The Buried Mysteries Of Angkor Wat | The City Of God Kings | Timeline

Lost Worlds investigates the very latest archaeological finds at three remote and hugely significant sites - Angkor Wat, Troy and Persepolis.
Lost Worlds travels to each site and through high-end computer graphics, lavish re-enactment and the latest archaeological evidence brings them to stunning televisual life. From the 900-year-old remains of Angkor Wat in the Cambodian jungle the staggering City of the God Kings is recreated. From Project Troia, in North West Turkey, the location of the biggest archaeological expedition ever mounted the lost city is stunningly visualised and finally from Persepolis the city and the great Persian Empire are brought to life.
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From the original documentary, Angkor Wat, City Of The God Kings


  1. Timeline - World History Documentaries

    Timeline - World History Documentaries11 months ago

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  2. Ghadeejah Soeker

    Ghadeejah SoekerDay ago

    @Enes Imširović qwerty %it is a. Wonderful. Storey

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    @Enes Imširović ឲ

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  7. NtahApa ApaNtah

    NtahApa ApaNtah13 hours ago

    I kept it short, this was a Malay Kingdom monument. :)

  8. manas p

    manas p23 hours ago

    Why should this documentary compare every time with London. London is built with loot not on their own and nothing great about London expect tall buildings and sofisticated life.there is no naturality

  9. The Sun God

    The Sun GodDay ago

    Proud to be a HINDU, the oldest surviving religion and culture.

  10. Yoga khisma iswara

    Yoga khisma iswara2 days ago

    Allien comes to asian, u won't find this kind of structure anywhere. It's only on asian

  11. Abinanth Kangatharan

    Abinanth Kangatharan3 days ago

    Built by the influence of Ancient TAMIL empire. Put some respect on Tamil greatness. This used to be a temple for Lord Shiva. Search it up...

  12. Zayneb vlog

    Zayneb vlog3 days ago

    This maybe done by prophet of Solomon

  13. MaegnasMw

    MaegnasMw3 days ago

    So, when Angor Wat was at around 150k pop, London (apparently the other noteworthy city on Earth) had at best 30-40k? Too bad they did not speak English at the time in Constantinople, almost all 250l of them!! :P

  14. Nitesh kumar

    Nitesh kumar3 days ago

    Indian Temple

  15. Ăn và chơi

    Ăn và chơi3 days ago

    Famous works of Chenna and Funnan in the past

  16. Ăn và chơi

    Ăn và chơi3 days ago

    Công trình nổi tiếng của Chân Lạp ngày xưa!

  17. AbhiOptimistic Kannadiga

    AbhiOptimistic Kannadiga5 days ago

    The glory of Hinduism everywhere true, ancient and the first religion of the world

  18. Ashiana Chan

    Ashiana Chan7 days ago

    Slave labour used? Absolute ignorance of Hinduism.

  19. Cil Dagout

    Cil Dagout7 days ago

    Champa nation is different

  20. Cil Dagout

    Cil Dagout7 days ago

    I certainly Think that ongkor wat was my palace in the past.

  21. Foxtrot India

    Foxtrot India8 days ago

    The City of Zinj

  22. Jessiel Azaula

    Jessiel Azaula8 days ago

    Simple lng mamamayan niya... bonngga nman ng hari nila...

  23. Jessiel Azaula

    Jessiel Azaula8 days ago

    Mas mahusay pa ang gawa nito sa egypto alinmang temple sa china

  24. Jessiel Azaula

    Jessiel Azaula8 days ago

    Mas malaki pa sa machu pichu

  25. Jessiel Azaula

    Jessiel Azaula8 days ago

    Totoong mas magaling si Jesus sa lahat... pero yong history ng religion ay mahalaga pra sa pagaaral... inde dfat nasisira... so ,protektahan at puede nmang pagkakitaan sa bansa... sacred pa rin itong lupa!

  26. Jessiel Azaula

    Jessiel Azaula8 days ago

    Sayang naputol n yong isang simburyo nya... dafat dugtungan.... sayang yong history

  27. Jessiel Azaula

    Jessiel Azaula8 days ago

    Panget n ng angkor wat... super damages!

  28. Edgar C

    Edgar C8 days ago

    Why only show part of the video. Hate this. upload the entire video.

  29. Woolworth Davis

    Woolworth Davis9 days ago

    Angkor Wat, Egypt, Sumer, S. American buildings, etc. were built by very spiritual people who you will never understand. Their thought processes were totally different than ours. “On earth as it is in heaven” is what these people realized. We can forget that because there are too many devious people in charge of our governments.

  30. Drew's Guide to the Galaxy

    Drew's Guide to the Galaxy9 days ago

    seeing this in real life is something that changed my life

  31. Intolerant Texan

    Intolerant Texan9 days ago

    The modern narrative makes me laugh, and makes me angry. The locals of old saying the structures built themselves or was always there is the most probable and the most accurate account of the structure. Every great structure being known by academia to be a “temple” or tomb of a king (like the Great Pyramids) is nonsense. Angkor Wat is not understood by our current wisdoms or abilities. There are still discoveries being made about this location still today. Any explanation or accepted history is nothing more than a story, a fable.


    NOTICE ME10 days ago

    I’m seeing comments that are saying that it’s Hindu? I’m confused as a Cambodian I am very confused. I was tought that it was a Buddhist temple.

  33. Mayur Kanth

    Mayur Kanth4 days ago

    @NOTICE ME is now a Buddhist. But in original it was a hindu temple. One can also see Shiva linga. See *praveen Mohan* videos


    NOTICE ME4 days ago

    A googled it. It said it was a Buddhist temple... Might want to stop telling people to google it

  35. Mayur Kanth

    Mayur Kanth4 days ago

    It is a hindu temple

  36. Ashiana Chan

    Ashiana Chan7 days ago

    It's a vishnu/ Shiva temple. If u go to the temple itself, u will see the This. Also watch praveen mohans videos on ankwor wat and u will see space pictures of 108 shivalingums. Google it.

  37. Sam

    Sam10 days ago

    Angkor Wat should have been one of the official 7 wonders of the world! Much superior to the uninspiring 'Christ Redeemer' statue in Brazil

  38. GriDiun

    GriDiun11 days ago

    People in Indian Thai Laos thought this temple belongs to them but why the temple located in cambodia???

  39. GriDiun

    GriDiun11 days ago

    So pround of my self to be a Cambodia people

  40. monika jones

    monika jones12 days ago

    Funny how they say the ancient Khmer could only have built these cities and temples because they truly believed their king was a God - then went on to mention how crimes for lesser punishments involved cutting off fingers, hands, and noses! Gee, maybe they worked for the king because they didn’t want to be thrown in a pit and buried alive?? In a massive city with THOUSANDS of inhabitants there is NO WAY the average citizen truly believed their king was “a god”. Also, are we not going to mention the fact that the temple of Angkor Wat is a temple to the god Vishnu? How does the king’s supposed claim of holiness tie in with the Hindu religion? I doubt the ancient Khmer were incapable of thinking critically. I hate when people paint this broad picture of an ENTIRE civilization that would have been made of thousands of very real people with daily lives and thoughts - you don’t think there were at least HUNDREDS who criticized the kings decisions, debated religion and philosophy, wanted to travel? Maybe there were even groups of people who criticized these massive building projects? It just rubs me the wrong way to paint the picture that they were zealots feverishly building a temple for a supposed God-king when the evidence shows they must have been highly advanced and at the forefront of current technologies for that time period.

  41. monika jones

    monika jones9 days ago

    @NOTICE ME care to elaborate? “Smh” 🤣 a sarcastic comment is only witty in the proper context. Your comment makes no sense because I neither mentioned nor implied that it was anything like the 20th century - ya know except for the fact humans were around . I guess there are some similarities there 🤣


    NOTICE ME10 days ago

    Yea it’s totally like they were in the 20th century smh

  43. Tik Tok

    Tik Tok12 days ago

    This is from Cambodia. 😍😍

  44. Chicco Morales

    Chicco Morales13 days ago

    Ooo just be careful...the Western civilization will say it was either built by white people or if not, by Aliens...they will never say that it will have been built by ancestors of the locals...hence the regular use of comparison with European countries

  45. Chris Chu

    Chris Chu13 days ago

    🤔🤔🤔...I am just wondering..that those with archeological ancient great cities are now included such as poorest or in the 3rd world countries..🤔🤔...someone or some groups or some country wipes them out to hide the History🤔🤔🤔

  46. Bharath

    Bharath13 days ago

  47. សៀវ ហុ្វង

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  48. Srey Pech

    Srey Pech14 days ago

    Thanks you love cambodia

  49. Axiebuoy Lifestyles

    Axiebuoy Lifestyles14 days ago

    Angkor wat produces free energy. But if white archeologists will do the story, its autimatically a musoleum.

  50. Raju T

    Raju T14 days ago

    My Lord Vishnu.....

  51. John Johnny

    John Johnny14 days ago

    What the fak where the come.from Sanskrit's build buy tamil king surya varman it's be in tamil word. Don't make mistakes it's make fail

  52. FlipDaChip

    FlipDaChip14 days ago

    I'm Khmer and this was very informational, keep up the good work!

  53. beligalle dhammajoti

    beligalle dhammajoti15 days ago

    It is a Hindu-Buddhist temple.

  54. only pain

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  55. Hariram Prasath

    Hariram Prasath15 days ago

    Bro it's not city of God it's city made by Tamil king it should be known as city of Tamil God

  56. Kim Tuon

    Kim Tuon16 days ago

    The city of Angkor is truly wonderful and mysterious! Thanks so much for this amazing and very instructive documentary.

  57. Hdh Dyud

    Hdh Dyud17 days ago

    Wow so my love for me this is want to give around the world know this is kinddom in Cambodia l very improve in my Cambodia

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    I somehow came across this channel and now I'm addicted! So, of course, I had to subscribe. 👍🤷

  59. Ronald Cossin

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    It holds the evil spirit of greed of riches it's a world thing you know...

  60. Radrinda Geer

    Radrinda Geer18 days ago

    It's older than 900 years


    ANAGAXORES718 days ago

    The question is how did Hinduism arrived in Cambodia and what convinced them to adopt it and build the giant temples based on Hindu Gods.

  62. Khmer Minsota

    Khmer Minsota17 days ago

    The Indians traded with the Khmer Empire back then and they brought with them with their cultures & religious beliefs!

  63. Messhu Erukarute

    Messhu Erukarute18 days ago

  64. GOD'S SON

    GOD'S SON18 days ago

    All praises to the Grand Architect

  65. Lisa Narak

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  66. Maya Sony Schwartzwalder

    Maya Sony Schwartzwalder19 days ago

    Talks about Jayavarman I. Inserts image of Suryavarman II.

  67. GOD'S SON

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  68. Marcus Fenix

    Marcus Fenix19 days ago

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  69. Drake Dorosh

    Drake Dorosh19 days ago

    He said that the temples are topped by lotus flower buds. OK he is the expert. I always thought they matched the spikey flowers in the woman dancer's head dresses. Mint, Salvia, Lupines, Vitex flowers perhaps? The Greeks decorated the tops of their columns with Acanthus. Acanthus flowers make a decent match too.

  70. Isni Rashid

    Isni Rashid19 days ago

    if khamer people who build angkor watt why do they run away from a city that is so perfect.I don't think it was built by khamer people. king jayavarman or suryavarman hindu religion and originated from KAMPONG in the eastern part of angkor .need to study which etnic use the word KAMPONG in their community system.

  71. Khmer Minsota

    Khmer Minsota17 days ago

    Khmer & Thai had brutal wars for a long time and that was what happened!

  72. Ahsen Konmikapok

    Ahsen Konmikapok20 days ago


  73. Robert Schumacher

    Robert Schumacher20 days ago

    Whomever transcribed this may need to have other works scrutinized. At 19:09, it is said "it would have been a very impressive site," to which the transcriber added "like my snout" into the closed captioning.

  74. VINCI DA

    VINCI DA20 days ago

    As a fellow Khmers here, I feel myself experiencing a mix emotion such as sadness, regret, excitement, joy and so on. As the video goes by, I end up speechless, I have nothing left but full of ideas and consciousness that it went to the point that I can’t express myself. This is enormous! I remember when I was a kid 5-10 year old, I didn’t know how much this masterpiece means but now, my eyes are bleeding with tremendously feeling such as being mysticism. I’m so proud and feel lucky to see this at this moment of time. Even tough I’m french Khmers, I would say that this is what I’m proud at of being CAMBODIAN !

  75. Khmer Minsota

    Khmer Minsota17 days ago

    You're not alone. I grew up in Phnom Penh. I was about 13 years old and had a chance to visit the sites with my family back in 1969 before the civil war was erupted. Most of my family members did not survive the genocide during Pol Pot. Cheers from Khmer in the US!

  76. Woon Ping

    Woon Ping20 days ago

    Visited Angkor Wat twice, remarkable. Brilliant architecture. Knowledgeable tour guide. Hope to visit again after the pandemic. I love the place, the people and the food.

  77. Nou Sinoun

    Nou Sinoun21 day ago

    I love my country, cambodia

  78. Professor Blastoff Forever

    Professor Blastoff Forever21 day ago

    oh my god! why do you keep saying what is so obviously ridiculous? Everyone knows you cant build in a jungle. It wasn't a jungle then.

  79. Walkertongdee

    Walkertongdee21 day ago

    So idiotic them in the west to call it lost, to us in S E Asia it was never lost LOL. The Thais sacked it in the 1400's. Evidently, it never occurred to them to ask...

  80. Curious Sociology

    Curious Sociology20 days ago

    They did with all new places they colonised. They want to take credit of what they never created or witnessed.

  81. uday bhanu

    uday bhanu21 day ago

    The European arrogance is visible in the commentry. The Indian connection is avoided. Even now their are statues of Vishnu and Shiva Lingas in the temples, which they have completely avoided. This Indian culture to south east asia spread from Nagarjuna konda in Andhra Pradesh. The telugu region had the maximum number of Bufhist aramas in India in the ancient times.

  82. Shaju Perinchery

    Shaju Perinchery21 day ago

    I had been there. No videos or photos can do justice. Every Indian should go there as a pilgrimage.. what a great place to explore..

  83. Hei Det Er Meg

    Hei Det Er Meg22 days ago

    Even crazier than the fact that they were able to build it to perfection, is that they carved every square inch visible to human eyes, with pictures and symbols. Even the, easily overlooked, outside walls and the base of the structure are covered in them. The only places that weren't carved out, were the places no eyes would ever look. These people were insane..

  84. VNR Company

    VNR Company22 days ago


  85. gabriel t

    gabriel t22 days ago

    you should understand that people at that time were different. There were no drugs, cigarettes liquers and processed foods. they were very strong. also there were no entertainment and men work together was the entertainment. this is why they were able to build such things.

  86. Derek Duncan

    Derek Duncan22 days ago

    I love ancient architecture... they knew what we are finding about right now!

  87. Vinny

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    tinky uh oh

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    any one else here for school work?

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    yes stinky uh oh stinky poo

  90. Jim F

    Jim F23 days ago

    would be wonderful to see this area...... its only a 6hour drive and a pandemic away... ;-(

  91. Josephine Dark

    Josephine Dark24 days ago

    They are commiting genocide!! Bill gates should be beaten and arrested!!! do not let them test you !!! This could be your gram ma?!

  92. dark knight

    dark knight24 days ago

    Maybe an ancient Corona stuck the city...🙄🙄🙄

  93. Arith Ganegoda

    Arith Ganegoda24 days ago

    These ancient cities gives us good examples about living in harmony with nature..

  94. Walk Fun 4K

    Walk Fun 4K24 days ago

    amazing landscape in my beautiful country Cambodia has oldest ancient temple Angkor Wat

  95. Peter Frazier

    Peter Frazier25 days ago

    I remember when it was called Anker Watt. "Waterside" means "IUU crossing the line to P, die." When the IUU scum stole it in late 2007, they then began re-writing history and modifying etymology to reinforce their theft. Bush historians...

  96. Paul Urnise

    Paul Urnise25 days ago

    From the days of when lanterns burnt.

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    Thank you🇰🇭

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    កម្ពុជាសូមស្វាគមន៍🙏 Welcome to my country Cambodia😍🇰🇭

  101. Bath Fan Dua

    Bath Fan Dua26 days ago

    Thai jealous?

  102. Geofrey Sapio

    Geofrey Sapio27 days ago

    Why keep insisting that the Angkor Wat is built in the middle of jungle??? It is not jungle before! It is a kingdom. It was just became jungle because they abandoned the place for undisclosed reason. Maybe their army lose in war. So that place is an advance city before and not jungle.

  103. She Who Remembers

    She Who Remembers27 days ago

    the place was obviously ancient when the buddhists showed up.

  104. Khet Khet

    Khet Khet27 days ago

    Wow Khmer Angkor

  105. Dakota Edwards

    Dakota Edwards28 days ago

    Literally thought this was something that someone built in bad. lol

  106. Tha Ghetto Prince Akeem

    Tha Ghetto Prince Akeem28 days ago

    20:46 For the ancient Mother Goddess/Serpant Goddess

  107. Sudesh Chouhan

    Sudesh Chouhan28 days ago

    Brainwashed by this video(western media) Watch here 100% proof, it's a Hindu temple, Angkor Wat built by Indian Tamil Kings.

  108. Sudesh Chouhan

    Sudesh Chouhan25 days ago

    @FreckleHeckler Omg i knew you would tell fake "Aryans theory" promoted by the west and zihadis 🤣🤣

  109. FreckleHeckler

    FreckleHeckler25 days ago

    @Sudesh Chouhan the aryans culturally enriched the your subcontinent India.

  110. Sudesh Chouhan

    Sudesh Chouhan25 days ago

    @FreckleHeckler Did you watch that video

  111. Sudesh Chouhan

    Sudesh Chouhan25 days ago

    @FreckleHeckler 🤣 100 our of 100 for your brainwashed mind

  112. FreckleHeckler

    FreckleHeckler25 days ago

    And Hinduism was imported into India. Just like the most scientific language in the world. Sanskrit. All of which is not indigenous to India.

  113. Sinaun Touch

    Sinaun Touch28 days ago

    Great documentary with lots of interesting information about our country’s pride...Angkor Wat.

  114. Tou Adventure

    Tou Adventure28 days ago

    Great video

  115. Dhaval Kadoti

    Dhaval Kadoti28 days ago

    World oldest Scripture - Rig Veda World oldest language - Sanskrit or Tamil World oldest civilization - Indus valley World's oldest University - Takshashila World oldest religion - Hinduism🕉️

  116. Dhaval Kadoti

    Dhaval Kadoti14 days ago

    @izz kos I didn't mentioned combodia anywhere : (

  117. Dhaval Kadoti

    Dhaval Kadoti25 days ago

    @FreckleHeckler Aryan were hindus. Go to school and gain some knowledge :)

  118. FreckleHeckler

    FreckleHeckler25 days ago

    @Dhaval Kadoti aryans were white people who culturally enriched the subcontinent of India.

  119. Dhaval Kadoti

    Dhaval Kadoti25 days ago

    @FreckleHeckler Aryans are hindus

  120. FreckleHeckler

    FreckleHeckler25 days ago

    All of which, imported by aryans. Whom were not indigenous to India.

  121. YOO KOO smz

    YOO KOO smz28 days ago

    Amazing Cambodia

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    wau good video.,good luck #krishanantodaily

  124. serfingsushi :

    serfingsushi :29 days ago

    Thailand history only dated back 700 years old

  125. Chin Rotha7777

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  126. Sunday Tirio

    Sunday Tirio29 days ago

    It was probably built by the same aliens from outer space that built the pyramids. Or a competitor from outer space. So beautiful and grand.

  127. Chin Rotha7777

    Chin Rotha777729 days ago