Friday Night Funkin' Plays AMONG US! - (VRChat)

Friday Night Funkin' Plays AMONG US! - (VRChat) Daddy Dearest, Girlfriend, Lemon Demon and more from Friday Night Funkin' Mod get together and play Among Us in VR Chat! What could possibly go wrong? Will our heroes have a rap battle in the middle of space? Who is the imposter? Find out in this hilarious new Friday Night Funkin' in VRChat video!
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Special thanks to everyone who was apart of this video including:
Coblerone (Boyfriend) -
Salted (Girlfriend) -
Lukario (Skip)-
Thyper (Daddy Dearest) -
Madben (Picco) -
AverageRedPony (Pump) -
Arcy the skull dog (Mom) -
Sans (Lemon Demon) -
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  1. PapaFearGaming VR

    PapaFearGaming VR13 days ago

    Thank you all for 42k Subscribers! Let's get to the big 100k next!!! 🎉🎉🎉

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  3. PandaTv

    PandaTv2 hours ago

    1:15 boydriend says "Hello" and girlfriend looking for you

  4. PandaTv

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    Pls gave him 1million likes and 1million suscribe

  5. Zuma Leoboy

    Zuma Leoboy4 hours ago

    @Impostor FNF +99999999×9999999999

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    i think 89million subs! :D 🎉🎉

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    Angelo RobloxGameplay10 minutes ago

    5:51 lol

  9. Goji Darko

    Goji Darko40 minutes ago

    what is this. like no offense but like this kinda weird.

  10. Rashid Pirmatov

    Rashid Pirmatov53 minutes ago

    Сказал iPhone

  11. VibezChi

    VibezChiHour ago

    5:06 S P O O K E Y D A N C E

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  13. Sa-ard ปัก่หัรส

    Sa-ard ปัก่หัรส2 hours ago

    5 ways to get rid of flies

  14. Julianne Zapanta

    Julianne Zapanta2 hours ago

    have guys seen the lemon demon at 2:33 i saw it pause to see it

  15. among us animates

    among us animates2 hours ago

    For a minute I thought senpai was the imposter but senpai is not here but at the end I laughed hard

  16. rhei dizon

    rhei dizon2 hours ago

    eyes of the lemon demon is CREEPY

  17. Sephia Pky

    Sephia Pky2 hours ago

    Cat Scard on lemon

  18. Naniya M

    Naniya M3 hours ago

    Please don’t kill 🍋

  19. I'd like to speak to your manager.

    I'd like to speak to your manager.3 hours ago

    Everything that the fnf characters say in this video is extremely in character. especially skid and pump spooky dancing at every chance they get.

  20. OrangeCatss_

    OrangeCatss_3 hours ago

    11:38 Glitchy eats you

  21. G1000 Gozun

    G1000 Gozun4 hours ago

    2:12 Pico: LEMON!!!!!!!

  22. black pink kitty

    black pink kitty4 hours ago

    men does blinking eyes are weird 1:19

  23. * Feather . Fluff *

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    Puja Gustia5 hours ago

    😰😰😱😱👍😎👍 837M

  25. akira tsukishima

    akira tsukishima6 hours ago

    Pico:where's Keith? Everyone: *literally step on Keith dead body*

  26. Mina The Desparate Cat

    Mina The Desparate Cat6 hours ago

    Lemon is sure a Cutie

  27. Samantha Quiroz

    Samantha Quiroz6 hours ago

    Toy jolla

  28. Mike Lehamn

    Mike Lehamn6 hours ago

    Make a free am challenge why not

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  30. Itz_CreamyYum

    Itz_CreamyYum7 hours ago

    i liked the part when dad farted Toxic fart XV

  31. Dust elmo Dust dust elmo

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  32. Zeth Laxamana

    Zeth Laxamana7 hours ago

    Why is lemon demon spying

  33. TOAST Jr.

    TOAST Jr.8 hours ago

    who are the 1.1k ppl that fucking disliked this video

  34. Haunter

    Haunter8 hours ago

    Where can I get a skid and pump avatar?


    DRU JADEN LOPEZ8 hours ago

    i love the ending lol

  36. Raymond The Raymond of all Raymond’s

    Raymond The Raymond of all Raymond’s8 hours ago

    1:55 the lemon dude is behind the door uhm............ he’s also here 1:59 Should I send help?

  37. ¡lofi Dofi!

    ¡lofi Dofi!9 hours ago

    Dad: *t-posing* The screen: *confused*

  38. ThatzDrippyyy

    ThatzDrippyyy9 hours ago

    M Y N A M E I S K E I T H

  39. Penelope Aranda

    Penelope Aranda9 hours ago

    Keith:im so small i cant reach the TASK

  40. AmokaAnimationz

    AmokaAnimationz9 hours ago

    2:33 I saw lemon demon on the right

  41. Zhaky Al Gazhali

    Zhaky Al Gazhali9 hours ago


  42. Bacon and Skid

    Bacon and Skid10 hours ago

    8:42 MAMA LUIGI

  43. raj rani

    raj rani10 hours ago

    I like how at the end lemon guy kill him

  44. Sephia Pky

    Sephia Pky10 hours ago

    Emm lemon so scary

  45. Faeyza Azfar Putra

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  48. Chill Guy

    Chill Guy11 hours ago

    LEMON DEMON 🌸🌸🌸 :) CUTE! He's my fav

  49. กุ๊กไก่ กุ๊กไก่

    กุ๊กไก่ กุ๊กไก่11 hours ago

    It's spooky month!

  50. Juan De la rosa

    Juan De la rosa11 hours ago

    spooky dance its Mr

  51. Juan De la rosa

    Juan De la rosa11 hours ago

    WOW its me friday me you ded

  52. Deadman

    Deadman12 hours ago

    1:59 pause it there I think that’s where you see the lemon for the first time in the video

  53. Rah Rah

    Rah Rah12 hours ago

    My favorite part is 9:56

  54. Bobbie Jo Conner

    Bobbie Jo Conner13 hours ago

    Lemon demon: *s t i n k y*

  55. Zeneeba Pyra

    Zeneeba Pyra13 hours ago

    dude who ever was playin pico in this, please let them know i love them. XD

  56. Mrfoxfam _DoesStuff

    Mrfoxfam _DoesStuff13 hours ago

    Lemon Demon: *about to kill bf* Daddy Dearest: *farts / sh*ts* Lemon Demon: S T I N K Y

  57. Gacha_Amy_UnU

    Gacha_Amy_UnU13 hours ago

    Keith: Nobody: Lemon demon:StInkY

  58. Sheryl Crowder

    Sheryl Crowder14 hours ago

    Same time I see lemonade pee my pants

  59. Anthony Huang

    Anthony Huang14 hours ago

    2:32 Black Lemon boi on the side

  60. Mary Valerio

    Mary Valerio14 hours ago

    New subscriber♡😂

  61. Manju-el Variador

    Manju-el Variador14 hours ago

    How is Skid still happy after Pump seemingly died?

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    By making these videos I love them

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  65. Daysn Mike

    Daysn Mike15 hours ago

    1:44 Keith what are u doing to pico?

  66. shaubil haqqi

    shaubil haqqi15 hours ago

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  67. shaubil haqqi

    shaubil haqqi15 hours ago

    Spooky dance

  68. shaubil haqqi

    shaubil haqqi15 hours ago

    Skid and pump:it.s spooky month

  69. Blackrose

    Blackrose15 hours ago

    At the end lemon demon eats papafeargaming

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  71. Areli De Torres

    Areli De Torres16 hours ago

    4:28 JAJAJAJAJAJAJA i love your videos and i subbed

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  73. Green Mask

    Green Mask17 hours ago

    Getting freaky on a Friday night yeah!

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    s t i n k y

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    Fernando Grijalva17 hours ago

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    Ralfakila boi17 hours ago

    He ty neil it was the mom

  77. Jeffrey McNamee

    Jeffrey McNamee18 hours ago

    5:40 *oh no* 5:51 DAD STOP FARTING! ITS EMBARRASSING!! 11:37 *oh no pls spare me*

  78. XXXauroragamer UwU

    XXXauroragamer UwU18 hours ago

    My parents are high 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  80. Hamid Reza Mohammadi

    Hamid Reza Mohammadi19 hours ago

    Tok Me Tok


    -BlØCKSTR_ƏNES_GAME*19 hours ago

    Lmao the boyfriend not speaking English he speaking beeb bob skeebob

  82. PacificFlyer

    PacificFlyer19 hours ago

    Spooky month !!!

  83. Marley Sophie

    Marley Sophie20 hours ago

    lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooooool lemon guy . . , (---)


    DYLAN REACCIONA YT20 hours ago

    2:33 the lemon

  85. ItsMiguel - Roblox

    ItsMiguel - Roblox20 hours ago

    Hes kinda ugly and creepy

  86. MrWuzz Rblx

    MrWuzz Rblx20 hours ago

    Dad: farts No one: Lemon demon: S t i n k y

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  88. DylanGamerCool

    DylanGamerCool20 hours ago

    So Rllly nice

  89. Fran Cisco

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    pump: lemon cry me:oh no

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  91. Ray

    Ray21 hour ago

    2:02 They don't care about their jobs until you give them candy

  92. Isaiah Conway

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    Hahahha 😂😂😂😂

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    Ярослав Деулин21 hour ago

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  94. yuen qiu

    yuen qiu21 hour ago

    PapaFearGaming VR: Begging for lemon demon to spare him Daddy dearest: ... Lemon demon: STINKY

  95. Purple Ana Blox

    Purple Ana Blox21 hour ago

    5:33 that pose like _I W A N T M A H L E M O N S_

  96. Daniel Mweresa

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  97. Tantrum verde

    Tantrum verde22 hours ago

    2:33 there was a lemon demon

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    Juliet Roundtree22 hours ago

    lemon demon is too scary

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    Girlfriend have anime voice xD

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    Femka Ayu carr23 hours ago

    "LEMON" Me: eat the lemon

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    Kerry WesleyDay ago

    Dad in med: spin: and big fart 1 min after that