900 IQ congresswoman impostor betrayal in Among Us

i got killed by impostor aoc in among us... the best day of my life :')
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  1. Pokimane

    PokimaneMonth ago

    never thought i'd be killed by a congresswoman... in a game 😅

  2. saucisson sovage

    saucisson sovageDay ago

    OK peut tu traduire

  3. Reason

    Reason3 days ago

    @Avian Graham Sucks for you. Great ep.

  4. Nexiphh Games

    Nexiphh Games3 days ago

    i'd knew

  5. Darth Revan

    Darth Revan3 days ago

    When your glad you got killed by a corrupt liberal congress “Wait a Minute”

  6. Rasheed Kesid

    Rasheed Kesid4 days ago

    Poki shukran is a muslim word wo

  7. Emmanuel Soto

    Emmanuel Soto23 hours ago


  8. Pranshu Gupta

    Pranshu GuptaDay ago

    whats wrong with her why does she keep laughing

  9. jacen ortiz ZX

    jacen ortiz ZXDay ago

    Why AOC ??? she’s one of the worst politicians

  10. Kurt.Dk-55

    Kurt.Dk-5513 hours ago

    jacen ortiz ZX That may be YOUR impression of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?! But that is not, how she is seen all across this tiny Globe. In October 2019 AOC was here in Denmark, invited as a keynote-speaker at an official Climate-Forum in Copenhagen. During her stay here she even attended a Royal Dinner for all the participants, hosted by our Crown-Prince couple.

  11. Your Neighbour

    Your Neighbour2 days ago

    It's not a surprise that politicians are best at being deceptive

  12. Madhu Gowda

    Madhu Gowda2 days ago

    I never thought aoc would kill Pokimane

  13. SavageGaming

    SavageGaming3 days ago

    I dislike hoes

  14. Book Nerd

    Book Nerd3 days ago

    Bro I’m so confused. Why does H have an accent. He doesn’t when he’s with Shubble. My brain cell can’t take this. I’m so flipping confused. He says he lives in Wales. This is not the H I know. Are there two different Hs using the same name? Is he being a dork and pretending? Help

  15. siddbastard

    siddbastard4 days ago

    The absolute state of 2020 politics right here.

  16. dingus 69

    dingus 694 days ago

    sweet lady horrible political figure

  17. Naveya M

    Naveya M5 hours ago

    @Kurt.Dk-55 she doesn’t have any type of political background. she was a BARTENDER before she became a congresswoman. i have no clue what is going through you’re head but as a liberal i have to disagree with most of her politics because they are just too extreme and just overall unrealistic.

  18. Naveya M

    Naveya M5 hours ago

    agreed. she seems like such a nice person irl but she really isn’t that educated in the political field yet. she’s made some really dumb remarks and has no political background..

  19. Kurt.Dk-55

    Kurt.Dk-5513 hours ago

    dingus 69 For what it is worth, I can tell you, that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez represents her country USA in a far more dignified manner, than the Divine Leader does! AOC was here in Denmark in October 2019 as a keynote speaker at a Climate Forum in Copenhagen. She was even at a Royal Dinner hosted by our Crown-Prince couple ( they share her interest in environmental and climate issues!). Around the same time our Head of State Queen Margrethe the 2nd had officially invited the man-child in the White House to a State-Visit here. He called the already in details planned visit off on short notice, because he felt offended by our PM Mette Frederiksen calling his "offer" to buy Greenland ABSURD ( which it is!). Guess again, which one of the two from USA, we consider to be the most "horrible political figure"??!!!

  20. coastShooterKills

    coastShooterKills4 days ago

    Just shows that u dont gotta be smart to be successful on twitch

  21. Roman A Star Wars story

    Roman A Star Wars story5 days ago

    Hi imane


    APRIL BROCKBANK5 days ago

    I am Emily remember from among us

  23. victoria

    victoria5 days ago

    Corpse: AOC... AOC: Wut- Corpse: Um, how was your day? :)) Nice save lol

  24. roxy2012pop

    roxy2012pop5 days ago

    How did AOC end up playing with you guys?

  25. Kurt.Dk-55

    Kurt.Dk-55Day ago

    roxy2012pop Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez put the word out, that she would like to play a round of this game, in order to encourage (younger) people to vote.These (wellknown?) streamers each volunteered to join the stream. The rest is history!

  26. Huda Kareem

    Huda Kareem7 days ago

    lmfao did pokimane just say shukran??

  27. elle plotkin

    elle plotkin8 days ago


  28. therealsamasima

    therealsamasima5 days ago

    He already lost

  29. Reason

    Reason8 days ago

    Hydration is overrated. Look up how many hydration studies Gatorade has funded.

  30. Artex Grey

    Artex Grey8 days ago

    25 mins of sucking up to a politician

  31. Rajesh Khajuria

    Rajesh Khajuria9 days ago

    Try minecraft

  32. The_RageGamerReactor

    The_RageGamerReactor9 days ago

    Why u playing among us with a socialist

  33. El Gringo

    El Gringo9 days ago

    this is the worst shit ive ever seen

  34. Justin Asne

    Justin Asne9 days ago


  35. Albino LobsterYT

    Albino LobsterYT9 days ago

    When the person that gets simped on by 100,000s starts skimping on someone xD

  36. Mustafa Almoosawi

    Mustafa Almoosawi10 days ago

    شي عرب

  37. volt vevo

    volt vevo10 days ago

    Me hearing poki saying shokran "thank you " in Arabic felt right 😂😂

  38. Bustonface

    Bustonface10 days ago

    A bartender likes me yay! Omg

  39. Retarded Gamer

    Retarded Gamer10 days ago


  40. Lauren Somerfield

    Lauren Somerfield11 days ago

    AOC is a savage and I love her

  41. Carl Japhet Eslit

    Carl Japhet Eslit11 days ago

    And i know youre house

  42. Carl Japhet Eslit

    Carl Japhet Eslit11 days ago

    I know your address

  43. Carl Japhet Eslit

    Carl Japhet Eslit11 days ago

    Just show it if u don't want to hostage

  44. Carl Japhet Eslit

    Carl Japhet Eslit11 days ago

    I will hostage u if you not make video that u show your nicked

  45. etsuko

    etsuko8 days ago

    Simp 🗿

  46. Hayden Sawyer

    Hayden Sawyer11 days ago


  47. da plug.

    da plug.12 days ago

    AOC is adorable lol :D

  48. Mason king k.

    Mason king k.13 days ago

    Do you have a boy

  49. Natior.M

    Natior.M13 days ago

    Hasan abiyi görenler + 1

  50. Karim Bouchehima

    Karim Bouchehima13 days ago

    u speak english french and arabic !!

  51. A4rules

    A4rules13 days ago

    When you get called out for venting but then say you didn’t vent...did you like forget you did vent

  52. Naveya M

    Naveya M5 hours ago

    are you dumb orrrrr? you know the WHOLE point of this game is to not get caught as an imposter, wether that’s killing someone or venting..

  53. Nageswar Rao

    Nageswar Rao14 days ago


  54. Nageswar Rao

    Nageswar Rao14 days ago


  55. Ghost_Randing

    Ghost_Randing15 days ago

    Yeah guys vote trump

  56. Serenity Scratch

    Serenity Scratch12 days ago

    Beta males watch her, so they support AOC

  57. Azorei Spencer

    Azorei Spencer15 days ago

    You make me wan to be a streamer on twitch :)

  58. Syrus Coy

    Syrus Coy15 days ago

    Trying to make AOC cool? Never subbing.

  59. Serenity Scratch

    Serenity Scratch12 days ago

    Agreed. AOC is god awful

  60. mad_ mixtapes_

    mad_ mixtapes_15 days ago

    I would’ve been more excited if ACB was playing😒

  61. Rony Bogoslavsky

    Rony Bogoslavsky15 days ago


  62. Rony Bogoslavsky

    Rony Bogoslavsky15 days ago


  63. Rony Bogoslavsky

    Rony Bogoslavsky15 days ago


  64. Rony Bogoslavsky

    Rony Bogoslavsky15 days ago


  65. Rony Bogoslavsky

    Rony Bogoslavsky15 days ago


  66. Rony Bogoslavsky

    Rony Bogoslavsky15 days ago


  67. Rony Bogoslavsky

    Rony Bogoslavsky15 days ago


  68. Rony Bogoslavsky

    Rony Bogoslavsky15 days ago


  69. Rony Bogoslavsky

    Rony Bogoslavsky15 days ago


  70. Rony Bogoslavsky

    Rony Bogoslavsky15 days ago


  71. Rony Bogoslavsky

    Rony Bogoslavsky15 days ago


  72. Rony Bogoslavsky

    Rony Bogoslavsky15 days ago


  73. Rony Bogoslavsky

    Rony Bogoslavsky15 days ago


  74. Rony Bogoslavsky

    Rony Bogoslavsky15 days ago


  75. Rony Bogoslavsky

    Rony Bogoslavsky15 days ago


  76. Rony Bogoslavsky

    Rony Bogoslavsky15 days ago


  77. Rony Bogoslavsky

    Rony Bogoslavsky15 days ago


  78. Rony Bogoslavsky

    Rony Bogoslavsky15 days ago


  79. Rony Bogoslavsky

    Rony Bogoslavsky15 days ago


  80. Hans Christian Sivertsen

    Hans Christian Sivertsen16 days ago

    What’s the name of the song, when she fasts forward? 🤔

  81. Iphone

    Iphone16 days ago

    AOC: doesn’t want to kill characters in a game Also AOC: wants to kill americas economy and all the black babies

  82. Serenity Scratch

    Serenity Scratch12 days ago

    😂😂😂👌👌 shes horrible

  83. Isou Grande

    Isou Grande16 days ago

    She said شكرا omg 🥺🥺😎


    ACHHA LONDA PLAY X16 days ago

    I like you ♥ 😞

  85. Juan Sebastian

    Juan Sebastian16 days ago

    Pokimane is getting fat

  86. pudgyboii

    pudgyboii16 days ago

    why not just vote poki every game because she gets impostor like every game lol

  87. Saeq Thbab

    Saeq Thbab16 days ago

    I laveo pokemon

  88. jorejaha

    jorejaha16 days ago

    Hey AOC go ahead and put me on your list!!! You communist traitor. TRUMP 2020 and beyond!!!

  89. jorejaha

    jorejaha16 days ago

    aoc needs to go away forever!!!

  90. Kurt.Dk-55

    Kurt.Dk-5512 hours ago

    jorejaha Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will be a very important part of (world) politics for years to come! The amount of time and energy the likes of YOU spend on her every move, shows that you also instinctively KNOW that! Otherwise you would simply ignore her?!!

  91. PJ Mullin

    PJ Mullin17 days ago

    Download takes 8-10 seconds

  92. J J

    J J17 days ago

    Too bad she was only killed in a game, should be held accountable for killing babies

  93. Kuklinski

    Kuklinski17 days ago

    Isn't she a Democrat along with this perv Joe B?

  94. Jessi Marie

    Jessi Marie17 days ago

    why is aoc op

  95. Asmahan Abou-Shaban

    Asmahan Abou-Shaban18 days ago

    the shukran had me

  96. Elias Taouti

    Elias Taouti18 days ago

    imagine simping like that for a politician, and even worse, aoc

  97. Gamergurll _Kylie

    Gamergurll _Kylie18 days ago

    Someone said Trump 2020 while I was watching...

  98. Serenity Scratch

    Serenity Scratch12 days ago

    Trump 2020

  99. Ruben Ocasio

    Ruben Ocasio18 days ago

    Rip Toast its always toast that dies first or gets voted out

  100. Doğa EBECİ

    Doğa EBECİ19 days ago

    I am Turkish and hasanabi was a Turkish name.bgfdahgdsjh

  101. Melanie Gosse

    Melanie Gosse19 days ago


  102. lilwikingerin96

    lilwikingerin9619 days ago

    Hold on its was actually aoc? Lmao

  103. Pinguin the Penguin

    Pinguin the Penguin19 days ago


  104. Chronic Fridge

    Chronic Fridge19 days ago

    My goal is to get killed by AOC now, thanks a lot

  105. Doreon Gray

    Doreon Gray19 days ago

    This was so awesome!

  106. iDoNotHateMyLife

    iDoNotHateMyLife19 days ago

    eat your cereal

  107. Mykie Taylor

    Mykie Taylor19 days ago

    Does AOC still stream among us?

  108. Rene Bader

    Rene Bader20 days ago


  109. Aidan Pampolina

    Aidan Pampolina20 days ago

    Love you

  110. belva wines

    belva wines20 days ago


  111. LeoTheLion

    LeoTheLion20 days ago

    AOC: Let's play games to get Teens interested in voting for Democracy. Also AOC: Let's make a list of Trump supporters to get vengeance on them. Pretty sure that's what Hitler did...

  112. Serenity Scratch

    Serenity Scratch12 days ago

    @skam\ for someone who says she’s against fascism, she’s pretty fascist when she gets her way.

  113. LeoTheLion

    LeoTheLion19 days ago

    @skam\ No, I am comparing her words to Hitlers though. Unless youre saying you supported Hitlers words?

  114. skam\

    skam\19 days ago

    Are you comparing AOC to Hitler???

  115. maqdie

    maqdie20 days ago

    tF poki rlly playing out here with politicians

  116. pedro F.

    pedro F.20 days ago

    Only time I liked a socialist

  117. Serenity Scratch

    Serenity Scratch12 days ago

    I guess my standards are higher. I’ll never like AOC.

  118. Melody Ibarrat

    Melody Ibarrat20 days ago


  119. GameBoy Gal

    GameBoy Gal20 days ago

    aoc looks like she could be poki's older sister

  120. Cours -_-

    Cours -_-20 days ago


  121. sebinchi

    sebinchi21 day ago


  122. Zeus Angelo Reyes

    Zeus Angelo Reyes21 day ago

    *It was an honor.*

  123. khaled Zakout

    khaled Zakout21 day ago

    why did poki just said "thank you" in arabic? does she know arabic?

  124. Serenity Scratch

    Serenity Scratch12 days ago

    She’s from Morocco, so yea, she knows a form of Arabic. Poki’s real name is Imane (pronounced: ee-man) which means belief in Arabic. This also explains her name “Pokimane” if the “imane” part was pronounced like her Arabic name, it would sound exactly like “Pokémon”