Terrorizing My Friends in Proximity Chat Among Us

Proximity chat allows you to talk ingame using open mic, but only when other players are nearby
Courage: uslikes.info
Minx: uslikes.info
5up: www.twitch.tv/5uppp
Tubbo: www.twitch.tv/tubbo
Anita: www.twitch.tv/sweet_anita
Jesse: www.twitch.tv/jessesmfi
Basetrade: www.twitch.tv/basetradetv
Ze: uslikes.info
Botez: www.twitch.tv/botezlive


  1. Normal dude

    Normal dude7 minutes ago

    U should probably link corpse husband under channels

  2. Kiki Lala

    Kiki Lala6 seconds ago

    It should be the other way around lmao. Corpse's main channel has so much more subs compared to his gaming channel (this one)

  3. Caitlin L.

    Caitlin L.10 minutes ago


  4. 210savageking Young God's

    210savageking Young God's11 minutes ago

    Why is corpse so big brain

  5. Editor For Sale

    Editor For Sale19 minutes ago

    Can we talk about how cute Anita‘s tweets are? 🥺 If you didn’t know Tourette’s is a disease that causes you to make random actions like saying things/ moving your body called ‘Ticks‘, and Anita‘s tweets were ticks.

  6. Smol Wigga

    Smol Wigga25 minutes ago

    Came here because of the memes. I was not disappointed.

  7. salaisui mawng

    salaisui mawng28 minutes ago

    Corpse saying, " new friends" Is so cute

  8. Miguel Freitas

    Miguel Freitas33 minutes ago

    Oh wow, these games were straight up amazing xD

  9. NvC Nathan

    NvC Nathan36 minutes ago

    S A N S. U N D E R T A L E D E L T A R U N E S S B U

  10. Kermit is Yes

    Kermit is Yes44 minutes ago


  11. o k

    o k49 minutes ago

    "Welcome to the afterlife where you get betrayed" -5up

  12. Tororo2O9

    Tororo2O954 minutes ago

    You have a voice like whiskey on the rocks. Strong, smooth, and just that lovely touch of grit. I'd pay to hear you read philosophy book.

  13. Little MissNobudy

    Little MissNobudyHour ago

    Why does she have the cutest tics tho 🥺

  14. You Sus

    You SusHour ago

    I read the thumbnail as “Straight to hell buddy” “Where we headin”

  15. Blue Harty

    Blue HartyHour ago

    Tubbo: "I will keep this man alive to the ends of the earth" Me: same dude

  16. Just Sumo

    Just SumoHour ago

    Y’a she’s Canadian I am 2 but there’s a stereotype saying Canadians beat each other with sticks and run around with knives on their feet lol

  17. Jack Messier

    Jack MessierHour ago


  18. Cookie tu1

    Cookie tu1Hour ago

    Do you know what kind of memes they make of you on tt?

  19. Ivano Gamer Boi

    Ivano Gamer BoiHour ago

    This dude is my new fucking favourite youtuber i want to listen to his voice 24/7 without interruption

  20. Christopher Pham

    Christopher PhamHour ago

    Most epic last kill words ever Tubbo: “where we going?” Corpse: “straight to hell buddy” murders him instantly winning

  21. Flvoq

    Flvoq2 hours ago


  22. FroZen Cravey

    FroZen Cravey2 hours ago

    Botez is so beautiful and I love her accent❤️😍

  23. Yamoto Kino

    Yamoto Kino2 hours ago

    Ohh my goooshhh, i love his voice, i fall in love

  24. DynamiteD

    DynamiteD2 hours ago


  25. REF

    REF2 hours ago

    Hello, welcome to the afterlife, to your left is Betrayed by Corpse Anonymous


    STARY GLAZE3 hours ago

    Ahhhh i love corpse laugh 🥰🥰🥰

  27. John Hadnot

    John Hadnot3 hours ago


  28. gazaman gamer

    gazaman gamer3 hours ago

    Am I the only one who think he sound exactly as Sylvester stallone

  29. YZEKE

    YZEKE3 hours ago

    Courage didn't know that it was anita who was whistlin

  30. Sans

    Sans3 hours ago

    Even if I made him have a bad time he would snap my neck

  31. rogurt

    rogurt3 hours ago

    Botezlive sounds like Jojo Siwa

  32. userLG6

    userLG63 hours ago

    i like how you can have secret meetings and make cults with proximity chat

  33. SwerxyDC

    SwerxyDC4 hours ago

    Corpse the type of guy to say “that’s to funny” without laughing

  34. Andrew Heal

    Andrew Heal4 hours ago

    Did you play with me before i joined someones game with the name CORPSE and dont know if it was you or not

  35. aeen

    aeen3 hours ago

    It's not him

  36. Absoc

    Absoc3 hours ago

    Probably not

  37. Frost Bite

    Frost Bite4 hours ago

    Hearing Corpse say "straight to hell, buddy" made me feel things I never felt before

  38. Gab Gargaceran

    Gab Gargaceran4 hours ago

    Tubbo: "So where are we going buddy?" Corpse: "Straight to hell buddy" Tubbo: *Unknown noises*

  39. owl

    owl4 hours ago

    i love this lobby

  40. LDShadowCat

    LDShadowCat4 hours ago

    I love how noone is mentoning that corpse actually completed the swipe card

  41. soinhu foitu

    soinhu foitu4 hours ago

    Red: ay yo this edible ain’t sh- *dies* Don’t do drugs like red. You will die.

  42. Louis Valenzuela

    Louis Valenzuela4 hours ago

    Hey corpse I was in one of zmdes vids

  43. Shashank Chauhan

    Shashank Chauhan5 hours ago

    We need more videos corpse ??????

  44. SkatingProductions1

    SkatingProductions15 hours ago

    Botez 😍

  45. Undead Justice

    Undead Justice5 hours ago

    We are we going? Straight to hell buddy 😈

  46. soinhu foitu

    soinhu foitu4 hours ago

    Tubbo: where we heading Corpse saying it jn a creepy voice :straight to hell buddy

  47. james L

    james L5 hours ago

    how do we do this proximity thing!!!!

  48. BlindSide o0

    BlindSide o05 hours ago

    sooooo maaaaaaany aaaaads

  49. White Power

    White Power5 hours ago

    why did anita wink multiple times 6:12

  50. Absoc

    Absoc3 hours ago

    She has tourrettes




  52. GD RubyDigger54321

    GD RubyDigger543215 hours ago

    7:01 prb should have blurred out the middle finger. Good think I don’t watch any of you

  53. Mahmud Mərdanlı

    Mahmud Mərdanlı6 hours ago

    pls corpse cam

  54. Theophania Chong

    Theophania Chong6 hours ago

    Lime: where we going? Corpse straight to hell buddy Lime: NOOOO

  55. Salah Shable

    Salah Shable6 hours ago

    I would kill Myself to be corpse plz laugh or else

  56. Useless

    Useless6 hours ago


  57. Bald Rat

    Bald Rat6 hours ago

    daddy corpse

  58. Dman Math

    Dman Math6 hours ago

    I am such a big fan

  59. Mr. Werewolf AKA TechRaptorr

    Mr. Werewolf AKA TechRaptorr6 hours ago

    Hol' the F up,how did corpse sound when he was young!!?!?!??!

  60. Absoc

    Absoc3 hours ago

    Probably just as deep

  61. Kimomi Chan

    Kimomi Chan6 hours ago

    ''i have corpse as a friend hes so trusty im glad to have him as a frie-'' *STABITTY STAB STAB* corpse:''i am a very good friend indeed''

  62. Dd Ws

    Dd Ws7 hours ago

    Tubbo: where we heading Corpse saying it jn a creepy voice :straight to hell buddy

  63. Waythroughway

    Waythroughway7 hours ago

    7:00 Anita lmao

  64. Ashley

    Ashley7 hours ago

    I've watched this 5 times now

  65. evan grotts

    evan grotts7 hours ago

    We need more of 'this'

  66. bayla sosa

    bayla sosa7 hours ago

    (Around 9:14) "It looks like we have some new CORPSES" "Oh boy, here we go..."

  67. Leah West

    Leah West7 hours ago

    Oop very lovely woman????????

  68. Claire Stout

    Claire Stout7 hours ago


  69. Giyuu Tomioka

    Giyuu Tomioka8 hours ago

    5up hiring a hitman with the badass music

  70. Ome Pop

    Ome Pop8 hours ago

    I think he has crush on Anita

  71. Espicc Lit

    Espicc Lit8 hours ago

    Egirls be like: OMG I LOVE CORPES VOICE

  72. Shree chandu Nalla

    Shree chandu Nalla9 hours ago

    5:02 TUBBO : where are we heading CORPSE : straight to hell buddy Lol, so funny😂😂😂

  73. sachi615

    sachi6159 hours ago

    I got through 19 minutes of this reading 5up as "Sup", and being very confused when anyone would say "5up" Just thought I'd let y'all know-

  74. raikes wife

    raikes wife9 hours ago

    Corpse I think we played a game together tehe

  75. CCMP Chris

    CCMP Chris9 hours ago

    Where we goin? STRAIGHT TO HELL BUDDY

  76. Kayla ?

    Kayla ?9 hours ago


  77. James Ferguson Iv

    James Ferguson Iv9 hours ago

    I like the way he said"straight to hell buddy"

  78. Jacob Richardson

    Jacob Richardson9 hours ago

    God tubbo is so loud

  79. Amanda Crespo

    Amanda Crespo9 hours ago

    👌 corpse us wonderful

  80. Chīzu

    Chīzu9 hours ago

    Is everyone gonna ignore the fact that tubbo saw 2 people on cams walking on top of a body but just switched cameras and went to corpse? 4:50

  81. NoobsNubes ?

    NoobsNubes ?9 hours ago

    4:41 lololol

  82. justin sharp

    justin sharp9 hours ago

    nice video keep it up

  83. Halfsandwich

    Halfsandwich10 hours ago

    Do you play rocket league?

  84. CrypticSavage 04

    CrypticSavage 0410 hours ago

    It's so funny when he kills someone mid-conversation

  85. La Yeina

    La Yeina10 hours ago

    How weird am I that I find corpse humor and voice so attractive. AND HIS MUSIC WOWOWOWW.. 😫😍🍉.

  86. Smiley Boi

    Smiley Boi10 hours ago

    Why does corpse try so hard to make his voice deep. Its like he is putting on his "manly voice"

  87. Neetu Garcha

    Neetu Garcha10 hours ago

    I believe he has a medical condition called GERD that has basically corroded his throat with acid- that's why his voice is low and strained at times

  88. Mienke Beyers

    Mienke Beyers10 hours ago

    Love the content so funny!

  89. Mohammad Deen

    Mohammad Deen10 hours ago

    Where we heading CORPSE: straight to hell buddy 😂😂

  90. ryan7351 ryan7351

    ryan7351 ryan735110 hours ago

    Wait a second oh my god all this time corpse was corpsehusband

  91. dvxc

    dvxc11 hours ago

    10:27 look at Anita and listen for the go to by sounds lmao the timing

  92. Br!tn! H!att

    Br!tn! H!att11 hours ago

    Explain this mod to me God of voice 💦💦

  93. The Sandwich

    The Sandwich11 hours ago

    "Straight to hell buddy" -Corpse 2020

  94. //LostProxy Nevermore/ /

    //LostProxy Nevermore/ /11 hours ago

    What’s that random whistle noise?

  95. Absoc

    Absoc3 hours ago

    Its anita. She has tourrettes

  96. prod. JAYDEEM

    prod. JAYDEEM12 hours ago

    Bro i stg how does corpse get imp every single time

  97. A L I V E

    A L I V E12 hours ago

    H I C O R P S E H O W A R E Y O U

  98. Nova Secret

    Nova Secret12 hours ago

    corpse u scared the fuck out of me 😂

  99. Ree King

    Ree King12 hours ago

    My God your voice is deep

  100. Truboi

    Truboi12 hours ago

    Anita's tic is perfectly timed with the vote sound at 10:25 lmao

  101. Pac-Man Chris

    Pac-Man Chris12 hours ago

    The perfect Final Line Tubbo: W-Where we goin buddy Corpse: Straight to HELL

  102. Lyl Angel

    Lyl Angel12 hours ago

    Imagine Anita was imposter and her tourrettes just sell her out lol

  103. DragonGamer&Art

    DragonGamer&Art12 hours ago

    7:40 look at Anita she mad

  104. Simplicity

    Simplicity12 hours ago

    How u kill with out being imposter

  105. Absoc

    Absoc3 hours ago

    You can't

  106. Devyn Escatell

    Devyn Escatell13 hours ago

    "Straight to Hell buddy." This is officially a trademark for Corpse.

  107. nihilispit

    nihilispit13 hours ago

    Corpse just sounds like the tattletale strangler lol

  108. Vinny Longbow

    Vinny Longbow13 hours ago

    The Corpse, Tubbo relationship was funny. I absolutely loved how Tubbo was so trusting and helpful to corpse, despite Corpse's betrayal. I guess it's just his personality. It would be cool to see more if they ever do play together again.

  109. Sierra Randle Kafi

    Sierra Randle Kafi13 hours ago

    Proximity chat is so fun