Coming from the people who held the lizard down.

  42. Faithism

    Faithism19 days ago

    17:16 Narrator: A mantis will live off a locus for several days, even as much as a week. Me: Huh, interesting...wait, what?

  43. Childrenofthesun

    Childrenofthesun19 days ago

    Grabbed that lizard like hold on now 💪🏾

  44. Robert Delgado

    Robert Delgado20 days ago

    What about the octopus?

  45. Rob Mag

    Rob Mag20 days ago

    awww that poor lizard :( better hope your homie geico covers this kind of damage.


    DJJBLUE EVENTDJ20 days ago

    Man when i was young one of those big ass bugs had flown into our house and we signed the deeds over to it ... we did everything but dive through the window... lmao & smh

  47. Alien Games

    Alien Games20 days ago

    poor lizard lmao

  48. Naruto Uzumaki

    Naruto Uzumaki21 day ago

    Bro wtf how is it that a little cricket clapped the mantis but a lizard got hella butchered oh right because you heartless bastards held it down!!!

  49. Michael Mertz

    Michael Mertz21 day ago

    I didn't know this had an ensemble cast.

  50. Jake Hoyt

    Jake Hoyt21 day ago

    I met a mantis today in my backyard, and he was crawling on my arm. So cute, I decided to become friends with him, and I had to put him away at some point so I let him free. He was named jack. He was a cool mantis.

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  52. Mike Hilter

    Mike Hilter22 days ago

    Kill all the mantis!!!

  53. JoeLin • 12 years ago

    JoeLin • 12 years ago23 days ago

    Trash people making trash content. Killing a lizard just for views, wtf is wrong wit yall. Let nature take its course, not disturb it, fucking morons

  54. kopfgeldjagar

    kopfgeldjagar23 days ago

    Poor dude mantis. Just tryina smash, and she's wanting food.

  55. Miko Chu

    Miko Chu24 days ago

    War and fight are different!

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    Well that's the biggest click bate I've seen in a while

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    مشاء لله تبارك الرحمان الذي خلق سوماوات والارض وما بينهما

  58. Ayman Meknassi

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    سبحان لله لاذي لا اله الى هو

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    Thank God for this channel!

  60. Greg Penismith

    Greg Penismith26 days ago

    There are a bunch of soft as baby shit people in this comment section, catching fake feelings for a dumb lizard.

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  62. Hunter Hicks

    Hunter Hicks26 days ago

    at 29:10 you can see something green holding it down way to go killing a lizard for a video i hope someone records you dying painfully when they know they can help

  63. ChaKu

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    Hello! I've made a short documentary on the Praying Mantis(covering all facts in 6 minutes) . Do check it out: If you liked my video, do like, comment, subscribe and share max.

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  65. Sonny Dayz

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    I watched this, while pooping.

  66. AretnaP 3

    AretnaP 327 days ago

    I Had a Mantis One Time. I Fed it Wasps/Hornets/Caterpillars/Moths/SilverFish. It Would Stand On a Branch, Sway like TheWind was Blowing then Attack it's "Prey".

  67. ChaKu

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    Hello! I've made a short documentary on the Praying Mantis(covering all facts in 6 minutes) . Do check it out: If you liked my video, do like, comment, subscribe and share max.

  68. Barbatruco

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    kung fu killer or grapler killer?

  69. ChaKu

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    Hello! I've made a short documentary on the Praying Mantis(covering all facts in 6 minutes) . Do check it out: If you liked my video, do like, comment, subscribe and share max.

  70. Dustin Ontaiyabbi

    Dustin Ontaiyabbi28 days ago

    Lizard is being held with glove. This is abuse. 29:06 that lizards is stressed at is being held down against it's will. This is sickening.

  71. Jayson Lugo

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    27:40 The thumbnail Mantis bites lizard

  72. Daniel Torres

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    "Most feared predators in the insect world" - gets ganked by a cricket.

  73. Wabbit N Red

    Wabbit N Red28 days ago

    We have them here in N.Y.

  74. TreGwop

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    Originated from Africa so satisfying💯

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    anaza pint please

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    Poor 🐊

  77. Icong Septimo

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    even the lizard no match from the kung fu king

  78. wil s

    wil s29 days ago

    Video is great , except when narrator lies about "climate change ". Climate change is a tax scam by democRATS and Leftists communists who want to scare us with this made up hoax so they can tax us to death ! democrats are leftists ... to be a " leftists " means you are a communist . hitlter started the leftist / progressive movement to bring in Socialism . ( mild communism ) . leftists and progressive means you are a communist . Communism destroys countries and only makes crooked leaders rich and dictators while everyone becomes slaves and poor. Most t.v. news are fake news and controlled by leftists ( communists ) Such as ABC CBS NBC CNN MSMBC BBC tyt etc. If you want real news go to

  79. Joe Joe

    Joe Joe29 days ago

    How come the mother praying mantis dies after laying her eggs

  80. Moang Her

    Moang Her29 days ago

    Watching an annoying ass fly die brings me joy

  81. Sophie-Anne Thibault-Cloutier

    Sophie-Anne Thibault-CloutierMonth ago

    I have always wonder if a preymatis could change it's colour to surrounding if they start growing up there from birth

  82. Josh Borghero

    Josh BorgheroMonth ago

    "The grasshopper is a herbivore"... Eats the fuckin mantis during sex...

  83. Robert Perez

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    We were going to a road trip far far away and I found a pink praying mantis

  84. Zona craft

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    The praying mantis looks like bees

  85. timothy wells

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    Tim loves his Mantis

  86. Zyrus Jovellanos

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    Scorpion, centipede, tarantula, ants etc: Your just a food to us bruh

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  88. iseeyou 919

    iseeyou 919Month ago

    Why would yall hold the fucking lizard back thats sickening and id fill the same if u held back the mantis

  89. Mike Varee

    Mike VareeMonth ago

    Wildlife photographers/filmmakers aren't supposed to interfere but this "documentary" is the opposite. In an attempt to win "Best Mantis Movie Ever!", they set up scenes for votes...what a shame. Also, predatory katydids are called predatory katydids for a reason...

  90. Danny Devito

    Danny DevitoMonth ago

    Is to me or does every narrator sound the same in every documentary

  91. Sam Maverick

    Sam MaverickMonth ago

    28:30....for what u open... 😂

  92. Jx-dama !

    Jx-dama !Month ago

    Lizard wasn't being "held down" ......fake news!

  93. Steven Caesar

    Steven CaesarMonth ago

    Damn I didn't know they go after lizards !!! I'm gladto see another animal that shares the same motto, "if it moves... it's food" 🤷🏻‍♂️😅

  94. 44excalibur

    44excaliburMonth ago

    I'm surprised the Praying Mantis aren't accusing the Chinese of “cultural appropriation."

  95. Bakhtiar Uddin

    Bakhtiar UddinMonth ago

    thhat might havw been some sort of raspy crcket ik te bullgod raspy cricket is so strong it can eat an avg tarantula idk that might have been a locust or katydid

  96. AI AmI?

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    at 13:40 there is no way Evolution would result in a disguise as a dry leaf... this is proof for Designer... 👍😁

  97. Mumin Mustafa

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    "Its attack, takes only a fraction of a second" 22:27

  98. India Waves

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    Lizard- When you are a paid actor but don't read the full script.

  99. BloodTurok313

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    Never heard this narrator, hmmm i like this guy

  100. Manjul Shrestha

    Manjul ShresthaMonth ago

    For a mantis documentary, you are talking a lot about other creatures and tbh that lizard in the end was being held down because it was struggling to move even when the mantis let go of it. You can see something holding back the lizard from fighting back after the mantis comes back for round 2

  101. No One

    No OneMonth ago

    29:05 Whoever knew that there are slimey fuckers in nature documentaries? Of all things you can do, you can screw people by working for insurance on the phone or you can be a cop that shoots a black guy following the law, but we have fuckheads in NATURE DOCUMENTARIES of all things!! Come on let's be creative! How else can you disappoint us?? You got a few former pets under your house? Who holds a lizard against their will like that?

  102. Waterman 01

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    Basically next time I see a mantis I m gonna break her arm legs and kill her

  103. Ryan Natuor

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    سبحان الله

  104. Kang Meta

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    Why my Mantis beated by little suckers, the ant

  105. Vanda Dy

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    I can't believe they killed a lizard to get views.