🐹Cute Hamster pets SNAKE but with Traps in maze @Mister Hamster

mister hamster Cute hamster pets are very smart! The hamster gets lost on a construction site full of dangers. The maze is guarded by snake. The hamster is very agile and quickly overcome the traps placed in the maze. At the last door the hamster was confronted by the snake. Let's stay tuned and good luck to hamsters
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Producer & Director - Truong Tho
Editor & Sound designer - Trung Hieu
Production Designer - Truong Tho
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    Cardboard boxes

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    Where do you get so much catboard

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    Pai desenho em cima se colocou de massinha

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    You should be ashamed subjecting hamsters or any living thing to these little mazes where they get bit by crabs and all kind of shit for your sick enjoyment. You should be reported. Get a life

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    Your videos are absolutely awful!! So cruel!! Putting an innocent animal through pain and suffering for views on youtube.

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    Siren head don’t shoot fire u know better

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    Most of them need bigger cages.

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    Não gostei deixa os bichinhos assustados ....

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    So cute 😍

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    Hey sir ik these are for littles kids so pls don’t have the snakes and stuff he can have a heart attack and that’s a little a bit abuse so pls no more

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    Stop please he’s in so much stress and that looks pain full

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    Очень любим гулять с детьми и делать детские видео. Оцените кому не трудно .Спасибо.

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    You are an animal abuser !

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    3:03 it’s like you’re killing your hamster stop doing that you’re a bad owner just stop making these stupid videos and go!

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    Agreed!!!! Not fun at all for this hamster

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    thank god the snake was fake

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    This vídeo is awesome i love You hamster is much cute. And i love your channel ✌️❤️🤣❤️❤️❤️🥰

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    Siren head: *Breathes fire on Hamster (real siren head cant do that but O.K.)* Hamster: *Doesn't care that his/her back end is on fire, and doesn't care that siren head is trying to step on him/her* Me: ... Please add landing pads for your hamster, your hamster's head gets bumped so many times in each maze/obby, and i dont want the hamster injured...

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    I want a hamster too, but I can own it because of my family's situation

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