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  1. TheFlightMike

    TheFlightMike6 days ago

    Go to www.upstart.com/Mike to consolidate your debt!

  2. Zaid Cade

    Zaid Cade2 days ago

    @Erik Emery I will try it out now. Looks promising :)

  3. Erik Emery

    Erik Emery2 days ago

    i dont know if anyone gives a damn but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my girl friends Instagram account using InstaPortal. Cant link here so search for it on google if you wanna try it

  4. LeftEyeGod 2392

    LeftEyeGod 23924 days ago

    Not this shit again

  5. Adam B34

    Adam B344 days ago

    @Śmîłë no one cares that you don't care either. See how that works?

  6. Adam B34

    Adam B344 days ago

    @Eric Nava boi is technically an accepted alternative for boy. Get with the times.

  7. Cack Giver

    Cack GiverDay ago

    Who gives a flying phuk

  8. Edith Khatinsky

    Edith KhatinskyDay ago

    I made a comment directly to Mr Cousins when he was with GSW. While with a team and playing in the Finals I said Mr Boogie.... Show to everyone that you are worthy to play with a team like GSW, be the man that you are.... He did not... I said about 1972 USA basketball team that unfortunately got the short end of the stick and silver medals instead of gold.I said the is no cancellation prize, when you play in the Finals.He did not listen and pay no attention. YOU cannot depend on number 30 or 23 or 11 to win a championship for you, you had to put up or as you well know Shut up. Now we all see and the number 0 or 00 he wears it well.

  9. Leon Torres

    Leon Torres2 days ago

    He's going to the nets

  10. David C

    David C2 days ago

    No one else wants him.

  11. Rick Esteves

    Rick Esteves2 days ago

    "Boogie" is lucky just have been signed after his Achilles injury considering he plays in a league of arguably the most elite athletes on the planet.

  12. John Pabelloren

    John Pabelloren2 days ago

    I hope to god Demarcus Cousins recover from those bad injuries. I want to see him like he was before he was injured in Pels.

  13. Donald Jacobs

    Donald Jacobs3 days ago

    The heady neon empirically surprise because square early reign after a measly maid. hilarious, bent custard

  14. Ron Boyt

    Ron Boyt3 days ago

    I'm sticking with the Lakers through thick and thin

  15. James Edwards

    James Edwards3 days ago

    I never thought marc gasol was a good fit with the lakers. Demarus Cousins is way more atheletic. I think he can step it up if given the chance.

  16. Ryan Hsu

    Ryan Hsu3 days ago

    Cousins is just okay. Nothing special. Lakers picking him up will just be another shitty player on the back bench of the lakers.

  17. Tyler Pruitt

    Tyler Pruitt3 days ago

    Two rings for nothing if he goes back to lakers, not a bad golden parachute

  18. Borja García Martínez

    Borja García Martínez3 days ago

    please, let him come to boston, we need his ferocity near the rim

  19. Brandon Wallace

    Brandon Wallace3 days ago

    No don't split up John Wall & Cus! I've been waiting 10 years for them to play together again plus This is my team on 2k! We was gonna get a championship!

  20. Saint Ace

    Saint Ace3 days ago

    This guy a clown with his false stories

  21. speedoflite1

    speedoflite13 days ago

    Always rooting for hard luck stars, like Boogie Cousins & Carmelo Anthony. Wish 'em well.

  22. Z G

    Z G3 days ago

    The part: Q THE INTRO ❤️

  23. Liquefy

    Liquefy3 days ago

    Perfect on the wizards

  24. Tmac 01

    Tmac 013 days ago

    Cousins isn't going to the Lakers. - Cap room - Lakers looking front court - Cousins isn't a rim protector All rumors

  25. Tru 602 2.0

    Tru 602 2.03 days ago

    I wish boogie career turnt out different from injuries 🥺

  26. Twilight Music Group

    Twilight Music Group4 days ago

    That’s a good fit for the Miami Heat

  27. Aj Rishad

    Aj Rishad4 days ago

    DC, to big D

  28. Jason Rodriguez

    Jason Rodriguez4 days ago

    So the Warriors can draft all there All'Stars and it's 'Not Fair" and it's 'There'Fault" but it's okay if the Lakers by an all-star supporting because Lebron James is on the team?Not sure if I get it!!!And if Lebron is the best player then why do they always need to surround him with a super team of all-star players just for him to win?Wouldn't the best player want to compete against the best not play with the best so they could win?But what do I know I have only been fallowing basketball for since I was 5 and I'm 35 now,smh and no I'm not a Warriors fan I'm Magics fan who always kinda liked Charlotte and now New Orleans cuz I have mad family in that state...

  29. Louis Sosin

    Louis Sosin4 days ago

    Adding Cousins to the LA Lakers would be like getting a more modified Dwight Howard and Javale McGee as your backup for Davis while he is out with his ankle injury. I would not hesitate on passing up Demarcus Cousins. He is a good backup big man if Gasol or Davis get hurt.

  30. Don King

    Don King4 days ago


  31. Thinkaboutitagain.

    Thinkaboutitagain.4 days ago

    Boogie to the Celtics. The B town boys need big body.

  32. Hicky Sosa

    Hicky Sosa4 days ago

    I think he should go to the clippers

  33. ?Everything Loveurlife

    ?Everything Loveurlife4 days ago

    Why would the Lakers pick him up? Demarcus is a HUGE defensive liability. Ppl still thinking about 5yrs ago. The player is gone and is never coming back.

  34. ItzTriMax

    ItzTriMax4 days ago

    I want him to go to the heat for another good rim protector

  35. Cerl84

    Cerl844 days ago

    the NBA is crooked as hell. don't even try to hide it anymore.

  36. Luke Fernandez

    Luke Fernandez4 days ago

    Mike really compared cousins to Marc gasol 😂

  37. Tehron jackson

    Tehron jackson4 days ago

    Tillman Fertitta Smh don't do it

  38. Ray P

    Ray P4 days ago

    You lost me with schedule changes. Especially when the old timers did what these young guys are complaining about.

  39. PinPointPlayz

    PinPointPlayz4 days ago

    They just officially waived him not to long ago so he is officially not a rocket

  40. Tanisha Harris

    Tanisha Harris4 days ago

    video starts @2:20

  41. j the 2nd

    j the 2nd4 days ago

    This karma. He was a little bully in sac

  42. J_IGB0_ _

    J_IGB0_ _4 days ago

    Boston need him

  43. Preheat YourOvenAndy

    Preheat YourOvenAndy4 days ago

    As much as I feel bad for this dude, I can't get rid of the image of him wanting to fist fight an old weak reporter cuz he got asked about his brother getting arrested or something. Regardless of what was asked, him wanting to whoop up someone half his height, not to mention old as f is def something you don't see everyday.

  44. Blueboy Jocko

    Blueboy Jocko4 days ago

    They better get him before Brooklyn snatch him lmao 😏

  45. Sjay Santi

    Sjay Santi4 days ago

    The nets? 🤷🏾‍♀️

  46. selwus

    selwus4 days ago

    2,5 min of ad's just to get to the topic, dude... unsubscribed

  47. kenjiniru1

    kenjiniru14 days ago

    If he hadn’t ran his big mouth he could have got signed by the nets, that would have been a good fit

  48. Youngerick1990

    Youngerick19904 days ago

    Nets need a big man! 👀 👀

  49. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright4 days ago

    Fuck LA boogie, come back to GSW

  50. Tyrone Williams

    Tyrone Williams4 days ago

    Once your big man stops dunking regularly, you know it's over....smh

  51. effys

    effys4 days ago

    Clippers need him

  52. jdfrench86

    jdfrench864 days ago

    Definitely the textbook example of why ring chasing on 1 year deals is not a good idea at a younger age. Dude turned down a max offer contract with the Pelicans.

  53. Jay Ugly

    Jay Ugly4 days ago

    If lakers have a big man it’s over for other team

  54. Swipe God

    Swipe God4 days ago

    Demarcus is a upgrade defensively and offensively everything don’t show up on the stat sheet Marc Gasol is garbage

  55. Eddie S Galyon

    Eddie S Galyon4 days ago

    They need 2 center's

  56. Bob

    Bob4 days ago

    He's a center that is shooting 37% from the field lmfao the guy is completely washed up

  57. Stebbie J

    Stebbie J4 days ago

    Now the lakers want him back. Fuck outta here

  58. mensch

    mensch4 days ago

    Why did they release him

  59. KimboDogg07

    KimboDogg074 days ago

    Fuck the Lakers

  60. Eduardo Manalili

    Eduardo Manalili4 days ago

    Good opportunity for Demarcus to show he can still deliver to help Lakers to win Championship.

  61. joseph taylor

    joseph taylor4 days ago

    Bring Boogie back to Da Dubs! He can mentor James Wiseman or be a twin tower wit' James Wiseman! They would be hard to stop this year!

  62. Sha Rha

    Sha Rha4 days ago

    NOOOoo.... #Knicks please sign this man!!!!!

  63. Mathew Bobier

    Mathew Bobier4 days ago

    He can’t move anymore. Suns could use a vet off the bench but don’t expect much from him

  64. Cody Rhoudes

    Cody Rhoudes4 days ago

    This got a DISLIKE from me, never leave the gym early to post a video, smash out your sets and then put in the work on this shit, the fans can wait, the gains cannot.

  65. Richard Roth

    Richard Roth4 days ago

    Bruh on whats hin avarage min. Per game?? Or are these per36 stats??

  66. Caleb Miller

    Caleb Miller4 days ago

    he gives me D. Rose vibes because injuries really derailed him from getting paid and winning. Before his Achilles injury he was really the best big man in the game and he had AD . Only god knows what they would've accomplished

  67. Christopher Jenkins

    Christopher Jenkins4 days ago

    Warriors resighn demarcus cousins

  68. Angie Chagani

    Angie Chagani4 days ago

    Re think the schedule, they barely play back to back now. They fly in a private jet, they have access to trainers 24/7. Maybe cousins is just injury prone. Maybe klay got hurt because he pushed himself to come back to early in the finals and same thing with Kd. Some players just get hurt. Oden barley played he got hurt right away. Pamper them more so they can be more soft and get hurt more. You sound like a moron

  69. Jack Kim

    Jack Kim4 days ago

    Advertising loan sharks is unethical

  70. larryloudpax Dingle

    larryloudpax Dingle4 days ago

    Send him to Brooklyn they need big man help him and Jordan down in the paint would be something to watch I bet

  71. Anything I Want Highlights

    Anything I Want Highlights4 days ago

    The nets should sign him or trade for him

  72. James Bond

    James Bond4 days ago

    How's Damian Lillard team without AD? He's fine they got more W than L. Now how's Lebron without AD? Nah they got more L compared to W. So am voting for Lillard as the MVP

  73. Bran Don

    Bran Don4 days ago

    All these rumors and he ended up going to the Nets🤦🏻‍♂️

  74. Snares for The people

    Snares for The people4 days ago

    I really wanted boogie to stay and play a full season healthy with the lakers

  75. pas cal

    pas cal4 days ago

    last year Lakers waived boogie🤦🏾. if I am boogie, never I will go back to Lakers. why now people want boogie. no one else available.

  76. Zoeboy305

    Zoeboy3054 days ago

    Come to the heat Cousin💪🏿

  77. Coach Darren

    Coach Darren4 days ago

    A injured Boogie is way better than Gasol

  78. yonkie

    yonkie4 days ago

    rockets always doing sum dumbass shit dawg ....

  79. Jay Pizzle

    Jay Pizzle4 days ago

    Hed be a good 6 th mann

  80. David Oquendo

    David Oquendo4 days ago

    Go to bucks

  81. J Survivor

    J Survivor4 days ago


  82. Mark Warner

    Mark Warner4 days ago

    Why the heck does everyone keep releasing him? Like dang

  83. Faraday Walker

    Faraday Walker4 days ago

    The nets. They could use for defensive purpose. An rebounding. Another big man in the paint There he dont necessarily has to score

  84. Flaco martinez

    Flaco martinez4 days ago

    Brooklyn 🤫

  85. Rah

    Rah4 days ago

    Can the Warriors get a player over 6'8 please. Oh yeah, Lebron needs help. Never mind.

  86. Collen Cole

    Collen Cole4 days ago

    Golden state could use some big man support.

  87. Luke Y.N. Lu

    Luke Y.N. Lu5 days ago

    Go to Nets and win yourself a ring!

  88. James Taggart

    James Taggart5 days ago

    Rockets believe boggie is old but he is only 30

  89. Natasha

    Natasha5 days ago

    King of thrown out and technicals 😂 😂

  90. Thadius Spence

    Thadius Spence5 days ago

    We need him in #DallasMavericks

  91. sam graham

    sam graham5 days ago

    They should have re signed him in the 1st place

  92. Sports Bro

    Sports Bro5 days ago

    An 8 minute clip has a 3 minute commercial 🚨 🚨 🚨 Oh and did I mention I also got an AD Com on mike

  93. David Sanchez

    David Sanchez5 days ago

    Can the Nets use a big man like him? Anybody?

  94. Lexi A

    Lexi A5 days ago

    Honestly how many more players do the Lakers need? Anytime you hear about a team wanting to trade a player or a player wanting out it's always about the Lakers getting them smh. Gets annoying asf

  95. Jaron-Craig Hunter

    Jaron-Craig Hunter5 days ago

    This is shocking since they just guaranteed his contract, wow...

  96. Brandon Bush

    Brandon Bush5 days ago

    Nets. Miami r golden state and Celtics.

  97. Alvin Calvin

    Alvin Calvin5 days ago

    Portland, 76ers, hornets make sense

  98. Jawanza Wetzel

    Jawanza Wetzel5 days ago

    2min of Ads? No thanks unsubbed!

  99. Carlos Powell Jr.

    Carlos Powell Jr.5 days ago

    Bruh the hornets needs cuz

  100. 160 King

    160 King5 days ago

    If we get cousins imma literally cry with joy and AD has been injured since the playoffs or have you been paying attention 🤔😡

  101. Brandon Erickson

    Brandon Erickson5 days ago

    half your videos are ads

  102. Stephen del Giudice

    Stephen del Giudice5 days ago

    Lakers are a great fit for Cousins. I think somewhere like LA where he is not expefted to be Sacramento Boogie and just be a solid contributer to a winning team will be a great fit. However I personally think LA should make a push to pry Hasaan Whitside out of Sacramento as that is the best player fit wise thats on an affordable contract and Whiteside when motivated is still an elite rim protector and rebounder just look at what he did last year with the Blazers.

  103. Christian Slomp

    Christian Slomp5 days ago

    Raps could use a center

  104. Tony Don

    Tony Don5 days ago

    Charlotte Hornets need to come and get this man for Lamelo because their bigs are trash and he would be a MAJOR improvement - Cousins, Lamelo, Hayward, Rozier and someone else ...that's a crazy lineup!!

  105. imon361

    imon3615 days ago

    Nah..."extremely young" can't agree with you their mike. He is still in "prime age" but he is not even young (23-25ish) let alone "extremely young" (19-21). It really done t matter what his age is becuase achilles problems rob the youngest of athletes of there productivity/potential. Can he contribute yes but he is still injury prone. Boogie is a bargain that is still worth the risk at the cheap price teams will get him at with a possible up side if he doesn't get hurt....thats it.