Kelly Rowland - Flowers (Official Video)

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Director - Lloyd Pursall
Producer - Bailey McWhorter
Executive Producer - Ryan Huffman
Production Company - Huffman Creative
Head of Production - Luke Arreguin
Production Manager - Colleen Sullivan
Management - Roc Nation
Management - Simonne Solitro
Management - Sasha Vassell
Director of Photography - Carlos Veron
1st AC - Cary Gallagher
2nd AC - Garrett Hanson
Steadicam - Brian Sergott
BTS - Asher Gardener
BTS - Carlos Baez
BTS - Jackie Kulla
1st AD - Amanjah Anthony
Gaffer - Adam Flores
BBE - Richie Arana
Electric - Frank Piñon
Key Grip - David Castro
BBG - Aaron Pong
Grip - Erick Vizcaino
Production Designer - Cody Fuscina
Art Director - Rashi Jain
Set Dresser - Andrew Caso
Stylist - Jordan Boothe
Stylist Assistant - Keely Metlen
HMU - Rasheeda Ameera
HMU Assistant - Stacy Gonzalez
Artist Stylist - Kollin
Artist Stylist Assistant - Jennifer
Artist Tailor - Baba
Artist Makeup - Wendi M
Artist Hair - Kahh Spence
Medic/COVID Compliance Officer - Kalin Tomlinson
Dance Choreographer - Luam Keflezgy
Associate Choreographer - Kiira Harper
Director’s Assistant - Mariah Dyson
Production Assistant - Teck
Production Assistant - Marc Payne
Production Assistant - Elle Keseley
Production Assistant - Ben Soffer
Production Assistant - Brayan Santos
Dancer - Jalen Preston
Dancer - Kebab Glanville
Dancer - Keenan Washington
Dancer - Kerrice Brooks
Dancer - Lisa Sainvil
Dancer - Valentine Norton
Dancer - Aahkilah Cornelius
Edit - Cut + Run
Editor - Aika Miyake
Assistant Editor - Moss Eletreby
Managing Director - Michelle Eskin
Executive Producer - Amburr Farls
Senior Producer - Brady Fiero
VFX - Ryan Zum Mallen
Sound Design - Christian Stropko

Director // @lloydpursall

Producer // @bailsofheyo
Executive Producer // @ryanhuffmann
Production Company // @huffmancreative
Head of Production // @lukearreguin
Production Manager // @bettercollsull
Management // @rocnation @simonnegabrielle @lalalalalabumbaaaaa
Director of Photography // @carlos_veron_cinematographer
Steadicam // @steadiserg
BTS // @asherkaiii @bawwse @h8summer
Gaffer // @tmhwk_af
Key Grip // @davidcastro668
Production Designer // @fusinadesigns
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Stylist // @jordanboothestudio
HMU // @rasheedaameera
Artist Stylist // @kollincarter
Artist Makeup // @miyakemakeup
Artist Hair // @kahhspence
Medic/COVID Compliance Officer // @kaytomlinson5
Dance Choreographer // @luamky
Associate Choreographer // @kiiraharper
Editor // @aikaooo @cutandrunedit
Cut + Run Senior Producer // @bradyfiero
VFX // @rynozoom95
Sound Design // @cstropko


  1. Paula Kirkwood

    Paula Kirkwood53 minutes ago

    BEAUTY 😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. Ahavah Aryeh Yashar'al

    Ahavah Aryeh Yashar'alHour ago

    She is serving mystical goddess and it is Beautiful!! WHAT A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN,,LOVE IT!!

  3. zikiia bruce

    zikiia bruceHour ago

    Love this song is beautiful💋💋

  4. Roger Alves Galvão

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  5. Onyae' Sade

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  6. Lígia Cabral

    Lígia Cabral2 hours ago

    She is absolutely stunning!

  7. Musuamba

    Musuamba2 hours ago

    [Verse 1] Time won't slow down, for no one If I don't do it now, I'll blow it The way you hold me down, I owe it I know you see me now, I'm glowing [Pre-Chorus] And I keep sayin', "One day" I'ma show you one day I'ma go get new waves I'ma get a new vase [Chorus] You know you gon' get all of your flowers (Flowers) I'll let you hold it Every time I get the chance Oh, let me bow my head Before I start up Oh, I can't hold it Every time you are there Oh, let me bow my head [Post-Chorus] Oh, let me bow my head [Verse 2] Everything that lasts, take longer I thought we'd burn out, it's stronger Stop telling lies, they linger If I'ma keep a ring on this finger [Pre-Chorus] And I keep sayin', "One day" (Oh, oh) I'ma show you one day (Oh, oh, oh-oh) I'ma go get new waves (Oh, oh) I'ma get a new vase (Oh, oh, oh) [Chorus] You know you gon' get all of your flowers (All of your flowers, all of your flowers) I'll let you know it Every time I get the chance Oh, let me bow my head Before I start up I can't hold it Every time you were there (There) Oh, let me bow my head [Post-Chorus] Bow, oh, hmm, bow, oh Oh, let me bow my head Bow, oh, hmm, bow, oh Oh, let me bow my head❣

  8. tampa dw4l

    tampa dw4l3 hours ago

    I don't hear the afro beats?

  9. Kaique Marreiros

    Kaique Marreiros4 hours ago

    I'm shocked!!

  10. mirian azevedo

    mirian azevedo4 hours ago

    not be like that even she makes me sad

  11. Kaïssa Ekeke

    Kaïssa Ekeke4 hours ago

    Whaaa she is wonderful 😍

  12. Bodee Alday

    Bodee Alday5 hours ago

    Finally joined..that familiar all red suit...getting old

  13. Annie AG

    Annie AG5 hours ago

    So beaufitul in this pretty dress, your classy hat and your pregnancy 😍❤👌🏽🔥🔥

  14. Udeme`

    Udeme`5 hours ago

    So beautiful!!!

  15. ceemoby5

    ceemoby56 hours ago

    I'm gonna cry now.

  16. Monique P

    Monique P6 hours ago


  17. Cidra Barton

    Cidra Barton8 hours ago


  18. Tremaine Maxwell

    Tremaine Maxwell8 hours ago

    I bet my life one of these likes and comments is beyonce. Lol but Kelly what a queen of rnb. So many queens I love them all

  19. Ablie Babou

    Ablie Babou9 hours ago

    Beautiful inspiration

  20. Nicki Nicole

    Nicki Nicole9 hours ago

    BEAUTIFUL!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Noreen Hall11 hours ago

    I love Kelly music

  24. Rafael R

    Rafael R15 hours ago

    She's so timeless



    She is fat

  26. Jean Henryque Caronezi

    Jean Henryque Caronezi16 hours ago

    A More vibe Spirit from Beyoncé

  27. Naomi T.S

    Naomi T.S18 hours ago

    Made me cry... This is so beautiful

  28. Aroon Art

    Aroon Art18 hours ago

    Hermosa hermosa,

  29. Masa

    Masa19 hours ago

    She said Art🥺❤

  30. Lia Marie

    Lia Marie19 hours ago

    She is so absolutely gorgeous.

  31. Armani Jones

    Armani Jones19 hours ago


  32. BossladySupreme313

    BossladySupreme31320 hours ago

    This was beautiful

  33. MZZ 747

    MZZ 74720 hours ago

    I do agree it was absolutely beautiful. On the other side to short. 😒😔. Meaning got lost 🤔😒

  34. Tiyetta Daughter of a King

    Tiyetta Daughter of a King21 hour ago

    I’m still trying to figure out the meaning of this but girl Kelly your gorgeous and voice is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  35. Ann tri

    Ann tri21 hour ago

    Giving people there flowers while they can still smell them, appreciating people while they are still living, it's a song for her mother who passed away in 2013.

  36. itsjavante

    itsjavante21 hour ago


  37. KPlum Poetry

    KPlum Poetry21 hour ago

    Please let me write you a BANGER...I'm nobody...right now

  38. Rick Louis

    Rick Louis21 hour ago

    I love her so BEAUTIFULLY HUMBLE

  39. Consuela Evans

    Consuela Evans21 hour ago

    Stunning ❤️

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    bernard darius21 hour ago

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    rere Dvs23 hours ago

    She looks absolutely stunning!

  42. Heather Tracy

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  43. Dani Levier

    Dani Levier23 hours ago

    The second dress is GORGEOUS

  44. gizzyworldwide

    gizzyworldwide23 hours ago

    Different. I like it♥️

  45. Lemboye Oluwakemi

    Lemboye OluwakemiDay ago

    Nice 🙂

  46. Momma Wanna

    Momma WannaDay ago


  47. Crystal Morrison

    Crystal MorrisonDay ago

    Explain this song for me someone

  48. Ann tri

    Ann tri20 hours ago

    Giving people there flowers while they can still smell them, appreciating people while they are still living, it's a song for her mother who passed away in 2013.

  49. Grace C

    Grace CDay ago

    Yay finally a music video with no fatty butt shaking half naked women. I’m relieved because I thought that’s all USlikes had.

  50. Jloud

    JloudDay ago

    This is like very wicked in a sense .

  51. afro symphony

    afro symphonyDay ago

    bruh her nd beyonce really soul nd voice sisters, they sound very alike

  52. Christopher Lense

    Christopher LenseDay ago

    If this is a fertility dance and celebration, I am ready to be a mother! NOOOWWWW!!!! Let's dance!

  53. Fernanda Ribeiro

    Fernanda RibeiroDay ago


  54. L'Nya Williamsmoore

    L'Nya WilliamsmooreDay ago

    This wicked system of things is coming to its finale' at anytime Now! (1 John 2:15-17;Matt 24:14,42,44 It's been exposed that most of the original prototypes celebs slaves are discarded and replaced by multiple govt lookalikes programmed mind controlled hypnotized trained mimics suffering from MPD DID alters triggered by their handlers to promote the satanic elite's agendas and narratives and perform whatever tasks their owners want them to. They can be either sex,ethnicity and nationality and have expiration dates. They can play the same fake persona at the same time or switched out at different times and given another fake persona to play. Celebs slaves are fake personas not real people, professional liars and their lives are scripted, debased demonic lonely and they live by no rules. Relationships are arranged not love matches and children are produced at the satanic elite's breeding facilities (2 Tim 3:1,13;Psalm 26:4) *checkerboard floor-freemasonry-duality symbolism. lady in red symbolism. goddess-halo symbolism. All from pagan origin


    MS. THIRD EYEDay ago


  56. Malamente Muy

    Malamente MuyDay ago


  57. Wonder Woman

    Wonder WomanDay ago

    Evolution! What a BEAUTIFUL song sis!!!!! Tysm!!!!

  58. Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman5 hours ago

    Get 'em Kelly!!!!

  59. Manawanui Tini

    Manawanui TiniDay ago

    NIce love the dancing human statutes too!

  60. Caribique Blenz

    Caribique BlenzDay ago

    You have no clue what you look at...The whole video is about devil, statan, adrrnocrom.....!

  61. Samiago1

    Samiago1Day ago


  62. Flore Lala

    Flore LalaDay ago


  63. icekayton

    icekaytonDay ago

    From the end of the world but I love Kelly so much

  64. Slayer Tha G

    Slayer Tha GDay ago

    Soulful song. Respect👑. On lane #blackmagic 🕊🕊 🌸🌹💐💐💐 Slayer Tha G

  65. Aj M

    Aj MDay ago

    Like a moth to a flame this song/video drew me in.. it was like living art. Beautiful

  66. Debbie Nixon

    Debbie NixonDay ago

    This song is as beautiful as you! And the Baby bump! Many wishes of blessings to you and your family! Much love!

  67. Frhrzye

    FrhrzyeDay ago


  68. Suzie-anne c

    Suzie-anne cDay ago

    Way to DELIVER!!!!!!!!

  69. versus19

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  70. G Knowles

    G KnowlesDay ago

    1 Million views.. Go Kelly GO!

  71. JD

    JDDay ago


  72. Piecez Remix

    Piecez RemixDay ago

    The mansion balcony looks like the same one from the film Melancholia

  73. ReeseyCup

    ReeseyCupDay ago

    sigh 😍

  74. Debby Fully

    Debby FullyDay ago

    Absolutely beautiful ✨

  75. Ursula Hopkins

    Ursula HopkinsDay ago


  76. T D Miles

    T D MilesDay ago

    Ms. Kelly Rowland, please claim your crown👸🏾. This really shows from the original group, Beyonce was the weakest link. All of the original members of DC, vocals beats Beyonce hands down. Colorism is so real.

  77. Tiago Genaro

    Tiago GenaroDay ago


  78. W M

    W MDay ago

    Why is this making me feel like crying

  79. Darryl J. Palmer Jr.

    Darryl J. Palmer Jr.Day ago

    Beautiful song! And Kelly looks even more beautiful. I was trying to figure out the meaning of the song. Anybody got any guesses?

  80. Darryl J. Palmer Jr.

    Darryl J. Palmer Jr.19 hours ago

    @Parris Foxx I figured as much. Thanks

  81. Parris Foxx

    Parris FoxxDay ago

    Its about loving appreciating the people in your life and giving them their flowers while their still here

  82. Chalu Steve Banarsee

    Chalu Steve BanarseeDay ago

    Is this a Gospel song cause I went into worship.

  83. Khumi Asante

    Khumi AsanteDay ago

    Wawooow 🥵🥰💥

  84. Braima Cassama

    Braima CassamaDay ago

    bravoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Kelly

  85. Edson Figueira

    Edson FigueiraDay ago


  86. James Harkness

    James HarknessDay ago

    I love Kelly. Issue with this, as it has Bern with a lot of her stuff aside from her first couple, is that it sounds like a song B choose not to record. I know they grew up together and influenced each other but when you don't develop your own thing, it's going to stay in the shadow. As good as it is.

  87. trishie greave

    trishie greaveDay ago

    If pple look for Bey in everything kelly does then they will find her. Kelly can be inspired by Bey like everyone else to make a good song or video. Heck pple even say they talk the same way so what gives. Get over it and enjoy the music!

  88. Jeia M

    Jeia MDay ago

    Such beauty!

  89. David Rodríguez

    David RodríguezDay ago


  90. Delenada

    DelenadaDay ago

    So beautiful

  91. Cédtavious Hernandez

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  93. Steven Jordan

    Steven JordanDay ago

    clocks ticking.

  94. Steven Jordan

    Steven JordanDay ago

    gimme my money.

  95. Steven Jordan

    Steven JordanDay ago

    1 million dollars or everyone dies.

  96. Steven Jordan

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  97. Steven Jordan

    Steven JordanDay ago

    or everyone goes.

  98. Steven Jordan

    Steven JordanDay ago

    1 million dollars.

  99. Robson Fontes

    Robson FontesDay ago

    Perfeito 😍😍👏#RobbPonttes

  100. Choux

    ChouxDay ago

    This is absolutely gorgeous

  101. ryanxl

    ryanxlDay ago

    Wow very beautiful Kerrie 😍 beyonce and Michelle would be so proud rn

  102. Portia Versace

    Portia VersaceDay ago

    MELANIN dripping 💯💯💯 🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪



    I don't understand the concept but I LOVE it....!!! #kellyrowland #flowers

  104. Ann tri

    Ann triDay ago

    Appreciating loved ones while they are still living, giving people their flowers while they can smell them

  105. Adventurous Life Squad

    Adventurous Life SquadDay ago

    My girl Kelly is the truth! Go show love yall. Outstanding

  106. joshua mcknight

    joshua mcknightDay ago

    Video is Beautiful and Amazing

  107. K Rae

    K RaeDay ago

    Black and white checkered floor and a red dress. If ya know ya know.