WandaVision Episode 7 Ending Explained

The seventh episode of Marvel's WandaVision, "Breaking the Fourth Wall," somehow manages to be even more chaotic than what's come before. Here's how far we are down the WandaVision rabbit hole by the end of its seventh episode, and where it could lead us from here.
"Breaking the Fourth Wall" puts a Modern Family- and The Office-inspired spin on WandaVision - complete with candid interviews with the "cast." But behind the playfulness, there's a certain uneasiness in the air.
After last week's boundary-pushing affair, Wanda elects to engage in a "quarantine-style staycation," largely ignoring that certain pieces of furniture in her home are shifting from era to era. Also, Wanda's telepathic son Billy is having problems with his mind - he says it's "really noisy" in there - but she writes him off and leaves her boys with Agnes for the day, and doesn't seem all that bothered that her husband Vision is still missing.
There's a lot to make of Wanda's subdued mental break in this episode, especially in relation to her unruly surroundings. Now that the borders of her spell have expanded even further and have even been strengthened, she's pushed her reality-warping abilities harder than ever before.
One would imagine that this test of her mental limits is exhausting, and is likely causing her world to shift and change outside of her control. Not only that, but Wanda seems highly uninterested in maintaining her perfect illusion, going as far to admit to her sons that their "Uncle Pietro" wasn't actually related to them and pawning them off onto her neighbor just to get herself back in-check.
If Wanda can't get her abilities under control soon, the consequences could prove catastrophic.
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Wanda's breakdown | 0:00
Project Cataract | 1:49
Vision and Darcy's road trip | 3:05
Monica's powers awaken | 4:13
Agatha All Along? | 5:19
A nod to Nexus | 6:43
Enter Immortus? | 7:35
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  1. Sean Adler

    Sean Adler9 days ago

    You need to learn the difference between, "Ending Explained" and episode recap.

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    Ghani Moner9 days ago

    I watch this and not the show because I’m poor and things need to be explained to me

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    Sergio Sanvicente11 days ago

    Is it just me...or is this narrator voice making this super exciting episode completely dull 🥱🥴

  4. athena bonte

    athena bonte11 days ago

    the first person who ever broke the fourth wall was She-Hulk all the lines you hear for Deadpool the writer used to write for her she was the funniest the first to break the 4th dimension wall before anybody and then they changed her writing and you didn't hear too much about it they gave a good writing that was for a woman to a guy I use a lot of inner dialogue like that is usually with strong women check back issues of She-Hulk and you'll see I'm telling you the truth 💯🕵️🍷

  5. Marcy Cardoso

    Marcy Cardoso12 days ago

    Fast forwarded through every episode 👎🏾👎🏾

  6. Jason Lane

    Jason Lane12 days ago

    I wonder if the book at the end is the Darkhold... and if so, if it’s author, Cthon, will be involved down the line. Doctor Strange has to deal with it in the comics, along with a horde of vampires. Anyone know any good vampire hunters???

  7. Mieey VIBE

    Mieey VIBE13 days ago

    Perfect casting

  8. Christopher Trevino

    Christopher Trevino13 days ago

    MCU: you get super powers! And you! And you! Everyone gets super powers!

  9. SirArnoldGrylls

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    Another lopper video where they just explain the whole episode when we are asking about the ending.... Classic slooper

  10. James Devine

    James Devine13 days ago

    Anyone else think wandavision is kinda dull?

  11. alex

    alex13 days ago

    Tommy and billy: Come on mom i dont want the witch to watch us

  12. Joe Fern

    Joe Fern13 days ago

    Vision will become anti vision an evil vision from earth 616 and marvel will introduce THE GATHERERS into the universe with eternals movie which will introduce the kree.

  13. Creative Lights

    Creative Lights13 days ago

    Something tells me ultron will make a comeback “Stark asked for a savior, and settled for a slave.”

  14. Creative Lights

    Creative Lights13 days ago

    Here’s something I figured out about the big bad “PLEASE STAND BY” PLEASE STAND BY pLEasE. STANd BY LEE STAN BY BY STAN LEE Not gonna hate it now r U?

  15. x26

    x2613 days ago

    The multiverse will open and Harry Potter and his crew will join Wanda to fight Darth Voldemort.

  16. Gino Peñaflor

    Gino Peñaflor14 days ago

    pietro fox is not fake. he is just controlled by agathes right?

  17. Gino Peñaflor

    Gino Peñaflor14 days ago

    will they dispose QS evan peter? i hope not. damn it

  18. Sheldon

    Sheldon14 days ago

    I am theorising that project cataract will yield sentinels, response units to combat super powered individuals.

  19. CrimsonNineTail

    CrimsonNineTail14 days ago

    I don't know Marvel comics so well, if he is even in it, but Hayward is that guy who's gonna start something he can't take back/finish and I feel it will lead to more trouble in the future. Especially when/if Mutants get brought into the game.

  20. Loren Kovačević

    Loren Kovačević14 days ago

    So who is actually the villain? Agatha Harkness? Grim Reaper, although I don't think he is, Mephisto or Nightmare more likely? Or maybe Immortus/Kang the Conqueror Which of them is the greatest villain for the further phase? Throw in the dark maybe Doctor Doom there were signs. Who knows?

  21. The Ranger

    The Ranger14 days ago

    Wait so agatha is controlling everyone? Can someone explain all this im so confused thanks

  22. VoidSurfer9

    VoidSurfer914 days ago

    Nothing says "superpowers" like putting shining stark blue eyes on a sistah gurl with natural hair!!! These ppl are geniuses 🤓

  23. V. L. R.

    V. L. R.14 days ago

    AGATHA ALL ALONG-LYRICS: 🎶🎵🎶🎵 Who’s been messing up everything? It’s been Agatha all along Who’s been pulling every evil string? It’s been Agatha all along She’s insidious (Ha-ha!) So Perfidious That you haven’t even noticed And the pity it (the pity is) Pity, pity, pity, pity It’s too late to fix anything Now that everything has gone wrong Thanks to Agatha (Ha!) Naughty Agatha It’s been Agatha all along “And I killed Sparky, too!” *Inspired by The Munsters TV Theme Song

  24. Geeks Enjoy Nerdrotica

    Geeks Enjoy Nerdrotica14 days ago

    Note, Vision can't release anyone from the hold, it only looks like it because Agatha is controlling everyone.

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    The overwrought deficit excitingly colour because platinum pharmacokinetically mourn toward a gifted meat. absurd, steep crow

  26. vishwajeet barnwal

    vishwajeet barnwal14 days ago

    Kevin Feige to 'John Wick' - Mr wick what do u want to defeat 'Agatha' ? John - Plot armor , lots of plot armor

  27. Winder Zhao

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    The sparkling save basally last because creditor endogenously cheat behind a juvenile camel. premium, unsuitable quart

  28. vishwajeet barnwal

    vishwajeet barnwal14 days ago

    I know MCU is expanding it's universe by introducting multiverse , But what I didn't expect was that they are going to introduce 'John Wick' like that . Good move MCU .

  29. Ghostgaming189

    Ghostgaming18914 days ago

    if they go the whole nexus for the multiverse they may not need to recast the X-men cast

  30. Lance Farquharson

    Lance Farquharson14 days ago

    Everyone's here talking about the Agatha reveal but they better cast teyonnah parris as Sister Krone in the live action Promised Neverland film

  31. Chris Boro

    Chris Boro14 days ago

    Sounds like the narrator is saying “Egg-ith-a”.

  32. Ray D Ology

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  33. Gandhi Reddy

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    Friends you are likely to get a chance to see the main villain in post credit scenes of the last episode😁

  34. Black jesus228

    Black jesus22814 days ago

    I knew it was eggatha

  35. gortmundy01

    gortmundy0114 days ago

    Agatha Harkness isnt the big bad. She may not even be there, or she might be a bit player. Its too obvious. My money is on Mephisto.

  36. Maximo

    Maximo14 days ago

    Or the nexus war from Fortnite

  37. zoey

    zoey14 days ago

    I believe that the “Pietro” we see is none other than Peter from the x-men universe. Agatha possibly pulled this peter we see from the x men universe. Agatha is controlling Peter. When Monica’s eyes turned violet she was looking at the energy. In episode 6, as we can see, we saw wanda throwing peter, and she possibly opened his mind. Peter is (well, possibly) snooping as well too. Or Vision holds Peter’s head and remembers the x men universe.

  38. Amelia Perkins

    Amelia Perkins14 days ago

    my theory is that Agatha took Peter/Pietro out of his universe to play Pietro in Wanda's universe, but when Wanda hit him with that blast of energy, he got his memory back and is now trying to figure out what's going on.

  39. zoey

    zoey14 days ago

    I believe that “Peter or Pietro” is from the x-men universe. Why? Because Agatha can possibly pulled “Peter or Pietro” from the x-men universe and put a spell on him like what witches do. Agatha can possibly made this “Peter or Pietro” an illusion.

  40. Ray Vincent

    Ray Vincent14 days ago

    Still BORING!!!

  41. Sweetyz Trash

    Sweetyz Trash14 days ago

    Then who was Evan Peters , Pietro?

  42. Sweetyz Trash

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    P h o t o n ?

  43. Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo

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    Great serie.

  44. Infamous Score_ Sнaĸυr Grimy BX Beatmaker

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    You know we’re all being hypnotized right let me tell you the three witches that are hypnotizing us Elizabeth Olsen Kat Dennings Kathryn Hahn

  45. Haroon Yousafi

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    I wonder “Who’s pulling every evil string”?

  46. White Rock

    White Rock14 days ago

    Man, that's what I love about super hero conversions...when exposed to radiation they get super powers instead of cancer. Was watching a documentary on the Demon Core from World War II. The scientists were doing reflectivity experiments to evaluate reactivity thresh-holds...well they didn't have ANY protection and made these big balls go critical and saw a blue flash of light...well instead of getting super powers they died days later from lethal radiation doses. Anyway, enjoyed the episode and a "dose" of reality too!

  47. Ms. Nola

    Ms. Nola14 days ago

    When Monica eyes began to glow....uuhhh!!!

  48. Amatsu-Mikaboshi

    Amatsu-Mikaboshi14 days ago

    No villain will be equal to the level of villainry Thanos was. The most important part is that he won against the avengers with ease I say. And the avengers unbeknownst to them are getting known in the universe by how powerful they are.

  49. purple hax

    purple hax14 days ago

    its expected but unexpected at the same time

  50. Margo Brown

    Margo Brown14 days ago

    So, what do we think about the book in Agatha's lair being the darkhold?Look up Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D season 4 to learn about it. Im hoping that they will make connections to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, and reintroduce those characters in Hawkeye so when Ms.Marvel comes out, we can have Inhuman Veterans in the MCU.

  51. Illi Mai

    Illi Mai14 days ago

    No explanation needed for dumbass show.


    THE RAIN BOOM14 days ago


  53. Phillip Walker

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    Still seems a bit Agents of Shield vibe to me.

  54. Mario Durán

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    The bunny and cicada are the children

  55. Paul Keller

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    Calling it now Keanu Reeves is Mephisto

  56. NeXt Up Entertainment

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    It’s been Agatha All Along! OMG 😱 the tune is stuck in my head...

  57. Andrew Johnson

    Andrew Johnson15 days ago

    And let’s not forget that they finally made Pietro’s hait from the comics make sense by making it be caused by air resistance from his super speed. 😉

  58. Phil Evans

    Phil Evans15 days ago

    Anyone notice that how in Spider-Man far from home (which takes place after wandavision) that when Peter asks why they can’t have Dr. Strange take over instead of him they say he’s “unavailable”. Thought this was interesting cuz Wanda is confirmed to be in Dr. Strange multiverse of madness

  59. Anthony L. Cawthorne Sr.

    Anthony L. Cawthorne Sr.15 days ago

    iIt was Agatha all along🎵🎵🎵

  60. Brian Brouns

    Brian Brouns15 days ago

    So did Agatha also controlled Geraldine ? She needed her away when she was Geraldine so she controlled her to say Ultron killed Pietro . Or was Geraldine just getting memories back

  61. hubtuqa ninuccok

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    The disagreeable sparrow provisionally love because withdrawal logistically fit along a annoying condor. wiry, flippant maple

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    I knew something was suspicious bout this Agatha

  63. Stephen Goddard Manchester UK A brief video of time

    Stephen Goddard Manchester UK A brief video of time15 days ago

    .. it's just so awesome .. bewitched by the whole thing .. so like thor and norse mythology being 4 reels . Turns out witches are also real too.. agatha is 15,500 yrs old, turns kids into rabbits and hex means spell

  64. Top5NoQuestions

    Top5NoQuestions15 days ago

    The actress that plays Monica has gorgeous eyes perfect for all the color changes.

  65. Yung Apollo inc

    Yung Apollo inc15 days ago

    Remember how the book glowed red energy like wandas and every episode it sounds like wandas getting less enthusiastic about saying previous on Wanda vision what if the book is draining her power

  66. delighton ailende

    delighton ailende15 days ago

    All I know is Wanda is treading in a mine field and she better know where the mines are or she could kill herself.....

  67. hasan osman

    hasan osman15 days ago

    Why the episodes was not 1 hour long as some people said?

  68. Sergio Diaz

    Sergio Diaz15 days ago

    how did sword acquired Visions body, if its made of stolen vibranium from Wakanda and it was killed in Wakanda?

  69. Nova Striker

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    Damn. Disney+ is something I really should consider buying

  70. Steven Htut

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    Omgg the impostor

  71. Luísa Jervell

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    When you realize Agatha killed sparky: I started shooting

  72. Gaming Vs Gadget

    Gaming Vs Gadget15 days ago

    So now Wanda wants, she is not doing anything, it was Agatha all along 😂😂

  73. Trace Sizemore

    Trace Sizemore15 days ago

    I'm thinking they're eventually going to find out that project cataract will have something in it about working with Agatha.

  74. Len Alfred

    Len Alfred15 days ago

    If it were me writing this show, the surprise character I would bring to the MCU is.... Mitch Pileggi. The guy who played "papa" at the end of the Helstrom series as Mephisto.

  75. SJHost

    SJHost15 days ago

    I am SO EXCITED for this big mystery to unravel itself

  76. Why did my cat drown In the microwave?

    Why did my cat drown In the microwave?15 days ago

    Snoopers gotta snoop

  77. Mister Cat

    Mister Cat15 days ago

    Now I cant wait for Captain Rambo VS Captain Marvel! I mean I know they are not enemies but they have some beef to solve.

  78. VoidSurfer9

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    Maybe they can resolve it in a ✂️ fight

  79. Erin Bail

    Erin Bail15 days ago

    was that rabbit purring?

  80. J Man

    J Man15 days ago

    It’s mephesto the fly 🪰 was him

  81. Darkest of Magic

    Darkest of Magic15 days ago

    We can’t rule out that Pietro is a imposter though he could be controlled or something more because each episode only raises more questions so I wouldn’t jump too fast to that conclusion.

  82. Darkest of Magic

    Darkest of Magic10 days ago

    @Ray D Ology Peter Maximoff from X-Men isn’t bad...

  83. Ray D Ology

    Ray D Ology14 days ago

    Why would an Evil person want to control a Bad person!

  84. Kritical Pittmon

    Kritical Pittmon15 days ago

    I think they will get Vision back and create Wonder Man.

  85. Tejas S

    Tejas S15 days ago

    Where is clint. He had a bond with Wanda and was her emotional support before. Where is he.

  86. Milo Zion

    Milo Zion15 days ago

    When Agatha is sitting on the couch telling the camera "I actually did bite a kid once", there's hexagons on her curtains, and you can see a spade design on the back of the chair. Call a spade a spade!!

  87. Boomboxboi

    Boomboxboi15 days ago

    Kathryn hahn is the perfect witch

  88. GirlAlmighty Directioner

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    "Snoopers gonna snoop huh"

  89. Alex N

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    its confirmed rosie o'donnell will be making an appearance

  90. Pam Collins

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    But where are billy and tommy

  91. Michael Morley

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    Snooper's Gonna Snoop...

  92. Alan Clark

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    The Nexus nod was in age of ultron when tony was looking for Jarvis it’s the DATA HUB for the WHOLE WORLD

  93. Ant-Man

    Ant-Man15 days ago

    Well, talking from the scientific perspective. 👀

  94. Alan Clark

    Alan Clark15 days ago

    Monica can absorb energy hence the blue and purple eyes 👀 or contradict a energy like which she did with Wanda

  95. Maximiliano Madrigal

    Maximiliano Madrigal15 days ago

    actually i think time travel and mutidemations is probably a better guess then mafisto

  96. Alan Clark

    Alan Clark15 days ago

    100 bucks Hayward’s assistant is going to be Electra when she enters the Hex

  97. jermaine morton

    jermaine morton15 days ago

    I was hoping Blackheart would be in the show somewhere

  98. Apro8lem

    Apro8lem16 days ago

    Monica Rambeau is now my favorite character. Her powers are crazy strong.

  99. Tyrese Jackson

    Tyrese Jackson16 days ago

    I feel like the last episode should have the trailer to dr strange

  100. Malakai Wallis

    Malakai Wallis16 days ago

    Actually doctor strange sent quicksilver to help out with Wanda

  101. Green Bean

    Green Bean13 days ago

    Wait rlly!??

  102. Billy Maximoff

    Billy Maximoff16 days ago

    nahhh Agatha Harkness is MCU's Pennywise and she's craving for Wanda's flesh and blood mutant children the most and knowing Wanda will ONLY carry Vision's children that's why she lured him into resurrecting him.

  103. Milo Zion

    Milo Zion16 days ago

    Re-watching the series, I noticed Agnes legitimately cries while she's holding dead Sparky as Wanda speaks of not being able to bring people back from the dead to the boys... 🤔 it seemed as if something truly made her sad, she did not need to be faking it that much and Wanda wasn't looking at her... but she was bawling her eyes out. (Her dead son??)

  104. Murloc Mage

    Murloc Mage16 days ago

    Hagatha op

  105. Ivy Breaux

    Ivy Breaux16 days ago

    I didn't even know there was a scene after the credits.

  106. s Smoove

    s Smoove16 days ago

    So Marvel basically hinted that peitro was brought here by agatha, because his shirt had a little purple in it the first time we saw him in the series