My Dog Died

We tell the story of his life and how he eventually died in our arms.
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  1. Version135

    Version1353 minutes ago

    Sorry bud. About to be in this situation with one of my dogs:(.

  2. capback79

    capback797 minutes ago

    Sorry to hear about Mr. Glock. I enjoyed seeing him in your videos throughout the years. I want to express my deepest condolences to you and your during this difficult time.

  3. Carl Mizell

    Carl Mizell42 minutes ago

    I'm sorry to hear about your friend, I had a red boxer years ago and we lost her to cancer also and it was very heartbreaking, what ended the pain was 2 months about her passed we started looking for a puppy like her, we were lucky to find one that looked and to this day acts just like her, before she passed she took that puppy in like it was her own pup, she was fantastic with the puppy, she even house broke the puppy before she passed away, our hearts are out to you and your family over your lost.

  4. st00ge68

    st00ge6850 minutes ago

    Sorry for your loss, animals are a special part of our lives.

  5. mike jones

    mike jones52 minutes ago

    Man so sorry bud. Glock will always be missed. Amazing dogs.

  6. Hunter Booth

    Hunter Booth53 minutes ago

    Couldn't make it through the whole video. I can hear and feel the pain that I know all too well. Your family and glock will be in my prayers

  7. Ryan Schreiber

    Ryan Schreiber54 minutes ago

    So sorry brother. My pup passed 2 weeks ago also. It's the worst.

  8. HigherPowerFitness

    HigherPowerFitnessHour ago

    I hope your heart finds peace. There is nothing better than a good dog.

  9. William Stringer

    William StringerHour ago

    What a wonderful life you gave him. So sorry for your loss.

  10. notanoverlord

    notanoverlordHour ago

    Best wishes

  11. Ricky Ramírez

    Ricky RamírezHour ago

    Be strong, Bruh! All dogs go to heaven...I’ve been there too. Great story!



    Sorry for your loss man. :(

  13. Dogs n Motorcycles

    Dogs n MotorcyclesHour ago

    Very sorry for your loss. My 10 year old Akita died of an apparent heart attack in October. There were no symptoms or any indication before. It was just like any other day, until he died in my arms...

  14. Zed Hiro

    Zed HiroHour ago

    Sorry for your loss.

  15. Travis Coombes

    Travis CoombesHour ago

    Damn. Sorry man.

  16. Dan Mack

    Dan Mack2 hours ago

    You gave him a great life my friend, you saved a good pup. sorry for your loss.

  17. fourseventy0ne

    fourseventy0ne2 hours ago

    I'm sorry for your loss, Brother I couldn't watch all of this one.

  18. c t

    c t2 hours ago

    Thats rough man.. I lost my boxer in december.. 12 years and he died in my arms too :(

  19. Leigh Rich

    Leigh Rich2 hours ago

    A tear jerker

  20. Leigh Rich

    Leigh Rich2 hours ago

    Sorry on pup passing. i lost 2 dogs las year. It is always rough on ones heart.

  21. daddy 63

    daddy 632 hours ago

    Sorry to hear..

  22. William Barnes

    William Barnes2 hours ago

    Sorry for your loss 💕

  23. Terry Golden

    Terry Golden2 hours ago

    Sorry Mike. I was sad to see this pop up in my feed. Prayers for healing to your family. My rescue boxer was the BEST dog in the whole world...

  24. Bill H

    Bill H3 hours ago

    Sorry for your loss! I've had six dogs over the past 60 years and it never gets easier to see them go! God bless!

  25. CLoak183

    CLoak1834 hours ago

    Take comfort in the fact, as far as I'm concerned, that this is only a temporary separation and that you will be reunited with Mr. Glock in the next life in heaven. That's how I cope and deal with the loss of my father. God bless you bro!

  26. 1980Mrprado

    1980Mrprado4 hours ago

    Sorry 4 your lost boss 2 you & your wife!

  27. Chrucifer

    Chrucifer5 hours ago


  28. A Shot in the Dark

    A Shot in the Dark5 hours ago

    It sad when anyone looses family even four legged ones,Mr Glock is missed. chin up best wished.

  29. TMAC762

    TMAC7625 hours ago

    Sorry for your loss, it's like losing a member of the family.

  30. James T Kirk

    James T Kirk5 hours ago

    All dogs go to heaven.

  31. James T Kirk

    James T Kirk5 hours ago

    I feel your pain. I'm very sorry.

  32. Joe Greig

    Joe Greig6 hours ago

    I'm sorry Sir.

  33. Garrett

    Garrett7 hours ago

    Don’t worry maybe they are in heaven with Jesus, just sorry for your other dog now since he doesn’t have a friend and he will be next.

  34. Karel Zuzak

    Karel Zuzak7 hours ago

    So sad to hear this. That said, you gave 10 great years to a good soul, and have 10 years of memories. It helps me remembering the good stuff.

  35. Max Hayward

    Max Hayward7 hours ago

    Sorry for your loss brother.

  36. Unconcerned Citizen

    Unconcerned Citizen8 hours ago

    I can't express how sorry I am for you, your wife, and Colt. Rest easy big man 😥

  37. Arsenal Review

    Arsenal Review8 hours ago

    I’m so sorry :(

  38. Carrera4K

    Carrera4K8 hours ago

    No!!!😓 RIP Glock.🙏

  39. Matt Matrix

    Matt Matrix8 hours ago

    My condolences. I hate it when I lose a family member. Hairy doggie babies are my children.

  40. Gangsan Kim

    Gangsan Kim8 hours ago

    Im sorry for your loss. I know that day will come for my dog one day - I hope I will be somewhat ready. good on you for coming out and talking about it, I hope it helps with your healing

  41. Michael Arnold

    Michael Arnold8 hours ago

    I’m so sorry. I know how I feel about my dog and it will break my heart when he goes. Again I feel really bad for you guys.

  42. robert burkins

    robert burkins8 hours ago

    Man, I love your channel and hate it for your dog. We just got our first and we are attached to ours.

  43. Tony Hardy

    Tony Hardy9 hours ago

    Man this video will make grown man cry. Sorry for your loss. God bless you and your family.

  44. Jim N

    Jim N9 hours ago

    Sorry about your dog, Mike. My boy just turned 11 (GSD) and we're preparing for him to leave us. It's really hard to watch them deteriorate. My thoughst are with you, brother.

  45. 4g63attack

    4g63attack9 hours ago

    Mike, sorry for your loss, I will hug my dog tight for you and glock... losing a friend, a family is hard specially the 4 legged kind.

  46. Nathanael Greene

    Nathanael Greene9 hours ago

    Truly sorry for your loss.

  47. SpyStaMIA

    SpyStaMIA9 hours ago

    I am so sorry for your loss ... God bless Glock.

  48. George Begonia

    George Begonia9 hours ago

    Sorry to hear Glock passed...we have a boxer too.

  49. Major GLADIUS

    Major GLADIUS9 hours ago

    Me condolences

  50. Scott Amy

    Scott Amy10 hours ago

    We've also used NC boxer rescue, they're a fantastic organization. We have our 2nd boxer currently and they're the best breed out there in my opinion, wonderful attitude and just awesome personality...i am so sorry to hear about your loss and I can hear the heartbreak in your voice, I know all to well how you feel. Cherish the memories and happy times and thank you for sharing

  51. Nathan kukene

    Nathan kukene10 hours ago

    So sorry for your loss.

  52. gb93669

    gb9366910 hours ago

    Best to you and your wife. I couldn't have made it through such a video if it was my pet/friend.

  53. Matt T

    Matt T10 hours ago

    I'm sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your memory of him with us.

  54. Dennis The Menace

    Dennis The Menace10 hours ago

    @ mrgunsngear, I am so sorry for your loss. I too have experienced the passing of family pets and each time is just as hard as any of the others. They imbed themselves into our hearts and when they leave us, well it’s hard to explain to someone who hasn’t felt that blow. Take solace that we will all be reunited one day.

  55. Cheryl & jason Luhn

    Cheryl & jason Luhn10 hours ago

    So sorry brother...

  56. Large Larry

    Large Larry10 hours ago

    Years back we lost our dog and we were both very upset. I was so upset that I missed a day of work at a time they needed me badly. The day I returned two different people asked why I was off and I told them. Soon after some of the workers made fun of me but they weren't ready for my response, i'm no push over. Losing a pet can be very devastating and a lot of people just don't understand but I do. It's a sad day and I hope you recover and find a new love then enjoy showing him/her off on your channel. Best of luck.

  57. Hans.mogensen63 Mogenxen

    Hans.mogensen63 Mogenxen10 hours ago

    Sorry to hear this. The passing of a loved one, and dogs are loved ones, is very hard. I grew up with boxers and loved them as family. He will always be with you. Again so sorry for your loss.

  58. RoughNek72

    RoughNek7210 hours ago

    Sorry for your loss. Remember your dog may have been with you for part of your life, but you and your family were your dog's whole life.

  59. Tony Haggard

    Tony Haggard10 hours ago

    Thanks for the share. 🙏😔👍🙂❤️

  60. QuentinQuatermass

    QuentinQuatermass10 hours ago

    Very sorry to hear this, it's so hard to lose a loyal friend, a true family member. We're all cheated that dogs just don't live very long. That little puppy so full of energy dies in your arms a decade later. We lost both of our little girls over the last year. The first died on my birthday, then 9 months later the other died of Cushing's disease. It's been hard for us to get another dog but it's time. The house is so empty. We're both in our 70s so a puppy isn't a good idea. I suppose we'll get an older dog from the shelter we can love. Take care man. And I appreciate all the great information you share with all of us.

  61. Greg Martin

    Greg Martin10 hours ago

    Sorry for your loss. I am a long time boxer owner and they do turn into your children. Every time they leave us a part of your heart goes with them.

  62. Robert Reese

    Robert Reese11 hours ago

    Losing a friend that you have had for a long time stinks.i had one for 15 years, was not a good time. Peace.

  63. Boss Man

    Boss Man11 hours ago

    Why am I just seeing this ? So sorry for your loss Mrgunsngear😥

  64. Sean H

    Sean H11 hours ago

    Dogs never stop teaching man. Grieving makes us human. Time and memories helps lessen one's sorrow. That's why, never trust a man with cats!

  65. Ailyn

    Ailyn11 hours ago

    Thank you for sharing.... find comfort in knowing you guys not only extended his life you gave him a great life....

  66. Ernest Johnson

    Ernest Johnson11 hours ago

    I'm so sorry to hear that man, you loved him very much, you gave him an amazing life no doubt!!! I wish the best for you and your family during this hard time. Much love brotha

  67. James Crowe

    James Crowe11 hours ago

    They aren't man's best friend for nothing. So sorry for your loss.

  68. Jeff Johnson

    Jeff Johnson11 hours ago

    Sorry for your loss. We lost 3 to cancer in 2020, it's tough.

  69. Ian Duffy

    Ian Duffy11 hours ago

    I am sorry for your loss. I know he was glad you were there with him when he passed.

  70. Chuck Cribbs

    Chuck Cribbs11 hours ago

    You rescued him, loved him and gave him a good life. That's the best we can do for our pets. So sorry for your loss. Question: how did Colt deal with Glock's death? Did you give him a chance to see him having passed. We have a dog who is probably going to pass in the next six months and we have two young dogs and was curious how to handle that.

  71. LeadCounsel

    LeadCounsel11 hours ago

    My condolences. You have him 10 great years he wouldn't have had.

  72. Andy Daray

    Andy Daray11 hours ago

    Bless the baby boy and you too!

  73. DjFingerSlinger

    DjFingerSlinger11 hours ago

    I’m only 21 and over the years of watching gun vids USlikes Mrgunsngear was one of my favorites and the dogs were definitely a memorable part of the channel and was saddened when I saw ur post on Instagram. But watching this video and hearing the pain in your voice absolutely wrecked me I’m so sorry for ur loss

  74. mclerj 057

    mclerj 05711 hours ago

    Very sorry for your loss. Very tough deal- You will see him again.

  75. Pablo Peñasco

    Pablo Peñasco11 hours ago

    So sorry to hear that. What an awesome friend he was.

  76. LeadCounsel

    LeadCounsel11 hours ago

    My sympathies. I've lost many pets and it's never easy. I just lost my last dog relatively unexpectedly right before Christmas. It's terrible.

  77. atgoh93

    atgoh9311 hours ago

    I know that pain, lost mine last December. I'm so sorry for your loss.

  78. Heartbeats Outdoors

    Heartbeats Outdoors11 hours ago

    That sucks! I had a boxer for 12 years and it was very sad when he passed away! Now we have another named "Ruger". Anyway I'm sorry for your loss, I know it ain't easy.

  79. Brad Mohr

    Brad Mohr12 hours ago

    Man I am sorry for your loss. They are definitely part of the family. My mom lost one of her dogs in January so we know your pain.

  80. Bigsid320

    Bigsid32012 hours ago

    I’m so sorry 😢

  81. Mandatory Carry-Daetslov

    Mandatory Carry-Daetslov12 hours ago

    My condolences.

  82. Tim Rose

    Tim Rose12 hours ago

    I just lost my 5 year old pit mix, Hershey yesterday. I’m sorry for your loss

  83. Tony Reynolds

    Tony Reynolds12 hours ago

    My heart goes out to you. I know what it’s like to lose a canine family member. Thanks for all you do for the firearm community.

  84. Carlos Spiceyweiner

    Carlos Spiceyweiner12 hours ago

    I just had to put my dog down 30 minutes ago. I came inside to watch a video to make me feel sad, and this video was the first one to come up. My dog Rose was a good loyal girl.

  85. Jack Jensen

    Jack Jensen12 hours ago

    Sorry, that’s a hard one.

  86. Gustav041106

    Gustav04110612 hours ago

    God bless your family, Colt, and God bless Glock. You and your wife are wonderful for saving some of Gods greatest creatures!

  87. William Donahoo

    William Donahoo12 hours ago

    So sorry for your loss. I lost my basset Sally on November 3rd. Run with my sweet Sally in the heavenly fields Glock.

  88. C Roberts

    C Roberts12 hours ago

    I am so sorry. I had a boxer named Gus who died at age 9 quite suddenly. I still miss him...was an amazing dog

  89. Dean Matlock

    Dean Matlock12 hours ago

    Sorry for your loss brother. I certainly feel your pain.

  90. loretta lewis

    loretta lewis13 hours ago

    I’m soooo sorry! 😭💔

  91. Rob San-Claire

    Rob San-Claire13 hours ago

    I am so sorry. When my Visla dies from cancer it was heart wrenching. My new German Shepard has been the best part of my life this year.

  92. paul Heinz

    paul Heinz13 hours ago

    Only Dog people Know how you feel. As you know the only harder thing to do is your duty, to say good by. Glock Gave you all those happy memories and in the end saved you from having to pay that final bill for the love he showed you and your wife. Putting him down is what we owe for the gifts received . Glock in effect said, I got that too. While you saved him a decade ago, in some way he paid you back in spades. So we have the memories and beautiful photos to remind us of those times. You guys were made for each other . Some people can't see that total commitment to a animal. At the end of the day a dog loves you, no matter. Wouldn't it be a better world if we humans could followed their lead? That would be a very good thing.

  93. MR. TEE

    MR. TEE13 hours ago

    Thanks for sharing Glock’s story. Dogs are very much so people......very sorry for your loss.

  94. Robert Bagwill

    Robert Bagwill13 hours ago

    Sorry for your loss! 😢

  95. Eric pewpew_rn

    Eric pewpew_rn13 hours ago

    Sorry for your loss Mike, really enjoyed seeing Mr. Glock on your channel.

  96. Lucy Ayala

    Lucy Ayala13 hours ago

    My Yorkie passed away in my arms a while back and I’m not over it yet. They have become a part of the family and best pals.

  97. Knight Jon Artorias

    Knight Jon Artorias13 hours ago

    I'm sorry brother, I'm so so sorry. I'm gonna have to come back and watch this. Hearing you get choked up in the first 2 minutes, I just couldn't handle it. You lost a member of your family. I lost my best furry friend 6 years ago and I still haven't got over it. We appreciate you opening up to us viewers about it. That beautiful creature is resting in peace now, but had an amazing life thanks to you. There's no words for that loss, dogs are far more than simple pets. The only thing I can think to say is that we love you brother, I hope blessings come your way.

  98. H4v0c77 -

    H4v0c77 -13 hours ago

    Bless your sweet Glock❤️

  99. chris settles

    chris settles13 hours ago

    So sorry for your loss

  100. Damien Thomas

    Damien Thomas13 hours ago

    Thanks for sharing , iim so sorry for your loss ,you gave Glock the best life he could have ,just that is a wonderful thing . Dame oo