Digging DEEP For Fossilized Megalodon Shark Teeth!! (prehistoric riverbed)

Digging for megalodon shark teeth deep in old riverbed!!
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I search for River Treasure in some of the most beautiful places in the world! My friends and I dive down and look for lost valuables and try to get the items back to the owner! We clean up all the trash we find along the way! Join me on all my adventures here on USlikes!!
Digging DEEP For Fossilized Megalodon Shark Teeth!! (prehistoric riverbed)
Jiggin With Jordan



    DALLMYD12 days ago

    We'll Find that million dollar tooth!!

  2. Jessica van horn

    Jessica van horn6 days ago

    Yes we will

  3. Bram Settels

    Bram Settels7 days ago

    is a chance for some one to dig with the boys

  4. Aevc 12 green

    Aevc 12 green10 days ago

    Y’all gotta get pink lambos

  5. kimster1880

    kimster188011 days ago

    Exploring to find what was left to us from centuries ago?......Priceless!

  6. Cats and me Rule

    Cats and me Rule11 days ago

    I have a 7 inch tooth and a 1 centimeter tooth I live in SC and I go on a island near the ravenel and find huge teeth and other fossils so it’s really cool that y’all come to SC I have also found arrow heads a little further north is SC but it’s really cool y’all came to my home town state

  7. Cameron Dartez

    Cameron DartezDay ago


  8. Nancy E

    Nancy E2 days ago

    I’m sure you will find it❣️❣️❣️

  9. Megan Greer

    Megan Greer4 days ago

    Because there looking for you

  10. Megan Greer

    Megan Greer4 days ago

    Why do you have to go see the shark teeth

  11. Mark Zelinski

    Mark Zelinski4 days ago

    Sorry I would have lasted 2 min and threw in the shovel.. lol hahaa NO F WAY! Lol

  12. tom beilfus

    tom beilfus4 days ago

    I only subbed cuz u put the dirty hat on and jumped in the lake

  13. John lee

    John lee5 days ago

    It's very cool that you guys back together do it somemore ! take care & be safe .

  14. heather landskron

    heather landskron5 days ago

    great video!! hi brandon!! yes, do more video with jake dallmyd, yappy, maybe cody hitch13 and paleocris someday!! i hope all is well. have a good evening.

  15. Arianna Nutting

    Arianna Nutting6 days ago

    *Instant accent when talking about South Carolina* 😂

  16. I. k

    I. k6 days ago

    When are u gonna buy 5000 dollars gold dirt

  17. GameBadger 12

    GameBadger 126 days ago

    Plot twist: it was Reef's tooth

  18. Jason Sutton

    Jason Sutton7 days ago

    Yeah Jordan it would be cool to see y'all doing that again.

  19. Brian Britt

    Brian Britt7 days ago

    You've got to go dig those holes with broken hands and withered souls.

  20. Dima Cramer

    Dima Cramer8 days ago

    Погнали на разрушительное ранчо еще раз)) Привет из России!

  21. sxyskybluiz

    sxyskybluiz8 days ago

    So can anyone go and do that? It looks interesting and to find a tooth on your own has to be exciting, no matter what kind of shark it came from. What is the story behind the place where you were digging, of course it had to be part of the ocean million of years ago, but I would love to hear the history of it and how far the ocean is now from that spot.

  22. Lilly Nagel

    Lilly Nagel8 days ago

    Where is that located

  23. Lilly Nagel

    Lilly Nagel8 days ago

    I want to do it and I live near but where is it in Charleston

  24. Christian Alegria

    Christian Alegria8 days ago

    You should do a south Texas edition video

  25. Christian Alegria

    Christian Alegria8 days ago

    Maybe some fishing or hunting

  26. it's me bloxy

    it's me bloxy8 days ago

    Hi (just subscribed) i know i am late but good work keep it up

  27. Nascarmomma M

    Nascarmomma M8 days ago

    That’s awesome. Ha. I’m sure you where wiped. Maybe next time. ~ Texas

  28. JoAnn Hempen

    JoAnn Hempen8 days ago

    Y’all are awesome! Lovin it when y’all make videos together!

  29. Andrew Siebenberg

    Andrew Siebenberg8 days ago

    Have you ever found a Chubutensis Sharks tooth ? I hope you ever find the big one !

  30. Misty Lawrence

    Misty Lawrence8 days ago

    Jake hasn’t posted to his channel in a while. Did he start a new channel somewhere

  31. Christy G

    Christy G9 days ago

    Ugh I CANT wait till summer 😩

  32. Rejoy pereira

    Rejoy pereira9 days ago

    I would love to go hunting for treasure with the squad please 🙏


    LOVEN NAIDOO9 days ago

    Plzzz doo moreeeeeeeeeeee


    LOVEN NAIDOO9 days ago

    Love these videos....plz do moreee their soo fun to watch y'all find shark teeth!!!!

  35. Krazykal

    Krazykal9 days ago

    Always wanted to dig for these where you go to do this?

  36. ron freer

    ron freer9 days ago


  37. frank hemmen

    frank hemmen9 days ago

    This is really fun stuff and it is also instructional

  38. Silver Modz

    Silver Modz9 days ago

    Great video!!!🤘

  39. James Moore

    James Moore9 days ago

    The pebbles and rocks that you found are genuine antique rocks. The predate the world. I bet you are sorry you threw them away.

  40. \\\ StanY ///

    \\\ StanY ///10 days ago

    1:45 3 kids just running around

  41. Ray S

    Ray S10 days ago

    Great Vid, you should do a Co-Vid with fellow USlikesr "NORA SVET" she also has a great channel!

  42. Narith Lifestyle

    Narith Lifestyle10 days ago

    Wow amazing 😻 Keep doing good things and sharing to us, always enjoy 😊


    MASTER GAMER10 days ago

    Hey bro good job keep up the good work love from india

  44. Mack Chasteen

    Mack Chasteen10 days ago

    “What goes in the hole, know what I’m sayin” 😂 MEGLADONG 🤙🏼

  45. Jarrod Warren

    Jarrod Warren10 days ago

    I like watching you guys looking for these shark teeth

  46. Kate Duffield

    Kate Duffield10 days ago

    tristan lowkey reminds me of archie andrews

  47. The Wolf

    The Wolf10 days ago

    Yappy you ok bro? You look sick. Be safe man.

  48. Potlickers 1233

    Potlickers 123310 days ago

    I live in sc you should come hunt with us sometime

  49. Colleen D'Aloisio

    Colleen D'Aloisio10 days ago

    I love "The Dirty Boys" together

  50. Anthony Martello

    Anthony Martello10 days ago

    Where is this place located?

  51. Grimmjow

    Grimmjow10 days ago

    Just keep what youre doing we will support you 💯

  52. Beth Lundquist

    Beth Lundquist10 days ago

    Digging for shark teeth beats swimming with sharks with actual teeth!!!

  53. Eloise Picard

    Eloise Picard10 days ago

    I don’t know why but when I watch all these guys it makes you feel so happy they just really make my day and I love watching them all!

  54. Michele Grimmer

    Michele Grimmer10 days ago

    Jordan next time you are real tired take a 30 minute power nap. That will revive you to keep working.

  55. Austin Jeffcoat

    Austin Jeffcoat11 days ago

    Someone please please tell me where this is at lol I live in SC and I have no idea we’re this is lol 😂

  56. Dylan Landry

    Dylan Landry11 days ago

    Ya those weren't planted there or anything like that...... Lame.

  57. xtechn9cianx

    xtechn9cianx11 days ago

    You ain’t suppose to dig up Native American artifacts! We don’t do that white boy

  58. BlAcKpRoDuCeR

    BlAcKpRoDuCeR11 days ago

    wait wait, that's my teeth give it back!!!

  59. Manuel Orta

    Manuel Orta11 days ago

    Where in south Carolina is this?

  60. Kelly S

    Kelly S11 days ago

    With all that dirt and just shovels it’s surprising you found anything smaller than a hand sized tooth. Way to go on your finds, exhausted and all.

  61. Sarahi Lujan

    Sarahi Lujan11 days ago

    okay, but this is something I’ll enjoy doing! Keep up the great content & as always always keep the great positivity you always have!

  62. Bas Jacobs

    Bas Jacobs11 days ago

    Small correction regarding the nicest tooth you found: the name was 'correct', but it's not an ancestor of Carcharodon hastalis (which evolved into Carcharodon carcharias aka great white). The tooth you found came from a different genus, namely Isurus. Now the fun part, Isurus desori is considered to be a nomen nudum (invalid name). Most of these teeth can most likely be named Isurus oxyrinchus.

  63. Charles Lee-Ray

    Charles Lee-Ray11 days ago

    Ur guys’ content is so great that it makes me sick

  64. Jessica Mangone

    Jessica Mangone11 days ago

    As soon as I see that it’s all three of you together, I immediately click thumbs up. Love it when you all film together!

  65. WarMachine WR

    WarMachine WR11 days ago

    imagine Megalodons roaming the wood millions of years ago

  66. Rev’s Vids

    Rev’s Vids11 days ago

    I’d be sifting all that dirt making sure y’all didn’t miss anything

  67. Quinn Dickens

    Quinn Dickens11 days ago

    I miss all the videos with you and Jake. It brings nostalgia seeing you guys in the same video again

  68. Chandler Medlin

    Chandler Medlin11 days ago

    I’m gonna dig for teeth along the Pee Dee and Lynches River in SC where I hunt at but the rivers are extremely high so it will be awhile

  69. Anthony Catino

    Anthony Catino11 days ago

    Should of washed and panned that dirt might of found some gold lol

  70. Jordan Shaw

    Jordan Shaw11 days ago

    Glad you were up for the grind to make the trip!!! Love the videos man

  71. Benjamin Marcus McJunkin

    Benjamin Marcus McJunkin11 days ago

    dig dig dig

  72. T Rosen

    T Rosen11 days ago

    Who won the truck?

  73. Country Boy Joel

    Country Boy Joel11 days ago

    Where are u in south Carolina

  74. Jeanie Mccoubrey

    Jeanie Mccoubrey11 days ago

    I am so glad you boys are back together. Can't wait for more videos with the three of you. Loved the teeth

  75. Isaac Productions

    Isaac Productions11 days ago

    That looks fun keep up the good work

  76. Patrick Prall

    Patrick Prall11 days ago

    Where is this at in South Carolina

  77. Steven Odaniel

    Steven Odaniel11 days ago

    Yezzir that's great bro!

  78. Scott Hardy

    Scott Hardy11 days ago

    Wish i had a place to find fossils in n.c.

  79. wiggle Marcus

    wiggle Marcus11 days ago

    That remind me of the movie holes

  80. A1x G1anden

    A1x G1anden11 days ago

    Half a megallion dollars

  81. Jokester code nextlevel

    Jokester code nextlevel11 days ago

    This is the shark kingdom love your vids keep them up

  82. Kurtis Stevens

    Kurtis Stevens11 days ago

    There is no millions of years or evolving

  83. Anton Williams

    Anton Williams11 days ago

    His accent is usually Midwest but it changes to southern as soon as he’s near ppl with that accent 😳🤯😳🤯😳

  84. Out Back

    Out Back12 days ago

    Is it just me but it bothers me that they say Meg.

  85. Lure Life

    Lure Life12 days ago

    No matter what you post you always keep me entertained and make me laugh! Keep up the dope content

  86. Kenny Powers99

    Kenny Powers9912 days ago

    You need that red Bull sponsor ASAP homie. Get that energy up.

  87. Dawn Shook

    Dawn Shook12 days ago

    I love when the three of y’all are together.

  88. Coop Aloop

    Coop Aloop12 days ago

    Man yappy you're out there glowing like a ghost. Make sure you wear some sunscreen with that extra white skin you got I'm not even trying to be funny you look like the type that burns really bad so put on that sunscreen three of you guys. Best of luck on the shark tooth hunting. loving the content!

  89. Julie Duncan

    Julie Duncan12 days ago

    You boys need to be together more I love seeing you boy's together

  90. Derek Morris

    Derek Morris12 days ago

    Diggin with Jordon!

  91. Nimrod Sgan-Cohen

    Nimrod Sgan-Cohen12 days ago

    What's the name of the song 2:00?

  92. Vasu Shah

    Vasu Shah12 days ago

    Love you guys coming together again

  93. Hollie Playz

    Hollie Playz12 days ago

    i have a shark tooth but it’s small

  94. Hollie Playz

    Hollie Playz12 days ago

    i have watched holes it’s good

  95. joseph ives

    joseph ives12 days ago

    its a most satisfing video with the mic on the shovle

  96. Ian Kiefer

    Ian Kiefer12 days ago

    This is my friend Jordan and he is cracked at digging my guy shew

  97. Dropdoc

    Dropdoc12 days ago

    We have been doing construction in Summerville SC for the last few weeks and finding tons of these.

  98. Shelly Rayner

    Shelly Rayner12 days ago

    U guys are the best USlikes's ever, I legit have watched every video since you started you channel!


    TOFFEE COFFEE12 days ago

    You should search for gold there too. Would be awesome content

  100. Queen Noor

    Queen Noor12 days ago

    Hiiii please reply

  101. Rileyandkitty

    Rileyandkitty12 days ago

    Great video, need more fossil hunts

  102. The Nut

    The Nut12 days ago

    I’m renaming my junk, "Giant 6" Megaledon”! Anyone else? No? Just me? 😔

  103. /nerd

    /nerd12 days ago

    Guess it didnt work out for them (the megalons), they went extinct.

  104. Jacob R

    Jacob R12 days ago

    I’m not trying to be rude but is @yappy alright? He looks sick. I’m genuinely concerned.

  105. Big Bad John

    Big Bad John12 days ago

    Man bun needs to go, do a challenge and if he loses you chop it off👌🏻 like for a banger of a video idea!

  106. Cody Langham

    Cody Langham12 days ago

    Hey man. I don’t usually comment but I wanted to give my input. it’s so entertaining watching you three together and would definitely like to see more of it!! My favorite videos of yours are catch and cooks hands down though! Thanks for the content keep on keepin on and god bless!

  107. patritoic ford

    patritoic ford12 days ago

    If you had some wire strainers to see if the dirt so you'd probably find a whole lot more shark teeth