Jigging BIG Pre Spawn Walleye’s on the Fox River! (Crazy Action)

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  1. Matt Ress

    Matt RessMonth ago

    I know you guys give up a lot as far as time, tactics and fishing spots to do what you do. Thanks for your break downs and tips.

  2. NBedits

    NBeditsMonth ago

    Hope you enjoyed! Thank you for the comment 😊

  3. Jacob Sklenar

    Jacob SklenarMonth ago

    Awesome video guys! Nick, I met you and Cody in late December fishing for walleyes. I was the guy who brought you some of our walleye fry. Can't believe I didn't recognize you at first. Great channel, awesome content. What features were you guys looking for as far as structure? I'm looking to get on some pre-spawn walleyes on the Mississippi and I know dams and current seams are great, but what bottom structure do you target?

  4. NBedits

    NBeditsMonth ago

    Thanks man! Appreciate it! Thanks again for that fish😂 we were fishing rock piles in this video. But last time we went out we were fishing flats off the main river channel

  5. Curly Que2

    Curly Que2Month ago

    Did you bring your weed

  6. NBedits

    NBeditsMonth ago


  7. mark pro

    mark proMonth ago

    Nice video! Getting fired up to hit my home diggs in Nekoosa! I'm old school. SS Titanic all day!!

  8. NBedits

    NBeditsMonth ago

    Gotta love the ss titanic lol gets the job done!

  9. Rush Voorhis Outdoors

    Rush Voorhis OutdoorsMonth ago

    hell yea guys, love a good eye bite ! the river up here in Montana is looking juicy too! can't wait to get out!

  10. DairyLand Legends

    DairyLand LegendsMonth ago

    Great content, guys! Love this channel! What pound Fluorocarbon leader do you have tied on? And what know do you use to tie it on?

  11. DairyLand Legends

    DairyLand LegendsMonth ago

    Thank you! Great information! Appreciate your guys feedback!

  12. NBedits

    NBeditsMonth ago

    Typically we run 8-10lb Fluoro carbon leaders. At the time all we had was 20lb with us and it still worked great. Definitely nice to have that extra strength and the walleyes didn’t seem to mind at all. The knot we used is the Double Uni knot.

  13. KsOutdoorSports

    KsOutdoorSportsMonth ago

    That one was a dandy! Love watching the action on the Fox River!

  14. quintin holtz

    quintin holtzMonth ago

    Would you consider guiding someone or now a good guide service

  15. NBedits

    NBeditsMonth ago

    There’s a lot more to come 😃 thanks for the comment 👋🏼

  16. Jacob Sweere

    Jacob SweereMonth ago

    Fricken hammers!

  17. NBedits

    NBeditsMonth ago

    Eyyyy 😉

  18. Nathanael Zogata

    Nathanael ZogataMonth ago

    That's the thing with fishing wallyes on the rivers in early spring, everyone and their dog is tryin to catch a walleye! Love the vids guys keep em up

  19. NBedits

    NBeditsMonth ago

    So true 😂 Thanks man much appreciated!

  20. Cody S.

    Cody S.Month ago

    Love it!

  21. NBedits

    NBeditsMonth ago

    The legend himself 🙌🏼

  22. Dayton Dittrich

    Dayton DittrichMonth ago

    Do you guys run that braid with a leader or the braid straight to the lure?

  23. Fishlovme Peterson

    Fishlovme PetersonMonth ago

    @NBedits I will disagree with the need for a leader when fishing in a river. I never use a leader. Only advantage would be with all the snags it'll be easier to break off if your leader is a less pound test than your braid. But otherwise in those stained rivers a leader is not necessary with braided line.

  24. NBedits

    NBeditsMonth ago

    We run a FluroCarbon leader, must needed for catching walleyes!

  25. Perry Schnell

    Perry SchnellMonth ago

    Gotta wait till the weekend but I'm going to try in the yak!

  26. NBedits

    NBeditsMonth ago

    Heck yeah, do it up!!!!

  27. Fishlovme Peterson

    Fishlovme PetersonMonth ago

    I'll choose the SS Titanic all day long on small bodies of water! But hey, it works on bigger bodies of water too long as the winds aren't too bad. I grew up fishing in a small 12 foot tri-haul boat on the Wolf River when I was a kid and we'd have huge waves go by us all day long and we'd just keep on fishing! Look at it this way: there's always a smaller boat out there!

  28. NBedits

    NBeditsMonth ago

    This is very true! Always a blast, thanks for the comment man. Nice to know we can relate to our viewers as they can relate to us in many ways as well 😃