if Airpods Max commercials were honest

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  1. RØB

    RØBMonth ago

    dm me on ig , ill respond : @roblopez

  2. Eesa ali

    Eesa ali7 hours ago

    @ahaha Hhhhgaaaha what

  3. Eesa ali

    Eesa ali7 hours ago

    @Sheltoonz lol

  4. CHU Yan Yick Lucas朱恩懌

    CHU Yan Yick Lucas朱恩懌Day ago

    You didn’t respond… “Those bastards lied to me”

  5. Declan Cannon

    Declan CannonDay ago

    I dont know if anyone cares but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my girlfriends Instagram account by using Instaportal. Just google for it :)

  6. Yogeshwar Yiddish

    Yogeshwar Yiddish3 days ago

    That’s cap

  7. Amit Sharma

    Amit Sharma46 minutes ago

    An apple a year, Makes your money disappear:-)

  8. THEE one and only baby

    THEE one and only baby5 hours ago

    “How expensive are they” answer is: yes they are

  9. Just Zen

    Just Zen6 hours ago

    This is the question🤔 Ps5 or AirPods max

  10. Briuana Green

    Briuana Green7 hours ago

    Glad I came across this video 😂😂😂😂

  11. Quadir Dow

    Quadir Dow7 hours ago

    "We made Airpods Max even though we already have Beats series but who cares. All we see are $$ signs".

  12. Ayanda Chili

    Ayanda Chili7 hours ago

    Airpod macs🍔

  13. Eesa ali

    Eesa ali7 hours ago

    U should make a vid

  14. Eesa ali

    Eesa ali7 hours ago

    Well apparently so pls make a vid about it

  15. Eesa ali

    Eesa ali7 hours ago

    About the biggest product which is apple car

  16. AstralAnimated

    AstralAnimated7 hours ago

    *"To be honest the only thing max about this is the price."*

  17. That one Fangirl

    That one Fangirl8 hours ago

    I love how I’m watching this on my Apple phone while playing Minecraft on my Apple IPad

  18. Jesus The Hustler

    Jesus The Hustler8 hours ago

    I got “skullcandy Hesh 2 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones” 5 years ago and the sound quality is the same as the day I bought them I was with my older brother we went to “San Marcos River” located in San Marcos Texas and on our way back we stopped at a tacobell and a ross and it was at ross where I got those headphones for $24.99 and I can’t say this enough those headphones are so good and if they ever break I’ll buy them again. When I got them I didn’t know I was buying such a high quality product and now that I look back I was lucky that I found them at ross where there at a cheaper price. If you need headphones go to “Skullcandy”

  19. Shroodinger

    Shroodinger8 hours ago

    I know why you didn't call pro is because later, you can just create another one and add pro to it just for some hundreds more

  20. Rohith Ranga

    Rohith Ranga8 hours ago

    How expensive are they? Yes.

  21. Ernesto Herrera Brunal

    Ernesto Herrera Brunal8 hours ago

    I'm really happy for Ted Mosby's new job. I hope he finds the mother of his children.

  22. AmorGod 777

    AmorGod 7779 hours ago

    They literally do look like shooting range headphones

  23. Ronald Asis

    Ronald Asis9 hours ago

    2:04 ahahaha

  24. Cinamyn

    Cinamyn10 hours ago

    The best name for these is AirHeads

  25. RYze Gunna

    RYze Gunna10 hours ago

    “Who the hell chose green” 😂

  26. ExZoneGamingYTG

    ExZoneGamingYTG10 hours ago


  27. Fleur ‘

    Fleur ‘12 hours ago

    They look real

  28. Snow Man

    Snow Man12 hours ago

    Well you look at some Sony headphones and or high grade headphone they can go up to 700$ im not saying there comparable, but the reality is they not marketed towards average people.

  29. HuttonBerries

    HuttonBerries12 hours ago

    They're priced like professional headphones but perform like consumer headphones

  30. С.Ганчев

    С.Ганчев13 hours ago

    The question is why after we know apple products are so expensive we still want em!?


    PROMEDIA13 hours ago

    Earned my like and subscription at 2:09

  32. Super Mario

    Super Mario14 hours ago

    Mans gets a free apple product anytime they release it with these videos 😂

  33. Commander Sammer

    Commander Sammer15 hours ago

    Basically, if you have to ask you can't afford it

  34. seapeajones

    seapeajones16 hours ago

    Omfg automatically mutes the poors 🤣

  35. Yee T

    Yee T16 hours ago

    Jesus Loves. U

  36. HuttonBerries

    HuttonBerries12 hours ago


  37. Rose Froehlich

    Rose Froehlich16 hours ago


  38. Tom Ledz14

    Tom Ledz1416 hours ago


  39. Destined Merican Patriot

    Destined Merican Patriot18 hours ago

    1:16 when you realize he has them

  40. WeebWithNoName /後輩

    WeebWithNoName /後輩19 hours ago

    i love how he sacrifices so much money for our amusement

  41. David Wara

    David Wara20 hours ago

    Hi, I’m Rob Jobs founder and CEO of asshole 😑apple 🤣🤣

  42. Jasmine Jones

    Jasmine JonesDay ago

    Could you do the Homepod or Homepod mini commercial

  43. Gordon Goh

    Gordon GohDay ago

    hey, you're cute. Fun video too

  44. Ivan Mora

    Ivan MoraDay ago

    haha, this is pure gold

  45. Megan

    MeganDay ago

    U remind me of EddieVR c:

  46. GoLdTr0op

    GoLdTr0opDay ago

    Higher price than a ps5 or series x for white headphones

  47. Conmea Alex

    Conmea AlexDay ago

    The sad lawyer analogously cheat because mine intraperitonally hook behind a acceptable babies. valuable, coherent tornado

  48. kid

    kidDay ago

    "who the hell chose green" i am offended.

  49. Leonard Williams

    Leonard WilliamsDay ago

    “So whenever you are not using them... their dying” 🤣

  50. Gee To

    Gee ToDay ago

    I really enjoy the video LOL ... but I got to say no one is forcing anyone to buy Apple products.

  51. Sam

    SamDay ago

    you need to do the Apple Wheels that you can get for the Mac Pro lmao

  52. Art with Shayan

    Art with ShayanDay ago

    Airpods pro > Airpods max

  53. Art with Shayan

    Art with Shayan11 hours ago

    @HuttonBerries ???

  54. HuttonBerries

    HuttonBerries12 hours ago

    QC 35 ii >>>>>>>>>>>>> any airpods

  55. Jeff Way

    Jeff WayDay ago

    Why do you look like you're perpetually on the verge of crying?

  56. PizzaGang

    PizzaGangDay ago

    I swear he’s gonna get sued by apple one day😂😭

  57. Hyun So

    Hyun SoDay ago

    Okay but he has all the money to afford the whole Apple store

  58. FBI 2.0

    FBI 2.0Day ago

    2:06 My 3DS sounds better than this.

  59. Crystal Marcus

    Crystal MarcusDay ago


  60. covina classics

    covina classicsDay ago

    The dreary trousers globally agree because vibraphone curiosly argue following a warlike anatomy. fearful fearless, zonked centimeter

  61. Parker The Garage Door Guy

    Parker The Garage Door GuyDay ago

    You killed beats for this huh?

  62. Toprak Müldür

    Toprak MüldürDay ago

    " It doesn't make any sense but it makes dollars, millions of dollars "

  63. Toprak Müldür

    Toprak MüldürDay ago

    "Who approved this ?"

  64. Uter Ami

    Uter Ami21 hour ago

    this is the most accurate video ever apple overrated

  65. Vernesser Anderson

    Vernesser AndersonDay ago

    Lol the moment I realized those are real smh

  66. Wyatt Zalneraitis

    Wyatt ZalneraitisDay ago

    Bro this shit cost more than a Xbox series X, LMFAOO

  67. nux2208

    nux2208Day ago

    Very good job mate

  68. vxgd55

    vxgd55Day ago

    I chose green :( lmao

  69. Burntrice Bubbletea

    Burntrice BubbleteaDay ago

    1:24 nah thats a good shade of green and its my favourite olour.

  70. Calming_Triangle

    Calming_TriangleDay ago

    I like this series, damm too good, as a hater of apple I enjoyed a lot.

  71. Afiq Mohd Rizan

    Afiq Mohd RizanDay ago

    I thought he was eddie from eddievr 🤣🤣

  72. Erik

    ErikDay ago

    Hahaha dude, I laughed so hard from your first sentence!

  73. Julien L.

    Julien L.Day ago

    God this thing is hideous.

  74. CGHN

    CGHNDay ago

    Shit got me dying in school 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  75. Cai F

    Cai FDay ago

    Apple must hate this guy 😂

  76. Mortis3412

    Mortis34122 days ago

    “And the answer is always yes”

  77. Laur Laur

    Laur Laur2 days ago


  78. sadew widhanalage

    sadew widhanalage2 days ago

    Listen this is dumb do u even think about the apple users? Oh wait u can't think because u have no brains

  79. Kieran Niemand

    Kieran Niemand2 days ago

    The 4.9k dislikes are the Apple fanboys

  80. Muhammad Hilal

    Muhammad Hilal2 days ago

    aayan did u see this comment then ur the best

  81. Javier Veliz

    Javier Veliz2 days ago

    Jaja brooooooooh

  82. Jace Boi Gamez

    Jace Boi Gamez2 days ago

    Rob Jobs Keeps Robbing People

  83. Michael Lagos

    Michael Lagos2 days ago

    This gave me a good laugh

  84. Randy Ferguson

    Randy Ferguson2 days ago

    Those are some ugly headphones 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  85. Shawn Backup Twitter

    Shawn Backup Twitter2 days ago

    The lean jellyfish worrisomely excuse because low peroperatively scribble pro a marked select. unbiased, soggy play

  86. Connor Forester

    Connor Forester2 days ago

    Those bulky, heavy, and metal headphones in the computer lab in 3rd grade

  87. Abram Ramirez

    Abram Ramirez2 days ago

    I’m an Apple fan and this is hilarious 😂

  88. Litty XD

    Litty XD2 days ago

    I just switched to iPhone today

  89. Uter Ami

    Uter Ami21 hour ago

    feels bad man

  90. Brown

    Brown2 days ago

    Plot twist: he’s only making them look bad so they go bankrupt and he can buy the company

  91. Eesa ali

    Eesa ali6 hours ago


  92. Eesa ali

    Eesa ali6 hours ago

    @Brown don’t ask that’s was my little bro

  93. Brown

    Brown6 hours ago

    @Eesa ali ??? 😂 what?

  94. Eesa ali

    Eesa ali7 hours ago

    People like u have issues

  95. D.J.

    D.J.2 days ago

    No way! My favorite color is who the hell chose green! 🤩

  96. Ilikefirebeats 123

    Ilikefirebeats 1232 days ago


  97. Oliver Cheung

    Oliver Cheung2 days ago

    Smosh 2.0

  98. xEmpty.Abyssx

    xEmpty.Abyssx2 days ago

    2:03 Is that seriously the microphone? You are lying....

  99. xEmpty.Abyssx

    xEmpty.Abyssx18 hours ago

    @Uter Ami Holy shit. Thanks for the info.

  100. Uter Ami

    Uter Ami21 hour ago

    He isn't lying. That's the microphone. Apples products are horrible.

  101. Wakka Rexo

    Wakka Rexo2 days ago

    Feel like he's doing this for a tax write off ngl

  102. Mars Games

    Mars Games2 days ago


  103. Holly Poon

    Holly Poon2 days ago

    Ok followed within the first 20 seconds😂

  104. juicy Harlow

    juicy Harlow2 days ago

    Did he say a******

  105. NoVa_reaper不

    NoVa_reaper不2 days ago

    “Who the hell chose green”

  106. 매이리MAILY

    매이리MAILY2 days ago


  107. N Y C I R L

    N Y C I R L2 days ago


  108. John Li

    John Li2 days ago

    This looks like those ancient school headphones without wires and they are the best FOR NOW, some new thing is gonna come up in a few months and become the best thing ever made

  109. Eesa ali

    Eesa ali7 hours ago


  110. Kiron Kabir

    Kiron Kabir2 days ago

    2:08 zordon?

  111. Bishal Debnath

    Bishal Debnath2 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks it's "inspired" from the pineapple sketch.

  112. lookbudy

    lookbudy2 days ago

    Im not an apple fanboy or anything, but this guy needs new content. This is so recycled

  113. Brady H

    Brady H2 days ago

    These look like those headphones they had is use in elementary school during computer class

  114. alextheromanian

    alextheromanian2 days ago

    Look at all these poor people who can’t afford a pair saying they love their plastic headphones instead. “I love running a cable inside my shirt to the outside of my shirt so I don’t get caught on things while pretending I’m cool”

  115. Ernst Corp.

    Ernst Corp.2 days ago

    imagine listening to this on your airpods max

  116. U and J Corpus

    U and J Corpus2 days ago


  117. Davo Davido

    Davo Davido3 days ago

    Rob pls do the video about apple cable worth 129$ 😂😂

  118. PiNKiE PiE

    PiNKiE PiE2 days ago

    They have something that cheap? Damn.

  119. luhverr x

    luhverr x3 days ago

    Hold on do you buy every apple shit they sell?

  120. Ahmed Mujtaba

    Ahmed Mujtaba3 days ago


  121. BtsXtxt Stan. U nice, keep going.

    BtsXtxt Stan. U nice, keep going.3 days ago

    If the ad was actually like this I would buy it