Queen Naija - Pretend

Music video by Queen Naija performing Pretend. Capitol Records; © 2020 Queen Naija, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.


  1. Ley Ley

    Ley LeyDay ago

    This was amazing

  2. Queen Rae 78

    Queen Rae 782 days ago


  3. unique roro

    unique roro5 days ago

    This song is so beautiful I cry everytime I listen to it 🔥🔥😍😍🥺😓😢😪💯💯💯 I luv this album so much I feel wat your sayin in this song I'm cryin now

  4. Chrissie _

    Chrissie _5 days ago

    This one of my favorite songs! I always watch the video over and over cause it’s so simple but deep and I feel it! 🧡🧡

  5. Cay GANG

    Cay GANG5 days ago

    that last fit was fire

  6. Kimberly Koolaz

    Kimberly Koolaz6 days ago

    2021 ?

  7. emoji gamers

    emoji gamers6 days ago

    This is so freaking beautiful like she deserves everything great i'm so happy for her ahh😢❤

  8. Remus Pierre

    Remus Pierre7 days ago

    Beautiful voice

  9. farmgirldph

    farmgirldph7 days ago

    MY LIFE !!!!! THIS MY SHIT !!!!!


    KELLY TANIKA11 days ago

    I need to hear a gosoel song from her. All praise to the most High God.

  11. Nyasha Henry

    Nyasha Henry11 days ago

    Your smile is everything 😩

  12. this ain’t it

    this ain’t it15 days ago


  13. Lisa Nicole Vann

    Lisa Nicole Vann16 days ago

    Queen yes you are especially when you sing the words that I try I say to people. Thank you Queen thank you

  14. Love Peace

    Love Peace18 days ago


  15. hardbunny333 Channel

    hardbunny333 Channel22 days ago

    Your highness I really I really like it when you sing I like that song do you mean on the radio keep on listening to it in the car

  16. White Family

    White Family23 days ago

    orange is your color girl 🤣

  17. RL

    RL29 days ago

    So the moral of the story is when you support your girl when she was a security guard, she will leave you as soon as she signs a record deal.

  18. Shayla Laster

    Shayla LasterMonth ago

    Oh that makes sence

  19. Kdub kdub

    Kdub kdubMonth ago

    I love her but she needs a better make-up artist. The shadow needed blending and the liner looks faded by the eyeshadow.😭

  20. Corena

    CorenaMonth ago

    “Always missing all the signs that God be giving, never finding out the truth until the ending that they pretend” Whew child a word 🙏🏾

  21. Tiana_11

    Tiana_11Month ago


  22. Warren Gerard

    Warren GerardMonth ago

    I'd would have to study this song, its has my attention chose it by title, glad I had an opputuity to tune inn

  23. Alex Alexandre

    Alex AlexandreMonth ago

    Hi good morning how much money do you want one day program

  24. Andy Mercedes

    Andy MercedesMonth ago

    this could be like a butterflies pt 3

  25. Aubrynn Monique

    Aubrynn MoniqueMonth ago

    Queen has one of the most beautiful smiles I have ever seen 😄

  26. Bre

    BreMonth ago

    Even after they hurt me I see the hood in them 😕😕


    SY'ONNAH MACKMonth ago

    1:54 !!!

  28. Sarah Lujan

    Sarah LujanMonth ago

    Ommmggg this song is so slept onnnnn shits so much deeper listen between the lyricss💞🧚🏽‍♀️

  29. niecy4luv

    niecy4luvMonth ago

    This is your time queen ❤️❤️❤️

  30. Jeanne Romero

    Jeanne RomeroMonth ago

    Im to good of a woman. Im honest , truthful. I love him, but he doesn't keep it real....

  31. Mkaykay F

    Mkaykay FMonth ago

    I remember when she put a snippet of this on her insta in 2018. girl, we been waiting for this. I love it❤️

  32. juslovely86

    juslovely86Month ago

    This resonate with me! I love this fucking song

  33. Najah

    NajahMonth ago

    She looked like cardi I got scared 😭🌼‼️

  34. Najah

    NajahMonth ago

    @V __ I said what I said bless you too 😭🤚🏽

  35. V __

    V __Month ago

    @Najah Bless your heart, I said what I said. It's not that deep 😂😂😂✌✌

  36. Najah

    NajahMonth ago

    @V __ in my eyes she does if there’s a problem keep that shit to yo self😐

  37. V __

    V __Month ago

    Queen don't look like no Cardi B. Yall be saying all type of stuff 😂😂

  38. Shakiera Bynum

    Shakiera BynumMonth ago


  39. momo moo

    momo mooMonth ago

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  40. The Dream

    The DreamMonth ago

    This is a big message

  41. The Dream

    The DreamMonth ago

    I understand this bro is a bigger message

  42. Miaomii Rose

    Miaomii RoseMonth ago

    Never really been a fan of queen but once I listened to this song she definitely got another subscriber . Something about this song that makes me play it 100x in one day 💔

  43. Gideon Falls

    Gideon FallsMonth ago

    I wanna hear something that challenges her vocals a little more. This song is a little monotone for my taste.

  44. V __

    V __Month ago

    OMG Fr

  45. Rudol Thomas

    Rudol ThomasMonth ago

    This songs is more so for the lyrics

  46. Bri Chardae

    Bri ChardaeMonth ago

    Man I remember watching her when she was just doing social media. She would look so happy, but in person when I ran into at the mall or some she looked sad. I'm so happy to see her glowing and at peace. 😪🥰

  47. VoiceOf Reason

    VoiceOf ReasonMonth ago

    Amen yes these guys pretend with me

  48. pampam piper

    pampam piperMonth ago

    Queen u an Chris was realll love sis😘

  49. Haters Exposed

    Haters ExposedMonth ago

    Not anymore

  50. Miss lova

    Miss lovaMonth ago

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  51. money girly Lee

    money girly LeeMonth ago

    Play some Prince have any please don't forget to send that's a good guy and butterflies Queen it's please making the butterflies so good I can see Best Buy even though you don't get your act together you might have to be even butterfly that's really good Queen just keep making more songs and you get famous Infamous and famous and just so much famous sir I love you clean you're my favorite rapper Queen favorite rapper and singer in the whole entire wide world I love you Claire's and queen you make so good videos the royalty-free on them the Royal fam Family that's a very good Channel just keep making more

  52. Miguel D

    Miguel D2 months ago

    Salvation is a completely free gift. Jesus Christ died for our past, present and future sins on the cross, was buried and rose again on the third day and because of this you are saved and not because of anything good you’ve done. Believing is enough.❤️

  53. simone moses

    simone moses2 months ago

    i play this song everyday i love it so much i just want someone to keep it real with me not a fake love💕🤞

  54. Aesthetic Moonlight

    Aesthetic Moonlight2 months ago

    She just keeps getting better and better 😍 and that merch is cute I gotta get one

  55. Can I pet that dawg

    Can I pet that dawg2 months ago

    Her story is so inspiring ngl

  56. nvmysexystyle

    nvmysexystyle2 months ago

    Wow 🤩 this was so dope it was like the transitions of her life worker, USlikesr the mother, the business women, the artist at the end. ❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥😍


    G -BABY CoSMETICS2 months ago

    What y’all use to grow y’all hair out ?

  58. Cassandra Bradley

    Cassandra Bradley2 months ago

    God is real and He loves you ❤️

  59. Pauline Mazur

    Pauline Mazur2 months ago

    Pretending to be female

  60. Jay

    Jay2 months ago

    2021 anybody

  61. Basking Beauty

    Basking Beauty2 months ago

    I’m in love with this song ‼️🔥

  62. Jennifer Hardridge

    Jennifer Hardridge2 months ago


  63. D'myah jeffferson

    D'myah jeffferson2 months ago

    love this song you are right some because pretend

  64. Andrea Burrell

    Andrea Burrell2 months ago


  65. Andrea Burrell

    Andrea Burrell2 months ago


  66. Andrea Burrell

    Andrea Burrell2 months ago


  67. yummy doll

    yummy doll2 months ago

    i love u queen keep ya head up bbg

  68. Sierra-Rayne C.

    Sierra-Rayne C.2 months ago

    why does this song directly explain what im going thru rn lmao, this is crazyy queen be hittin

  69. Jewel ED

    Jewel ED2 months ago


  70. denise Marie

    denise Marie2 months ago

    You are the best

  71. The Sounds of Chicago Knight

    The Sounds of Chicago Knight2 months ago

    I think the recap of her journey is so beautiful and a lot of people who understand I’ll get a chance to see how journey and growth of progression is amazingly explained this video Brought back so many bad and good memories At Once Within The Seven Long Years Journey She’s Definitely Sculpture in The Beautifully Self-made Woman She Is Today All I Can Say Now Congratulations 🎊 🎉 🥂🍾 Queen Naija You Voice Has Been Heard You Won Baby Girl

  72. TooFye_. Keke

    TooFye_. Keke2 months ago

    Omg I'm so late when she was pregnant 😯😣

  73. Amanda Bacall

    Amanda Bacall2 months ago

    This is such a beautiful meaningful song ❤️I hope she knows how many people she relates to and has helped with this!

  74. Alyssa Garland

    Alyssa Garland2 months ago

    I love this song and vedio she the best

  75. 21 lemonade

    21 lemonade2 months ago

    Beleive no one , because you can't believe in yourself sometimes

  76. Rosalyn Winkfield

    Rosalyn Winkfield2 months ago

    101 FAM NICLOLE made a cover

  77. Mr Notary

    Mr Notary2 months ago

    Love u girl so happy for u

  78. Kionte8ksavage

    Kionte8ksavage2 months ago

    One of the best

  79. RandomASH19 19

    RandomASH19 192 months ago

    The vulnerability on this song is crazy

  80. ILI Coaching

    ILI Coaching2 months ago

    How you bodied this shit like this queen? Please tell me

  81. Dee H

    Dee H2 months ago

    Fave song on the album 💿

  82. Just JAY

    Just JAY2 months ago


  83. kennya badazz

    kennya badazz2 months ago

    And she looks stunning in this video

  84. kennya badazz

    kennya badazz2 months ago

    And she looks stunning in this video

  85. kennya badazz

    kennya badazz2 months ago

    I can’t stop listening to this is stuck in my head😩

  86. Nathalie Corchado

    Nathalie Corchado2 months ago

    This is beautiful...and so real..I feel this to my core.

  87. Mylittlecorner Original

    Mylittlecorner Original2 months ago

    Queen, I love it! so beautiful. You also, look fabulous, love you Queen and Clarence.

  88. Andrea Watson

    Andrea Watson2 months ago

    I love 👑 i try singing my page but shes so goood❤❤❤❤❤❤🎉🎉🎉👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  89. Esdras Santos

    Esdras Santos2 months ago

    2:08 Taureans be like

  90. Hi Malone

    Hi Malone2 months ago


  91. Cecy V

    Cecy V2 months ago

    I have watched her for a long time back when she wasn’t so famous. You can tell she was shy and not so confident in her talent back then. I use to always say she can sing but I always felt she was timid and not confident in her talent. Now knowing what happened with her and Chris I can definitely see why. She was always amazing but it took the right man loving and encourging her to reach her full potential stardom 🔥 . The right person will make you a better version of yourself not hurt you trust and believe that.

  92. tj james

    tj james2 months ago

    It’s Soo tuff like she telling a story I just get chills 😩

  93. Tim A.

    Tim A.3 months ago

    Chill Mix, and it's free...have a good one! 1. Pov - Ariana 2. Switch - Stella 3. Gucci Frames - Asiahn 4. Pick Up Your Feelings - Jazmine 5. Ecstasy -Ayanis 6. My Hair - Ariana 7. Love Language - Queen Naija 8. West Side - Ariana 9. Safety Net - Ariana 10. Pretend - Queen Naija 11. Always Forever - Bryson soundcloud.com/dj-timmie-dee/tim-tation-timmieboy-music-2020

  94. Ana Pututau

    Ana Pututau3 months ago

    anyone else think queen look like cardi b or? 😂

  95. Neet Chadha

    Neet Chadha3 months ago

    I know God just got me! 🙌

  96. Lovely SORAYA

    Lovely SORAYA3 months ago

    ✨🔥Iconic 🤩✨

  97. Candi Williams

    Candi Williams3 months ago

    She's so beautiful inside and out 💞

  98. Candi Williams

    Candi Williams3 months ago

    Queen is so beautiful 😍

  99. 2 INFINITY

    2 INFINITY3 months ago

    Queen best song on the album 😍😍

  100. Niva Vlogs

    Niva Vlogs3 months ago

    I felt this in my soul soon as she started singing

  101. NikkiB

    NikkiB3 months ago

    At 1:35 ... why it look like u signed your soul away 😣😣😣

  102. Nia Riese

    Nia Riese3 months ago

    NikkiB yesss smh, that smile at 1:36 really didn’t sit right with me, something not right Fr..

  103. NikkiB

    NikkiB3 months ago

    @Nia Riese crazy, right!!! Girl, we are on the same wavelength! That part...when I first seen it, my heart sunk...I was heartbroken for some reason...what a year, found out what these "famous" people are into, and what they do. I was hoping Queen wasn't a part of these weirdos....You can just tell she not the old Queen.

  104. Nia Riese

    Nia Riese3 months ago

    Omg... the same thing came to mind when I saw that part, it frightened me seeing that part for some reason and then I saw this comment

  105. adrienne mathieu

    adrienne mathieu3 months ago

    Yes QUEEN

  106. Netta’s Glow

    Netta’s Glow3 months ago

    It's lonely at the top. This song couldn't have resonated any more with my life

  107. Netta’s Glow

    Netta’s GlowMonth ago

    @Bre & that’s on period sis! 🤍✨

  108. Bre

    Bre2 months ago

    People love you when your at a low point meeting their needs but f em it’s time for me 2021 is gonna be a year for me my self and I

  109. Brittiny

    Brittiny3 months ago

    The 831 dislikes don’t understand the video 💯🤦🏽‍♀️

  110. PrettyfaceElise

    PrettyfaceElise3 months ago

    I LOVE IT😍

  111. Lena nónymóus

    Lena nónymóus3 months ago

    who back here for the sixth time

  112. Rose Jones

    Rose Jones3 months ago

    Queen are you saved ? 🥺

  113. Bre

    Bre2 months ago

    Yes she grew up in church