Lakers Trade Target Revealed, Looking For A Certain Skill Set

The Lakers have some specific things they are looking for on the trade market...
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  1. Jay Belafonte

    Jay Belafonte23 minutes ago

    The Lakers front office is all over the place. I can see why Magic was bumping heads with the organization

  2. Christian Earl Lulab

    Christian Earl LulabDay ago

    i prefer pj tucker

  3. Rd M

    Rd MDay ago

    Lakers need size!!!!

  4. Shock Wavez

    Shock WavezDay ago

    Myles Turner for Kuzma, Harrell, Matthews and a pick. Turner is averaging 3.4 blocks a game and is in line for DPOY. Pacers probably won't take this deal but damn a lineup of Schroder, KCP, LBJ, AD, and Turner with Caruso, THT, Morris and Gasol coming off the bench would repeat for sure.

  5. manny2fs

    manny2fsDay ago no thanks.

  6. fabian fierro

    fabian fierroDay ago

    He needs to be on the phone with Atlanta begging for Rondo back 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  7. Bean Team 2

    Bean Team 222 hours ago

    They don’t need rondo rn😂

  8. Music4life 47

    Music4life 47Day ago

    Why do you like Caruso so much he sucks. He can barely defend like he did last year and he can’t even score at the rim.

  9. El Hebreo

    El HebreoDay ago

    Hassan Whiteside and PJ Tucker are our guys

  10. Kelly Johnson

    Kelly JohnsonDay ago

    I think KCP played good enough last year to get his extension done and now he slacking off .he missing and hesitating more than he hitting. We need a center(rim protector) cause narc gasol slower than a snail .I hope they don't give up THT he's a good defender he's still young he can be developed,they also need three point shooters.i hope Mr pelinka gets the Lakers what they need do we can win another championship or at least make it to the playoffs .

  11. Buddy Sampson

    Buddy SampsonDay ago

    I hope Lakers can get Drummon.

  12. Tonoa Smith

    Tonoa Smith2 days ago

    7 footer

  13. Jasper Martinez

    Jasper Martinez2 days ago

    Its bad karma for Lakers

  14. Dez2671

    Dez26712 days ago


  15. Chris Gaddy

    Chris Gaddy3 days ago

    The Lakers need to package Matthews, Gasol, Cook and Kostas Antetokounmpo. Fix the holes at the 5 position and 3pt shooting. I haven't been impressed with Gasol or Matthews play. Cook never plays nor does Kostas... so deal em in a package.

  16. King Higgins

    King Higgins3 days ago

    Lebron James is 36

  17. MJ is bigger then rings he's a culture

    MJ is bigger then rings he's a culture3 days ago

    Whiteside and AD would be nuts in the paint

  18. Robert Whittington

    Robert Whittington3 days ago

    The Lakers are an exhausted team they need to play deeper into their bench if nothing else but for experience into the playoffs

  19. Xerxes Resuena

    Xerxes Resuena3 days ago

    I agree why the Lakers let go of Javale ang dwight... God that is a management gamble. My God Gasol is not needed there they have already a lot of shooters. I blamed the coach and the team manager for these

  20. Ben Murphy

    Ben Murphy3 days ago

    What do we need: a center who can defend the lane and the rim! Gasol doea not deliver anymore!

  21. MrRhetboi

    MrRhetboi3 days ago

    No not PJ Tucker

  22. hzr

    hzr3 days ago

    What THE HELL are you talking about trading THT for Tucker, who at best will have 2 good years left in him from now on. Not to mention that Tucker has been a very inconsistent player. Remember how he did against the lakers in the playoffs? I would never even think about getting him if it was not a complete bargain. Combining Tucker and THT or Kuzma in a sentence where trade is also included should not be a thing... ever.

  23. Fact Sheet

    Fact Sheet3 days ago

    Yes trade THT for another Tucker!

  24. ʙʟᴜᴇϯᴏᴏϯʜ TM

    ʙʟᴜᴇϯᴏᴏϯʜ TM3 days ago

    Do not give up THT or Alex


    TURTLE CREEK3 days ago

    call jordan for bismack biyombo

  26. JumpMan3

    JumpMan34 days ago

    Lakers could get George Hill with that same trade package. I just listened to Silver screen and roll podcast and they said they would trade Harrel for Cousins and PJ Tucker. I’m shocked those guys have a big following.

  27. JumpMan3

    JumpMan34 days ago

    Have you seen PJs 3% this year? It’s bad. He’s also averaging 4 points a game and 35.

  28. john pizel

    john pizel4 days ago

    Kuzma tucker and kcp for Bradley beal.

  29. Jauhari Lee

    Jauhari Lee4 days ago

    PJ Tucker's style of play is perfect for Lebron.

  30. kuya soriano

    kuya soriano4 days ago

    Look at the Lakers now...not even half a year ago Lakers were imposing in the paint and as a defensive team in general. Now. It's all piece of shit.. I was extremely bashed when I said Lakers basically had a shitty offseason..losing all our bigs and only getting back fucking trez..and a shadow of Marc gasol.... Now look at the's just like the fucking Flippers last year. ONLY TALENTED ON PAPER. I don't mind if the Lakers lose the title to someone else. It will hurt ofc, but Lakers deserve to learn from this huge mistake of an offseason. Losing Rondo.. for Danny Green we got schröder yeah..but then signing wes Matthews!? The guy is basically DANNY GREEN MINUS THE DEFENSE FFS! Danny hd excellent wing defense..but he was bashed just because of missing one wtf Now wes is doing what? 10mins of Cardio? And now theyre planning to trade for Pj!? PJ is good yeah but Lakers need a legit big not him. Oh my goodness..I knew from the beginning Rob fucked things up..signing Trez instead of Howard..Trading Javale away for who? And now AD is out..chances are Lebron might be injured. I'm seeing the exact same shit as the season lebron got injured... Haay..I can only this rate I don't see the chances of Lakers defending the title. Unless a miracle happens...

  31. Hurelulga Enkhtur

    Hurelulga Enkhtur4 days ago

    Pj tucker is trash gordon much better

  32. Joylin Petalcorin

    Joylin Petalcorin4 days ago

    Trade Westley Matthew and Markeff Morris not THT😤😤😎😎✌✌✌

  33. ConvexSpys 8335

    ConvexSpys 83354 days ago

    I don't want PJ Tucker on the Lakers.

  34. K P

    K P4 days ago

    PJ Tucker.....are we that desperate?

  35. Ashley Ramsey

    Ashley Ramsey4 days ago

    Drummond and JJ fron duke

  36. Zeijhanred Delos Trinos

    Zeijhanred Delos Trinos4 days ago

    Dedmon is the best way to rim protector of Lakers

  37. Kirk Smart

    Kirk Smart4 days ago

    THT NO DAMN WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. jdb_27 Does

    jdb_27 Does4 days ago

    Get Tucker and cousins exchange to Morris,gasol,mathews

  39. Reginald Mclendon

    Reginald Mclendon4 days ago

    Our Lakers needs a rim protector and decent 3 point shooters. Our Lakers doesn't shoot very well.

  40. Chris Mitchell

    Chris Mitchell4 days ago

    Lakers should trade Schroeder and Caruso too Washington for Bertāns, Wagner and Bonga. Move Kuzma too Guard. Lakers can’t keep Caruso but Washington would that’s the reason this would super work for both teams. Because this gives Washington; Beal, Schroeder, Caruso for play creation and locker room they would give a bit extra for this deal maybe a little picks too, maybe a lot extra. Caruso is soo good this 1 year it’s maybe a slight loss but we couldn’t keep him for a MLE and after this year it’s 3 for 1. SHOOTING Bertāns is like Klay Thompson (Offensively) and Wagner and Bonga are good. I hope the right person sees this and share it or makes a video or whatever

  41. Chris Mitchell

    Chris Mitchell4 days ago

    Actually maybe I’d take AD in the Left Lo Post before those 2.

  42. Chris Mitchell

    Chris Mitchell4 days ago

    I didn’t mean offence too AD saying Schroeder and Caruso are better play creators, I think AD is terrific in the left Lo post and he is maybe the best Off Ball Offense player in the NBA and Roll partner and don’t get me started how great his Defence is. Just on the ball id take Schroeder and Caruso and have AD set screens, often this would be too facilitate for AD.

  43. Chris Mitchell

    Chris Mitchell4 days ago

    LEBRON and Bertāns Pick and Pop with Drummond and AD and Kuzma(v guard) on the Off Glass could use LeBrons new well improved shooting on the dribble. This would be very strong Offense

  44. Chris Mitchell

    Chris Mitchell4 days ago

    Lakers are deep at Guard especially because Kuzma could be there a bit too. Imagine this teams Offensive Rebounding Potential too. Imagine LEBRON Offense having a nice positive on the offensive boards, hope Cleveland buyout Drummond

  45. Chris Mitchell

    Chris Mitchell4 days ago

    For the Lakers losing play creation 2 and 3 guys, more AD on the Dribble or running screens with catch and shoot for Bertāns and KCP or Ball Movement sets. I know Washington is baaad at Defense but the Lakers Staff and Lockerroom could workout Defense with these guys I believe. Please share this, I’d love too see this as a Video. Love the channel

  46. Ruben Pojas

    Ruben Pojas4 days ago

    Andre Drummond most pursue ,Because Center position is their problem now.Gasol has no defense right now

  47. Cyber Bully Hunter

    Cyber Bully Hunter4 days ago

    If we dont get tj we should go for a legit rim protector

  48. Jasper Martinez

    Jasper Martinez4 days ago

    Its too late Lakers not got champion this season

  49. John Cellustand

    John Cellustand4 days ago


  50. German A Escobar

    German A Escobar4 days ago

    No pj tucked?

  51. Treavor Walton

    Treavor Walton4 days ago

    I would not trade any of those guys for PJ Tucker. I think the Lakers are just fine defensively outside that obvious center position they need to improve. Injuries are the problem right now, nothing else.

  52. TopWavers

    TopWavers4 days ago


  53. Trevor Bunbury

    Trevor Bunbury4 days ago

    Robert covington could be a good piece with a young player or Carmelo whatever works out better


    JAIME DE LA CRUZ4 days ago

    'just an able center & practice shooting, everybody!! Don't fear the BNets!

  55. RJMM

    RJMM4 days ago

    Gasol has to go. Biggest mistake is signing this guy. Caruso needs to work on his jumpers. Need 1 or 2 3point shooters, ala Korver or JR Smith.

  56. Michael Densing

    Michael Densing4 days ago

    Pure uncut Gems

  57. Kenneth Singleton

    Kenneth Singleton4 days ago

    He's ok, but a nother short guy

  58. Joven Mendoza

    Joven Mendoza4 days ago

    One major injury and our Lakers unravel! Tough luck! =(

  59. Jerry Yap

    Jerry Yap4 days ago

    Gasol is useless can't protect the rim and very slow in every way whether offence or defence...should be traded.

  60. Earl Harris

    Earl Harris4 days ago

    Don’t trade the young core(somebody born in 2005 voice)

  61. Livan Napoles89

    Livan Napoles894 days ago

    We need to get a rim protector and not pj tucker. Trade THT + Gasol and picks for mo mamba plss

  62. dip wyn

    dip wyn5 days ago

    Rob will figure it out

  63. T Givins

    T Givins5 days ago

    SMH this wouldn’t be a problem if the Lakers wouldn’t have got rid of Rondo and Howards. Somebody messed up

  64. James Brown

    James Brown5 days ago

    Wes Mathews Mark Gasol are not playing well. These were bad additions to the team.

  65. James Brown

    James Brown5 days ago

    What has happened to the Lakers shooting. They can't make open shots

  66. J Henderson

    J Henderson5 days ago

    Great defender but we need a real shooter all round not just a 3D

  67. Sankofa 709

    Sankofa 7095 days ago

    Nah, keep THT and don’t even mention Kuz or AC. Just pick up a solid rim protector. Like Jamel McGee or Dwight Howard. You know, like the guys we let go of. SMH

  68. gregory gordon

    gregory gordon5 days ago

    i been said let kuzma go

  69. Raymond Bruce

    Raymond Bruce5 days ago

    Pelinka the problem. Won the championship and made a mess of the team. Tucker will not help

  70. Mynamebepete

    Mynamebepete5 days ago

    We need an athletic big & a perimeter/wing defender. Best bet to look at buy out market. Not sure how long that’ll be tho

  71. Mynamebepete

    Mynamebepete5 days ago

    You’d have to give up THT or Kuz in a trade. I don’t find that very wise.

  72. Desmond Addison

    Desmond Addison5 days ago

    Its not all about shooters man. Ww need more dogs, we need better perimeter defenders? Im not tradin Kuz Dennis Harrel Caruso or Wes..

  73. Scott Dobbs

    Scott Dobbs5 days ago

    They just need to play Rondo more on the second team and play Howard and JaVale at center. Oh, wait a minute they are gone. Lakers were better last year. I knew it was a mistake.

  74. coyz

    coyz5 days ago

    Lakers need center, period! Trade Gasol for he is a lame duck. Lakers have a lot of shooters, what they need is somebody to secure the rebounds.

  75. Luis Casiano

    Luis Casiano5 days ago

    Get a decent center and a veteran shooter..

  76. MnS H

    MnS H5 days ago

    Carmelo Anthony

  77. Michael Fearon II

    Michael Fearon II5 days ago

    JJ Riddick we need

  78. Guiilty

    Guiilty5 days ago

    If we want to beat the Nets we need to get Beal. We need another wing shooter!! He’s a solid 3rd option, I just don’t trust Harrell, Kuzma, and Schroder to be consistent every game. Then need another center and if Drummknd gets bought out he would literally be our ideal C but if not then I like Cousins or Dieng. Would have to fill out the roster with bought out guys like Ariza and whom ever

  79. Me3ks DaGOAT

    Me3ks DaGOAT5 days ago

    Time to trade KCP in my opinion his defense and shooting is below avg and this season with the clippers and nets it's no window of hoping he'll get hot ..I like the Big man on the Magic but dont see that happening. Kuz Kcp THT could get us Beal maybe

  80. Easy E

    Easy E5 days ago

    No, i'm not impressed with P.J. Keep looking elsewhere.......

  81. Captain Morgan75

    Captain Morgan755 days ago

    Why aren't we going after Drummond when he has been sat down till trade?

  82. Brad C

    Brad C5 days ago

    Good gosh no way I'd give up much for his old butt. NO WAY we give up THT or CARUSO.

  83. Brad C

    Brad C5 days ago

    Ariza brings virtually same to table for cheaper. Sign Cousins.

  84. Tyeksa!

    Tyeksa!5 days ago

    The Lakers' GM must decide if he wants to run or he wants to pace because it seems that his team has lost its identity.

  85. Derrick Mitchell

    Derrick Mitchell5 days ago

    We need a rim protector that's it. The shooting will pick up when Schroeder comes back and more when AD returns

  86. Christopher Collier

    Christopher Collier5 days ago

    Lakers don't you dare trade for pj tucker, no disrespect. He just doesn't solve the issues at hand.

  87. mean green

    mean green5 days ago

    I thought we needed a big man.why we need so many guards and small forwards

  88. Vlad Mercado

    Vlad Mercado5 days ago

    Lakers need to go after LaVine!! Trade schroder and Kcp!!

  89. Norman Wilson

    Norman Wilson5 days ago

    We should get client capala ppl sleep on him he a good rim N rebounder💯💯💯💯

  90. SKB

    SKB5 days ago

    If we don't hurry and get these players then we gonna have many loses

  91. Get Forked

    Get Forked5 days ago

    Lol are you for real? Tht for tucker lmao 🤣

  92. Rowan Lewis

    Rowan Lewis5 days ago

    lebron should let you laker fans feel it you got no respect for the king he carries every team kobe what haters including lakers

  93. Rowan Lewis

    Rowan Lewis5 days ago

    you know nothing about basketball youll want lebron to loose

  94. Tshiowa

    Tshiowa5 days ago

    Bismack biyombo and Hassan whiteside

  95. Esaia Soifua

    Esaia Soifua5 days ago

    It really is bullshit that $5 million of our cap is going toward luol deng

  96. Laker 4 ever

    Laker 4 ever5 days ago

    Mo mamba id trade matthews caruso

  97. Esaia Soifua

    Esaia Soifua5 days ago

    Give them Markieff and tht

  98. North Dallas Forty

    North Dallas Forty5 days ago

    Lakers obviously will not repeat AD is brittle LBJ overused No rim protectors No 3 shooters

  99. Headband Fish

    Headband Fish5 days ago

    This won’t age well

  100. Christiant Lemy

    Christiant Lemy5 days ago

    Go to the cavs and get jarret Allen he’s a beast that the nets dumbass traded

  101. Christiant Lemy

    Christiant Lemy5 days ago

    No they should Get Jerret Allen from the cavs he’s a beast on the defensive end….. JARRET ALLEN

  102. Peter Anders

    Peter Anders5 days ago

    I'd be willing to part with Giannis little bro. We need a shooting center. We can stack viable forwards up to the ceiling at this point. McKinnie hits shots, too and gets like 2 minutes a month. Morris is in for 5 minutes a night as a power forward for some reason. Trez is still 6'7'' ish. Get a center, who shoots more than 2 shots a game and if the Rockets want THT, the Nets can have PJ Tucker.

  103. Pablo Diaz

    Pablo Diaz5 days ago

    Trade Lebron and Davis and bring back the players that traded to get them.

  104. Headband Fish

    Headband Fish5 days ago

    They’re 13-17 right now. Would u rather be 4 games below .500 & have no chance at a championship? I’d rather win, that’s just me

  105. kevin schomisch

    kevin schomisch5 days ago

    Call Palinka already and MAKE him tell you what he's up to ! Pussy !

  106. Mwila Kangombe

    Mwila Kangombe5 days ago

    This is stupid. Get cousins. Trade gas hole and cook with second round for whiteside.

  107. Ajith Raja

    Ajith Raja5 days ago

    give up QC and Mckinnie. They are starters on any sub .500 team

  108. StoneCold Jones

    StoneCold Jones5 days ago

    i knew they was gonna regret not resigning dwight

  109. J R

    J R5 days ago

    PJ Tucker.... hell no...hes good, but not a game changer

  110. Steve Gatoloai

    Steve Gatoloai5 days ago

    Nah I ain’t impressed, go get Blake Griffin or Boogie Cousins