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0:00 Intro + Chilling with Ranboo
18:55 The Egg
1:29:00 The Return Journey
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  1. Zalo

    Zalo45 minutes ago


  2. PButterAnimates

    PButterAnimatesHour ago

    when the eggpostor is sus

  3. Benjamin Ryder Fitzgerald

    Benjamin Ryder Fitzgerald2 hours ago

    technoblade wakes up every 30 minutes saying these 3 words ... SUBSCRIBE TO TECHNOBLADE

  4. Valentina Escobedo

    Valentina Escobedo2 hours ago


  5. Budget_Gandalf

    Budget_Gandalf3 hours ago

    BBH is on his creepy uncle arch

  6. Jaden Olsen

    Jaden Olsen3 hours ago

    Nuke The Egg

  7. xXLazymøøn Xx

    xXLazymøøn Xx3 hours ago

    Soon technoblade will blow up the egg

  8. Ayush Kumar

    Ayush Kumar4 hours ago

    Technoblade your are best in Minecraft from india

  9. ThePotRat E

    ThePotRat E4 hours ago

    Technoblade is not a pig confirmed.

  10. Aleks K

    Aleks K5 hours ago

    U can make instant damage arrows by useing coldren

  11. Pidge Does Videos

    Pidge Does Videos5 hours ago

    2:49 *stares deeply into tubbo’s soul*

  12. IsaacTheTwisted

    IsaacTheTwisted5 hours ago

    Ranboo only has seven totems smh I farm raids

  13. Egert Erik Rees

    Egert Erik Rees5 hours ago


  14. Katelyn Rodrigues

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  15. Katelyn Rodrigues

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  18. Pustynny Indor HD Producions

    Pustynny Indor HD Producions6 hours ago

    Im from poland

  19. Jay Lawrence Taunan

    Jay Lawrence Taunan6 hours ago

    i wonder what day will technoblade USE aka all the withers

  20. Kirbo

    Kirbo7 hours ago

    Me: Wow I miss Techno and Tommy’s dynamic. Technoblade: “My friendship has ended with Tommyinnit. Ranboo is now my best friend.”

  21. Mala Arumugam

    Mala Arumugam7 hours ago


  22. LeonTh 1

    LeonTh 17 hours ago


  23. Ok

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  24. Mr Sloth

    Mr Sloth8 hours ago

    Steve almost died😪

  25. TOTMGsRock xD

    TOTMGsRock xD8 hours ago

    My friends, it has often been said that I like omelettes. My friends, I like omelettes. No, friends, I LOVE omelettes. I love poached eggs. I love boiled eggs. I love frittatas. I love eggs that are baked, fried. I love them roasted, sunny-side-up, and scrambled. Meals across Plains, in streets, in Badlands, in Snowy Tundras, through Deserts, on the Oceans, in the Nether, I love every act of egg-cooking that can occur upon the SMP. I love blasting the Eggpire to smithereens with TNT salvos that thunder across the boundless biomes. My heart leaps with _joy_ whenever a member of the Eggpire is tossed high into the air and cut to pieces by Power V Weakness Arrows. And there's nothing like Technoblade spawning armies of Withers to _grill_ oppressive governments. And the feeling that comes when a L'Manberg soldier runs screaming from their blazing house, only to be chopped to death by the blades of The Blood God, is such an exquisite feeling. Like when swarms of wolves bare their razor-sharp teeth hurtling themselves over the enemy walls. It moves me deep within my heart to watch a freshly-born pup gnawing over and over into the rotting flesh of a long-dead enemy! The sight of traitors being rounded up on a festival is an irresistible pleasure. And there's nothing like the sound of L'Manbergians dropping like flies screaming in agony as they are mowed down by ear-piercing fireworks! When TommyInnit and his pitiful resistance fighters makes their final stand with nothing but small arms, only to have their city converted to chunk errors block by block by Black and Blue Wither Skulls... I'm in euphoria. I love it when the Pro-Omelette gang gets threatened by the Eggpire's divisions. It's so sad to see towns and villages in the Arctic which were supposed to be defended at all costs, being laid to waste, their women and children being looted and killed. I love it when Technoblade gets squashed under the steel of an anvil in an execution chamber. The humiliation inflicted upon Tubbo as The Blood God whips out a Totem of Undying, while the L'Manbergians duck Punz flying overhead. Ladies and gentlemen... All I ask for is a Crimson Omelette. A meal that is cooked so hard as to scorch the clouds of Heaven. Ladies and gentlemen, I ask you as fellow Voices of the Blood God what is it that you really want. Do you wish for an Omelette as I do? Do you wish for a delicious, scrumptious Omelette? A meal whose taste is built with iron and proteins and fat? _Do you ask for the Egg to sear like a frying pan, leaving not even Vines to scavenge from this server!?_

  26. GibsY Channel

    GibsY Channel8 hours ago

    it doesn't make sense: why do you have only 6mil subs, i think you deserve like 15 mil at least

  27. Vera Waty

    Vera Waty9 hours ago

    why you bullying dream i hate you

  28. sunny da puppet

    sunny da puppet9 hours ago


  29. LemonVelixYT

    LemonVelixYT9 hours ago

    Technos favourite word: Nonchalantly

  30. IamNotPillz BG

    IamNotPillz BG10 hours ago




    your the best minecraft player but dream has more subscriber i like dream better :)

  32. Exert Chimera 37

    Exert Chimera 3710 hours ago

    Egg sus. Red sus. Sus Dodododododo dododo baba

  33. Seaberry

    Seaberry11 hours ago


  34. the egg man

    the egg man11 hours ago

    Remember when Techno made jokes about getting 5 million views? *It is now reality.*

  35. fL.A.T.

    fL.A.T.11 hours ago

    Steve didnt want to jump on blocks because he was warning tachno that bbh was sus

  36. Razvan Alexandru Radulescu

    Razvan Alexandru Radulescu12 hours ago

    Why isnt techno’s emotional support a pig HMMMmMmmMm

  37. whyismylifelikedis

    whyismylifelikedis12 hours ago

    I’ve watched this like 20 times I am way to starved of Techno Ranboo content

  38. Razvan Alexandru Radulescu

    Razvan Alexandru Radulescu12 hours ago

    He didnt kidnap ranboo he endernapped him

  39. snacky chan

    snacky chan12 hours ago

    when life gives u eggs then u dont eat it or bbh gonna rage

  40. Ender Flame

    Ender Flame13 hours ago

    Please listen, badboyhalo is gone he has been affected by it but to to tommy he knows what to do, the egg is bad please don't stand on the egg use the how to get rid of the gunk please don't let the egg take over

  41. Aimbot Dragon

    Aimbot Dragon13 hours ago

    Fun fact: skypowergirl was in the 2v100 fans video

  42. Egg

    Egg13 hours ago


  43. Andrew Carter

    Andrew Carter13 hours ago

    Let's be honest steve is the main character here

  44. Bossman Bubs

    Bossman Bubs13 hours ago

    I looked up cooking eggs and this comes up as related

  45. Sultan Nur

    Sultan Nur13 hours ago

    1:05:45 "Hmm yes the water is made out of water"

  46. Sora

    Sora14 hours ago

    it would be cool if technoblade taught me how to pvp

  47. Andrew Carter

    Andrew Carter14 hours ago

    What if while rambo is mining a block, techno breaks the block right after, if it still works and breaks then u have more speed for it if techno uses a pick. It may also potentially dupe.

  48. Kyle Sul

    Kyle Sul14 hours ago

    113 levels lol

  49. RDJAM

    RDJAM14 hours ago

    Fought this was a video

  50. diptaism

    diptaism14 hours ago

    wtf this is so weird

  51. KC Gaming 642

    KC Gaming 64214 hours ago

    steven has an absolute wagon

  52. SnipinJP

    SnipinJP14 hours ago

    I actually pissed myself when Steve fell

  53. Jason Kouch

    Jason Kouch14 hours ago

    BadBoyHalo made a HUGE mistake trying to convice 2 people WHO ALREADY HAVE VOICE IN THERE HEAD LMAO.

  54. Prime Animator

    Prime Animator15 hours ago

    Blood for the blood God

  55. Ruby Lawton

    Ruby Lawton15 hours ago

    1:18:43 look at chat O.o

  56. Shadow

    Shadow15 hours ago


  57. Boing doi . — .

    Boing doi . — .15 hours ago


  58. Hadley Meldrum

    Hadley Meldrum15 hours ago


  59. Draco

    Draco15 hours ago

    inb4 in the video summary techno leaves out the part where they actually see the egg and the rushes through confrontation with bad and ranboo falling and just focuses on steve. He can call it The ACTUAL main character of Dream SMP

  60. Savage Hett

    Savage Hett15 hours ago

    Eggpire is the start of a government

  61. Remember Víde

    Remember Víde17 hours ago

    I just love the "Egg Mormon" line so much.

  62. Buddy James

    Buddy James17 hours ago


  63. Kyle teng

    Kyle teng17 hours ago

    It would be cool if like the egg gets in technos head and the chat is the only way to restore his sanity/turn him back to normal.

  64. Fyrewolf

    Fyrewolf17 hours ago

    when techno was putting out the fire on the bridge and he said that steve had fire resistance so it was ok, steve's fire resistance had run out.

  65. Fyrewolf

    Fyrewolf17 hours ago

    Magma Cubes are fire-resistant, so they literally have never died due to the bridge itself.

  66. Mr Death

    Mr Death18 hours ago


  67. Gerald Pfeffer

    Gerald Pfeffer18 hours ago

    55:48 his argument us just tearing itself apart so badly

  68. Walker Bolton

    Walker Bolton18 hours ago

    The whole time I was watching the VOD, I was just like, “OMG THIS IS SOOOO LAME JUST KILL HIM!!!!”

  69. Edvir Jimenez

    Edvir Jimenez18 hours ago

    When Steve almost died I got scared af mans almost cried

  70. weebu :P

    weebu :P19 hours ago

    Techno: hmm egg hmm egg Me who is eating sushi: hmm sushi hmm sushi

  71. AvocaBro

    AvocaBro19 hours ago

    Ranboo will save everyone and free dream

  72. Comic sans

    Comic sans20 hours ago


  73. Multi gaming

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  74. SaNdRO12229 GaMeR

    SaNdRO12229 GaMeR20 hours ago


  75. Boomkruncher325 Zzshred

    Boomkruncher325 Zzshred20 hours ago

    What is the egg whispering? Can’t really tell....

  76. BadAtEverything

    BadAtEverything20 hours ago

    I swear I haven’t watched this guy in like a few months and he grew by 5 mill subs-

  77. Eugene Hong

    Eugene Hong20 hours ago

    plot twist: Giant Fundy comes out of the egg.

  78. Natanael Garcia

    Natanael Garcia21 hour ago

    I believe techno has a point when he said " If it is an egg... What's gonna hatch out of it?" 57:22 And then bad avoiding the question. I think this might be foreshadowing. Just a thought.

  79. piper nickles

    piper nickles21 hour ago

    im a new viewer y he stalling

  80. Boba vibes

    Boba vibes21 hour ago

    E g g

  81. knerkels

    knerkels21 hour ago

    okay but like how techno immediately gave ranboo his trident??? even after spending weeks trying to find it after it got stolen??? their friendship>>>>>>>


    DEPRESSION IM OK21 hour ago

    5M views in one minute bruh

  83. Egg

    Egg21 hour ago


  84. Emmanuela Francescon

    Emmanuela Francescon21 hour ago

    Sorry I'm late I got grounded -_- but good work so far!👍👍

  85. Thick rat Farmer

    Thick rat Farmer21 hour ago

    You shall do a vid that you do a 1v1 with dream lol

  86. Isaac Perkins

    Isaac Perkins22 hours ago

    I miss Techno's bedwars vids :(

  87. Krispr

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  88. Entity_303playz

    Entity_303playz22 hours ago

    theres 123 live streams in ur playlist pog

  89. Smalls S

    Smalls S22 hours ago

    6mmly subs yay

  90. Mr french fries

    Mr french fries22 hours ago

    He vanished again We need content to survive

  91. The Good Guy Artist

    The Good Guy Artist22 hours ago

    I love how his whole reason he has immunity is the other voices in his head

  92. MnPe Pro

    MnPe Pro22 hours ago

    Technoblade why isn't vid for 2 weeks

  93. MnPe Pro

    MnPe Pro22 hours ago


  94. Madara Uchiha

    Madara Uchiha23 hours ago

    I realised that your story of why you hate orphans kinda makes you an orphan

  95. Madara Uchiha

    Madara Uchiha23 hours ago

    After a long time

  96. Blake Bennett

    Blake Bennett23 hours ago

    This is the smartest animal on the smp sad ant frost noises

  97. Wyatt Baker

    Wyatt Baker23 hours ago

    Make an omelette

  98. RIX_ Headache

    RIX_ Headache23 hours ago

    but if techno is a pig then...- PUMPKIN

  99. Yasmeen Lopez

    Yasmeen Lopez23 hours ago

    congrats on 6 million!

  100. Lord Xavier

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  101. KoteTheMando

    KoteTheMandoDay ago

    Omelet gang

  102. Whois Ella

    Whois EllaDay ago

    I love the title.

  103. xBLOXMENx

    xBLOXMENxDay ago

    Is technoblade account is verified, i hope not