Dead by Daylight | Resident Evil | Teaser

The Resident Evil Chapter is coming soon to Dead by Daylight.
Join us for our 5th Anniversary celebration on May 25th for an in-depth reveal of the Resident Evil Chapter.
With Resident Evil set to arrive in the Entity’s Realm this summer, there’s never been a better time to step back into the Fog and sharpen your skills.
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Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer action/horror game where one player takes on the role of a brutal Killer and the other four play as Survivors. As a Killer, your goal is to sacrifice as many Survivors as possible. As Survivors, your goal is to work together to evade, escape and most importantly - stay alive.
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  1. Alonso Gutierrez

    Alonso GutierrezHour ago

    I would still like to see Jason in dbd

  2. kenrock2

    kenrock22 hours ago

    if lady D is the killer in it... i think everyone is coming for her to get hooked up

  3. Wojitek

    Wojitek3 hours ago

    Hunk as a survivor:)

  4. Brianna WinterHevan

    Brianna WinterHevan10 hours ago

    I wonder who the character is going to be?? now next question is for the killer will it be mr. X or Lady D. hummmm?????


    XPsGAMER10 hours ago

    It’s gonna be Ethan winters change my mind

  6. icycup8000

    icycup800014 hours ago

    I think ots not hte sisters i think its is mrX or the tail lady

  7. Samuel Furey

    Samuel Furey14 hours ago

    sherry birkin from re 2 for killer.

  8. resheel Janayan

    resheel Janayan18 hours ago

    I cant wait for these!!

  9. Crazy Kid

    Crazy Kid22 hours ago

    So is that Ethan he sound like him

  10. Stephanienataliegiesbrecht23

    Stephanienataliegiesbrecht2316 hours ago

    That’s what I’m saying too because if people compare ethans scream in re 7 to this they sound identical to each other. This has to be Ethan as the new survivor.

  11. NotMe

    NotMe22 hours ago

    Imagine if the killer is lady d

  12. Nex Incendiary

    Nex Incendiary22 hours ago

    I'm POSITIVE that the character is going to be Ethan Winters.

  13. Sienceft

    Sienceft9 minutes ago

    @Stephanienataliegiesbrecht23 The Shoe is similar to Ethan Winters Shoe in RE 8 but that was Felix Richter Scream

  14. Stephanienataliegiesbrecht23

    Stephanienataliegiesbrecht2316 hours ago

    Yep they sound identical and this has to be Ethan it just has to be.

  15. NumbSkull

    NumbSkull23 hours ago

    What about springtrap

  16. Anarchy Games

    Anarchy GamesDay ago

    Dino Crisis next. CHASE ME WITH A DINOSAUR IDC

  17. nicholas schulz

    nicholas schulzDay ago


  18. little peppermint

    little peppermintDay ago

    Please lord let lady dimitrescu be added to DBD sometime in the future. I would play this game religiously.

  19. Jeffrey Flores

    Jeffrey FloresDay ago

    Ok but are the lobby wait times still absolute bs

  20. Ann Voronina

    Ann VoroninaDay ago

  21. Unauthorized Orange

    Unauthorized OrangeDay ago

    Im calling it. The next licensed killer will be the Madam Brood from Mario Odyssey

  22. Maxi _128

    Maxi _128Day ago

    If the killer is a character from resident evil village I will withdraw from dbd

  23. Azrayl Kayn

    Azrayl Kayn23 minutes ago

    If that's all it takes to make you leave that's not much of a threat.

  24. Bryan Posadas

    Bryan PosadasDay ago

    Chapter 21 cod zombies

  25. Nezriani

    NezrianiDay ago

    Imagine if it was lady dimitrescu (please no)

  26. Cyber Mule

    Cyber MuleDay ago

    Twinkle twinkle little....S.T.A.R.S.!!!

  27. Finbo980

    Finbo9802 days ago

    Lady Dimitrescu for Village?

  28. Bon Bon

    Bon Bon2 days ago

    I would love if they would add Katherine Warren as a legendary skin❤

  29. Sabato

    Sabato2 days ago

    Killer better be either wesker or nemesis

  30. DashRET

    DashRET2 days ago

    nemesis *I don't care if he use weapons* just nemesis and nemesis and nemesis

  31. Knifeナイフ

    Knifeナイフ2 days ago


  32. ArmyBlinkNaVida

    ArmyBlinkNaVida2 days ago

    if the new killer is Dimitrescu, it will be a disappointment

  33. Lenin Sanchez

    Lenin Sanchez2 days ago


  34. Lucas Pereira

    Lucas Pereira2 days ago

    Is it also nemesis

  35. Lucas Pereira

    Lucas Pereira2 days ago

    Are is Albert Wesker the killer and Chris Redfield

  36. Yao Hey

    Yao Hey2 days ago

    Felix get hooked :p *Entity activated cheats to auto-kill*

  37. JackTheDiamond

    JackTheDiamond2 days ago

    It sounds like Mr x or nemisis breathing I want tall lady

  38. Mr Whistle

    Mr Whistle2 days ago

    Wonder if we get that monster chick from the first resident evil( the one that her arms in a stone cuff

  39. R0b1n

    R0b1n2 days ago

    at least fnaf and my life is good

  40. Random Guy

    Random GuyDay ago

    Scott does not want that

  41. Bon Bon

    Bon BonDay ago


  42. Logan Cyr

    Logan Cyr2 days ago

    I hope the killer is Eve from re7/8

  43. Ares Warfare

    Ares Warfare2 days ago

    Not gonna lie I think it’s Either Ethan, Chris or Leon. And the killer is either Lady Drimitescus, Mr X or Nemesis and the map is either raccoon city, The Bakers house or The village

  44. Dumb Bitch

    Dumb Bitch2 days ago

    Y'all should give billy a custom skin of the one eyed chainsaw guy in resident evil 4 and 5

  45. seraph15

    seraph152 days ago

    I wonder if their going to use the games as a reference or the movies?

  46. Luke Queen

    Luke Queen2 days ago

    Hex: Jill Sandwich

  47. ohjeezriles

    ohjeezriles2 days ago

    Is that Ethan??

  48. Joshua Candela

    Joshua Candela2 days ago

    Now we need a Dead By Daylight x Dead Rising

  49. S.V.S. Cali-Wave

    S.V.S. Cali-Wave2 days ago

    Ay..........You can have one of the daughters of Vamp. Lady as the Killer but at least you gotta have *Leon S. Kennedy as a survivor!* Maybe as a skin for Ethan...........(You gotta have one of the best, if not, the best protagonist in the entire RE franchise in the game as a survivor. I'd buy that in a split second it comes out)........


    XAVIER JOHN ABAD2 days ago

    So the milf will come or is it nemesis

  51. razminm.

    razminm.3 days ago

    I wonder if there's a chance they will use the characters from outbreak?

  52. SlyShyGuy

    SlyShyGuy3 days ago

    I know they wouldn’t do it but if they add Nemesis and he just gets a rocket launcher that would be an instant buy

  53. Luca V

    Luca V3 days ago

    Kinda wish the killer would be Weasker... XD

  54. Ian Gutierrez

    Ian Gutierrez3 days ago

    New killer!!!

  55. Daniel Mendez

    Daniel Mendez3 days ago

    Oh god its happening!! everybody stay calm!!!

  56. westerntune

    westerntune3 days ago

    Soon gonna play that shlt with cheats again, love that)

  57. Nancy Izquierdo Hernandez

    Nancy Izquierdo Hernandez3 days ago

    nemesis 😱😱😱??

  58. Didi Junior

    Didi Junior3 days ago

    Here's my guess for this chapter: They will pick the OG RE characters which means either Chris, Jill or both They'll pick the most popular RE monster which is either Nemesis or Mr X And they'll pick the most popular location which if I'm not mistaken, R.P.D station.

  59. Cheebs

    CheebsDay ago

    I believe that the og characters are getting skins I saw it in a leaked picture but it’s still up for debate

  60. Zainophrenic Gaming

    Zainophrenic Gaming3 days ago

    List all movie/games DBD should collaboration: Silent Hill- Pyramid Head✔ Resident Evil- Nemesis or Mr.X ✔ Bioshock- Big Daddy The Evil Within- The Keeper Sweet Home- Steroid Monster Hellraiser- PinHead Maniac Cop- Maniac Cop Candy Man- Candy Man

  61. HARRY 2BT

    HARRY 2BT3 days ago

    Better be nemesis or mr x I wanna machine gun some peeps

  62. GoverningKing 73

    GoverningKing 733 days ago

    I hope it is the Tyrant

  63. Spazzola

    Spazzola3 days ago

    new killer?

  64. George Saffos

    George Saffos3 days ago

    Now we come to the question. Is the Killer Mr. X, or Lady Dimitrescu?

  65. Gwen

    Gwen3 days ago

    we want big mommy vampire

  66. The Boss

    The Boss3 days ago

    I'm not pissed about this chapter, but I'm hoping to god that X makes it in.

  67. PLO Meatoad.

    PLO Meatoad.3 days ago

    Outlast when?

  68. Forgotten Kryos

    Forgotten Kryos3 days ago

    Nemesis, please!

  69. Firewall

    Firewall3 days ago


  70. Octo

    Octo3 days ago

    Big tall vampire lady?!?!?!?

  71. Captain Skidz

    Captain Skidz3 days ago


  72. EAZHE

    EAZHE3 days ago

    *5th generator finishes* New survivor: "My extraction point."

  73. Eliot Dechanet

    Eliot Dechanet4 days ago

    I want lady dimitriscus

  74. Wampa ville

    Wampa ville4 days ago

    Now do a fnaf dlc

  75. Bon Bon

    Bon BonDay ago


  76. just a kid

    just a kid4 days ago

    The map might MIGHT be the police station

  77. James Urban

    James Urban4 days ago


  78. dmsoul11 x_x

    dmsoul11 x_x4 days ago

    Hoping for Nemesis, that would be cool

  79. Rasputin

    Rasputin4 days ago

    If only you knew how to work on improving the game half as well as you try to make money.

  80. NotJoosh

    NotJoosh4 days ago

    who else thinks we need Dead by Daylight x Five Nights at Freddy’s

  81. Bon Bon

    Bon BonDay ago


  82. Mäddox x

    Mäddox x4 days ago


  83. Astor Tran

    Astor Tran4 days ago

    is it the licker? i think it's the licker

  84. Rynnツ

    Rynnツ4 days ago

    "you have to continue the redfield lineage Leon" - Chris "The killer" Redfield

  85. Sizeable Young Kangaroo

    Sizeable Young Kangaroo3 days ago

    Chris “Put it in her womb or I’ll put you in a tomb” Redfield

  86. 10PercentMilk Mmmm

    10PercentMilk Mmmm4 days ago

    This just means that its even linger for a walking dead chapter to release (I'm saying this as if its confirmed to release at soem point)

  87. wingeddanny

    wingeddanny4 days ago

    People still playing this deadbeat of a game?

  88. wingeddanny

    wingeddanny2 days ago

    @Brunelle Halloween not very social are you?

  89. Brunelle Halloween

    Brunelle Halloween3 days ago

    @wingeddanny no

  90. wingeddanny

    wingeddanny3 days ago

    @Brunelle Halloween damn people must really hate their lives, are you part of the LGBT community?

  91. Brunelle Halloween

    Brunelle Halloween4 days ago


  92. Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ4 days ago

    I’m really hoping they do the same thing they did with the stranger things chapter and add more survivors and killers. I mean who else thinks it would be cool to have Jack and mr x with Ethan and Chris

  93. DrSylvestreMatuschka

    DrSylvestreMatuschka4 days ago

    It's funny, because Capcom ripped this game off to make Resistance. And RE3R suffered because of it.

  94. sadegh Dark

    sadegh Dark4 days ago

    i hope they give us multiple characters like stranger things DLC , two survivor , even two killer...that would be amazing

  95. Anthony Gussoni

    Anthony Gussoni4 days ago

    already?!? you did not even buff trickster ALREADY are working on a new killer?!?!? you guys are crazy

  96. Aidan Courtney

    Aidan Courtney4 days ago

    They did buff trickster though its just that he is still bad and now possibly slightly better then trapper.

  97. Fost Kuomoon

    Fost Kuomoon4 days ago

    Raccoon forest

  98. Strahinja Vasic

    Strahinja Vasic4 days ago

    Yea i rly do hope thats killer is not gonna be some stupid ass witch from new resident evil village

  99. linda是愛龜狂人

    linda是愛龜狂人4 days ago

    Dung map you continue to the map

  100. Dog

    Dog5 days ago

    Nemesis, Birkin, or the executioner (although he’d need a different name) would be awesome killers for dbd

  101. Mr RAGE 22

    Mr RAGE 225 days ago

    Hope we get outlast next

  102. Daniel Martin

    Daniel Martin5 days ago

    praise the lord! a ltlbit harder than SH but im hoping 4 the best!

  103. Kim Chai

    Kim Chai5 days ago

    I wish the killer will be Mr.X and there'll be Chris, Leon available for the survivors

  104. Really anonymous Hacker

    Really anonymous Hacker5 days ago

    I would be so grateful to play William Birkin.

  105. Ryder

    Ryder5 days ago

    It's either Mr x or Jack Baker. I think jack would be really fun and the manner as the map

  106. Efrem Arriola

    Efrem Arriola5 days ago

    Can you imagine if nemesis is the killer and every time he hits you or at least sees you, he says S.T.A.R.S? Hell I wonder how he would attack survivors.

  107. Sizeable Young Kangaroo

    Sizeable Young Kangaroo3 days ago

    It would be cool if he charges up a S.T.A.R.S. meter which when full allows him to bust out the rocket launcher for one shot.

  108. Jake Park

    Jake Park5 days ago

    How funny would it be if one of the survivors is Ashley from RE4 and you can make her yell "HELP" whenever you want during the game especially on the hook....something tells me though that a lot of players will let her die 😆

  109. nick mascarado

    nick mascarado5 days ago




    Pls be leon S Kennedy for the survivor

  111. Sandra Caraballo

    Sandra Caraballo5 days ago

    That looks like William burken to me

  112. Kalob Clark

    Kalob Clark5 days ago

    The RPD would make such a good map

  113. Austin Gardner

    Austin Gardner5 days ago

    Dead by Daylight crossover ideas: The Evil Within Clock Tower Outlast Friday the 13th Hellraiser I Know What You Did Last Summer Alan Wake (survivor) The Last of Us(?) (survivor) Alien Predator(?) Until Dawn(?) (killer)

  114. DemoNaught

    DemoNaught5 days ago

    Please not Mr. X. So many better tyrants to choose from lol

  115. Dillon Fletcher

    Dillon Fletcher5 days ago

    I wonder who's gonna be the Killer in this game. I'm betting on Mr X though it could also be Vampire Mommy since she's new and popular.

  116. Mokadelic

    Mokadelic5 days ago


  117. Diavolo Drip

    Diavolo Drip5 days ago

    Better call Mr.X/Nemesis "The Tyrant" or I'll cry.

  118. Sizeable Young Kangaroo

    Sizeable Young Kangaroo3 days ago

    Alternatively Nemesis could go with “The Pursuer” or “The Biohazard” or just “The Nemesis”