Gold Girl vs Silver Man / I`m Pregnant!

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Is gold compatible with silver? Without a doubt, yes! Moreover, such a couple may well have a baby!
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  1. Troom Troom Trick

    Troom Troom Trick8 days ago

    Nathan Silverman loves superhero stories. Jules Golding is as elegant and beautiful as 24 karat gold. Their relationship is one for the ages! Watch what happens to this happy couple in our new video!

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    Roy Clark15 minutes ago

    I love ❤️ you know I know that you are the best one in you and I love 💗 your life and your life is to much better and you are the best thing you could ever get through with your life. Ok love.❤️😍🥰💋👰🩰

  8. duc vo

    duc voHour ago

    Is the wife actually pregnant

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    Natasha Mohamad8 hours ago

    My one is when them got In love and also the baby well love you I sub love your vid s

  14. Juna Dela Cruz

    Juna Dela Cruz10 hours ago

    They're so cute together!!!❤❤

  15. Ronnie Ablaza

    Ronnie Ablaza11 hours ago

    I like to be gold and silver I like your channel

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    Tamara Porter13 hours ago

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    Jewel Dulag14 hours ago

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    I loved it can you make more

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    I like the silver and gold.

  23. David Purcell

    David Purcell22 hours ago

    Wtf silver skater? 0:19

  24. NED1119

    NED111922 hours ago

    You guys should make a video when they’re kid is older

  25. NED1119

    NED111922 hours ago

    I have to say I love the name of the baby

  26. Nathan Astbury

    Nathan AstburyDay ago

    Old girl looks so Gordy

  27. Reaction wolf

    Reaction wolfDay ago

    They're so cute together!!!❤❤

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    jodi reynoldsDay ago

    That name treasure what the hell kind of name is treasure

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    Baby A9 hours ago

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    500 m&m diy

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    Dark Angel WatsonDay ago

    I think it was the the Marie part😄

  38. Faki Mathipi

    Faki MathipiDay ago

    Hope they marry in real life

  39. Buddy Calumaya

    Buddy CalumayaDay ago

    Ahh i hate it beacuse i like it i was just joking i love it hahahahahahah

  40. antoanet vrechkova

    antoanet vrechkovaDay ago

    I feel like the baby was copper

  41. Maisha Marzan

    Maisha MarzanDay ago

    Cool❤️❤️ But gold girl looks like pink girl😐😐

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    CharlotteTheAwsomeGirl 11216 hours ago

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    kalpana rai2 days ago

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    Pika Chu2 days ago

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    Luke Tyrese Caleb Reboquio2 days ago

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    Kirana Goodson2 days ago

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    pro gamer2 days ago

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    darrentbrown2 days ago

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    Ralph justin Buena2 days ago

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    Vymino X Taniesha3 days ago

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    Green_Tea3 days ago

    *and a amazing look in general* Alright , stop- , you don’t need to run it in bc your acteur is handsome

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    anzinaira 1233 days ago

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    Shasna mansotra3 days ago

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    Ocean and Elena3 days ago

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    DAMIAN RODRIGUEZ3 days ago

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    Julia Goodwin4 days ago

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